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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for 3DYD Youtube Source

2.2.3 (19-Nov-2020)

fix for Youtube
fix for managed youtube-dl

2.2.2 (06-Jun-2020)

few fixes and improvements

2.2.1 (08-Apr-2020)

fix for Youtube

2.2 (25-Feb-2020)

improvements for criteria matching
cookie editor
several other improvements and fixes

2.1 (23-Dec-2019)

HLS relay
DNS over HTTPS and improved networking performance
extended criteria matching capabilities
several other improvements and fixes

2.0 (06-Oct-2019)

quality settings improvements
youtube-dl support
many other changes and improvements

1.10.2 (29-Sep-2019)

few fixes for Youtube

1.10.1 (13-Sep-2019)

fix for Youtube

1.10 (12-Jul-2019)

Youtube live streams support
few fixes

1.9.7 (29-Jan-2019)

fix for Youtube

1.9.6 (25-Dec-2018)

few fixes

1.9.5 (11-Sep-2018)

fix for Youtube

1.9.4 (28-Mar-2018)

fixed possible crash during the URL opening

1.9.3 (22-Feb-2018)

fix for Youtube

1.9.2 (25-Jan-2018)

fix for Youtube

1.9.1 (02-Nov-2017)

few fixes

1.9 (21-Aug-2017)

option to set max width for HFR
fix for Youtube

1.8.2 (19-May-2017)

fix for Youtube
possibility to override settings programmatically

1.8.1 (09-Mar-2017)

alternative SSL backend
extended logging
fixes for Youtube and LiveLeak

1.8 (03-Feb-2017)

option to show error window when failed to open clip
fix for Youtube

VLC plugin 0.3 (30-Jan-2017)

preliminary support for VLC 3.0

1.7 (15-Jan-2017)

options to prefer HFR/HDR videos and limit video width
several fixes and improvements

1.6.2 (07-Nov-2016)

fix for Youtube, Dailymotion and

1.6.1 (09-Jul-2016)

enhancements for video quality selection window
several fixes
custom protocol support
(developers) additional metadata and clip start time

1.6 (12-Jun-2016)

support for auto-translated subtitles on Youtube
precise selection for subtitles
Youtube subdomains support (like
fixes for several sites and general analysis optimization

1.5.2 (25-Apr-2016)

several fixes and enhancements

1.5.1 (10-Mar-2016)

improved check for updates
fixed subtitles retrieving

1.5 (09-Feb-2016)

option to select audio-only output for Youtube
option to select preferred audio quality in video
option to give precedence to the format over the quality
settings overriding via URL params
additional downloading method
several improvements and fixes

1.4.3 (19-Dec-2015) basic support
fixes for Youtube and Vimeo

1.4.2 (11-Nov-2015)

fix for Youtube

1.4.1 (24-Sep-2015)

fix for Youtube

1.4 (21-Sep-2015)

Team Four Star support
fixed hang at opening in some cases

1.3.2 (16-Sep-2015)

AMR support for Youtube
Twitter's link service ( support
several fixes

1.3.1 (22-Jun-2015)

reworked options tree
additional options

1.3 (21-May-2015)

DASH streams support
quality selection improvements
additional filter properties tabs Log and Formats
64-bit version

1.2 (14-Mar-2015)

system tray icon
auto check for update
SOCKS proxy support

1.1.2 (19-Feb-2015)

analysis improvements to bypass several temporary connection problems
fixed freeze at opening if video has external subtitles

1.1.1 (06-Feb-2015)

buffering notification now notifies about overall downloading progress
downloading improvements to bypass several temporary connection problems

1.1 (13-Dec-2014)

temporary directory selection
opening speed optimisation
fixes for Youtube

1.0.6 (26-Jul-2014)

fixes for Youtube

1.0.5 (18-Jul-2014)

fixes for Youtube

1.0.4 (27-Jun-2014)

internals rework, package size reduced by half
analysis speed improved
several changes related to Youtube

1.0.3 (21-Mar-2014)

proxy support
several changes related to Youtube

1.0.2 (18-Dec-2013)

subtitles support

1.0.1 (31-Oct-2013)

first release

VLC plugin 0.2 (09-Jul-2016)

subtitles support
exposing extra metadata
support clip start time
filter is accessible using system tray

VLC plugin 0.1 (18-Jun-2016)

initial release
DASH streams support
exposing clip title and description

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