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DevedeNG is a program to create video DVDs and CDs (VCD, sVCD or CVD), suitables for home players, from any number of video files, in any of the formats supported by Mplayer. The big advantage over other utilites is that it only needs Mplayer, Mencoder, FFMpeg, DVDAuthor, VCDImager and MKisofs (well, and Python3, PyGTK and PyGlade), so its dependencies are really small. The suffix NG is because it is a rewrite from scratch of the old Devede, to work with Python3 and Gtk3, and with a new internal architecture that allows to expand it and easily add new features.

OS: Linux
File size: 1MB
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Latest version

4.16.0 (October 13, 2019)


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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

version 4.16.0 (2019/10/13)
Added support for creating HEVC video in Matroska files
Changed distribution permissions to GPLv3 only

version 4.15.0 (2019/07/21)
Fixed a bug when using "set multiproperties"
Now sets the ISO label to the menu title (when defined)
Removed country code in localization where is not needed

version 4.14.0 (2019/02/04)
Moved the configuration file inside XDG_CONFIG_HOME

version 4.13.0 (2019/01/27)
Allows to add separators in the menu, to group videos in pages

version 4.12.0 (2018/06/28)
Now ensures that the audio bitrate is always a legal value

version 4.11.0 (2018/05/01)
Added support for XFBurn
Added experimental support for 16:9 menues

version 4.10.0 (2018/04/29)
Now, when using a custom audio in the menu, it will last the whole audio duration, not 30 seconds

version 4.9.0 (2018/04/08)
Fixed a division by 0 when it is not possible to get the original aspect ratio
Added extra check for MSGFMT binary, needed to install Devede

version 4.8.12 (2018/01/21)
Fixed the icons in the main window

version 4.8.11 (2017/12/03)
Now shows the icon in wayland
Now sets transient for settings window

version 4.8.10 (2017/11/26)
Removed minrate during second pass when using two-pass encoding because it fails with ffmpeg

version 4.8.9 (2017/07/10)
Fixed bug when there are no CD burner installed

version 4.8.8 (2017/02/07)
Fixed genisoimage bug with some locales

version 4.8.7 (2017/01/29)
Allows to translate the "Play all" text in the DVD menu
Fixed mkisofs bug with some locales

version 4.8.6 (2016/12/14)
Now ensures that the average bitrate is never smaller than the minimum bitrate
Now the matroska and divx files have the right extension

version 4.8.5 (2016/11/24)
Fixed a bug when loading a project file (thanks to RecursiveProgrammer)
Updated the german translation

version 4.8.4 (2016/11/03)
Allows to set if a movie is shown or not in the DVD menu from the main window

version 4.8.3 (2016/10/16)
Fixed the problem fixed bitrate problem with FFMpeg and AVConv (thanks to Juniorsnet)

version 4.8.2 (2016/09/24)
Fixed a problem when adding several subtitles to the same movie (thanks to Rocco Barisci)

version 4.8.1 (2016/09/05)
Fixed a float value used for volume where it expected an integer

version 4.8.0 (2016/08/12)
Fixed a division by zero when a clip has a duration of less than one second

version 4.7.1 (2016/07/17)
Updated translations

version 4.7.0 (2016/04/24)
Fixed a bug when creating the subtitles'XML: now ensures that an integer value is passed

version 4.6.1 (2016/03/14)
Fixed translations

version 4.6.0 (2016/03/13)
Fixed a bug when using the Play all option on menus with several pages
Updated italian translation'''

version 4.5.0 (2016/01/02)
Reduced the height of the MENU window
Now the menu works fine when enabling the "Play all" option

version 4.4.0 (2015/11/07)
Removed MPlayer as an option for getting movie information

version 4.3 (2015/10/26)
Now doesn't fail when creating a DVD without menu
Added help in html format

version 4.2 (2015-08-30)
Now can work with old and new versions of AVConv

version 4.1 (2015-06-30)
Fixed dependencies in package
Trying to fix a bug with MKV files (incorrect stream assign)

DevedeNG version 4.0 (2015-04-26)
Launched the stable version of DevedeNG

DevedeNG version 0.1 beta 12 (2015-02-01)
Now SETUP.PY ensures that it uses the same version number that is inside the code

DevedeNG version 0.1 beta 11 (2015-01-29)
Now SETUP.PY allows to create .deb packages
Renamed the internal module from devede to devedeng
Renamed some files to ensure that devede-ng can be installed along with old devede

DevedeNG version 0.1 beta 10 (2015-01-22)
Now jumps to the desired chapter instead of jumping to the previous one

DevedeNG version 0.1 beta 9 (2015-01-16)
Now doesn't fail with AVPROBE or FFPROBE if a file doesn't have streams

DevedeNG version 0.1 beta 8 (2014-12-28)
Added a trick to read the duration when the JSON data doesn't contain it, by using the human readable part
Cleaner code

DevedeNG version 0.1 beta 7 (2014-12-28)
Now MPlayer has more priority than avprobe and ffprobe, until it is guaranteed that both work fine
Now it doesn't fail if avprobe or ffprobe doesn't include a parameter

DevedeNG version 0.1 beta 6 (2014-12-27)
Fixed the command line for avprobe and ffprobe

DevedeNG version 0.1 beta 5 (2014-12-27)
Added support for MPV as movie player
Added support for ffprobe and avprobe as movie info detector

DevedeNG version 0.1 beta 4 (2014-12-25)
Now ensures that the maximum bitrate is honored
Added the maximum bitrates for each available format

DevedeNG version 0.1 beta 3 (2014-12-21)
Fixed the subtitle colors
Now puts the video and audio streams in the right order

DevedeNG version 0.1 beta 2 (2014-12-07)
Fixed a bug when jumping to a video not visible in the main menu
Fixed a bug when the main menu has two or more pages
Default size for main window bigger
Allows to change the title by double-clicking on it
Shows the duration of each title

DevedeNG version 0.1 beta 1 (2014-09-22)
Fixed several strings in the menu
Fixed the bug that prevented to choose the final folder
Removed single quotes that triggered an exception when creating a DVD without menu

DevedeNG version 0.1 alpha 2 (2014-08-13)
Updated spanish translation and added file
Allows to choose between MP2 and AC3 audio for menus
Now only deletes the bare minimum files and folders to be able to create a disk in the specified final folder
Better message text to specify which folder will be deleted when the final folder already exists
It failed when the selected backend was not installed in the system. Fixed.
Now shows a default value for preview duration
Fixed progress bar for subtitle creation
Allows to choose the subtitle colors
Allows to set properties for several files in one step
Fixed bug when setting PAL or NTSC toggle in file properties
Added two-pass conversion
Now detects separately MKISOFS and GENISOIMAGE, allowing to have only one of them installed in the system
Now checks that the number of files is smaller than the limit for DVD projects
Now uses GLib for DBus instead of python-dbus
Fixed the DESKTOP file to ensure that an icon is shown in the applications menu

DevedeNG version 0.1 alpha1 (2014-08-05)
Now allows to add several files at once
Now makes better use of multicore systems by parallelizing the conversion of several movie files
The menu edition is interactive
Has a new "cut" resizing method, to allow to store as widescreen movies with black bars
Allows to create Matroska files with H.264 video and MP3 audio
Allows to use VLC or MPlayer for preview
Allows to choose between Brasero or K3B for burning the discs

Version 3.23.0 (2012-10-20)
Added support for AVConv (the new FFMpeg conversion utility)
Added fallback when the destination folder doesn't exists
Added support for AC3_FIX for FFMpeg and AVConv
Fixed preview from the "Menu options" window (thanks to TommyDKat)
Added installation system (thanks to Matttbe)

Version 3.22.0 (2012-05-22)
Allows to choose which coder use for videos and which for menus
Allows to choose to use or not hyperthreading
Set audio bitrate in menus to 192Kbps, and video bitrate to 2500Kbps
Graceful degradation when the locale is unknown (thanks to Mattbe)
Added as an installation method (thanks to Mattbe)

Version 3.21.0 (2011-12-30)
Fixed a bug when creating a DVD with more than one page in its menu
Now FFMpeg is the default backend

Version 3.20.0 (2011-12-08)
Now copies all the audio tracks to the output when using FFMpeg
Support for changing volume in FFMpeg
Allows to change the margins in a DVD menu
Fixed several dialogs that failed when answering "No"
Support for getting the number of CPUs using the multiprocessing module, useful for *BSD users (thanks to Sean C. Farley)
Fixed when the aspect ratio is NaN (thanks to Henry HebHardt)
New background image (thanks to ArTuP)
Added .m2ts extension as video file type
Fixed french translation
Added turkish translation

Version 3.19.0 (2011-11-26)
Fixed bug with FFMPEG support that freeze Devede when using the last oficial version
Drag and Drop support in KDE
Allows to burn the ISO image directly after creating it (thanks to Eugeni Dodonov)
Now checks that MP3LAME support is available when creating DivX with FFMPEG
Now correctly sets the audio bitrate when creating DivX with FFMPEG
Updated italian translation
Minor bugfixes

Version 3.18.0 (2011-11-21)
FFMpeg support
Fixed menu previsualization
Allows to automatically shutdown the computer when the job is done
Always shows icons in buttons
Fixed a bug that prevented returning to main window when aborting

Version 3.17.0 (2011-07-03)
Fixed a bug in MKISOFS, when it shows decimals with a comman instead of a dot
Defines the VIDEO_FORMAT environment variable, needed in current SPUMUX versions
Added bugfix AC3_FIX for current MENCODER versions
Other little bugfixes

Version 3.16.9 (2010-09-25) Build 6
* Re-enable subprocess threading. All deadlock issues should be solved with threading. This means that the progress bars should show the percentage complete at most stages.

Version 3.16.9 (2010-08-19) Build 4
* Fix more subtitle issue when converting to UTF-8.

Version 3.16.9 (2010-08-17) Build 3
* Fixed issue with program locking up on subtitles.

Version 3.16.9 (2010-08-14) Build 2
* Turned off all subprocess threading on win32/win64 systems. This should result in the deadlock issue being fixed
* Percent complete is turned to pulsebars in this release because of the threads being turned off

Version 3.16.9 (2010-07-29) Build 1
* Added the license in the About dialog
* Added hungarian translation

# Version 3.16.9 (2010-07-03)
# Added the license in the About dialog
# Added hungarian translation

Version 3.16.8 (2010-05-23) Build 2
* Updated cygwin from 1.5 to 1.7

Version 3.16.8 (2010-04-20) Build 1
* Fixed a bug which prevented to create VCD, sVCD and CVD

# Version 3.16.8 (2010-04-18)
# Fixed a bug which prevented to create VCD, sVCD and CVD

# Version 3.16.7 (2010-04-11)
# Video info is updated when changing selection with arrow keys
# Allows up to 448Kbps for audio when using AC3

Version 3.16.6 (2010-04-09) Build 2
* Option to burn DVD after conversion. Uses the first DVD burner found and there are currently no configuration options for it
* Option to turn off computer after conversion finishes

# Version 3.16.6 (2010-03-19)
# Buttons in main window now has a border, like all other buttons
# Desktop launcher now shows a much more HIG-compliant description
# Pressing RETURN key in Title properties and Create disc dialogs has the same effect than the Accept button

* Version 3.16.5 (2010-03-09)
* Don't show by default the subtitles in MKV files
* Fixed dependencies in .deb package to ensure Debian compatibility

# Version 3.16.4 (2010-02-24)
# Adjusts the audio bitrate to the nearest legal value supported in mencoder

# Version 3.16.3 (2010-02-22)
# Allows blank spaces in the subtitles filename

# Version 3.16.2 (2010-02-21)
# Fixed the audio bitrate when using 5.1 sound

# Version 3.16.1 (2010-02-21)
# Fixed a hang when repacking MPEG files instead of reencoding them
# Fixed Galician translation

# Version 3.16.0 (2009-01-07)
# Added support for two-pass encoding (thanks to Gustavo Sanchez)
# Added support for 64bit Windows
# Fixed a bug when importing old .devede files
# Fixed a bug that prevented to manually choose the aspect ratio
# Allows to change the final volume
# Now remembers the last output directory used, and the last subtitle language and codepage
# Added support for UTF-16 subtitles
# Autodetects ASCII, UTF-8 and UTF-16 subtitles
# Allows to create DVDs without menu
# Check if there's a /, | orin the file name
# Allows to force the subtitles by default
# Flush stdout and stderr at end, so it should finally allow to have full debugging info
# Several bugfixes for Windows version (thanks to Peter Gill)

# Version 3.15.2
# Improved debugging

# Version 3.15.1
# Fixed a bug when the program can't write the subtitle's XML file
# Added Miguel Bouzada to the list of translators

# Version 3.15.0
# Added -loop 1 in mplayer commands to avoid problems when the user has a mplayer.config file
# Changed shape of the main window to better fit wide screens
# Added support for OGG/Vorbis for menu sound
# Added new backgrounds (Thanks to Ben)
# Support for RMVB file extension
# Preview button now can hide the icon when global preferences says it
# When creating a DivX, if Default resolution is selected, won't touch size, nor aspect ratio, nor add bars
# Updated translation to French
# Updated translation to Galician
# Translation to Tradicional Chinese
# Support for filenames with double quotes (thanks to Christian)
# Allows to split a film in two disks in SVCD and CVD, not only in VCD

# Version 3.14.0
# Now doesn't add black bars when creating an NTSC disc from an 720x480 file without ASPECT RATIO parameter embedded
# Allows to repack a file as MPEG-PS without recompress the streams (useful to work with VOB files)
# Allows to swap the field order in interlaced videos
# Allows to change the subtitle's font size
# Now supports subtitle filenames with XML-reserved characters
# Supports all picture types for menu backgrounds (not only PNG)
# Now removes previous preview files if they already existed, when using LN
# Fixed free disk space calcule in Windows 2000 and the SetPriority function (thanks to Peter Gill)
# Adjusted the media sizes to ensure that the ISOs always will fit in the disc
# Now doesn't hangs when adding a video file in an unknown format

# Version 3.13.1
# Save as... option now works.
# The Title properties window closes when the user changes the action to do when the title ends. Fixed.
# When the $HOME/.spumux directory didn't exists, DeVeDe is unable to find the font for subtitles. Fixed.
# Added TTF-DEJAVU-CORE package in the DEB dependencies.

# Version 3.13.0
# Fixed the greek translation
# Doesn't fail when LANG is not defined
# Migration from LibGLADE to GtkBuilder

# Version 3.12c
# Updated the french translation
# Updated file Changelog.Debian

# Version 3.12b
# Fixed a bug in the french translation, and added italian translation

# Version 3.12
# Allows to add files with the characters <, > &, " and '
# When the user selects a directory in the menu, removes the preview, to avoid a bug.
# Now, when the output directory already exists, asks to the user before deleting it.
# New disc type selection window (thanks to Jonathan Estrella).

# Version 3.11b
# Fixed some language issues in EL, PL, SK and SV locales.

# Version 3.11
# Now recovers the menu options when loading a disc structure
# Changed the appearance to make it more eye-candy
# Shows the menu's NTSC preview at the right size
# Shows right the menu's title tipography
# Added compatibility with GenISOimage
# Better code to avoid antialiasing when creating the menu entries
# Now limits the number of files to 61 to avoid problems with DVDAuthor

# Version 3.10
# Available official DEB packages.
# Now the user chooses a global format (PAL or NTSC) for videos and menus.
# Removed the limit of 12 titles; now can create discs with up to 90 titles and/or 90 files.
# Allows to add a title to the menu, and shadows to the menu texts.
# Allows to put the menu texts at the right, left or center.
# Now shows a preview of the selected picture when choosing the menu background.
# Added YADIF deinterlace filter support.
# Added contextual help.
# New background picture.
# Support for resolution of 160x128 pixels in DivX.
# Added a preview button in the Menu options window.
# Now hides the advanced options in the main window.
# Fixed the bug that made the menus to be shown only one second in some players.
# Now it always honours the PAL/NTSC menu type.
# Now,when creating a PAL disk from a 24fps source, DeVeDe speeds up it instead of adding one frame each 24, obtaining a more fluid animation.
# The silence sound file has been changed from WAV to MP3 to free some disk space.
# Fixed a little bug when using HD resolutions for DivX.
# Modified code to simplify adding new options to the DVD's menus.

# Version 3.9
# Due to the use of VRC_MINRATE option, sometimes the final disk size was bigger than the predicted. Fixed.
# Now remembers the directory from where the user added a movie file.
# Fixed the detection of the number of cores in the system.
# Adds the menu type (PAL or NTSC) when creating a menuless disk.
# Uses transparent pictures for the menus, ensuring that they work fine in more players.
# Removed CONVERT dependency (Thanks to Peter Gill).

# Version 3.8c
# Now are really fixed the translation bugs

# Version 3.8b
# Fixed a bug in the italian translation.
# Fixed a bug in the poland translation.

# Version 3.8
# Automatic video bitrate adjust, to ensure that the ISO or BIN/CUE image occupies the maximum size in the disk.
# Support for up to 32 subtitles tracks.
# Allows to specify the subtitle's language.
# Allows to choose the language to use when the original video contains several audio tracks.
# Added the L5 deinterlacing filter.
# Support for rotating and flipping the video.
# Muticore support.
# Allows to mix classic and widescreen videos in the same disk.
# High Definition support in DivX.
# Allows to Drag&Drop subtitles in the properties window, or to load a configuration file by Dragging&Dropping.
# By default uses a GOP of 12 frames to ensure maximum compatibility.
# Uses the Telecine parameter to improve quality in 24fps films.
# Allows to add extra parameters in -lavcopts, -vf and -lameopts.
# Now stores the status of the buttons for delete temporary files and to choose the action to do.
# Added an icon to all windows.
# More elegant menu system (based on code from Mojoholder)
# Allows to choose the colors and the position of the menus.
# Adjusted the maximum bitrate for DivX.
# Fixed a bug when Mplayer is compiled with --enable-color-console.

# Version 3.7
# Fixed a bug when runing in a system configured with Catalan language
# Now asks for confirmation when closing the disk type selection window
# The final size of the ISO image is now much more accurate
# Fixed some Win32 bugs (thanks to Peter Gill)

# Version 3.6
# Added a safe margin 5% in the occupied size, to have in mind the size needed by disk structures (like directories, file info and so on).
# Fixed a some bugs in poland translation.
# Fixed some windows compatibility bugs.

# Version 3.5
# Improved compatibility by using CGOP and SC_THRESOLD.
# Now uses a GOP of 15 frames instead of 18 when creating a NTSC, 24fps disc, as dictates the standard.
# Fixed a bug in italian translation which prevented the "Not enought disk space" message to be shown.
# Added translation to russian and greek.

# Version 3.4
# Allows to create DVDs with 5.1 sound
# Allows to use a GOP of 12 frames to improve compatibility with some broken DVD players
# Fixes a bug when creating VCD disks
# Fixed a bug which prevented to previsualizate in DIVX mode.
# Final code refactorization: finally the code is clean and maintenable.

# Version 3.3
# The EXPAND parameter in Mencoder now uses always an even offset to avoid some artifacts when the offset was odd.
# Fixed a bug when draging&dropping video files.

# Version 3.2
# Fixed a bug when using extra parameters with Mencoder
# Fixed pt_PT translation
# Fixed a bug with pl translation

# Version 3.1b
# Fixed a little bug which prevented version 3.1 to run under Python 2.4.

# Version 3.1
# Fixed some problems under windows.
# Now returns to the main window after creating the disk.
# When opening the file selector, it filters the files by type, showing only the videos.
# When using the NEW menu option to clean the disk structure and start again, it asks the disk type again.
# Now, when loading a disk structure, if the disk type is different than the current selected, automatically changes to the new type.
# Added new translations.
# Added new icon (thanks to Jonah Naylor).
# Second major code refactorization to improve maintenability.
# License changed to GPL version 3.

# Version 3.01
# Added new patches for windows version.
# Removed the use of lower priority, because it made the conversion slower.
# Fixed a little bug when the final directory contains blank spaces.
# Added translation to Catala, and fixed the French one.

# Version 3.0
# Allows to add a menu to the DVD with a list of the titles and a custom background picture.
# Allows to save the current disc structure, in order to reutilize it, or continue working in other moment.
# Allows to choose up to 448kbit/sec for audio.
# Now asks before canceling a job.
# A little bigger font size for subtitles.
# When creating a DivX file, now it uses .AVI extension.
# Fixed a bug with non-UTF8 locales.
# Fixed a bug in the "Insuficient free space..." message. Now is shown translated.
# Fixed a bug when erasing conflicting files and directories.
# Fixed a bug when trying to create a DivX from a file with an original size equal to the final size.
# Now, when the conversion fails, it doesn't show a "Success" message.

# Version 2.13
# Added creation of MPEG4/DIVX files.
# Added swedish and slovak translations.
# Fixed some issues with translations (thanks to Marco de Freitas).

# Version 2.12
# New and more flexibles install and uninstall scripts (thanks to Patrick Monnerat).
# Added french translation.
# Fixed some issues with non-UTF8 systems (thanks to Marco de Freitas).

# Version 2.11
# Allows to specify the codepage for subtitles, allowing to use UTF-8 coded files (or with other codepages).
# Allows to put the subtitles a little upper, fine when using the ZOOM option in 16:9 TVs or with old CRT receivers
# When the original video has 24 fps and the destination is a NTSC DVD, DeVeDe will use 24000/1001 fps instead of 30000/1001.
# Now supplies all the needed data to SPUMUX, so subtitles in NTSC format will be full visible.
# Fixed some little bugs when erasing temporary files.
# Fixed some bugs in the main loop that sometimes hanged up the conversion process.
# Now shows a kind of progress numbers during subtitle adding and while creating the DVD structure.
# Now translates fine all the sentences in the interface.
# Now detects if DeVeDe has permissions to write in the destination directory when doing a preview.
# Now uses again MP2 instead of AC3 to ensure full compatibility.
# Now detects again when mencoder or spumux fails and shows an error message.
# Now really allows to abort the process while adding subtitles.
# Fixed some issues in Windows code (thanks again to Peter Gill).
# Added new translations into German and norwegian, and completed the old ones.

# Version 2.10
# Added italian translation.
# The INSTALL script didn't create the GNOME/KDE menu entry. Fixed.

# Version 2.9
# Now DeVeDe can work under Windows (thanks to Peter Gill).
# Fixed some little bugs that prevented to use DeVeDe with some files taken from video capture cards.
# Fixed a bug with the Drag&Drop in the main window.
# Fixed a bug that prevented DeVeDe to detect errors in the execution of MKISOFS.
# Added a warning about VFAT/FAT32 partitions.

# Version 2.8
# Now only allows to create 16:9 DVDs when the final width is 720 pixels, and don't allow to create 16:9 VCDs, SVCDs or CVDs.

# Version 2.7
# Support for true DVD subtitles
# Can create 16:9 DVDs from widescreen videos
# Default MBD changed to 2 (slower but greater quality)
# Now installs in /urs/local

# Version 2.6
# When the video wasn't subdivided in chapters, the XML file was incorrect and DVDAuthor complained. Fixed.
# Fixed a bug when the output directory was no writable.
# Added translation for Portugues do Brasil
# Added a FAQ.

# Version 2.5
# Fixed another bug with directories and/or filenames with blank spaces.
# Added a workaround for a bug found in very old DVD Players, which can't play fast forward between the last chapter and the end of a file.

# Version 2.4A
# Added translation to Czech

# Version 2.4
# Allows to specify that a file is already a DVD-compliant MPEG-PS file, so it won't be recompresed, but stored "as is" into the disc (usefull when you capture video from a TV capturer of other sources).
# Alows to deinterlace the video.
# Allows to choose the MacroBlock algorithm and use Trellis, to enhace the final picture quality.
# Allows to choose the directory for the temporary file used during preview, and remembers it.
# Before creating a new disc it erases the files with conflicting names in the destination directory.
# Allows to cancel the process during the creation of the BIN/CUE image of a VCD, SVCD or CVD.
# Added a VRC_MINRATE parameter when creating VCDs, SVCDs and CVDs, to ensure full compatibility.
# Changed the video bitrate for VCDs from 1150 to 1152, and the minimum video bitrate for SVCDs and CVD from 500 to 600.
# Ensures that the progress bar while converting a file is refreshed at least each two senconds.
# First major code refactorization to enhace the maintenability.

# Version 2.3
# In version 2.1 I added support for B frames, which produces problems with some DVD players. Fixed.

# Version 2.2
# Fixed a little bug

# Version 2.1
# Optimized some loops. Now DeVeDe is about 30% faster during video conversion.
# Now checks that you have enought free disk space.
# Allows to maintain the temporary files instead of deleting them.
# Fixed a litle bug with the erasing of temporary files.

# Version 2.0
# Now can create VideoCD, SuperVideoCD and China VideoDisks.
# Allows the user to override the default resolution and use the one he wants.
# Allows to pass custom commands to Mencoder, allowing to render subtitles, cut the file in chunks, select an audio stream when the file has two or more...
# Allows to change the order of the files and titles.
# Changed the position of some elements, making the interface a little more intuitive.
# The advanced features have been grouped, so novices will see only the most important options while advanced users can have access to a lot of extra functions with just a single click.
# Fixed a litle bug when a video header tells that it has an aspect ratio of 0 or 1.
# Installation more compliant with FreeDesktop and Debian normatives.

# Version 1.6
# Added support for resolutions 352x480 (in NTSC) and 352x576 (in PAL).
# Fully support for movies with aspect ratios different than 4:3 (now, with 16:9 movies it adds the right black bars to ensure that a circle IS a circle).
# Fixed a bug with audio/video sync when converting a PAL video to NTSC or vice-versa.

# Version 1.5
# Now works with video files without audio track.
# Transforms blank spaces in the generic filename to underscores (in previous versions, DeVeDe failed if a blank space was inserted).
# Fixed the translation to Galego.
# Added an uninstall script.

# Version 1.4
# Added Drag&Drop support.
# Translatable strings (currently supports english, spanish and galego).
# Set a default video rate based on the final resolution.
# Shows the elapsed time used to create de DVD.

# Version 1.3
# Added fully support for PAL/SECAM and NTSC. Now the user can choose the kind of disc to create.
# Added support for more resolutions (352x288/352x240), so DVDs made from low-resolution videos will have better quality.
# Now DeVeDe scales the video or resamples the audio if needed, so the conversion is a litle faster (not much faster, but faster anyway).
# Some minor bugfixes.

# Version 1.2
# Now DeVeDe REALLY creates a NTSC DVD when the framerate is 30fps (that was the original intention, but due to a litle bug it didn't work before).

# Version 1.1
# Allows to adjust the audio delay, to ensure perfect audio/video sync
# Added a Preview button, to check the video quality and the audio sync without converting all the files
# Now DeVeDe reduces a litle its priority when launched, allowing to continue working with the computer without speed penalty
# Now checks if you have write permissions at the destination directory
# Fixed the install script; now doesn't think that install is at /usr/bin
# Much more compliant with the Gnome HIG

# Version 1.02b
# Fixed an error in the .tar.bz2 file

# Versión 1.02
# With some specific files DeVeDe failed. Fixed in this version
# Now DeVeDe can be installed in the home directory

# Versión 1.01
# Fixed a problem with MPlayer and pipes

# Versión 1.0
# First public version
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DeVeDe Windows

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11 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

Devedeng is not as good and to limited . the old style Devede was so good why not change Devedeng as ng stands for no good now . I need the old Devede style of using as it was easy to use where Devede is to limited and harder to use but made for linux mint 18

Review by Walter on Oct 27, 2017 Version: devedeng OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 1/10 Functionality: 1/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 1/10

This is WAY faster than every other DVD creator I've tried (all the free ones)!

You can still download older versions here:

See my other post below for which ones to use....

Review by swallis7 on Jan 31, 2016 Version: DeVeDe 3.16.9 build 7 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

I have used DeVeDe in Windows 10/7/XP for years and it is great!!

For you Windows users, I strongly recommend DeVeDe 3.16.9 build 7
as the newer versions do not seem to work properly.

Also, sometimes when adding "troublesome" video files that make the above version crash,
or if you want to add video(s) using "This file is already a DVD suitable MPEG-PS file",
you need to use DeVeDe 3.12.2

I hope this helps you Windows users out there!!

Review by swallis7 on Jan 24, 2016 Version: 3.16.9 build 7 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

Couldn't be any easier to use for basic DVD creation but also plenty of advanced options for the power user. Menu creation is simple and the menus look great. Supports srt subtitles and has accepted every file I have thrown at it. Great app!

Review by marioval on Jul 5, 2012 Version: 3.17 OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

For the Windows version 3.17, it did not work at all. Trying to download via Firefox (latest updates) refused the download. I tried the Windows developer's site only to see downloads via bit torrent sites. Sorry, I don't trust that. Using another browser, I managed to get it from here.

It installed OK, but when I tried to run it, a warning box opened stating something about installation failed, try re-installing. I did that with no luck. Because I'm using Windows XP Pro SP 3, I may try an older version.

Review by wsc4 on Feb 16, 2012 Version: 3.17 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 1/10 Functionality: 1/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 1/10

11 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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