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Philips DVP3100V

16 user region code comments

January 25, 2010 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by mau, October 10 2005:

Download the following packet and follow the instructions.
Yes, it is for LG, but Philips has bought the DVD part
for this machine (OEM)from LG.

PostRegion code hack posted by Univan, March 19 2006:

Thank you Mau it works!

Small additional tip from me is to right click the link provided by mau or you will simply fail to get the file.
Or you can visit <a href="">href="</a> .
It took months for me to find this stupid point! :(

PostRegion code hack posted by Martin Smith, April 29 2006:

Be sure to visit the LGRegionFree site mentioned, there are several different versions of the file. For DVP3100V Combi, I used the file (instead of
Burned CD-R using Roxio, with ISO eject option. Had to burn twice (not sure why first one just gave disc error).

This confirms that this hack DOES work - although it is pretty scary to be applying fixes with no known way to back-out, and not knowing if it is all virus-free and not a hoax.
Thanx for letting us be 'region-free'.

PostRegion code hack posted by Birkir Freyr, June 21 2006:

takk fyrir

PostRegion code hack posted by knallpulver, September 11 2006:

I can confirm that the works. I unpacked it and burned it using Nero 6 with following settings (although I don't know if any of them are relevant):

File name length: Max of 11 = 8 + 3 chars (ISO Level 1)
Format: Mode 1
Character set: DOS
Joliet [X]

No label (actually "NEW" I guess)

First I tried a Region 1 disc in my Player, and I get the "Check region" message.
Then I put in the disk I just burned, and it confirms that my region is currently 2, and asks me to choose a new region. I press 0 (Zero). I press "pause" to exit. I waited for a while, but nothing seemed to happen, so I took out the CD and put in my Region 1 again, and now it worked.

PostRegion code posted by Rune, September 25 2006:

I have tried both Nero and AShampoo burning Studio - doesn't work for me. If anyone can send me a working CD, please e-mail me!

PostRegion code hack posted by downtownmike, December 11 2006:

I have a DVP3100V and can confirm a successful conversion to multi-region using the file at:

be sure to right click and 'save target as'

PostRegion code hack posted by scutter, December 13 2006:

ok i cannot get this working.

i have NERO 6 ULTRA EDITION and i've burned about 10 cds trying different things on the menu.

I tried everything. DISC AT ONCE, TRACK AT PONCE, DOS, MODE 1, etc

can someone either email me with a detailed way of doing it with nero 6 ultra or let me know of any discs i can get sent to m.

cheers everyone

PostRegion code hack posted by giovanna, March 03 2007:

were can i find the hack?

PostRegion code posted by Amber, April 28 2007:
This page doesn't exist anymore.
Any alterative sites one can get the hack from?

PostRegion code hack posted by Erickson, May 06 2007:

Since neither the LG5000/LG6000 hacks worked for me, and none of the
"standard" remote control hacks worked, I was desperate enough to try the
hack referenced below from Panos (MANY THANKS) -- and it works as easily
as Panos described! Only had to burn one CD, too -- after trying a half-
dozen with the LG5000/LG6000 hacks.

Region code hack posted by Panos, May 05 2007:
I just bought a LG DVX298H and surprise surprise, NONE of the handset
hacks works!
I became desperate until I found a hack for the LG DNX190UH which
appatently also uses the Zoran chipset. And this worked for my LG DVX298H!

First you have to download linked file called "LG36868.IMG"

1. Then you have to burn this file to a blank CD
(The file "LG36868.IMG" is NOT an image file!. Just use
Nero or any of your CD burning programs to write this
file on a CD.

2. After burning, insert the CD into the DVD player and press play

3. Then the region management menu will be shown.

4. Input “0” to make it multi-region and then press the “pause” key by
Remote Control.

Enjoy, your DVD is region free!

PostRegion code hack posted by Beata, June 03 2007:

region code

PostRegion code hack posted by lizetta19, February 04 2008:

region code hack

PostRegion code hack posted by kfelix18, January 10 2009:

PostRegion code hack posted by jason0627, January 22 2010:

Open the tray
key in 99990
restart the player
there it goes!!

PostRegion code posted by tiuri, January 25 2010:

the one by erikson with the image file worked 4 me but you
definetly HAVE to use a CD, i tried DVD at first but didnt
work but cd worked nicely

Ty for the hack erik ;)

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