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Zenith XBV443

4 user region code comments

July 12, 2005 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by scottyi, June 13 2004:

down load from this link and burn cd

it will work on zenith xbv443 i did it on 6-13-04.

CD burning
(extract zip file and burn

1) File System must be "ISO9660" which is standard

2) Folder Structure : RMTM0000\SCARLET\kpjc19_1.dvd
=> already in this structure

How to run in DVD player

1) Insert CD and blue screen should come up
Code "#"

2) "0" for code free
Enter "0" and wait 1 minute, press pause, wait one minute

3) Take out CD and Power off/on

PostRegion code hack posted by bram, June 22 2004:

I tried scottyi's hack using the LG 5000 series CD image on my Zenith XBV443 and it did not work. However, he is correct that the Zenith DVD players are really rebranded LG models.

I found a website ( that has a different CD image for LG 6000 series players. I tried that and it works, my player is now set to region 0 and has played region 1, 2 and 4 discs.

Here is the process:

1) Download

2) Extract the ZIP file, which contains a Readme file and a directory named RMTM0000

3) Using a CD burning program, burn the RMTM0000 directory to a CDR, making sure to use the ISO9660 file system instead of the default Joliet. Finalize the disc.

3) Turn on the player and insert the disc. The Region Test Menu screen should appear.

4) On the remote, press your desired region (or 0 for regionfree), then press Pause.

5) Eject the CDR and turn the player off.

6) Turn the player back on and enjoy.


a) I did not need to wait a minute between region selection and pause.

b) On some players this hack causes the buttons on the player itself (not the remote) to stop working. I can confirm that on the XBV443 the player buttons continue to work.

PostOther hack posted by Richys22, August 10 2004:

this is basically the same as the VCD/SVCD Hack from Zenith's ABV341 combo:

except where you change 4C>4E this player will show 45... Change 45 to 47 and it will play VCDs.

I don't know about SVCDs since I don't have any lying around the house.

PostOther hack posted by Matt, July 12 2005:

Any hacks to have a fast forward setting between 4x and 16x. 4x is to slow and 16x is to fast. Thanks.


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