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InfraRecorder is a Free Software (aka "Open Source") CD/DVD burning solution for Microsoft Windows. It offers a wide range of powerful features; all through an easy to use application interface and Windows Explorer integration.

Free software
OS: Win
File size: 4MB
Portable version
Old versions
Version history
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InfraRecorder screenshot
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Latest version

0.53 (September 1, 2012)


Visit developer's site

Download InfraRecorder 0.53  4MB  Win

Download InfraRecorder 0.53 64-bit  4MB  Win64

Download Portable and other versions

Download InfraRecorder 0.53 Portable  5MB  Win  Portable

Download InfraRecorder 0.53 Portable 64-bit  4MB  Win64  Portable

Download old versions

Download InfraRecorder old versions

Software License

Free software / FOSS (Free download and also Free and Open Source Software)

Supported operating systems


Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog


Fixed write speed detection issue.
Fixed bug where maximum write speed would be used instead of the selected one when burning DVDs.
Fixed bug in creation of UDF and ISO9660 file systems containing many files and folders.
Relaxed ISO9660 duplicate file naming algorithm.
Added support for non-standard character sets in ISO9660 file systems.
Various minor GUI changes.
The space meter will now automatically adjust if a blank DVD is inserted.


* Fixed bug preventing reading and encoding audio tracks.
* Fixed DVD-Video file sorting bug, preventing fully compatible DVD-Video DVDs from being created.
* Added sane error message when failing to create DVD-Video file system.
* Devices with drive letters A or B are now detected properly.
* Fixed shortcut icons on Windows 7 64-bit.
* Added support for reading discs (creating disc image) to a network location.


* Fixed bug causing desktop icons to disappear on Windows 7.
* Fixed bug causing InfraRecorder to crash when opening the burn dialog on systems with no recorder(s) present.
* Added support for burning files from UNC paths.
* Various other bug fixes.
* Increased maximum FIFO buffer size from 128 MiB to 800 MiB.
* Added context menu to explorer tree view.
* InfraRecorder will now flash on the task bar when an operation has completed.
* Added French translation of help file, thanks to Olivier Higelin!


* Relaxed default project ISO9660 settings.
* Made progress dialogs resizable for easier reading.
* Added wait cursors to time consuming operations.
* Fixed bug causing failed operations to sometimes be reporeted as successful.
* Fixed bug causing an error when verifying discs containing single character file or directory names.
* Updated cdrtools to version 2.01.01a61.
* Added support for displaying BluRay and HD-DVD capabilities.
* Displayed OK button problem should now be gone.
* Greatly improved device detection speed, devices are now always probed at startup.
* Fixed a bug preventing boot images from being removed from projects.
* Updated InfraRecorder projects not to store file size information that potentially could cause write errors.
* Added safety net preventing non-recoverable read errors to affect integrity of other files during recording operation.
* Updated InfraRecorder to lock files on hard drive during file system creation in order to avoid inconsistency errors.
* Added support for importing data from file lists like M3U.
* Added command line options for selecting default project and media type.
* Fixed a bug causing projects opened by association not to be loaded if welcome screen was enabled.
* Added support for using Ctrl+A in the track secion to select all tracks.
* The drive letter is now displayed with the name of all CD/DVD devices.
* Renamed disc fixation to disc closing.
* Fixed bugs related to drive letter detection.


* Fixed a bug causing the disc file system creation process to hang on some systems (for real this time).
* Fixed a bug causing a custom temporary directory not to be used.
* Fixed a start-up maximization bug.


* Fixed a bug causing the disc file system creation process to hang on some systems.


* Minor bugfixes and updates.
* Added support for recording multiple copies.
* Added a welcome screen to the InfraRecorder main application and removed the express application.
* Solved a bug causing the OK button not to be enabled after erasing or formatting a disc.
* Moved all source code to GPL version 3.
* Removed cdrtools binaries in favor of cdrkit binaries.
* Improved device detection routines, there should not be any more problems with wrongly detected drive letters.
* Included an Indonesian translation, thanks to Andhika Padmawan!
* Included a Chuvash translation, thanks to Vladimir Kozhevnikov!
* Fixed a bug causing the express application and shell extension not to be translated.
* Updated the portable version of InfraRecorder to store its log files in the program directory instead of in the the application data folder.


* Updated cdrtools to version 2.01.01a38.
* Fixed a bug making InfraRecorder crash when trying to move a folder to itself.
* Fixed a bug causing the wrong folder to be opened when double-clicking in the project list view when a project contained folders with identical names.
* Fixed a bug causing the focus not to be returned to the OK button in the progress dialog after performing an operation.
* Fixed icon rendering error on Windows XP and newer where display depth is lower than 32-bits.
* Changed the option to verify the device configuration at start up to be enabled by default.
* Added support for associating InfraRecorder with disc images.
* Updated the some of the dialog windows to be minimizable and visible on the task bar when launced by an external application (like irExpress).
* Fixed a bug causing incorrect file names to be used when verifying recorded discs.
* Added functionallity to rename and remove files from imported sessions.
* Added support for selecting which multi-session track to import.
* When trying to record to a non-empty rewritable disc, InfraRecorder now asks if the disc should be erased.
* When performing an operation the progress is now also displayed in the taskbar.
* Reduced memory usage when dealing with projects.
* Fixed a bug making it impossible to open saved projects containing no files.
* Included a Thai translation, thanks to Prasit Kaephukhieo!
* Improved compatibility with the ISO9660 standard.
* Added support for creating UDF-only file systems.
* Added support for Unicode files names in Joliet extension and UDF file system.
* Added support for fragmented files in ISO9660 level 3. Files larger than 4 GiB can now be recorded to an ISO9660 file system.
* Removed mkisofs and isoinfo dependencies.
* Fixed some bugs related to importing disc sessions.
* Added properties menu item when right-clicking on the project tree root node.
* Added proper flagging of hidden files in the disc file system.
* Changed the default write method for multi-session projects to TAO.
* Fixed a bug causing InfraRecorder to crash when renaming project files to include slash or backslash characters.
* Added the .img extension to the list of supported disc image extensions.
* A few cosmetic changes.
* Included an Arabic translation, thanks to Circoficus!
* Included a Greek translation, thanks to . !

Release Name: 0.44.1

* Introduced alternate ways of fetching recorder write speeds. This should solve the "disabled OK button problem".
* Added support for reloading laptop drives (drives that can not automatically load themselves) before starting the disc verification process.
* Corrected a version display error in the log system.

Release Name: 0.44

* Added a warning message when disabling disc fixation since some users believes that this will create a multi-session disc.
* It's now possible to perform a disc copy using the same device as source and target.
* Updated drive speed detection routines, it should now detect correct speeds depeding on the inserted media.
* Improved the media removal/insertion auto detection routines.
* Added support for switching through the controls of the main view using the tab key.
* Fixed a bug causing InfraRecorder to crash on Windows 9x systems when changing folder in the explorer view.
* Added menu items for selecting all files and inverting the file selection.
* Fixed a bug causing negative progress to be displayed in some cases.
* Updated InfraRecorder to correctly maximize on startup, if closed maximized.
* Added a website button to the about window.
* Fixed a project file rename bug.
* Made the toolbar customizable in several ways.
* Improved project file handling, no duplicate files or folders are allowed.
* The program configuration is now stored in the application data folder. A new portable version of InfraRecorder has been created where data is stored in the program folder.
* Greatly improved drag and drop functionality.
* Included a Norwegian translation, thanks to Karol Ptasinski!
* Updated the help file with index and search capabilities.
* Fixed a bug causing InfraRecorder to try to verify files that where imported from previous sessions.
* Fixed a bug causing the disc to be ejected (if requested) before starting the disc verification process.
* Fixed a bug causing incompatibility with Windows 9x systems due to a function call to SHGetFolderPathA.


* Updated the cdrtools to version 2.01.01a26.
* Included a Finnish translation, thanks to Rami Aalto!
* Removed the error message related to ckEffects.exe.
* Improved the erase feature with support for more recorders.
* Fixed a bug causing the size and position of the main window not to be remembered.
* Fixed a bug causing the explorer view to turn white when double-clicking on a folder in the explorer list view (Windows XP only).
* Improved the program log functionality.
* Fixed a bug making it impossible to import sessions from certain disc types.
* Improved the explorer view performance. Expanding anything under "My Computer" in the tree could on some systems result in a long delay because of slow queries to floppy drives.


* Fixed a bug raising an exception when re-ordering audio tracks.
* Added a smoke effect when writing to a disc (requires Windows Vista Aero to be enabled).
* Fixed a few bugs causing wrong disc information to be shown in the disc information window.
* Various adaptations for Windows Vista.
* Added support for dropping files into the project tree view.
* Completely rewritten disc erase/format code. Improved DVDRW and DVD-RAM support.
* Included a Catalan translation, thanks to Josep Llus Amador Teruel!
* Included a Galician translation, thanks to Xess Estvez!
* Fixed a bug causing InfraRecorder to have invalid window coordinates closed while minimized.
* Included a Romanian translation, thanks to Nicolae Crefelean!
* Removed the Visual C++ 8 DLL dependencies from the shell extension.
* Included a Hungarian translation, thanks to Tibor Srkny!
* Included a Hebrew translation, thanks to Shemesh!
* Included a Danish translation, thanks to Patrick Fust!
* Fixed a bug causing all internal SCSI commands not to be executed in the x64 build of InfraRecorder.


* The MSI installer used for the x64 release now creates the start-menu shortcuts in a subfolder.
* Fixed a bug causing InfraRecorder to crash when cdrecord reported recording on a track-number higher than the number of tracks to be recorded.
* Removed the Visual C++ 8 DLL dependencies from the irWave codec.
* Fixed a bug causing stack corruption when using the irWMA codec.


* Available as 64-bit (x64) build.
* Created a completely new Wave codec to remove the libsndfile dependency and add support for the x64 compiler.
* Modifed the translation system to allow translated controls to automatically resize and move its neightbours when needed.
* Various changes for Windows Vista compatibility.
* Modified the WMA codec so it doesn't raise an error message when it fails to load (if Windows Media Player not installed).
* Included a Japanese translation, thanks to Nardog!
* Fixed a bug causing DVD media to always be recorded at maximum speed.
* Included a Korean translation, thanks to Jung Jin-ho!
* Included a Bulgarian translation, thanks to Iliyan Popov!
* Separated data DVD from data CD projects.
* Added support for omiting version numbers from ISO9660 file names.
* Added support for using Rock Ridge extensions without using the Joliet file name extension.
* Fixed a bug causing the write speed not to be properly reported on some recorders.
* Added support for column sorting.
* Added support for rearranging audio tracks by drag and drop.
* Included a Serbian (Cyrillic and Latin) translation, thanks to ozzii!
* Added support for automatically verifying a disc after it has been recorded.
* Made the labels on the progress dialog double buffered to avoid flickering.
* Fixed a bug causing the cp1250 code page not to be properly detected on Czech systems.
* Added support for creating DVD-Video projects.
* Included a Slovak translation, thanks to Marek!
* Fixed a bug causing problems when importing certain seasons from multi-session discs.
* Fixed a bug causing project UDF-settings not to be properly reset when creating a new project.
* Fixed a bug causing error messages not to be properly displayed when recording custom projects on the fly.
* Included a Chinese (Traditional) translation, thanks to Charlie!


* Fixed a bug causing the space meter to display inaccurate file sizes on audio files in mixed-mode projects.
* Due to limitations in the Microsoft Windows 9x Unicode Layer, a non-unicode version of InfraRecorder is released separateley.
* Added support for disabling the error message that occurs when a codec fails to load.
* Added support for generating DVD-Video compliant filesystems.
* Added support for UDF.
* Added support for creating bootable data discs.
* Fixed a major bug preventing some projects from beeing properly loaded.
* Included a Bosnian translation, thanks to Asim Husanovic!
* Added an option to change the detected write speed of a recorder.
* Changed the recorder speed management to now allow a larger number of write speeds below the maximum speed.
* Added write method information to the advanced device details.
* Fixed a bug causing a wrong character set to be detected on systems using code page 1251.
* Fixed a bug causing bogus unix file permissions to be set when recording custom projects using the Joliet name extension.
* Improved the project space meter.
* Added support for recording custom projects on the fly.
* Fixed a bug causing a temporary file not to be removed when copying a disc.
* Added support for disabling the unsupported character set error message.
* Fixed a bug causing the space meter tooltip to display the size information in bytes instead of minutes when dealing with audio projects.
* Included a Slovene translation, thanks to Frani iek!
* Included a Ukrainian translation and manual, thanks to Serhij Dubyk!
* The advanced device properties list now correctly displays titletip when a feature description is to long to be fully displayed.
* Fixed a bug causing empty directories to be ignored when creating and recording custom projects.
* Fixed a bug causing files that has equal characters in the file name to raise an error when creating a disc image.
* Included a Portuguese (Brazilian) translation, thanks to der Silva!
* Included a Chinese (Simplified) translation, thanks to DouDeHou!
* Added more read options (ignore read errors, read sub-channel data and TOC, read speed).
* Added support for disc cloning.
* Added support for changing the FIFO buffer size.
* Added support for ISO level 4 which among many thigs allows directory nesting to be deeper than eight levels.


* Included a Czech translation, thanks to khagaroth!
* Improved DVD-support (official cdrtools has DVD support since version 2.01.01a09).
* Simulation mode now works when recording to DVDs.
* Support for blanking DVD+RW media (currently only with Ricoh based drives).
* The size and position of the main InfraRecorder window is now remembered and restored each startup.
* Included a Basque translation, thanks to David Garca-Abad!
* Added support for encoding audio tracks to Ogg, WMA and MP3 (separate package due to patent issue).
* Fixed a bug causing the wrong tracks to be displayed when scanning a disc for errors.
* Added support for decoding MP3, Ogg and WMA audio.
* Included a German manual, thanks to CE4!
* Included an Italian translation, thanks to Lorenzo Festa!
* Fixed bug with message boxes, they should now be modal.
* Added support for translated manuals.
* Changed the default simulation value to off.
* Added an option for changing the temporary folder.
* Added help documentation on how to make the InfraRecorder installer perform unattended installations.
* The installer now adds an entry to Add/Remove Programs.
* Added support for selecting installation language on unattended installations.
* Included a Russian translation and manual, thanks to Roman Starikh!
* Included a German translation, thanks to Thomas Bigler!
* Included a Polish translation, thanks to DJD!
* Included a Turkish translation, thanks to Fatma Akarslan!
* Included a Croatian translation, thanks to Tibor Keser!
* Included a Dutch translation, thanks to Patrick!


* Included a Portuguese translation, thanks to Cesar Baptista!
* Included a Spanish translation, thanks to Eduardo Leon!
* Increased the height of all comboboxes in the GUI to prevent unnecessary scrolling.
* Fixed some GUI glitches causing black and purple backgrounds on some graphics (only affected systems older than Windows XP).
* Added a tooltip to the space meter which displays the project size.
* Added support for pasting files from Windows Explorer into a project.
* Fixed a bug allowing multiple sessions to imported to a project.


* Fixed a bug (static linking to UpdateLayeredWindow in user32.dll) causing incompatibility with Windows 9x systems.

Version (Beta 2)

* Added DVD support by patching cdrecord (WARNING: Simulation mode is known not to work when burning DVDs).
* Included a French translation, thanks to Pierre-Jean Coudert!
* Changed the default write method to SAO because of DVD compatibility.
* Updated the installer with extra options and multi-language support.
* Added a couple of new translateable strings for the progress log output.
* Made some directory layout changes to the CVS.
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Infra Recorder

Download InfraRecorder Portable download from the Download links under Download and Download other versions!

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8 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

Like other people, I thought i'd search for a freeware burning application, to replace the usual big name software suite - i'm sure you know which one it is!
My needs aren't great, mostly burning data-dvds and a few ISO images.

Despite this software being 'new' and it does need more development, the core functions work.
Having tested InfraRecorder for a week now, I haven't found any showstopping bugs nor had any coasters.
As a whole, this software makes for a lightweight, functional application, hence my high scores.
On my Vista system, I have ImgBurn and InfraRecorder and thats it.

The features which stand out are:

ISO creation
Exact burn speed
Simple navigation / window layout
It's free.

Review by Intel on Sep 6, 2009 Version: 0.50 OS: Vista Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 8/10

Previous versions had problems to detect my drives. So it was nice to see that this has changed with InfraRecorder 0.46.2. But after some basic tests, I was quite disappointed. Even a simple task like burning a multisession CD did not work. While the program happily announced a successful burning and verification, Windows only recognized an empty disc. Then I tried to write a singlesession CD (disc at once). This worked well, however, the verification function did not notice that one file had changed.

So I would not recommend this tool, as some very basic and important functions (like the verification) don't work at all. In the future I will use other programs like cdrtfe.

Review by seanlucas on Jun 30, 2009 Version: 0.46.2 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 5/10 Functionality: 1/10 Value for money: 2/10 Overall: 2/10

i was looking for a free burning tool and tested
InfraRecorder, BurnAware Free Edition and cdrtfe and nothing to say
to the developers expects then, good work!.
from the 3 i tested, InfraRecorder gave the best results.

the dvd disc burnig and data burning sections were excelent.
the audio section was slowly.

Review by danielk68 on Jan 1, 2008 Version: 0.44.1 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

Great free burning S/W for cd/dvd. No need to install, just run the exe. It creates a disk image in the background then writes the track at once. Slightly slower, but pretty much bullet proof. I tested with CD's (music and data) and DVD's (video and data), all perfect so far................

Review by racer-x on Dec 31, 2007 Version: 0.44.1 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

I performed a few tests on the new version. It actually copies discs now! Although, it would not do it in one step. I had to manually copy to image and then burn from image. But it did it. I also managed to get it to erase a RW disc. These are all things it would not do in previous versions, so the new version has come a long way.

Here are my results:

1) Copy from CD to CD (two different drives) - works perfectly

2) Copy from CD to image - works perfectly

3) Write image to CD - works perfectly

4) Format/erase RW disc (quick format) - works perfectly (took about 1 min)

5) Write a data CD from files on the hdd - works, but had some difficultly. The explorer view got confused the first time. But when I started a new project, it was fine.

6) Mix mode CD - Wow! I put CD cover artwork in the data portion, and the audio for the CD in the audio portion. The audio files were mp3's and InfraRecorder decoded them to wav and successfully burned my mix mode CD. Very nice! Deep Burner can't do that!

7) You mean this thing also writes DVD-video discs?? I just noticed that. Will have to test this out later.

Looks like we finally have a Deep Burner killer. Don't get me wrong, I love Deep Burner, but it doesn't copy CDs; it only writes them. THIS one does it all! InfraRecorder is almost a perfect 10.

Improvements I would like to see:

1) Ability to copy from CD to CD using the same drive without having to manually copy to image and then burn the image.

2) It should offer to format the RW disc if you are copying to it.

3) Standardization for various terminology. For instance, SAO (session at once) is more commonly known as DAO (disc at once).

4) It would be nice if clicking on the "reset" button next to the CD Recorder selection, caused an open tray to close.

Review by dphirschler on Dec 3, 2007 Version: OS: WinXP Ease of use: 7/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

8 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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