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Womble MPEG Video Wizard DVD 5.0 is the latest MPEG editor with DVD authoring and full AC-3 encoder support, and it includes all the features and functionality of its predecessors --- the MPEG Video Wizard and MPEG-VCR. Whether you are a video professional or a new video enthusiast, we are confident that MVW-DVD will meet all of your needs of MPEG editing and DVD authoring.

Trialware $100
OS: Win
File size: 13.7MB
Version history
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Latest version (October 27, 2015)


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Download MPEG Video Wizard DVD  13.7MB  Win

Software License

Shareware (Free download but time limited software. Full version from $100)

Supported operating systems


Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

October 2015 Update Release (

1.(BUG) loss of sound at the end of a large MP4 file.
2.(BUG) very slow seek response in audio player for MP4 files.
3.(BUG) error in loading subtitles at certain file locations.
4.(BUG) missing subtitle selection in DVD export for certain VOB files.
5.(BUG) improvement of the image blur (Gaussian) filter.
6.(BUG) unnecessary re-encoding of a few B-frames for copied segment.

February 2015 Update Release (

1.(BUG) Crashes during adding clip from monitor to timeline.
2.(BUG) DVD video chapter error and menu playback problem.
3.(BUG) Loss/mixed-up subtitle text items for DVD export.
4.(BUG) DVD subtitle color problem with VOB's without IFO file.
5.(BUG) Sound data inconsistency after random jumps.
6.(BUG) PTS calculation error for PCM audio packets in export.
7.(BUG) Crashes during DVD export for projects with resizing.
8.(BUG) no sound for projects longer than 6.4 hours.

June 2014 Update Release (

1.(BUG) automatically disable video overlay for Windows 7/8.
2.(BUG) input monitor video frame accuracy after a cut.
3.(BUG) DVD chapter starts at images before the selected frame.
4.(BUG) failure to load (DTS) audio for M2TS file.
5.(BUG) incorrect background image for default DVD menu page.
6.(BUG) incorrect display for "small icon" view in project manager.

December 2013 Update Release (

1.(BUG) DVD export crash during data resizing.
2.(NEW) ".wav" audio input files for MPEG Muxer.
3.(BUG) image resizing error for Aspect-Ratio-Filter.
4.(BUG) DVD menu button settings for "stretch image" and "1st selection."
5.(BUG) export errors for re-encoded WBP clips.
6.(BUG) crash during layout change with an image in Input monitor.
7.(BUG) incorrect image resizing after a cropper operation.
8.(BUG) filter function and UI selections ("Pan" and "Cropper").
9.(BUG) error in video picture headers with unused motion vectors.

June 2013 Update Release (

1.(BUG) DVD preview loss of sync for files with PTS jumps.
2.(BUG) inconsistent file type selection for loading files.
3.(BUG) failure to open wav files with "ADPCM (MS)" encoding.
4.(BUG) failure to load H.264 video in non-MTS MPEG-2 TS files.
5.(BUG) "disabled" clip visible when the clip is seeked on timeline.
6.(BUG) sync problem for files with negative (-1 field) PTS jumps.
7.(BUG) no audio for video clips dragged into sound track(s).
8.(NEW) export volume modification at audio encoder settings.
9.(BUG) error in "pixel style" for "picture-in-picture" transition.
10.(BUG) length errors for multi-program MPEG-2 TS files.
11.(NEW) reset audio time when its completely offset with video.
12.(BUG) loss of (a few) ending frames for certain VOB files.

August 2012 Update Release (

1. (NEW) preserve input DVD subtitle color settings in DVD export.
2. (NEW) allow video clips on the title (2nd) track.
3. (NEW) automatic opening of DVD Reader tool.
4. (BUG) A/V-sync problem for video files with data drops.
5. (BUG) incomplete loading of subtitle streams from DVD input.
6. (BUG) crash errors for certain MTS files.
7. (BUG) software key access for multiple users.
8. (BUG) error loading MPEG-2 video in MTS format files.
9. (BUG) clip length error in export batch from bookmark list.
10. (BUG) failure of importing MP4 audio in MPEG-2 TS files.

December 2011 Update Release (

1. (BUG) loss of repeated fields for re-encoded video.
2. (NEW) export image resize control for padding/clipping.
3. (BUG) loss of sound when AC-3 audio bit rate changed.
4. (BUG) two subtitle display and selection errors.
5. (BUG) player jumps to the end when video is shorter than audio.
6. (NEW) timeline workarea and bookmark pass-through of a WBP clip.
7. (BUG) incorrect frame rate selection for non-MPEG frame rate.
8. (BUG) export failure due to spurious audio track.
9. (BUG) crash for certain MP4 MOV files.
10. (BUG) incorrect default export audio encoder selection.

September 2011 Update Release (

1. (BUG) failures for opening M2TS/AVCHD video files.
2. (BUG) incorrect frame rate for certain M2TS H.264 video files.
3. (BUG) export video error for certain re-encoded PAL segments.
4. (BUG) half speed audio for MOV file with mono sound track.
5. (BUG) errors for video with still images and large PTS jumps.
6. (BUG) reverse video error on the timeline.
7. (BUG) TS CBR export errors for buffer control and size estimate.
8. (BUG) seek failure for MP4 file with time offset.
9. (BUG) playback may end with a blank image display.

June 2011 Version Release (

1. (NEW) field display mode for Input monitor.
2. (BUG) AV sync problem for negative PTS jumps.
3. (BUG) incorrect frame rate for certain M2TS files.
4. (BUG) video playback stall for certain M2TS files.
5. (BUG) additional black frame at end of MP4 export.
6. (BUG) incorrect disk size error for burning ISO image.
7. (BUG) MOV file PCM sound error.
8. (BUG) DVD menu errors including image button display.
9. (BUG) timeline audio peak display error for wav audio files.
10. (NEW) increase max number of clips in timeline to 8,192.

March 2011 Version Release (

1. (BUG) cannot open HD TS files without PAT.
2. (BUG) sample rate conversion error for audio longer than 6 hours.
3. (NEW) display two subtitle texts simultaneously in Input monitor.
4. (BUG) allow more than 18 menu buttons on one DVD menu page.
5. (NEW) menu buttons for audio and subtitle selections.
6. (BUG) MPEG-2 Transport stream PTS time stamp errors.
7. (NEW) MPEG-2 Transport export with CBR control.
8. (BUG) loss of user data in GOP header for re-encoded video.
9. (NEW) direct import of some MTS (AVCHD) files (e.g., Canon).

October 2010 Update Release (

1. (BUG) unnecessary image resizing for MP4 export.
2. (BUG) DVD export crashes for certain VOB file with subtitle data.
3. (NEW) selection of audio transitions for all video transitions.
4. (BUG) incorrect decoded image for H.264 video with B-frames.
5. (BUG) failure to open video only MPEG (".mpv") files.

July 2010 Update Release (

1. (BUG) premature stop of DVD subtitle text display.
2. (BUG) random seek error for certain MP4/H.264 files.

June 2010 Update Release (

1. (NEW) subtitle selection and language settings for DVD export.
2. (NEW) more audio format support for MP4, AVI, and MOV files.
3. (BUG) PTS offsets in VOB files with multiple angle video.

April 2010 Update Release (

1. (NEW) DVD subtitle data stream preservation for MPEG-2 PS export.
2. (NEW) DVD subtitle text display in the Input monitor.
3. (NEW) bookmark search functions for video file using external codec.
4. (NEW) multiple audio saving for "Trim" in the Input monitor.
5. (BUG) failure to load certain MPEG video without GOP headers.
6. (BUG) MPEG-2 Transport export audio PTS error.
7. (BUG) multiple audio stream ID assignment error in export.
8. (BUG) field count error for re-encoded video with repeated field.
9. (BUG) crash when loading movies with audio sample rate lt 8 kHz.
10. (BUG) failure of MBS scan when the default path does not exist.

January 2010 Update Release (

1. (BUG) audio shift function error.
2. (NEW) cut function in the Input when using DirectShow filter.
3. (NEW) drag and drop files into MP4 Export batch.
4. (NEW) drag and drop files into MPEG Export batch.
5. (BUG) DVD menu error for invalid video chapter.
6. (BUG) DVD multiple audio stream ID selection error.
7. (NEW) enable audio normalization for all file types.
8. (BUG) unwanted image resizing for AVI export.
9. (NEW) HTML help document updated (~6.4 MB).

December 2009 Update Release (

1. (BUG) DVD export encoder selection errors.
2. (BUG) DVD export IFO error for PAL system selection.
3. (BUG) Loss of video after a random seek for certain MP4 files.
4. (BUG) Loss of audio when all 4 tracks have audio clips.

December 2009 Update Release (

1. (BUG) Unnecessary UAC requirement at every start.
2. (BUG) Incorrect encoder selection for batch export jobs.
3. (BUG) AV-Sync from PTS errors for DVB/DTV files with data drops.
4. (BUG) Unwanted image resizing for AVI export.
5. (BUG) DVD export size control failure to fit disc capacity.
6. (BUG) DVD crashes when WBP file missing video clip.
7. (BUG) PTS jump errors for non-VOB files with DVD data.

November 2009 Release
First release of the new MPEG Video Wizard DVD 5.0.
Main New Features:
1. Integration of licensed MainConcept MPEG-2 video encoder.
2. DVD Reader tool to import DVD video via IFO data.
3. DVD export size control to fit DVD disc capacity.
4. 'Video Overlay' transition to emulate 2 video tracks.
5. 'Aspect Ratio Converter' image filter for NTSC-PAL conversions.

Womble Mpeg Video Wizard 5.0

Smart rendering
Smart Rendering makes the editing process faster and easier by only re-encoding the edited points. Unlike other video editing software that tends to re-encode the entire video at the slightest touch, MVW-DVD only re-encodes when needed, which leads to fast export speed and maximum quality preservation.
Fast HD MPEG editing with frame accuracy
Fast scrubbing and frame accurate MPEG-2 HD editing allows you to move quickly from one point in the video to another. You can also step through the video frame by frame to perform precise edits.

DVD Author
Professional-looking menu with a few clicks
With a few mouse clicks, you can create a professional-looking DVD motion video menu and burn it to a disc ready for playback on a standard DVD player.
Minimal video re-encoding
With our smart rendering technology, you can quickly convert MPEG video files into a DVD movie with minimal video re-encoding, affording fast export speed and maximum quality preservation.
Multiple video titling
Our multiple video title support allows you to create DVD discs that can hold both NTSC and PAL movies without video re-encoding.

Convert your movies for your iPod and PSP
You can rip your DVD library or TV shows into MP4 format for your portable video player, including iPod and PSP.
Convert your movies to MP4 and H.264
You can rip your DVD library or TV shows to MP4 file format. You can select XVid format or H.264 format for video and MPEG-4 AAC for audio.

First aid tools
Womble MPEG editor has an extensive box of first aid tools for manipulating the mechanics of MPEG files.
Tools list
The list of Tools includes MPEG multiplexer, de-multiplexer, format converter, GOP fixer, MBS Scanner, DVD Reader, DVD Burner, AVI Exporter, MP4 Exporter, and DirectShow Filter Finder.

DVD Reader
This tool lets you open a DVD file folder and select a video title for editing. You may also use it to select and extract any video title or chapters to a new MPEG file.

June 2009 Update Release

List of changes.

1. (BUG) DVD menu high light display problem, especial for 16:9 ratio.

2. (BUG) wrong length for MPEG-2 program files with bad GOP headers.

3. (BUG) open VOB file with a big chunk of junk data at its beginning (> 10MB).

4. (BUG) loss of user data in picture headers for re-encoded frames.

5. (BUG) open MP3 file with a big chunk of junk data at its beginning (> 128kB).

6. (NEW) loading of 192-byte packeted MPEG-2 TS file with MPEG-2 video (Humax).

7. (NEW) discard of leading B-frames that cannot be fully decoded.

March 2009 Update Release

List of bug fixes.

1. (BUG) Lost audio when loading 1st VOB file (e.g., VTS_01_1.vob).

2. (BUG) Incorrect length for MP3 VBR files.

3. (BUG) Failed to open TS files with PAT more than one packet.

4. (NEW) Added Tip of the Day.

5. (BUG) DVD menu high light display problem.

6. (BUG) DVD menu aspect ratio selection and display problem.

Update version added DVD menu timeout and an "Add Video" button for the Input monitor.

December 2008 Update Release

List of bug fixes.

1. (BUG) DVD export crashes when using user defined menu templates.

2. (NEW) Loop control for a video title.

3. (NEW) simple UI helper for adding video and selecting menu.

4. (BUG) mixing 5.1 AC-3 and stereo audio sound error.

5. (BUG) export progress UI display lost error.

6. (NEW) DVD menu timeout for starting movie after a time delay.^M

7. (NEW) added "Add Video" button for the Input monitor.^M

8. (BUG) timeline clip menu display error for audio peak selection.^M

September 2008 Update Release

List of bug fixes.

1. (BUG) DVD crashes when loading previous project with missing files.

2. (BUG) video player crashes for MOV files with special audio track.

3. (BUG) reading AC-3 audio in a TS file with non standard PES ID.

4. (BUG) audio encode map error.

August 2008 Update Release

List of new features and bug fixes.

1. (NEW) DVD editor:

multiple video VTS export;

multiple audio stream export;

motion video menu background; and

more flexible menu design and template controls.

2. (BUG) minor bugs and feature enhancement to Timeline.

3. (BUG) minor bugs and feature enhancement to Export batch.

March 2008 Update Release

List of bug fixes.

1. (BUG) DVD menu display and navigation data errors.

2. (BUG) DVD export crashes for some project with "End Action".

3. (BUG) DVD error for importing timelines longer than 20 hours.

4. (BUG) player crashes for using DirectShow filters.

5. (BUG) crash when "close all" in the middle of an export job.

6. (BUG) file format error for MPEG-2 Transport exports.

December 2007 Update Release

List of new features and bug fixes.

1. (NEW) undo/redo for the input monitor.

2. (NEW) editor project (.wbp) file as a clip.

3. (NEW) "return to menu" for DVD chapter control.

4. (BUG) crashes during DVD export and preview.

5. (BUG) crashes when exporting in MPEG-2 TS.

6. (BUG) export video length error for clips with repeated fields.

7. (BUG) muxer problems for MPEG-2 TS export.

October 2007 Update Release

List of new features and bug fixes.

1. (NEW) control of a bookmark list over the cut list player.

2. (NEW) motion thumbnail for DVD menu design.

3. (BUG) DVD export crashes when the number of chapters too large.

4. (BUG) MP4 batch export crashes when adding the current project.

5. (BUG) editor crashes when loading certain MP4 and AVI files.

6. (BUG) image artifacts in decoded DV-1 video images.

7. (BUG) slow opening for files with incomplete audio.

8. (BUG) audio buffer overflow for MPEG-2 TS export.

July 2007 Update Release

List of new features and bug fixes.

1. (NEW) MP4 Trim function without re-encoding.

2. (NEW) MP4 Batch export.

3. (NEW) User define navigation buttons for DVD menu design.

4. (New) Select "First Play" for DVD export.

5. (BUG) Export crashes when changing PAR in video encoder expert.

6. (BUG) Opening error for MPEG-2 PS with invalid NV-Pack data.

7. (BUG) MPEG Converter tool crashes for certain MPEG-2 TS files.

8. (BUG) MBS Scanner hangs when scanning movies with PCM audio.

9. (BUG) Error in using the "GOP Trim" option control.

10. (BUG) Several UI bugs related to DVD editor.

April 2007 Update Release

List of new features and bug fixes.

1. (NEW) Deinterlace image processing with field repeat.

2. (NEW) Timebase change detection in MBS Scanner.

3. (BUG) Audio data reading error for some MPEG-2 TS files.

4. (BUG) Export with wrong starting image for video with repeated fields.

5. (BUG) Inconsistency of exported video aspect ratio.

6. (BUG) Error in handling audio PTS jump for certain MPEG-2 TS files.

7. (BUG) Timecode error for MPEG-2 video coded as field pictures.

8. (BUG) Opening error for MPEG-2 TS files with only audio.

9. (BUG) A number of UI bugs related to the Timeline editor.

10. (BUG) A number of UI bugs related to the DVD maker.

11. (BUG) Several Windows Vista compatibility problems.

December 2006 Update Release
List of new features and bug fixes.
1. (NEW) H.264 export for iPod and PSP devices.
2. (BUG) Editor crashes during a trim export on Win98/Win2k.
3. (BUG) Editor crashes when exporting in AVI.
4. (BUG) Video out-of-sync for exported file with large number of clips.
5. (BUG) Erroneous image shift for encoded segment of some clip.
6. (BUG) Several bugs related to the 'cut' function.

October 2006 Update Release
List of new features and bug fixes.
1. (NEW) The 'cut' function for the Input monitor.
2. (NEW) MP4 export for iPod and PSP devices.
3. (BUG) Failure to load MPEG TS file with a leading incomplete GOP.
4. (BUG) GOP fixer failed to write the new file.
5. (BUG) Export format and audio selections inconsistencies.
6. (BUG) Dead loop in exporting video with buffer overflow.
7. (BUG) Incorrect length in reading VOB file with negative time code.
8. (BUG) Incorrect MBS file scanning for movies with changing bit rate.
9. (BUG) Incorrect PID assignment for multiplexing multiple audio streams.
10. (BUG) Incorrect AC-3 audio export for DVD menu background music.

June 2006 Update Release
List of new features and bug fixes.
1. (NEW) Scene change ('cut') detection in the bookmark manager.
2. (NEW) Sound wave form display for clips on the timeline.
3. (NEW) Support for MPEG file with multiple MPEG encoders.
4. (NEW) Support for adding background music to a DVD menu.
5. (BUG) Export video fade/transition error with aspect ratio change.
6. (BUG) Failure to load other audio for MPEG files with multiple audio streams.
7. (BUG) Minor bugs in the Export and Batch export processing.
8. (BUG) Missing keyboard shortcuts for the timeline.
9. (BUG) Various minor UI bugs and modifications.
10. (NEW) Two new DVD menu templates and several new controls.

March 2006 Update Release
List of bug fixes and changes in March 2006 update release.
1. (BUG) DVD burning errors with DVD burners of speed more than 1x.
2. (BUG) DVD IFO and menu errors with a number of hardware DVD players.
4. (BUG) Burn function is removed from the DVD export.
3. (NEW) Nonstandard DVD image format export without video re-encoding.
5. (NEW) Updated HTML help on DVD and FAQ's.
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Acronyms / Also Known As

mpeg video wizard, Womble MPEG Video Wizard DVD, MVWDVD, MVW-DVD

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17 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

I've been using MPEG Video Wizard almost every day since 2003. It's now 2015 and I still use this almost every day. I've tried numerous video editing software over the years, from open source to the very expensive... And it's time I weighed in on this outstanding video editing program.

1. VERY fast to edit, that is, once you understand the commands you can cut commercials, frame accurate edit, anything you want faster than any other video editor I've tried. (...and I've tried quite a few!)

2. VERY fast to render. It is as fast as a file copy!! (smart rendering)

3. Others have addressed this, but trying to compile a comprehensive list -- you do NOT need to have Nero installed!

4. Filters work great. Learning curve is high as is common with using video filters. Some more expensive programs may make it a little easier but MPEG Video Wizard is okay once you get the hang of it. You can save a setting for a filter and propogate for all the clips on the timeline.

5. Great project manager. I use this a lot for both MPEG-2 and MP4. If I'm editing several dozen files I can make all the edits, put each one into the project manager as I complete the edits, and then run all the renders literally in my sleep. One click and time for a nap. When I get up all the files are done. It's great!

6. Also need to address a previous comment -- MPEG Video Wizard handles subtitles just fine. They have another product, EasySub, which is an outstanding subtitle editor. Telling how good EasySub is to use is outside the scope of this post. You will not lose subtitles when editing VOB files into MPEG-2 files.

7. The included DVD Maker is quite nice. I don't use it every day like I do the editor, it allows a lot of control over the DVD creation. The Title Editor is pretty basic but gets the job done. If you want a fancy title editor and fancier DVD maker then there are other good programs out there but this, too, is outside the scope of this post.

8. As to the comments about burning the result from a DVD Maker project, MPEG Video Wizard is, well, an MPEG Video Wizard. Consider the DVD authoring tool a bonus. If you want to burn the result then there are numerous tools to do that probably already built in to your operating system software. Stop whining.

9. One last previous comment to address -- about the DVD authoring tool creating folders instead of directly creating an ISO file. Waaaaah! Stop whining! It's call MPEG Video Wizard!

10. I don't use the effects very much but there are video effects and they are fun to use.

There may be a few things to complain about but most are only nits. The benefits so far outweigh the complaints for this editor.

One thing this does not do is handle multiple timelines but that probably won't matter in most cases. It does provide an overlay video track and audio track, and this is plenty for some nice effects especially if you know how to use them. It takes some experience. You can combine video from multiple sources -- but only using one timeline and one overlay track. I'm not sure how to explain this very well: Only when I'm making something using video from several camera angles would I prefer to use another program. With only a little effort (and experience) I can probably do anything in MPEG Video Wizard that I could in my fancier programs.

I've gotten in the habit of using it as my media player, too, even though it isn't proported to be one. It doesn't automatically hide the mouse pointer so I just throw that to the far right and it disappears.

As a video editor, there's no other video editor that can match it.

Review by edrom on Jan 23, 2016 Version: OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

Excellent tool for mpg smart rendering. Many options, simple and fast.

Review by Manusimon on May 14, 2011 Version: 5.01.100 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 7/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 9/10 Overall: 9/10

This is not your typical video editor for the PC market. The handling of MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 standards is superb. It is the perfect replacement for Windows Joke Maker and those typical video editors that are either too professional, bloated and difficult to use or too less full-featured and don't support all the common video formats. For import, MPEG Video Wizard DVD supports AVI, MPEG-1/DAT, MPEG-2/VOB, MP4 container!, WMV/ASF, RealMedia (RM/RMVB), Flash Video (FLV), QuickTime (MOV) and maybe other formats too (you only need the necessary DirectShow decoders installed-ffdshow is enough). For audio too, it supports MPEG Audio, Dolby AC3, WMA, MP3 etc. Directly trimming VCD and DVD files with frame accurate precision is possible without messing up the file's GOP. Smart encoding is supported for MPEG1/2, you can create your own export templates, it also supports exporting to AVI (Video for Windows), QuickTime (MOV) and MP4 (Normal, iPod/PSP compatible with AAC audio!). The H.264 encoding implementation is fast and decent. All exports I've done are clean, fast and usually don't fail, the video files produced are standard compatible (not like most video editing apps where the output file's header or something is broken, improperly written). The MPEG Multiplexing/Demultiplexing function is very easy to fix any GOP and AV sync errors. Lots of filters/effects are available as well as plenty of 2D and 3D transitions. A cool feature for adding default fade ins/fade outs exists which does smart rendering at only the beginning and end when exporting. The title editor is decent too with nice motion effects.

The input window supports is responsive when browsing through the video file, scrubbing is supported. Batch processing of videos is also supported!

A few features as of version 4.0.4 are lacking such as trimming AVI files (VirtualDub can do this), trimming WMV (Windows Media File Editor can do this) and trimming/smart rendering MP4/MPEG-4/H.264. WMV export is also sorely missed. The DVD authoring feature is quite basic, you can do basic templates but not polished fancy video menus, however creating chapters and titles separately is very well implemented. Quite a lot of attention is given to minor details in this app, is stable if you only install ffdshow and don't overload your system with codec packs resulting in codec hell. Overall, the current best *consumer-level* video editor IMHO for Windows, easy to use, quite full-featured, performance and format support is simply great! Also, it doesn't support AVCHD yet, let alone AVCHD smart rendering.

The best is the customizable and flexible rightly done export options with usually crash-proof clean and fast media file exports. Unlike most video editors on the market which require special addins for Dolby AC3, MPEG-4, H.264 and sometimes even MPEG-2, this app has it all out of the box.

Review by tuxplorer on Feb 14, 2009 Version: 4.0.4 OS: Windows 7 Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

I'm a little bummed, because I bought my copy for $99 almost a year ago, but for those that thought the price was too high, first they lowered it to $69, and then for the holidays (until Jan 31, 2009), it's 50% off, or only $34.50. I don't regret my earlier purchase, becasue it's a great program.

Details from

This coupon is for your online purchase of MPEG Video Wizard DVD

coupon code HappyHolidays
coupon price $34.5 (50% off $69)
coupon expires 31 January 2009

1. press the "Buy Now" button below to start your online order.
2. fill in "Your coupon code" field near the end of the 1st order page.
3. complete the order, and your total price will be the discount price.

Review by tmw on Jan 24, 2009 Version: OS: WinXP Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

This program takes a great program (MPEG Video Wizard) and provides the ability to create simple DVD's from that. It doesn't create the ISO and burn; it does take on authoring the full DVD structure (video_ts folder and vob, ifo, etc files.

I really enjoy how simple and intuitive this program is for me. I wish it costs a little less, but I can use this alone instead of DVDlab (which was more powerful, but had tools I honestly didn't need). I really like the simplicity of being able to not have to demux and move audio as well as video along the process. It's not going to replace more expensive software, but for editing mpeg and putting together DVD's, it would be very hard to beat this program and price point.

Review by tmw on Sep 2, 2008 Version: Mar 2008 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value for money: 8/10 Overall: 9/10

17 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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Download 15MB = A direct link to the software download.
Win = Windows download version. It works on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.
Win64 = Windows 64-bit download version. It works only on 64-bit Windows.
Mac = Mac download version. It works on 32-bit and 64-bit Mac OS.
Mac64 = Mac OS download version. It works only on 64-bit Mac OS.
Linux = Linux download version.
Portable = Portable version. No installation is required.
Ad-Supported = The software is bundled with advertising. Be careful when you install the software and disable addons that you don't want!
Visit developers site = A link to the software developer site.
Download (mirror link) = A mirror link to the software download. It may not contain the latest versions.
Download old versions = Free downloads of previous versions of the program.
Download 64-bit version = If you have a 64bit operating system you can download this version.
Download portable version = Portable/Standalone version meaning that no installation is required, just extract the files to a folder and run directly.
Portable version available = Download the portable version and you can just extract the files and run the program without installation.
Old versions available = Download old versions of the program.
Version history available = Complete changelog on our site.
Windows = Windows version available.
Mac OS = Mac OS version available.
Linux = Linux version available.
Our hosted tools are virus and malware scanned with several antivirus programs using

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