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Pioneer DV-400V

22 user region code comments

August 09, 2010 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by wewa, May 29 2007:

this baby is on sale this week at best buy. anybody got good hacks?

PostRegion code hack posted by DB, July 03 2007:

Region free hack for Pioneer DV 400V using a notebook with IRDA and Winlirc.exe:

According to the site ( the hack works on all new pioneer dvd players. Let me know if it worked.

PostRegion code posted by Brian, September 18 2007:

Hii Guys/Girls

Here is a FW-upgrade, i have used with great succes,worked the first time.

this is the link--

You also get some additionel fixes and upgrades.

Best regards

PostRegion code posted by Jimbo, September 20 2007:

These hacks do not work with the US model dv-400v!

PostRegion code hack posted by MoM, October 23 2007:

Worked hack with PocketPC.
I create and test on my E-TEN M500.
Free download:

PostRegion code hack posted by Dziuggy, December 06 2007:

ok guys i want to save you pleople some time, as i just boght the player and spent 2 days trying to figure this out. there is IR hack that some say works and some say does not. and there is Hakan firmware update. it is very easy to do download and burn to CD, then update.

after update all you have to do is press and hold ENTER key on your remote. the player will shut down after 5 seconds of holding the enter. that is it turn it on and you are region free. the only catch is that everytime you unplug the player from the wall it will reset back but all you have to do is hold enter again to reinstate region free mode ... =Firmwares

PostRegion code hack posted by caccamucca, February 03 2008:

I just followed the instruction found on: ... =Firmwares

I've burned the Bin file onto a CD-ROM and it was painless.

Tested with both Region 1 and 2 DVDs and they both played.

I have the US Model Pioneer DV-400V-s.

Thank you for the previous poster for pointing me to right direction. CD-ROM trick was easy, PocketPCs and IR remote controller, laptop's infra red, etc. are just too messy.

PostRegion code hack posted by obijon167, February 09 2008:

Just some more feedback for everyone. Followed the upgrade from CD on my dv400-k and it all seems to go fine except it won't shut down using the ENTER button on the remote to complete the hack posted here. So looks like I'm stuck for now. Hope this helps.

PostRegion code hack posted by volktbn, April 20 2008:

Hack described by Dziuggy works perfectly well.

Only, WMV9 files don't play anymore! They used to work (almost) fine before.
But now the player doesn't recognize the files anymore.

PostRegion code hack posted by unknown45696, April 24 2008:


I tried following the instructions found on: ... =Firmwares

I do not know which version to download:

YGB7328I or

I have a US Pioneer DV-400V-k. Any help would be appreciated.

PostRegion code hack posted by exsultet, April 26 2008:

I suggest you to choose the modif "CP1252" for your DV-400v at this link. The version 1 of "CP1252" works fine for me in Canada. My DV-400v was manufactured on April 2007. ... =Firmwares

PostRegion code hack posted by Big C, May 07 2008:

Using a One for All modem-upgradable remote, send the WAV file found at to it. Once the remote has been programmed, set it to VCR/2000. Turn on the DVD player via the front pannel or its supplied remote. Using the One for All, press POWER. Turn your DVD player back on once again via the front pannel or its supplied remote. Insert a previously unplayable DVD. It should play as normal. This in my opinion is much more convenient than Prontos, PDAs, celphones, soldering homemade cables, etc. It worked on my Region 1 model DVD player/receiver.

PostRegion code hack posted by Big C, May 08 2008:


Unfortunately, downloadable, burnable, multi-region compatible firmware does not exist for all Pioneer models. Also, when I installed downloadable, multi-region compatible firmware on an internal computer DVD drive, the drive had disc-reading problems ever since. As a result, I personally am not going to install such firmware on my set top DVD players.

PostRegion code hack posted by mpdvd, May 12 2008:

Hi All

Not sure if this works for everyone. But i just came from the store in New York city. Legitimate large consumer electronics store. I got a player and was a little surprised because it said Region 3 on the back. Nevertheless i thought to give it a try.

I have region 1 and 2 DVD's at home. First i tried regio 1 - worked straight out of the box. The i tried region 2 and the screen showed pulsating screen and black and white,. although you could tell the DVD was being read.

So i cycled the NTSC versus PAL settings. Basically, there are 3 settings. AUTO, NTSC, PAL. AUTO is out of the box and it selects the appropriate output for the region code of the DVD. Hence when i played a region 2 DVD it spitted out PAL signal. So i forced the setting to NTSC. Voila - my region 2 played beautifully.

To cycle the AUTO, NTSC, PAL setting, turn off the DVD player. Then press the Forward Button and hold the power button the the same time (1-2 seconds). It will notify you in the digital display what setting it now has.

I am hoping this also works with playing region 1 DVD's onto PAL displays because i am moving to Europe soon.

PostRegion code posted by Big C, May 12 2008:

To those of you who own an unmodified Region 1 US model. If you haven't installed any of the firmwares found on pioneerfaq, softpedia, etc., please let us know if the procedure mpdvd described above works for you.

PostRegion code posted by vista_user, May 21 2008:

I bought this DVD from Circuit City on 05.21.2008. Out of the box, the unit plays all my PAL and NTSC multiregion DVDs without any hacks applied. I hope it helps.

PostRegion code posted by aznboix, February 22 2009:

I tried with "CP1252" firmware since mine is from CANADA on ... =Firmwares and succesfully upgraded. i rebooted and still not able to read all regions >.< any help would be apreciated!

PostRegion code hack posted by Big C, February 23 2009:

If you use the Pioneerfaq firmware, once the firmware is installed, you must remember to hold the 'ENTER' button next to the '0' until the player turns off. Once you do that, the player will be region-free even if you install the original Pioneer firmware again.

PostRegion code posted by Big C, June 19 2009:

For your information: The multi-region IR hack will not work on fairly recent US models. I know last year I said that I didn't feel comfortable updating firmware on settop DVD players. However, after my great experience working with Hkan and his firmware, I have to admit that I've undergone a tremendous change of heart! If you own a Hkan-compatible Pioneer player, I think it's the best way to go afterall! Hkan just released new enhanced firmware based on YGB8827A, which can be downloaded at . One thing to consider is the amount of money and time Hkan puts into things such as paying for webspace, players, and parts in order to continue developing such firmwares as Pioneer releases them. If it means a lot to you that he continues his work, you can send him a PayPal donation to .

PostRegion code posted by dreaoot, September 03 2009:

Big C or someone else, the link mentioned in the previous post is no longer availabe:

Do you know of another website where I can find it?


PostRegion code posted by Big C, September 04 2009:

I believe he revised his firmware since my last post. His latest enhanced DV-420V firmware can be downloaded [url=""]here[/url]. Remember to hold the ENTER key next to the 0 until the player turns off to make the player region-free.

PostRegion code hack posted by THE-KEK, August 09 2010:

I can verify that using the firmwares on this page, I was able to make mine Region Free.
Still says REGION 4, but can verify I an now play region 1 DVD's now, that I was not able to play before. ... =Firmwares

The process I had to do was.
Install StM V3.1 9 Jul 2009 19:37

Make sure you burn it exactly how it tells you to here.

Then read the steps here ... ultiregion

I didn't try holding ENTER then trying to play a region file in 3.1, as I didn't find that info.
I read it as you had to upgrade, to the enter thing, the put on a pioneer official.

I'm happy in the end, just one more thing, when I did the 3.1 upgrade, the unit did not reset itself. I just let it do it's thing for 5 mins then pulled the power, and re-plugged in, and hit the power button a few times, and all was good (phew).

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