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Baka Encoder is a self-contained x264, x265 and NeroAAC frontend dedicated for producing final encodings of video materials. Handles AviSynth scripts, video/audio without compression and video compressed with common intermediate codecs. Presets are defined via xml config with direct control over x264, x265 and NeroAAC command line parameters.

OS: Windows
File size: 2.6MB
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Latest version

1.5.10 (May 12, 2019)


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Download Baka Encoder 1.5.10  2.6MB  Win  Portable

Download Baka Encoder 1.5.10 64-bit  2.9MB  Win64  Portable

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Freeware (Free download!)

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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

2012.06.23 initial release

- added English translation
- refreshed default presets
- added 64-bit version
- added pause button for aero peek in taskbar

- added Windows XP support
- added 10-bit encoding support
- added correct handling of system shutdown/restart during encoding situations

- added support for direct processing of avisynth scripts
- switched to kMod x264 builds
- fixed file extension checking bug

- added "All supported" filter for file dialog
- fixed broken file filters for WindowsXP

2012.07.26 introduced alt & test versions

2012.08.05 rollback

- wavi replaced with wave Extractor
- x264 build updated to revision 2216
- increased maximum window height
- removed explicit AVIS support

- added restart option for tasks
- added support for loading files provided as startup arguments

- changed it is now prohibited to add files if no presets are selected
- fixed audio glitches every 1:35

2012.11.02 v1.0.0
- fixed devision by zero when positive maximum video height and zero maximum video width were specified in preset
- fixed incorrect warning for encoding avisynth script without audio
- fixed deleting of previously encoded video if restarted task was canceled
- fixed incorrect behavior when dragging tasks and modifying tasks queue with other means
- fixed unreliable work of "Turn off the PC after encoding" function
- in case when audio encoding errors occur they will be silently ignored and file containing only encoded video will be provided as output
- "Baka Encoder" will be specified as tool for encoded videos
- new kawaii icon :3

2013.01.22 v1.0.1
- x264 build updated to revision 2230
- added "Always on top" and "About" sys menu items
- performed name change "AMV Encoder" became "Baka Encoder"

2013.01.22 v1.0.2
- x264 build updated to revision 2245
- improved wav Extractor
- improved loading speed of UI strings

2013.03.03 v1.0.3
- x264 build updated to revision 2273
- added improved tooltips for presets
- added "Donate" option into sys menu
- added support for loading presets from xml file provided as first startup argument
- added "Open with" dialog in case of file associations issues when using "Play source" or "Play result" commands
- changed encoding order, audio is now encoded before video
- changed audio extracting and encoding errors are not silently ignored anymore
- added workaround for incorrect dual mp4 remux performed by mp4Box which may lead to sync issues

2013.05.19 v1.0.4
- x264 build updated to revision 2309

2013.07.07 v1.1.1
- x264 build updated to revision 2334
- mp4Box refreshed
- NeroAAC refreshed
- added support for encoding of multiple audio streams
- added support for MJPG, YV12(raw) and YUY2(raw) as input video codecs
- added workaround for incorrect colorspace conversions performed by libswscale embedded in x264
- added "colorspace_conversion_matrix" and "colorspace_conversion_range" fields to presets
- added logging option into sys menu
- added if logging is disabled tool options such as "--log-level none" are appended automatically
- removed "console" field from presets
- removed usage of temp wav files, audio data is now streamed directly into NeroAAC
- removed usage of ffms and lavf embedded into x264, video data is now decoded with system codecs and streamed directly into x264
- makeAVIS is not used anymore

2013.07.14 v1.1.2
- executable is not packed anymore, it was causing glitches in x64 builds
- fixed encoder window going partially off screen if mouse cursor was near the edge of the screen when launching it
- fixed avproxy error output not getting into log

2013.08.01 v1.1.3
- added German and Portuguese(Brazilian) translations
- fixed incorrect video width and height restrictions

2013.08.12 v1.1.4
- added missing config option to control logging
- improved calculation of video resizing parameters

2013.08.21 v1.1.5
- added Estonian and Polish translations
- added proper diagnostic message when input video width or height is not multiple of two when output colorspace demands it
- added check for presets specifying boxing width or height that is not multiple of two when output colorspace demands it

2013.08.28 v1.2.1
- x264 build updated to revision 2357
- added Baka Encoder now uses internal decoders for all supported types instead of system VFW codecs
- added Baka Encoder now uses internal filters to perform resizing and colorspace conversion instead of built in x264
- added support for RGB48 input colorspace
- added colorspace conversion settings extraction from x264 commandline
- added audio encoding progress indication
- added workaround to handle incomplete avi files
- added config reference
- fixed possible buffer overrun while parsing x264 progress string
- fixed minor glitch with task removal
- fixed minor glitch with video encoding progress indication
- fixed sound notification working only once on some systems
- removed "colorspace_conversion_matrix" and "colorspace_conversion_range" fields from presets

2013.09.10 v1.2.2
- "standard" preset in default config renamed to "normal"
- fixed WindowsXP support

2013.12.09 v1.2.3
- added proper error message when source file doesn't exist
- added proper error message when requesting YCbCr to RGB conversion
- improved RGB to YCbCr conversion
- improved precision of encoding progress indication
- fixed cropping of lower half of the image when processing high bit depth input
- fixed glitch causing RGB to YCbCr and range conversion falling back to default mode (bt601/tv)
- fixed crash when Baka Encoder was unable to create/write to log file

2014.03.12 v1.2.4
- added Japanese translation by Maki Ryougi
- added log messages regarding colorspace conversion standard selected
- added an option to open log file for completed tasks
- improved RGB to YCbCr conversion
- improved UI
- x264 build updated to revision 2389
- default preview preset now uses 2-pass encoding instead of 3-pass
- fixed incorrect progress value (100% instead of 99%) specified if an error occurs at the last encoding stage (output file moving / replacing existing one)
- fixed a rare crash occurring when Pause button is pressed while tool processes have already exited but Baka Encoder is not yet aware of this
- fixed some typos

2014.04.20 v1.2.5
- fixed incorrect range conversion selected for RGB 16 and 10 bit
- fixed temp folder not getting removed if some of the files in it were still in use
- default config tweaked a bit
- x264 build updated to revision 2409

2014.07.13 v1.2.6
- fixed Logging checkbox not becoming enabled after manually removing all the tasks from queue or when last task failed
- fixed drawing issues with presets tooltip sometimes occurring on systems with embedded Intel graphics
- fixed some typos
- fixed minor handle leak
- fixed Sleep action being performed without using "Planned" flag, which caused warnings in system logs
- fixed garbage initially displayed in file name field in file open dialog on WindowsXP

2015.01.10 v1.3.1
- x264 build updated to revision 2526
- available encoding tools now include x265 revision 9051 which provides HEVC encoding
- added "tool" (can be "x264" or "x265") and "bit_depth" (can be 8 or 10) attributes replacing "use_10bit" attribute of video node in configuration file (backwards compatibility preserved)
- application manifest now includes compatibility GUIDs for new Windows versioning API
- dropped support for Windows XP and Windows Vista
- fixed minor memory leak occurring during startup arguments processing

2015.02.12 v1.3.2
- added Chinese translation by 刘天昱
- x265 build updated to revision 9327
- default presets now include lossless preset

2015.03.23 v1.3.3
- x264 build updated to revision 2538
- x265 build updated to revision 9852
- default h265 presets now utilize slow preset instead of placebo

2015.04.19 v1.3.4
- added support for overriding build-in CLI tools (x264-8.exe, x264-10.exe, x265-8.exe, x265-10.exe) with those located in Baka Encoder folder
- x265 build updated to revision 10223

2015.05.17 v1.4.1
- switched from mp4box to l-smash muxer
- x265 build updated to revision 10400
- added container/muxing controlling items in configuration file
- added support for outputting raw encoded streams without muxing
- added workaround that makes it possible to process avisynth scripts containing relative file paths
- added warning when input frame rate is suspicious
- added support for loading configuration from an xml file provided among commandline arguments (before it was only loaded if placed as first argument)
- fixed incorrect handling of inputs that require resizing to make their width and/or height multiple by 2 when resizing method is not specified in the config

2015.06.23 v1.4.2
- x265 build updated to revision 10671
- added warning when user tries to encode .avs script but avisynth is not installed
- fixed presence of libav dlls in Baka Encoder folder causing AVProxy to fail
- fixed taskbar thumb button for [un]pause encoding not appearing sometimes
- fixed incorrect progress indication in taskbar after canceling active task while encoding is paused
- fixed flicker of the tasks list during removing of several tasks at once
- fixed duplication of start time in tooltips for failed and finished tasks
- fixed position of the context menu appearing in tasks list when App key is pressed

2015.06.26 v1.4.3
- added a workaround for hevc muxing producing files with wrong fps
- fixed custom command-line parameters for muxer being ignored sometimes

2015.08.13 v1.4.4 (never released)
- added compatibility for Windows 10 RTM

2015.09.25 v1.4.5
- x264 updated to revision 2597
- x265 updated to revision 11011
- l-smash updated to revision 1401
- fixed possible failure related to libav

2015.12.27 v1.4.6
- x264 updated to revision 2638
- x265 updated to revision 11238
- updated taskbar thumb toolbar images (pause / resume)
- fixed broken taskbar extensions when Baka Encoder is launched with elevated privileges
- fixed task list tooltips not showing when "Always on top" mode is turned on for Baka Encoder window

2016.04.09 v1.4.7
- x264 updated to revision 2665
- x265 updated to revision 11395
- added Dutch translation (thanks to Wim Lobeek)
- fixed issues with translations not being applied sometimes
- fixed some minor problems with configuration file parsing

2016.05.07 v1.4.8
- x264 updated to revision 2694
- x265 updated to revision 11443
- added Greek translation (thanks to

2016.11.11 v1.5.0
- l-smash updated to revision 1436
- x264 updated to revision 2721
- x265 updated to revision 11646
- changed the way Baka Encoder stores temporary files, tools and stuff are now stored in %TEMP%,
while intermediate encoding files are kept in the folder where the target file resized
this fixes encoding of files stored at locations where hardlinking are not supported (such as ReFS volumes)
and at locations where writing to root is prohibited (such as C:)
- changed the way muxing and results moving error are handled, encoded streams won't be deleted in this case anymore,
this is mostly done to prevent loss of encoded materials in low disk space scenarios
- changed configuration pass_count attribute name to passes_count (backwards compatibility is preserved)
- changed configuration resize_method attribute name to resizing_method (backwards compatibility is preserved)
- added proper problem reporting when configuration loading fails
- added proper problem reporting for certain kinds of avproxy errors
- added Hungarian translation (thanks to K.G.Y.)
- added muxing settings printing to log
- added protection of tools from being deleted while encoding
- fixed handling of situations when target file is an avisynth script and target folder path contains symbols that do not fit into current code page
it will be reported as "source path problem" instead of letting encoders encode video with avisynth error message
- fixed tab order of presets checkboxes, now they dwell between tasks list and logging checkbox
- fixed restarting a task with a source file that was missing but now is present still failing with "not found" error
- fixed inconsistent end of line in log files
- fixed About dialog missing close button in window caption

2016.12.04 v1.5.1
- fixed problem with Chinese translation sometimes being picked by Windows Resource manager
instead of English if none of the translation languages are in the preferred languages list
- fixed taskbar progress bar not being updated after active task is removed when paused

2017.01.02 v1.5.2
- fixed audio encoding being skipped sometimes

2017.01.03 v1.5.3
- fixed incomplete encoding of large files
- fixed incorrect cropping of the recent video encoder message shown in task tooltip while encoding

2017.03.04 v1.5.4
- x264 updated to revision 2762
- x265 updated to revision 11725
- libav updated to version 12
(fixes some issues with Lagarith and UTVideo decoding, supports only avisynth 2.6)
- added support for specifying custom SAR (Sample Aspect Ratio) for video
- switched to Windows-style EOL (End Of Line) marks in log files
(not doing so could prevent them from being displayed properly in some text editors, such as Windows Notepad)
- fixed a missing BOM (Byte Order Mark) in the beginning of log files
(not doing so could prevent them from being displayed properly in some text editors, such as Windows Notepad)
- fixed a video format being reported as "avc" in log file when x265 (10 bit) used for encoding
- fixed a hangup that may occur when starting a task to encode an avisynth script that takes a long time to open
(for example script calls ffVideoSource() for the first time to build index)
- fixed issues with reducing YCbCr range from PC to TV
- fixed glitches occurring after dismissing task cancellation dialog after active task finished

2017.04.30 v1.5.5
- x265 updated to revision 11765

2017.08.27 v1.5.6
- x265 updated to revision 2851
- x265 updated to revision 11890

2017.10.22 v1.5.7
- x265 updated to revision 11906;
- fixed audio missing after encoding avisynth scripts extracting audio using ffAudioSource;
- fixed video is flipped vertically after encoding avisynth script extracting RGB video from (uncompressed) avi;
- changed configuration file format: audio node now has "format" attribute with values "none" "aac",
video node now has "format" attribute with values "none" "avc" "hevc" instead of "tool" attribute,
muxing node now has "format" attribute with values "none" "mp4" instead of "container" attribute;
- removed "Resolution cap" displayed as a part of preset tooltip;

2018.02.25 v1.5.8
- x264 updated to revision 2902
- x265 updated to revision 11992
- libav updated to revision 48086
- added Turkish translation (thanks to İsmet Çakır)

2018.10.11 v1.5.9
- x264 updated to revision 2936
- x265 updated to revision 12426

2019.05.12 v1.5.10
- x264 updated to revision 2970
- x265 updated to revision 12510
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All features

Uncompressed PCM audio
Uncompressed RGBA, RGB, RGB48, YUY2, YV12
Lagarith (without null frames)
UT Video
Avisynth scripts

Proper Unicode support
Clean UI
Batch file processing with task queue
Performs proper RGB-YCbCr conversion when necessary
Prevents upsampling
Supports 10-bit video encoding
Provides full control over encoding parameters
Supports thorough logging
Encoding process can be paused
English, Estonian, German, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Russian localizations
No installation required

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4 reviews, Showing 1 to 4 reviews

After opening .avi, it stopped working, not only that it works only with .avi, it cannot retrieve media info. AviSynth 2.60 is installed.

Review by apkemu on May 17, 2019 Version: 1.5.10 OS: Windows 7 Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 1/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 3/10

No comments. Rating it only.

Review by Gio on Jun 7, 2018 Version: 1.5.8 OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 1/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 1/10

Only opens .avi and won't load any of the x264 encoded ones that I have.

Review by agitpapa on Mar 8, 2017 Version: 1.54 OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 1/10 Functionality: 1/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 1/10

I just tried this very nice portable tool and it works perfectly. No need to install, just create a shortcut to the exe. You can open the presets.xml in Notepad, and make any setting changes to each preset. You can rename them also. You can enable a log file creation (it's disabled by default). You can make multiple presets.xml versions to suit all your x264 /x265 encoding needs. Just drag your presets into the shortcut to load them.

Review by racer-x on Jun 27, 2015 Version: 1.4.3 OS: Windows 8 64-bit Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

4 reviews, Showing 1 to 4 reviews

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