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LG LDA-531

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January 25, 2006 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Senya, July 04 2005:

Use the hack from LG LDA-530.

PostRegion code hack posted by nonbpdpig, August 20 2005:

The hack for the LDA-530 is the same hack for the "LG DVD-5063/5083/5095/5183/5253/6053" models given on

This hack is referred to on other sites (eg. although none of these sites refer explicitly to LDA-530 or LDA-531, but all sites I have found end up referring back to the area450 site.

I presume there is some chip level compatibility between the LDA-531 and the other DVD players? The hack seems to involve an EEPROM update, so you may want to be careful, it's not just hitting the right combination of buttons on the remote control, and if the update files are corrupted your DVD might end up in trouble...

I tried the hack, following the instructions given by area450 (including using the Windows XP CD burner and checking the update file using frhed to ensure there is no corruption) on my new LDA-531 LG DVD player (purchased at FutureShop in Canada and only playing Region 1) and lo! it worked.

As none of the referenced pages mention the LDA-531 I thought I'd confirm that I got this hack to work with it.

After burning the CD as described, put it in the DVD player and up pops a menu. Select 0 as the region, then press pause to exit (although the menu seems to say "press pause to exist", weird and existential, hey?) and then power off. The DVD restarts and you then eject the CD and bingo, multiregion DVD playing. (Well, I've tried 2-3 DVD's each from Region 1 and Region 2 and all now play fine.)


PostOther hack posted by gerwen, January 25 2006:

For those still interested, this WILL upconvert over component. It requires the hack codes for the LG 418. It may also require a firmware update. The firmware is available on LG's site. Good luck finding it there though.

IIRC i set the HDCP to OK H, and macrovision to OK M. I may also have set the EDID to OK E. These were the only codes needed. I've listed all the codes that i found for reference.

HDCP off/on:
on screen: "OK H" or "Default H" (Status)
(2xPAUSE to leave)

Macrovision off/on:
on screen: "OK M" oder "Default M" (Status)
(2xPAUSE to leave)

EDID off/on: (Extended Display Identification Data)
on screen: "OK E" oder "Default E" (Status)
(2xPAUSE to leave)

Region Code:

Video/HDMI Info Page:

Factory reset + SYSTEM INFORMATION page
go to Setup/video/TV Aspect/16:9
and press 1,3,9,7,1,3,9,ENTER

Credit where it is due.
I got this information from

In this thread, page 9 (which i've linked)
There is a firmware download link on page 8

Do the remote codes, they work with a dvd in, but not playing.

Once the codes were in, i had to eject the dvd to switch to 1080i. (With the dvd door open). Put the dvd back in, and play. 1080i!

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