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Panasonic DVD-A120

5 user region code comments

December 29, 2005 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Rob Bruce, October 24 2001:

This is a hack for all of those that have tried to get this Freaking Finnikey player to play rws, or cdrs. I read the posts that said that it should be able to play memorex, or verbatim rws, and maybe black cdrs.

Well I tried all of them, and nothing. I got the idea from my Playstation. I read somewhere about increasing voltage to the laser, and somewhee else about how this might enable you to play rws on your psx. I won't get into the story about my psx, but I thought, This sort of thing might work on my DVD.

Surprise surprise, it does. Open up your A120, take the top off the cd tray, push the laser assembly to the back so you can get infront of it. There is a flat orange cable going in to it, to the front Right(You are looking from the front of the DVD)You will see a very small silver disk with two notches in it. If your confused, lookup PSX Laser Mod or something, it looks similar. All you need to do is fit a small screwdriver into the notches (it's like a screw) and give it a 1/8 turn, maybe a little more if this doesn't work.

If you have any troubles, email me and i can help.

BTW, Black CDRS still don't work, rws do, havent tried blue cdrs, but im doubtful it will work.

PostOther hack posted by Tim Alosi, October 25 2002:

I have had a Panasonic A120 and been happy with it, but recently, it wouldn't play newer DVD's. Panasonic's support basicly said "tough ... its a reflectivity problem". I applied the hack listed to adjust the voltage to the laser and voila ... the new DVDs played fine. (I won't repeat the details, see the other hack which has everything that you need).

PostRegion code hack posted by Art, December 23 2002:

The hack bellow is great and worked fine with my machine. The only thing missing in the instructions is to turn CLOCKWIZE 1/8 to 1/4 (in my case) of a turn. Also I had to use a good magnifying lens to be able to see the screw on the right side at the front of the moving laser lens head. Also I had to power up my machine to open the DVD tray, so it is out of the way. Be carefull with the voltage inside the machine!!

PostOther hack posted by npolite, December 18 2004:

I also tried the hack mentioned earlier but to no avail. I tried for a good part of an hr to try to tweak the setting on the screw but any turn clockwise didnít help. I got to a point that the player didnít read any DVDs and then reversed the screw an eighth of a turn to get it to read again, but the same problem is still occurring. I am using Ritek DVD+Rs 4x if that helps anyone. The only media I can get to work on this player are DVD-Rs. I was going to buy another Panasonic player until I found out that they no longer have an auto resume feature (the new models require you to press a save button before you power off).

PostRegion code hack posted by Dorin Brandusa, December 29 2005:


Power On the player
Open the tray
Press 9, 8, 1, 7 on the remote
Press Enter until the display indicates Region 9
Press Return

Note: Region 9 = All Regions!

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