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Sony DAV-SA30

3 user region code comments

September 21, 2005 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Slip, September 14 2003:

Just got my UK purchased DAV-SA30 to work with Region 1 and 2 dvd's (I assume that it will work with the rest although I have not tried)

Procedure was similar to other sony DAV series players

First enter the service menu
Power on the unit (with no disk in the drive)
On the unit hold down eject and stop while turning the volume knob to the right {you might have to try it a few times, I did}

for the next part you need either a palm pilot,or a laptop with infared. A description of how to do it with the laptop is here


PostRegion code hack posted by jelleybean, December 20 2004:

Once and for all - the below hack DOES WORK!
You need to have a Region-2 Sony DAV-SA30 though.

So once more:

1. Download Winsamp:
This program will emulate an IR remote on your laptop

2. Extract the package onto a bootable DOS floppy disk. (this step is very important, I tried to use the software directly out of Windows before, but without success -
also running DOS from Windows doesn't work.)

3. Download this IR code file and place it in the same directory as the package above. This file holds the five necessary IR codes converted to the format used by winsamp.exe.

4. Boot up your PC from the floppy disk and run winsamp.exe. If your IRDA port doesn't appear as COM2 you may override this by using an appropriate command line switch. For example, use COM1 by running 'winsamp C1'.
NOTE: Be sure that IRDA port is activated in your BIOS.

5. In Winsamp Press the 'r' key to load up the codes.

6. Turn the Sony DAV-SA30 Player on.

7. Hold down buttons "Display" and "Stop" and and while keeping them pressed turn the volume knob to the right. Service IN mode should appear (when it shows "SERVICE IN"
you're ready to go)

8. Make sure your DVD player is in "Service IN" mode and your IRDA port is within range.

9. Run the IR codes from 1 to 5 by pressing Enter on each corresponding button.

10. Your DVD player display should now show "DATA RESET".

11. Turn the player off via your remote control.

12. Plug power plug out for 5-10 seconds.

13. Start it again, and play your region 1 ect. discs !!

PostRegion code hack posted by hackposter, September 21 2005:

In case anyone is still interested, here is a Palm hack that really works to make a Region 2 DAV SA30 multi region... eventually.

I got the instructions from another website and used a Palm iii, but any palm should do.

1) Go to browse DOWNLOAD and donwloaded OmnniRemote Pro (which seems to be free)

2) Go to and download the Sony_DVD_Hack.pdb

3) Install both files to your Palm Pilot

4) Turn your Sony DAV SA30 on with no disc inside.

5) ON THE EQUIPMENT NOT ON REMOTE - Press and hold both the 'Eject' and 'Stop' keys while turning the volume control to the right. When your TV screen flickers, release the buttons. You should be seeing the Service Menu now.

6) Turn on the Palm Pilot and go to REMOTE feature

7) Make sure you select the SONY DVD HACK from the drop down menu in the top right-hand corner. The screen should show a row of buttons (ignore the screen instructions as they are for another SONY DVD Player)

8) Send numbers 1 to 5 with the PALM (you will see 'DATA RESET' on the DVD player when you are successful. Not sure if I missed something but... Persevere, eventually it seems to work. Turn off the DVD PLAYER using the normal remote.

9) Finally happily watching Region 1 DVDs!

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