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Seiki BD660

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June 28, 2014 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Nifta, June 23 2010:

Ensure no disc is in player
Power-up the player from 'standby' to 'on' with the remote
Once the green 'Seiki' wallpaper appears press the 'Setup'
Press these numbers sequentially: 8, 5, 2, 0

This brings up a 'Factory' menu where you can change the DVD
region code (use Region 0 for region free) and you can change
the Blu-Ray region too (there's no 'region free' option, so
you'll need to change it per disk)


PostRegion code hack posted by obs, December 24 2010:

Regarding changing the Blu-ray Disc region, change to:
1 for Region A
2 for Region B
4 for Region C

At time of writing, there are two known hardware revisions. Each hardware revision has different firmware. The above-mentioned 8520 hack works for both.

PostRegion code hack posted by spokoj, December 25 2010:

tried the suggestion. did not work.
after the setup button other fields
are there. tried to move to the region code
and entered the number and it read, wrong code.

PostRegion code hack posted by Kritiker, April 01 2012:

The hack, as described, worked like a charm on a unit purchased from Walmart Canada.

PostRegion code hack posted by wholenut, April 07 2012:

All, the previous post about using 8, 5, 2, 0 from the controller to bring up the factory menu worked for me on the second atempt. The first attempt failed because I had already moved the cursor to the 'system' menu item. For the instructions to work, you must be positioned at the icon (light blue screen with a brass cog wheel image).
You also use this method to change the BD code when needed because, unlike DVD where a region code of '0' means 'no region', if you have a BD region 2 disk you must re-set the machine in order to read it (and reset it again back to 1 when needed). Not that big a deal though.

BTW, so far (and I've only had the machine for a couple of hours), it looks pretty good - my only criticism is that the controller is even more plasticky than the average. But at 78 CAD from Walmart, it's a steal so it is a very minor and irrelevant complaint. Thanks to those who recommended this machine. This has probably saved me 100 bucks - I saw one of these advertised on e-bay for 179 + postage in ON.

PostRegion code hack posted by Big C, July 16 2012:

I have a Yamaha player that uses a similar GUI. With the Seiki, after pressing "SETUP" followed by 8520, what did you guys do to determine whether you wanted to change the DVD region or Blu-ray region? Did you use the arrow keys? Did you use the previous/next track/chapter keys? Did you use the forward/reverse scanning keys? Or did you use something else?

PostRegion code hack posted by BigCUSA, June 28 2014:

After pressing SETUP followed by 8520, I see the current DVD and BD region codes (1 and A). I am able to use the arrow keys to reset the password and erase the internal BDLIVE storage. How am I supposed to determine whether I want to change the DVD or BD region code? Also, how am I supposed to change either the DVD or BD region from the current region to a region of my choice?

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