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Philips DVP3040K

7 user region code comments

February 08, 2007 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by tiger, February 23 2006:

Press "Setup"
Scroll to "Preference" using the LEFT/RIGHT arrow key
Press "138931" and a pop-up screen will appear.
Use the UP/DOWN arrow key to choose the desired number.

*will work for both DVP3040 and 3040K. i think the diff is only karaoke which the R code will not affect*

PostRegion code hack posted by Pepe_arg, May 28 2006:

There are 2 different chipset, which can be diferentiated by serial number (pls check the 3rd. and 4rd. number).

1A = MTK solution
2B = Zoran solution.

a) MTK region code hack.
- Go to preference page in the Setup menu.
- Press 138931 on the keypad of the Remote Control.
- Options will be available to be selected.
- Done !

b) ZORAN region code hack.
- Open tray.
- Press 99990 on the remote control.
- Done !

PostRegion code hack posted by Leonid, May 30 2006:

This refers only to 138931 sequence on remote control (which is not Zoran chip). It looks like on this DVD player the display of region code is incorrect. If it displays region code 0, that means that the player is set up for region code 1. If it displays region code 1, the player is set up for region code 0. The proof I have is the following. I have the movie called Snatch for Region 1. This movie will ONLY play if your DVD player is set up for region 1. If it is set up for region 0, it won't play. So Snatch is NOT playing when this DVD player is set for region 1!!! Thus my speculation is that Region 1 on display corresponds to region 0. Region 0 on display corresponds to region 1. I couldn't test the rest 'cause I don't have "smart" DVDs for regions other than 1.


PostRegion code posted by bomcla, July 04 2006:

Firmware version.

Open Tray

press 1 3 7 9

PostRegion code posted by Jaymin, November 26 2006:

Open Tray

SETUP press 1 3 7 9 will change u r DVD player 3040 to PAL. Its not region hack.

PostRegion code hack posted by ClausV, January 21 2007:

Region hack for Philips DVP-3040 (Zoran chip)

If 3rd and 4th digit in serial number is either 1B, 1C, 1D, 2B or 2C, the player is equipped with a Zoran chip and the following works:

1. Open tray
2. On remote control press 9,9,9,9,x
where x is the desired region code (0-6 is allowed)
thus the code can be changed back to a standard one
3. A box displaying selected region code is shown. Done!

Pressing 9,6,6 shows firmware version and selected region code

PostRegion code hack posted by Markb, February 08 2007:

Can confirm the hack by ClausV, January 21 2007 works on a Philips DVP 3040 bought at FNAC in Spain.

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