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Flowblade Movie Editor is a multitrack non-linear video editor for Linux released under GPL 3 license. Flowblade is designed to provide a fast, precise and as-simple-as-possible editing experience. Flowblade employs film style editing paradigm in which clips are usually automatically placed tightly after the previous clip - or between two existing clips - when they are inserted on the timeline. Edits are fine tuned by trimming in and out points of clips, or by cutting and deleting parts of clips. Film style editing is faster for creating programs with mostly straight cuts and audio splits, but may be slower when programs contain complex composites unless correct work flow is followed. Flowblade provides powerful tools to mix and filter video and audio.

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Latest version

2.0 (February 4, 2019)


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Download Flowblade 2.0  4.4MB  Linux

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Software License

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Version history / Release notes / Changelog

Flowblade 2.0
Date: February 4, 2019

Flowblade 2.0 comes with the largest changes to workflow and UX since the very first releases.

Timeline editing workflow has been made much more configurable, new tools have been added and GUI comes with a new custom theme (for Gtk+ versions >= 3.22), new top row layout and modernized design language.

Workflow 2.0
The insert editing approach to video editing taken by previous versions of Flowblade has had the down side of being found by some users to be somewhat unintuitive. On the other hand many users have found it to be clean and efficient.

Flowblade 2.0 solves this issue by presenting a configurable workflow that enables users to make the application better confirm to their mental model of editing workflow.

Toolset Configuration
User can select between 1 - 9 tools to be availabe via tool menu and shortcut keys 1-9
User can set the order in which the tools presented and which shortcut keys they get.
The default tool is the first tool in the tool menu with shortcut key 1. This is the tool that is activated when for example exiting trims, this is settable by selecting the tool order
Configurable Timeline Behaviours
Drag'n'Drop behaviour, user can select wheather insert or blank overwrites are done on track V1 and others
Composiors autofollow, users can make compositors follow their origin clips automatically
Workflow presets
To get things going the user is given option too choose between two Workflow Preset options application start or at anytime later.

STANDARD WORKFLOW has the Move tool as default tool and presents a workflow similar to most video editors. Tools: Move, Multitrim, Spacer, Insert, Cut, Keyframe Behaviours: Drag'n'Drop: 'Always Overwrite Blanks', Compositors Autofollow: Off

FILM STYLE WORKFLOW has the Insert tool as the default tool and employs insert style editing. This was the workflow in previous versions of the application. Tools: Insert, Move, Trim, Roll, Slip,Spacer, Box Behaviours: Drag'n'Drop: 'Overwrite blanks on non-V1 tracks', Compositors Autofollow: Off

New Tools
Four new tools have been added to selection of tools that user has available when deciding on their preferred toolset.

Keyframe tool enables editing Volume and Brightness keyframes on the timeline with overlay curves editor.

Multitrim tool combines Trim, Roll and Slip tool into a single tool that comminicates the available edit action with context sensitive cursor changes.

Cut Tool allow performing cuts with tool in addition to earlier method of cut action at playhead.

Ripple Trim tool was earlier available as a mode of Trim tool but it is now a separate tool.

Tools changes
Overwrite tool's name was changed to Move and it was made the default Tool in the "Standard" workflow preset. New Move tool also has box selection and box move available as additional edit actions if user does a box selection starting from pressing on empty spot on timeline.

GUI updates
We made quite a few updates and changes to the user interface to clean up and modernize the design.

New Custom Theme was created and made the default theme for the application. It has become clear that video editors are the kind of applications that work best with a custom made dark theme, the generic dark themes are too light for current established look of video editors. Now that GTK3 has finally stabilized the theme CSS, creating and maintaining a custom theme is now possible.

Earlier panel design with quite large buttons has been updated with a design employing more context and hamburger menus and by making almost all toplevel items icons.

For systems with larger screen dimension the default top row layout has been changed to a 3 panel design instead of the earlier 2 panel design, earlier layout still being available via user preference item.

Tooltips coverage was extended and almost all top level items now have individual tooltips..

Insert and Move (earlier Ovewrite) tools have new cursors.

Keyframe editing updates
In addition to new Keyframe tool many updates were made to keyframe editing.

Slider to Keyframe editor functionality. Majority of filter parameters that earlier only had a slider editor available for setting a single unchanging value can now be eddited with a keyframe editor. There is a new keyframe icon in slider editors that turns slider editor into a keyframe editor when pressed. Kyrame editor can also be turned back into a slider editor.

Keyframe editors now have buttons that move keyframes 1 frame forward or backwards.

Keyframe editor out-of-clip-range keyframes now have info on on them displayed and there are editing actions available for deleting and setting their values.

Keyframe editors are also now updated on all mouse events making it more intuitive to know the value of a parameter in all keyframes.

Compositor geometry editors now have numerical inputs.

Shift + Arrow keys now change scale in Compositor geometry editors.

Transform Compositor was added. This provides some transformations like rotations that previously were not available.
AlphaXOR, Alpha Out and Alpha In Compositors were added that provide additional ways of combining images using alpha channel data.
Edit Action updates
Ripple delete Button, that does multitrack ripple to maintain sync between tracks if overwrites can be avoided.

Shift + X cuts all tracks on Playhead.

Sequence Split functionality. It is now possible to split Sequence at playhead position to create a new Sequence from timeline contents after playhead, by Bene81.

Fix GTK version detection logic inversion problem, Issue #521, by Bene81.

Reducing video track count damages project Issue #486, fixed by Eliot Blennerhassett.

Change tracks dialog now gets current sequence track counts, not hard coded values by Eliot Blennerhassett.

Some wipe luma files for wide screen do not work correctly, Issue #572, fixed by Николай Смольянинов who also provided very helpful release QA.

Make Flowblade exit cleanly if audio waveform rendering is still on, by Steven van de Beek.

Add appdata file used by e.g. GNOME Software or KDE Discover by Peter Eszlari.

Change icon path in to comply freedesktop with spec, fix mimetype data to be consistant, by Peter Eszlari.

Archlinux docs fix, depends sdl_image by Bernhard Landauer.

New translations
Steve Nian contributed Traditional Chinese translation. Slava Manoilo contributed Urkrainian translation.

Help docs in Russian
Николай Смольянинов created the first full translation of help documentation, docs are now available in Russian too. Andrey Grigoriev provided some additional scripts to display correct helps in all systems.

Translations updates
Czech translations updates by Pavel Fic and p-bo.

Russian translation update Николай Смольянинов.

Polish translation update by Stanisław Polak.

German translation update by Martin Gansser.

Some worst modules were cut in half and object naming was somewhat improved. Modes setting code was moved from module - > Screen editors code was renamed and moved from module -> Unused imports were removed using pyflakes analysis.

Future directions
This release took longer then would have been liked for various reasons, but mainly because the feature set was larger then usually and getting a release out of at least reasonable quality took some effort.

We will be doing 2 more releases this year with feature sets that will be adjusted to make sure that we have some nice incremental steps forward. There is an updated roadmap for larger development directions thought to be important right now and Issues list has quite a few items that need addressing.

Smaller fixes and features
Add prefeference to not move to clip start on keyframe edit init

Keep filter editors open on most edits #537

More height for Compositor geometry editors on larger screens.

Make clip editor next/prev buttons stay in edit range.

768px height and some other screen sizes fixes can now full screen properly.

fix track locking for multiple tools.

Fix recent files bug.

No more changing to default edit mode on media drop

Add follow tline range in playback option, Issue #503.

Offer preference to switch mouse horizontal scroll direction, #499.

Fix Issue #532 by removing lossless mpeg2 rendering.

Make G'Mic tool monitors bigger for bigger screens.

Fix "Blend" Compositor

Remove some less useful preferences.

Fix trim info dialog texts.

Fix Issue #558 with setting user lumas.

Make possible to start playback with Space after loading clip in monitor with double click.

Support Shift range selection in media panel.

Fix Issue #497 with timeline mouse events on load.

Make possible to move Bins up/down in GUI.

Make hard coded paths work with flatpack.

Add Keyframe Editor editor buttons tooltips.

Fix Keyframe Editor icon positions for Flowblade/arc theme.

Fix MLT version filters dropping.

Fix crash by banning Qt producers to keep using Gtk producers after Qt ones were made default in MLT.

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Acronyms / Also Known As

Flowblade Movie Editor, Flowblade Video Editor

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