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File Converter v2.0.2

New: Hebrew translation (thanks to AshiVered).
Fixes: Issue where installer was not working due to registry key not updated correctly during install (issue #382).
Fixes: Update chinese translations (thanks to jie65535).
Fixes: Issue where tempo/pitch conversion settings were not considered as default settings resulting is some issues during backward compatibility check.

File Converter v2.0.1

New: Tempo and pitch conversion presets in default settings (github issue #18).
New: Russian translation (thanks to dragomano).
Fixes: Issue where File Converter was not appearing in Windows explorer after a successful install (issue #389).
Fixes: Issue where newly supported input types (ts, heic, ...) were not used in presets (github issue #388).
Fixes: Issue where standard output was not activated when started from command line.

File Converter v2.0

New: Possibility to create custom command line preset for types converted with FFMPEG (video and audio) (github issue #19 #18 #41 #61 #73 #128 #140 #153 #177 #182 #225 #255 #310 #314 #316 #325).
New: Possibility to create preset folders in File Converter context menu.
New: Ability to drag and drop to move conversion presets.
New: Possibility to export and import conversion presets to share it with other users.
New: More presets for scale and rotation in File Converter default configuration.
New: Display conversion progress on the Windows taskbar item.
New: Display estimated remaining time for each jobs.
New: Support new image input formats: arw, cr2, dds, dng, jfif, nef, raf, tif and heic (github issue #29 #96 #113 #130).
New: Support new video input formats: 3gpp, mpg, rm, ts (github issue #23 #59 #101 #318).
New: Support new audio input formats: m4b, opus (github issue #111 #351).
New: Icons on context menu elements and conversion preset list actions.
New: Remove the need to ask administrator privileges to edit File Converter settings (github issue #4 #30 #32).
New: Highlight in red elements that contains errors in the preset list.
New: Messages logged from main thread are now displayed in the console standard output.
New: Add the bookmarks in pdf when converting from word file (thanks to wangweirui).
New: Possibility to use conversion date in output file path template (github issue #56).
New: Option to copy files in clipboard after conversion (thanks to hsayed21).
New: Brazilian Portuguese translation (thanks to Marhc).
New: Spanish translation (thanks to Chachak).
New: Italian translation (thanks to Davide).
New: German translation (thanks to nikotschierske).
New: Simplified Chinese translation (thanks to Snoopy1866).
New: Turkish translation (thanks to MayaC0re).
New: Hindi translation (thanks to vishveshjain).
New: Arabic translation (thanks to Mahmoud0Sultan).
New: Traditional Chinese translation (thanks to Sedimentary-Rock).
New: Greek translation (thanks to CrisBalGreece).
Change: Portuguese translation improvement (thanks to hugok79).
Change: Rework extension so it uses the settings file on disk instead of registry settings (github issue #22 #32 #176 #340 #343).
Change: Some UX improvements.
Change: Replace Pledgie donation button by Paypal donation button since Pledgie does not exist anymore.
Change: Correction of spell mistakes in the french translation (thanks to Sylvain Pollet-Villard).
Change: Change output files timestamp to match original file (github issue #33) (thanks to Diego López Bugna).
Fixes: Issue where there was a maximum number of files to convert at the same time depending on the length of file paths (github issue #86).
Fixes: Issue where File Converter version upgrade download was not working due to an issue with https encryption.
Fixes: Issue where output video was not working correclty on some video players like Quick time (github issue #34) (thanks to Diego López Bugna).
Fixes: Issue where icons and images were blurry on high dpi device.
Fixes: Issue where file with 'Error' in there name were generating false negative result (github issue #247).
Tech: Complete rework of the project architecture to be able to improve it in a long term perspective. The project is now using the MVVM Community Toolkit and is following more closely this design pattern.
Tech: Update ffmpeg to v6.1.1 and ImageMagick to v13.5.
Tech: Update SharpShell to v2.7.2.
Tech: Change ghostscript version from 9.21 to 10.02.1.
Tech: Update project to Visual Studio 2022 and installer Wix 4.
Tech: Update project to .NET framework 4.8.
Tech: Check for .NET framework version in installer and prompt the user if the required version is not installed.
Tech: Remove sharpshell tools from installer dependencies. The shell extension is now registered by File Converter application (github issue #39 #46).
Tech: Remove Windows Vista support and 32bit platform support. Use File Converter 1.2.3 if you need these.

File Converter v1.2.3

Fixed: Issue where the scale was not working for image conversions depending on the application current language.
Tech: Include office library dependencies in package config (now you don't need to install office to build the project).
Tech: Upgrade Ghostscript to version 9.21.
Tech: Update ImageMagick to version 7.0.5.

Version 1.2.2

Added: Portuguese translation (thanks to Khidreal).
Fixed: Issue where scale was corrupted when switching application language (github issue #5).
Fixed: Issue where file metadata were not copied when converting to aac format (github issue #15).
Tech: Update to ffmpeg 3.2.2 version.
Tech: Improve security using https instead of http for upgrade system and links (thanks to TheAresjej).

Version 1.2.1

Fixed: Issue where audio file tags were not copied in a format readable by Windows.
Fixed: Issue where the default language was set to french (github issue #6).
Fixed: Issue where the size of a pdf generated from images was not consistent.
Change: Small improvements of File Converter application and installer interface thanks to TheAresjej (github issues #7 and #8).
Version 1.2

New: Possibility to convert Word documents (docx, odt and doc) to pdf and images (this feature is only available if you have Microsoft Word installed).
New: Possibility to convert Excel documents (xlsx, ods and xls) to pdf and images (this feature is only available if you have Microsoft Excel installed).
New: Possibility to convert PowerPoint documents (pptx, odp and ppt) to pdf and images (this feature is only available if you have Microsoft PowerPoint installed).
New: Possibility to convert images and documents to webp format.
New: Support new image input format: webp.
New: Add the possibility to cancel image, CDA extraction and gif conversions.
Fixed: Issue where multiple conversion jobs were created for the same file resulting in an error message.
Tech: Improve application performances on startup.
Tech: Improve diagnostics.

Version 1.1

New: Localization system. File Converter can now be translated in multiple languages. The default language is the same than your OS language (if available).
New: Add the possibility to choose the application language in the application settings.
New: Add french localization.
New: Possibility to convert a Pdf file into image files (one image per page).
New: Possibility to convert an image into a Pdf file.
New: Possibility to encode videos using theora video codec and Ogg vorbis audio codec in a ogv container.
New: Possibility to change the number of channels of an audio file (stereo -> mono, 5.1 -> stereo, ...).
New: Improve the application upgrade UI. If you quit the application during the upgrade downloading, you will now see the download progress.
New: File converter is now available for Windows 32 bits systems (download the x86 installer).
New: Add an application option to choose the maximum number of simultaneous conversions.
Change: Improve the application help start page (when you launch File Converter directly from the executable) with an animated picture.
Change: Improve the output type dropdown visualization (splitting it by categories).
Fixed: Issue where it was impossible to rotate an image for the output types: jpg and png.

Version 1.0

New: File Converter is now certified by Microsoft Authenticode.
New: Add an about section that contains information on the software development (change log, documentation link, report issue link).
New: Split conversion preset settings and application settings to improve ergonomy.
New: Add help shortcut in the conversion preset edition interface that links directly to the corresponding documentation page.
New: Add shortcuts in start menu.
New: Create a donation campaign on Pledgie and linked it in the about section.
Fixed: Issue with Avast antivirus where File Converter and Windows explorer was frozen when the user tried to use File Converter.
Fixed: Issue where it was impossible to convert files from a network path.

Version 0.7

New: Possibility to encode videos using VP9 video codec and Ogg vorbis audio codec in a webm container.
New: Possibility to convert videos and images to gif.
New: Possibility to convert gif files to videos.
New: Possibility to remove audio from video files (mkv, mp4, avi and webm output file formats).
New: Add feedback to indicate that the application will automatically terminate (after conversions) (github issue #1).
New: Support new video input formats: ogv and mpeg.
New: Support new audio input format: oga.
New: Possibility to cancel some conversion jobs (gif/cda and image conversion jobs are not cancelable for now).
Fixed: Issue where video can't be compressed using H.264 codec (mp4 or mkv presets) when its size (width or height) is not divisible by 2 (append a lot when the user tries to scale a video) (github issue #2).
Fixed: Issue where "Clamp to power of 2 size" option didn't work well with images that already have a power of 2 size.
Fixed: Issue where conversion progress was not updated correctly (for converters based on ffmpeg).
Fixed: Issue where converting a video into the ogg format did not extract audio in an ogg file correctly.
Fixed: Issue where simultaneous read on the same CD drive was performed when files from differents conversions come from the same drive (other than cda extraction preset).
Fixed: Issue where the path generator was unable to create a valid path if the input file was at the root of a drive.
Tech: Annotate the conversion presets to know if there are default preset or user preset in order to improve the upgrade process.

Version 0.6

New: Possibility to encode videos using H.264 video codec and AAC audio codec in a mp4 container (more portable than mkv).
New: Support new image input file formats: psd, tga, svg and exr.
New: Support new video input file format: m4v.
New: Possibility to rotate images and videos.
New: Remove restriction on image size to convert to ico file format (it is now possible to convert all images to ico).
New: Add "Clamp to power of 2 size" option in image conversion.
New: Support input images encoded in 16 bits or 32 bits per color channel.
Fixed: Issue where the installer detects the utilisation of the extension dll in explorer, ask the user to restart it and fail to do it.
Fixed: Issue where it is impossible to delete a conversion preset defined in default settings.
Fixed: Issue where the Windows context menu does not contain user preset after an application upgrade.
Fixed: Issue where some registry keys remain after file converter uninstallation.
Fixed: Issue where aac bitrate was not saved.
Fixed: Issue where settings serialization version was not updated.
Change: Allow the user to scale images until 1600% size (useful to scale pixel art images).

Version 0.5

New: Software update system. The application now checks if a new version of File Converter is available.
New: Possibility to scale images and videos.
New: Possibility to encode videos (avi output file format) using Xvid video codec and Mp3 audio codec.
New: Support new video input file formats: 3gp, webm and wmv.
New: Add a help window to explain how file converter works when you launch it without using the context menu.
Fixed: Problem to convert images when accentuated characters were present in their path.
Tech: Update ffmpeg version (aac encoding is not anymore experimental).

Version 0.4

New: Possibility to encode videos (mkv output file format) using H.264 video codec and AAC audio codec.
New: Possibility to extract Audio CD content.
New: Possibility to encode audio in aac format.
New: Possibility to encode images (png, jpg and ico formats).
New: Support new audio input file format: aac
New: Support new video input file formats: bik, flv, mov, mkv
New: Support new image input file formats: bmp, tiff, png, jpg and ico.
New: Multi-thread conversion (file converter will now start multiple conversions at the time depending on your number of cores).
New: Copy the currently selected preset when clicking on the add preset button.
New: Add “My Documents”, “My Music”, “My Videos” and “My Pictures” folder to output file name generator.
New: Possibility to choose if the application quit after succeeded conversions.
Fixed: Reordering presets does not update the registry.
Fixed: Merge default settings with user settings to prevent errors when upgrading the application.
Tech: Handle incorrect user settings case.
Tech: Improve diagnostics system (compatibility with logs from multiple threads, dump files in AppData folder and error messages).
Tech: Update ffmpeg version.

Version 0.3

New: Possibility to extract audio from videos.
New: Support new input file formats: aiff, m4a, avi, mp4.
New: Quality settings for Mp3 (Encoding mode vbr/cbr and bitrate).
New: Quality settings for Ogg (Bitrate).
New: Quality settings for Wav (bits per sample: 8, 16, 24 or 32).
New: Add output file path template system.
New: Add button to move up or down a preset.
New: Add input files post conversion action (No action, move in archive folder or delete).
New: Add categories on input file extensions.
Fixed: Lose focus of main window don't terminate the application.
Fixed: The application icon now have a correct resolution at any size.
Tech: Add error codes on error messages.

Version 0.2

New: Support new input file format: ape.
New: Add notion of conversion preset (in order to customize the conversion possibilities).
New: Add settings window to edit conversion presets.
New: Add application icon.
New: Customize application installer.
New: Add diagnostic window to read the application logs.

Version 0.1

New: Add decode support for file formats Mp3, Ogg, Wav, Flac, Wma
New: Add encode support for file formats Mp3, Ogg, Wav, Flac
New: UI to visualize the conversion progress

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