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February 11, 2008 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by DVD Junky, December 27 2002:

Follow the instructions closely for some region changing/free goodness.

1. Remove any discs in the player before starting.

2. Turn the player off then back on.

3. Press the following keys on your remote in this order : pause,3,1,4,1,5,9

4. Change regions by pressing the number required on your remote eg. 1=region 1 etc. 9=region free.

5. Press 'pause' on the remote.

6. turn the player off then on. The player is now ready.

Note this hack may work with models 21, 22R as well.

PostRegion code hack posted by Jo, August 23 2003:

Tried the hack and it worked. Am now watching a Zone 1 DVD (in colour) in a Zone 4 country. Changed it back with no probs too. Thanks guys

PostOther hack posted by Johnno, September 20 2003:

This hack also works on the Nec - NDV 24
Dvd Player it goes up to 0-6 so im guessing 6 = region free...?

PostRegion code hack posted by adrian, January 13 2004:

NEC NDV-24 model the hack works %100, it seems the numbers from 0-6 and after choosing the number 0 I can play any region

PostRegion code hack posted by Ktrina, April 10 2004:

1.Make sure there is no Disc in the unit when you turn it on.

2.Press pause on the remote.

3.Press 3,1,4,1,5 and then 9 on the remote.

4.Press the number for the required region.(0 = all)

5.Press pause.

6.Turn the unit off then back on and you're good to go.

note: Some new disc's use enhanced regional coding,which may not work with the "0 for all" setting. In this case use the specific code for the region the disc is from.

PostRegion code hack posted by mark, February 21 2006:

I have an NEC NDV-24

Put in the disk that you want to play - any regional code

On the remote control press 'title' then 'play'.

once the intro starts just press 'marker' to get rid of the 'check regional code' message.

PostRegion code hack posted by sarah1984, February 11 2008:

FANTASTIC hack made me feel like i could actually use the bloody machine lol, thanks!

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