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LG V782W

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December 21, 2010 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Anthony Christian, August 29 2003:

Remove disc and turn on DVD.
enter 314159
The region code set page should appear.
Set code. 0 for multi region
Press PAUSE.

PostOther hack posted by Tom, May 12 2005:

This isn't quite the macrovision hack, but it is one step closer and may help out some people who suffer as a result of LG's incompetence:

For those of you who suffered the BLACK AND WHITE DVD's here is a fix that might work for you.

Turn on the DVD player with no disk, wait until the 'no disk' label pops up then press
1. 'Pause'
2. '1'
3. '4'
4. '7'
5. '2'

a screen with a 16 pairs of digits should pop up, these are hexidecimal codes and control the set up of the DVD player through the EEPROM.


In order to fix the black and white screen u need to use the > arrow on your remote control to move to the forth pair on the first row, if this is a relativly low number ie less than 99 (bearing in mind these are hexidecimal numbers so 1 to F) then this is probably the cause for your black and white screen.

You must change this number to D7, in order to do this firstly make sure the ^ is pointing to the first number then press and hold 4 or 5 on your remote, after a couple of seconds the number should change to D, move the pointer across to the next number and press 7. press pause and then press power... wait a few seconds, then turn it back on and hopefully, no more black and white! Good Luck!

By the way, I suspect that it is possible to disable macrovision from this menu, if anyone can find out more about what each byte means, please post it here!

PostRegion code hack posted by Rosemary, December 31 2006:

i'm in Aust, needed to watch region 1, used this hack via the remote and it worked perfectly. brilliant ! thank you

PostRegion code hack posted by C. Adams, July 26 2007:

Change Region 4 code to multiregion capability on LG V782W

PostRegion code hack posted by Henry2780, December 21 2010:

From Australia, followed instructions above and, after a few tries, managed to change code from 4 to 0, and USA DVD was able to be played. If patient, even a non-geek like me can do it so my American grand-daughter can watch her favourite DVDs while on holidays here!!

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