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Pioneer DVR-5100H

4 user region code comments

October 21, 2005 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Sierra536, January 11 2004:

Get a CD from dealer, put it in and hold on Function and HDD/DVD button and after 5 min its region free.

PostRegion code hack posted by rnrlifestyle, February 07 2004:

More info:

From the look of things you'll need a special CD to upgrade the DVR-5100h to it's region free equivalent. The upgrade is then performed in a few steps:

1. Put the CD in the tray but don't close it.
2. Hold down 'function' and press 'DVD'
3. The tray will close and 'LOAD' is displayed
4. Remove the CD when the tray ejects
5. 'DOWNLOAD-1' is displayed (then 'DOWNLOAD-2' and then 'DOWNLOAD-3').
6. The tray will close again and the DVR will turn itself off. All done.

This region hack will have the DVR automatically select the appropriate region.

I know a lot of you will be wanting a copy of the 'file' that's on the CD. However the CD-image is close to 200 megs large which (of course) makes it impossible to e-mail it.

I have the CD but have yet to try it since I still haven't decided whether to hack such an expensive DVR and thereby possibly void the 2 year warranty.

PostRegion code hack posted by answertohenning, February 25 2004:

Yes, it's true that the macrovision protection, for the moment, can't be solved through a software upgrade. You need to chip the DVR to achieve this (no, sorry, I don't know where such chips are available as of yet).

As for uploading the file, it's a bit more complex than that. The CD needed is burnt using a format that displays the CD as without contents when viewed on a computer. Also, size wise, the contents take up quite a few number of megs as have been mentioned already.

PostRegion code hack posted by heinz strunk, October 21 2005:

i could send you a modification disc:

this modification is only suitable for region 2 machines
(works with DVR-3100 and DVR-5100 models)


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