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Thomson DTH-220

11 user region code comments

October 11, 2004 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Triptonn, September 02 2002:

Always perform a Cold Start before applying the hack below
1. Power on your player (without disc)
2. Wait for menu
3. Using your remote control enter the code
4. choose 1-6 (or just simply 0 for multi-region)
5. Enjoy =)

(this definately worked on my R2 player)

PostRegion code hack posted by Bats, September 16 2002:

DVD players THOMSON DTH210/DTH220/DTH460
1. Turn on and NO disk inside
2. Press 1,6,7,0 - on the remote controller
3. Stand by.
4. Thats it!

PostOther hack posted by citizen_xyz, December 02 2002:

I was looking for a SVCD unlock feature, instead I found this menu to upgrade firmware :
Push Menu on the remote
Push 7 - 6 - 0
Now you see a menu about firmware and macrovision firmware. If you have the service-cd you can update the firmware.
Seems all Thomson 220 before november 2002 need a firmware update to play SVCD. Any Thomson service station will do this free, but no help from them about hacks.

PostOther hack posted by RockNix, December 18 2002:

i have tried a fw-update to "unlock" the svcd-feature - older versions dont play svcd ... it works well :o)

here is the way to go ...

1) turn on player without disc
2) wait for menu
3) type "7-6-angle select" on remote-control
4) type 1 to select "fw update yes"
5) insert cd with firmware
6) wait until color-bar appears on screen ( 2 min. )
7) turn off player

next time you restart your player it plays SVCD

PostOther hack posted by Jambolinos, April 23 2003:

No funktion download

PostOther hack posted by kgyuri, May 04 2003:

This is DVD player Macrovision Free?
If not then write me.
Sorry my bad english.

PostRegion code hack posted by Roger, July 11 2003:

1. Turn the power of your player on (without disc)
2. Wait for menu
3. Using your remote control enter the code
4. choose region with up/down arrow
5. Turn the player off
...and then you can play!

PostOther hack posted by MusicMan, October 22 2003:

Here is the url of SVCD firmware: ... 1065354526 -------it's working!------- or or -it's working!

PostRegion code hack posted by go, October 24 2003:

softer svcd thomson dth 220 firmware downlaod

PostOther hack posted by Marci, January 02 2004:

Is it possible to play MP3 from DVD+-R or DVD+-RW with Thomson DTH220. Possibly with firmware update... Thanks!

PostOther hack posted by danila, October 11 2004:

Here is the firmware (030114) from my DTH-220E. Extracted with a JTAG Interface. enjoy

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