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Samsung HT-E6750W

3 user region code comments

November 17, 2012 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by steery, July 30 2012:

This is very similar to the hack for HT-D6750W with a few added steps. Worked on my Australian bought HT-E6750W and tested with region 1 and 2 discs.

1. Ensure there is no disc in the drive
2. Power off using remote
3. Power on using remote
4. No disc is displayed on the front of the player
5. Highlight the 'Settings' Option on the Main screen (Not the default 'Smart Hub' option)
6. Press the BD button on remote (left hand top corner, under the RED on/off button)
7. Without hurrying type in [REPEAT] 7 6 8 8 4
8. Your current region is displayed (very briefly) in the top right hand corner of the screen (Mine was 4)
9. While you see the current number highlighted, Press 9 on your remote (making it region free)
10. Power off using remote
11. Power on using remote and test

Hopefully this will help you out, good luck!!

PostRegion code hack posted by smackoz, October 17 2012:

I used the >>South East Asia<< hack to change my DVD region number.

1) use the remote to turn ON the player WITHOUT any disc inserted [no need to disconnect the power chord].
2) as soon as the message NO DISC appears on the fascia, press these keys on the remote >>REPEAT 5 6 7 3 2>> [current region number 3].
3) the current region number will display briefly [3] in the top right hand corner of the connected TV display [I found on first success you could return to step 2), to redisplay the region number any number of times without powering off the player].
4) while the current region number is displayed, press the new desired region number on the remote [In my case region 9].
5) the new region number will be reflected in the top right hand corner of the connected TV display [Indicates a successful region number change on the player].
6) wait several seconds and then turn OFF the
player with the remote.

Now the Samsung player is set to your new region number [ region 9 is REGION FREE for DVD's].

Sourced from...
[worked the same for my HT-E7650W]

PostRegion code hack posted by bebarhood, November 17 2012:

I successfully did it for my Region 2 player. Just follow the link below for more details.

However, I still couldn't get it to play Region A blu-ray movies. The player is region free now with DVDs but not Blu-rays. Is there a way to make it region free for BD?

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