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Onkyo DV-S555

7 user region code comments

March 22, 2004 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by xy, March 06 2003:

The O555 DVD Upgrade is an advanced modification to your DVD player, which adds extra features and enables you to get more from your machine. The upgrade supplements the DVD player and in no way harms the playback quality or removes any performance features of the DVD player.

Main Features
The DVD Upgrade adds the following features to your DVD player:

 Multiregion capability

Players Supported
The following DVD players are supported by this version of the DVD Upgrade:

 Onkyo DV-SP500
 Onkyo DV-S555

Modification Details
Multiregion selection
Nearly all DVD discs on the market today are encoded with a specific "region" in mind and are made in such a way that a disc designed for "region 1" will not play on a player designed for "region 2". This is so that the Hollywood studios can control the release of titles in different geographical regions all over the world. Our upgrade allows you to select between regions 1 to 6.

Operating Instructions
You can select the region code by remote. This region will be tried first when playing a disk.
Follow the instructions as detailed bellow:

1. Turn the player on without a disc in it
2. On the remote control, press 'SETUP'
3. Use right arrow to select 'General'
4. Use down arrow to select 'Basic'
5. Press 'ENTER' on the remote control
6. Press 'DISPLAY' on the remote control
You should see the region code and OSD version that the player is set to
7. Press 'COND. M'
8. Press '1', '2', '3', '4', '5' or '6' to change the region code of the player
The text will disappear
9. Press 'DISPLAY' on the remote to control the region
10. Press 'SETUP' on the remote to exit. Play the disc

PostRegion code hack posted by cva, April 11 2003:

What do you mean that the hack with menu does not work? You are not able to use the menu option ony more?

PostRegion code hack posted by Holland, April 11 2003:

I've got the dv-sp500, and when I press "cond.m" I cannot change the region code. Some other hacks?? Thnx in advance.

PostRegion code hack posted by DB, April 16 2003:

I agree...the dv-sp500 will not accept this hack... everything up to pressing the COND.M button works but I cannot change the region code.

I really need this player to work with PAL discs. Any help greatly appreciated.

PostOther hack posted by Jeroen, June 17 2003:

The hack descibed here does NOT work on either the S555 or SP500!!!!! This hack only works if you have a mod chip inside your player from this site:
Check this .doc file:

It says the exact same thing as the hack descibed above.

To make this player regionfree, you'll have to buy a modchip from the site mentioned above or check this site: , this page to be exact :
The chip is about 55 euro.

PostOther hack posted by Lumix, August 11 2003:

I know Onkys's DVD almost OEM by pioneer.
So maybe it will work when use pioneer's hack.

PostRegion code hack posted by miro, March 22 2004:


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