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Samsung HT-E4500

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January 01, 2019 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by chriscrous, November 24 2012:

1) Turn on the player with no disc in the tray.
2) Open then close the tray, wait to see the No-Disc Message
in the top Left Corner.
3) Now press the REPEAT button on the remote, followed by a
five digit code. eg. 57538 if you have a region 2 player.
4) When it works a 2 (your current region) will appear in
the top left corner.
5) Press 9 to make it region less.
6) Press Eject to OPEN to open the disc tray.
7) Press Eject to CLOSE to close the disc tray.
8) Power the unit off
9) Now power the unit on again, it should now read all
regions of DVD/BD Disc.

Here is a list of all the region codes:

R1 29334
R2 57538
R3 56732
R4 76884
R5 53814

PostRegion code hack posted by diesel66, November 30 2012:

I tried the above hack, unfortunality it did not work.
I could change the region from 4 to 9, but the HT still does
accept DVD´s from europe. Has anybody a suggestion?

PostRegion code hack posted by HBN, December 05 2012:

I did everything above, and it did not work.. I´ve tried it several times.
Nothing happens. Anyone know what I can do? Live in Norway and that
makes it a region 2 player i think..

PostRegion code hack posted by klodge, January 01 2013:

I followed your procedure but it does not work.

My HT-E4500/ZF has a 1012 version system and is a DVD zone 2 (BD zone B)

In addition the message "no disc" is not on the top left but the top right!

Can you help me?

PostRegion code hack posted by ryoshioka, June 26 2013:

After 4 attempts, it worked for region 4 code (R4 76884).
Yes, it is top right corner instead of left.

PostRegion code hack posted by simpson313, July 06 2013:

ok I tried the codes for the Samsung 4500 and it did not work is there anything else I could try I am region (1) Canada thanks

PostRegion code hack posted by amandakerby, November 18 2013:

I also tried the suggested hack without luck. I even tried all the other region codes! After consulting the blu-ray manual it says that they are either Zone A, B or C not 1,2,3,4,5! Is there therefore a new kind of hack we need for newer models? For the record the display where it says "No Disc" is in the centre of my machine!

PostRegion code hack posted by Neil, October 07 2017:

Awesome, worked first time converting from region 4 to 9. Thank you

PostRegion code posted by Brad, January 01 2019:

The instructions as written didn't work for me. To get the region code to appear I had to open
the security menu between steps 2 and 3. The repeat button and region code only worked after
flicking through some options in the security menu, but wouldn't work if I checked the security
menu then opened/closed the tray.

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