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Lite-On LVW-5045

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October 12, 2009 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by URS SCHUEPBACH, December 09 2004:

Huib de Bruijn from Netherlands reported November 17, 2004

Region free with remote:
go to setup screen, navigate to exit, press 2960 and choose your region, or region free.

PostRegion code posted by cbkm, January 09 2005:

Originally from:

After alot of forum searching without success, I figured out a way to disable the macrovision check:

1. Download the 191 firmware for your region.

2. Find the hex values: "55 53 00 00 00 00 00 RGNCODE 00 00 00 00"

3. Replace it with: "55 53 00 00 00 00 00 RGNCODE-1 00 00 00 01"

Replace RGNCODE in the above steps with your current region number (e.g. UK: "02", US: "01" etc..).
Likewise replace RGNCODE-1 with your current region number minus 1 (e.g. UK: "01", US: "00", etc...)

Note: The region code is decremented so that when the last byte is changed from "00" to "01" the checksum remains the same (+1-1 = 0 - no change). This nicely avoids the hassle of having to find the checksum byte(s).

If you'd rather have this change done for you automagically then you can try the following perl command, substitute the correct filename:

perl -p -i -e 's/(\x55\x53\x00{5})(.)(\x00{3})\x00/ $1.chr(ord($2)-1).$3."\x01"/e' LNJCE191.DA2

4. Now upgrade the firmware as normal and you will have removed the macrovision check.

Since this fix changes the default region, correct this by following these steps:

1. Goto the Setup menu.
2. Highlight the exit icon.
3. Type 2960.
4. Select your region!

PostRegion code hack posted by Everio, July 16 2005:

Hi Marco,
You did not complete 'cbkm' instructions; To fix changes the default region, correct this by following these steps:

1. Press Setup button.
2. Press Up Arrow button to Exit setting.
3. Press 2960 (in No. keys pad).
4. Press Enter button.
4. Press Right Arrow button.
5. Press Down Arrow button to select your Region 2.
6. Press Enter button to execute your selection.
7. Press Left Arrow button.
8. Press Left Arrow button again to exit.

If I were you I choose for 'Region Free' so I could play and record any Region DVD's.

Another important tips: Take good care of your Remote Control as you cannot find a compatible replacement and not unless you buy another machine from LiteOn. You'll notice it used 99.99% most of the time and especially in inputting Chapters. To prolong its usefulness - uses the machine function buttons if possible - as getting up and exercise is good for your health ;o)

Adiós Mi Amigo!

PostRegion code hack posted by DOSlover, November 05 2005:

Take a look at

with the autoeditor for ILO & Lite On Firmware files. It doesn't update the LP setting as that is a facility already available for the 5045. I have tested it on a number of different firmware files for the 5045 with success being reported in removing macrovision. If you don't live in the US (region 1) then you will need to use the remote control process (as described elsewhere on this page) to make it region free as the hack simply decrements the region setting by 1.

I found this stuff in the hacks for the LVW5005 model, which from what I can gather is the 5045 without a hard disk.

I haven't tried this on a player yet as I am in the process of planning to buy a 5045 and applying it, so proceed with caution, or have a copy of the unhacked firmware available in case things don't go to plan.

PostRegion code posted by h3Xor, December 15 2005:

PostRegion code posted by bithead9, October 12 2009:

Upgrade your unit to larger Hard Drive, up to 512GB! Get firmware here:

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