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Philips LX3000D

8 user region code comments

February 19, 2004 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Dave, October 09 2002:

cdRegion 1
Play 159 111 001 08 Play

Region 2
Play 159 221 001 08 Play

You must reset the player from the system menu after each change.
When you have successfully changed the region you will also see a number appear in the top left corner. This is the number of times that
the region has been changed.

You are limited to 25 times but the counter can be reset using
Play 159 Play

You have to be quick when entering the codes as it seems temprimental
to if it'll accept them. It might help to reset the player first.
In case you need other regions the first part of the code is the region
and the next is the tv system where 1 = NTSC 2 = PAL 3 = Auto
EG 111 = Region 1 NTSC Don't change the last part.
The manual only lists regions 1-4 but using 5 or 6 for the region might work.

PostRegion code hack posted by allmad, December 30 2002:

I have been playing and yet still cant get the region hack to work but this might be of interest to someone.

If you have the tray out and type in 123 then ok you come up with the version of software that is installed.

Also try with the tray out 159 then ok, you get a way of changing the tuner region, why you want to do that I dont know but it works.

Have fun :-)

PostRegion code hack posted by Digital Junky, January 07 2003:


Region free code for the Philips LX2000D/LX3000D

Multiregion free code:

Play 15902379390 Play

Greetz Digital Junky Holland.

PostRegion code hack posted by Matthaus, March 14 2003:

Region free code for the Philips LX3000D

ENTER 15902379309 with remote control


PostRegion code hack posted by Jeff, June 03 2003:


I prove this code below and works fine.

Philips DVD LX3000D - Home cinema

1) Press play (remote)
2) Press 159 023 793 90 PLAY (remote)
3) You see a blue screen
4) Reset on the menu system

ALL the regions be come FREE !
I test with DVD Reg 0, 1, 4 and ALL
Don't lose your time with another codes. They works to, but only for one Region.



PostRegion code hack posted by b.s.naveen kumar, August 31 2003:

Hi,guys I have tried jeff region code hack in my lx2000d system and it's works fine.thankyou.

PostRegion code hack posted by Piet, September 03 2003:

Hi, I read somewher that the 159 023 793 90 hack enables VCD and disbles Macrovision as well, is this true?

PostRegion code hack posted by Carlos, February 19 2004:

I tried this and works.

(with the remote, no disc)
Play 159 023 793 90 Play and works. It took me several tries -you have to key in fast- until I got the blue screen for a second or two. I've tried Regions 1,2,3 and 4 and all work fine.

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