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Magnasonic DVD802-2

8 user region code comments

May 29, 2012 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by GNOWR, July 23 2003:

Change The CONFIG to 0 , and set It Back To PAL/NTSC

PostRegion code hack posted by sdimon23, September 13 2003:

Resently got one from Canadian Tire.
Evrethink above is true, but do not put othe then "0" in configuration. Othervase you will must update firmware. Once you put 0 the screen become black and white. Do not panic. Hit exit then go to display and switch back to pa/ntsc. Ther you go enjoy movie.

PostRegion code hack posted by poo, October 24 2003:

On menu (no disc in tray) press 16719
The "hidden menu" appears.
- press OK with the remot
- press "0" for the region code for region free
- wait 2s
- press exit (to exit)
- the screen will turn black and white and just will be all scrambled because it is on the PAL video setting
- dont panic, follow these intructions
- to put it back to NTSC after the page is all scrambled
- on the main menu press down 3 times, right 1 time, down 1 time, and press "OK" on the remote
- now the screen should be cleared up with NTSC
- you are finished! Enjoy!

PostRegion code hack posted by croths, August 23 2004:

I phoned Magnasonic today and they told me to punch in the number 16719 to get the hidden menu, as mentioned above. I changed it from 1 to 0, as he directed me to, I got no black and white screen, it was fine and he said that was it, all done.

PostRegion code posted by HOSStile, August 24 2004:

Insert a dvd
Press stop
Press Bookmark (lower right of remote)
Press Menu (Mine was already on at this point)
Press 597 or 59719 I don't know which of these work because the player doesn't tell you anything.
Push exit.
I have tried a dozen of my burnt discs that previously said "incompatible." and I was forced to play in my son's X-box. An X-box seems to play everything.. Hope this helps

PostOther hack posted by HOSStile, August 25 2004:

To reset this player you do the following.
While holding the play button you turn on the player.
It will give you a choice of 6 languages, #1 being English.
Select your language and you are done.
BTW I found a firmware update for this player. It took a little searching but it can be found at A number of companies have involvement with this player and is sold under different brand names, including Koss and possibly Sylvania and others. All this seemed to me to be a lot of work for a 50 dollar DVD player so I hope I saved someone the trip. :)

PostRegion code hack posted by jorgeesquella, October 17 2004:

This is all I did and it worked perfectly

On menu (no disc in tray) press 16719
The "hidden menu" appears.
press OK with the remote
press "0" for the region code for region free
wait 2s
press exit (to exit)

PostRegion code hack posted by Techie73, May 29 2012:

The last post (jorgeesquella, 10/17/04) is not incorrect, however, should be explained. When the "hidden menu" line appears - something like "Region...1" or whatever your player is set for, you must press [OK] as many times as required until the "0" appears after ...6. Pressing "0" on the keypad did not work for me. Then wait 2 sec., press [EXIT] and bingo you are done!

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