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Samsung BD-J4500R

13 user region code comments

January 18, 2018 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code posted by Gudmundr, December 20 2016:

does anyone have any information about hacking this player?
it seems as all Bluray players should use the same code

but it does nothing for me,
my remote is labeled AK59-00149A
the Firmware of the player is 1011.0
its Region 2.

PostRegion code hack posted by Rickey, March 06 2017:

hi, i think you need to follow this step:

01. power ON your player. OPEN tray (please DONT insert disc , leave it blank).
02. press BLACK button below "C" YELLOW button.
03. press your REGION CODE (at this time, your region code will not be shown on your tv when you press the number).
04. the current REGION will be shown on the top of the left of your tv.
05. then you MUST QUICKLY press number 9, and voila your DVD will change to REGION FREE.

i will give you the REGION CODE:

1- 29334
2- 57538
3- 56732
4- 76884
5- 53814
6- 24462

I hope you success with you hack.

PostRegion code posted by Gudmundr, March 13 2017:

I tried that and nothing happened.
I think its the Firmware or something,
which is kind of annoying cause I have few R1 disks.

PostRegion code posted by Leaf, April 06 2017:

Doesn't seem to work in 1011.0.

Also in region 2

PostRegion code posted by lojorisin, May 06 2017:

I have tried every imaginable option on this player, and nothing seems to work. Open/Close,
Repeat, Code, Repeat again.... nothing

I've also searched for an older firmware, but nothing available anywhere online. I tried
upgrading with firmware from another Samsung player, but it didn't let me.

Really looks for someone who has been able to successfully hack the BD J4500R.
My remote is AK 59 00149A.

I even tried setting an activity on my Harmony remote, so that there was no human error in typing
the right sequence, in the right timeframe. Still, no luck!

PostRegion code posted by JeanMarc, June 29 2017:

For my BD-J4500R (Region 1): the hack does not work for me either.
I tried many times and nothing is displayed on the screen like it is expected.

Even a Region 2 DVD movie (that I own) that was duplicated with No zone does not work!
Seems that the PAL engine is disabled.

My remote control is AK59-00149A and I have the latest Firmware version.
Any idea?

PostRegion code posted by Moviegoer71, July 27 2017:

I bought Samsung BD-J4500R yesterday and tried this hack but it doesn't work. I only see the
startupmenu. I made sure Play Disc is selected, disk tray opened, tried to press REPEAT button
under yellow C for 5 seconds, nothing helped. Please help!

PostRegion code hack posted by James, August 28 2017:


(Sorry about the 'all-caps', but the previous comments weren't clear to me and I found this
clarification on another site).

Codes for each region.
1 2 9 3 3 4
2 5 7 5 3 8
3 5 6 7 3 2
4 7 6 8 8 4
5 5 3 8 1 4
6 2 4 4 6 2

PostRegion code posted by JeanMarc, August 30 2017:

To James
Although we are not supposed to ask question, can we get the Remote Control
model you are using and the Region (country) where you are located?

It seems to me that these 2 informations are crucial.

PostRegion code hack posted by dan, November 18 2017:

James ive just bought the player and tried applying the code just like you said but im also not having any success. ive tried a number of times has anyone else had any luck

PostRegion code hack posted by Martin, November 19 2017:

I have tried the hack too some 30 times, fast, slow, holding the Repeat button 5sec... nothing works
I am using the Remote control AK59-00149A. The system seems to be the 1011.0 and i am based in region 2, where
I also bought the Player
Does anybody have any idea?

Ps. I tried with some older remote contols of an older Samsung DVD player too. It did not work either.

PostRegion code hack posted by mk, December 19 2017:

from us moved to europe. need to play us dvds on european dvd player

PostRegion code hack posted by Tka, January 18 2018:

Its very easy,i worked.

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