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Sony DVP-NS530

7 user region code comments

January 06, 2007 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Josh who was in France now back in Australia, June 23 2003:

I just tried my NS305 hack on a region 4 NS530 in a shop using an iPAQ with TV remote controller this time instead of a palm (See the NS 305 section).

The hack appears to work (ie "success" appears in the screen) but I did not have any region 1 or 2 DVDs to test with.

I also observed an interesting side effect - after pressing the buttons the software appears to get stuck in a loop opening and closing the DVD tray. This stopped when I pressed the power-off button.



PostRegion code hack posted by Slag, August 13 2003:

The NS305 hack definitely works on the NS530. I used a (borrowed) HP 1910 Ipaq, Omniremote demo software, and the *.ccf file linked to in the hacklist for the NS305.

I pressed 1-1-2-2-3-3-4-4-5-5 with the player off - this turns the player on and displays 'SUCCESS' on the screen.

As Josh notes above, the tray does get stuck in an open-close-open-close loop - this stopped when I pressed 1-1-2-2-3-3-4-4-5-5 again, which also switched the player off.

Mine is (was) a region 4 player - I've tested with a couple of r1 discs and had no problem - the player has no problem with NTSC either.

Thanks to those who contributed to the hack list.

PostRegion code hack posted by Scott Simon, March 13 2004:

For anyone who is trying to find a hack for the DVP-NS530 (like I was) YOU DONT NEED TO! I'm in New Zealand and purchased one through Australia. We are all Region 4 down here. I purchased it and it arrived with a Region 4 sticker on the back and I visited this site to get a hack to convert to MULTIZONE without success. I rang SONY (NZ) and was told by a technician that I wanted to convert it to multizone and asked how much and was told that it IS ALREADY MULTIZONE!! The factory put the stickers on automatically depending on where they are sending it. So I plugged mine in and put an R1 disc in - it played, then an R3 - it played, then an MP3 CD - it played!!!!! Very cool player - ignore the factory sticker - it is MULTIZONE!!!!!

PostRegion code hack posted by Kangkong, June 12 2004:

Hmm, tried to use a Toshiba Pocket PC installed with TVRemote and the relevant sony.ccf files (from NS305 hack).

1122334455 turned on the DVD-Player, but I do not get any SUCCESS message.
Pressing 1122334455 again turned the Player off.
There wasn't any cd-tray in-out movement either.

Can't seem to be able to get the Player to multi-code. Any ideas?

PostRegion code hack posted by wahab, April 27 2006:

i want to know how to hack a sony dvp-ns 530 with a remote control.i am writing from ghana in africa. also i have a bluesky dv-900 and it was locked from the original owner with a lock code.i want to to know whether i can have a code to open it to play.

PostRegion code hack posted by Newlove, August 19 2006:

No need to worry about your region code anymore cos i've got the solution to all your problems. Need to make your player region free? HMMMM contact me and i will guide you through.Just concentrate that's all i will help you hack it. Whatever brand of dvd player you are having... SONY, PANASONIC, JVC etc... contact me by email and i will make you feel happy.

PostRegion code hack posted by charles olea, January 06 2007:

region code

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