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Philips BDP3406

15 user region code comments

August 02, 2013 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by RobEh, August 31 2011:

To check the current region
1.Power on with no disc inside
2.Press HOME
3.Enter 8520
1.Power on with no disc in tray
2.Press HOME
3.Enter 1389310
DVD Region Code: 0

PostRegion code hack posted by locode41, October 28 2011:

Bought the player from Wal-Mart Canada today.

Hack worked with no problem. Good work!

PostRegion code hack posted by hasei, December 14 2011:

The above hack also worked on my BDP3406 also bought from a U.S. Walmart. Hopefully this player will last long.

PostRegion code hack posted by rockandroller, December 20 2011:

Just brought this unit home from Wall-Mart.

Did not get any obvious confirmation the first time I tried entering the hack, but YES the hack works fine... Now have all-region DVD functionality. Checked it, and it plays original Russian (PAL) dvds perfectly. Thanks very much to the original poster

PostRegion code hack posted by georgejefferson, January 05 2012:

I got this through and had it shipped to my local store in the US. It defaulted to Region 1 as expected. Using the hacks posted here I sucessfully changed it to region 0. My problem was that I have PAL Region 2 (UK) and PAL Region 4 (Aus/NZ) discs and couldn't get them to play on this. I figured if the Russian PAL discs worked that mine would, but that's not the case....can anyone else verify if PAL Region 2 or 4 discs work on their hacked machine?

PostRegion code hack posted by bergmanesque, January 05 2012:

The above hack did not work.

Should the draw be open or closed?

Should one press OK after entering the numbers?

Be more specific in the hack instructions, please.

Many thanks.

PostRegion code posted by rhinorover, January 10 2012:

Region Hack Clarification.

(This is to change the Region Code)
1.Power on with no disc in tray
2.Press HOME
3.Enter 1389310
DVD Region Code: 0

(This is to check the current region) (Optional)
1.Power on with no disc inside
2.Press HOME
3.Enter 8520

Logically I would change the region first and then check it.

As for the PAL conversion. Using a USA unit and trying play
PAL formatted video is only possible through HDMI on this
device. The Composite output (Yellow RCA port), will output
a PAL signal with PAL discs, which is not compatible with
NTSC (USA) TV's. The HDMI Output is already converted to an
HD signal, when using DVD's, because of the Up-conversion.
HD signals are neither NTSC or PAL, therefore it works.

PostRegion code hack posted by pipl, January 21 2012:

The 1389310 code does work with a unit purchased from WalMart
Canada. BTW the last digit specifies the region code.

PostRegion code hack posted by dolfi, February 24 2012:

push the numbers with remote

PostRegion code hack posted by dolfi, February 27 2012:

I purchased BDP 3406 playerlast week and program wi-fi.
AfterI try hack region code with

1 Power on with no disc in tray
2 Pres HOME
3 Pres1389310

NO NUMBER SHOW on TV or player screen.

Many thanks

PostRegion code posted by InvisibleWolfMan, February 29 2012:

With my BDP3200, it did not display anything either. Do remember that you can check if the region has changed by doing the following:

1.Power on with no disc inside
2.Press HOME
3.Enter 8520

It will display what the current region is, which should read "0" if it changed correctly!

PostRegion code hack posted by artaxerxes, March 15 2012:

2 parts comment: 1) about the player 2) about the hack

1) about the player
If you are considering buying this unit, please note that the RCA output DOES NOT convert to PAL if you have an NTSC machine, the HDMI port will work. In order words, if you remove the region code and put a PAL/SECAM disc in it, and connect the unit to an NTSC TV via the RCA connector, IT WILL NOT WORK. You have to use the HDMI port.

2) about the hack
It is completely normal that you do not see any output when doing the hack. Do not expect to see any feedback. That's why the instructions tell you how to find your current region setting: it's to see whether the hack worked!
So a quick recap:

A) To check the current region (to do first, and then to find out whether your hack worked):
1.Power on with no disc inside
2.Press HOME
3.Enter 8520

B) To remove region coding:
1.Power on with no disc in tray
2.Press HOME
3.Enter 1389310 (last digit is region code)

So your steps are:
1) check current region (step A)
2) change region (step B)
3) check current region again (step A)

Note: I received this unit from on 2012/Mar/13 and the hack worked. I will return it however since I don't own a PAL-compatible TV and I don't have an HDMI input on it (old CRT TV).

PostRegion code hack posted by Dr_O, April 24 2012:

Please beware not to install any firmware updates if you want this hack to work. Unfortunately, I did accept a firmware update over the Internet and now the machine stays Region 1 and cannot be made region free using this hack. I asked the Philips technical support if the update can be rolled back, apparently, it cannot. I downloaded an older firmware version 2.16 and tried to install it from USB, it does not install, apparently one can install only later version firmware this way. Did not try to rename the files/change time though.

PostRegion code hack posted by nuttinhon3y, July 19 2012:

I have a 3406 with the newest 2.41 firmware and I just confirmed that the region 0 hack works by testing a Region 2 PAL DVD (after I checked the player info with the above technique also). It outputs the PAL perfectly through HDMI. Then again, my player may be a "freak" because it's a refurb from Philips replacing a very faulty one I bought originally.

PostRegion code posted by ryanxxx, August 02 2013:

Just to clarify on a post stating the hack only works with an HDMI connection, if you are using a CRT (Tube) TV with the player, the hack works with a composite (RCA) connection, provided your CRT TV supports PAL. If it doesn't, you can buy a PAL to NTSC converter adapter.

Just connect the Blu-ray player directly to your CRT TV via composite or through the adapter and apply hack in the same manner.

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