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October 04, 2008 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by tworks, May 28 2006:

With no disk (I used tray open)
Power On
(optional tray open)
Use arrows to select SETUP
Arrow and enter for start menu
Down 4 to lock icon
enter 0000000
This toggles between region protect and region free
tested works w/ PAL R2 disks on USA R1 NTSC system

PostRegion code hack posted by wewa, June 01 2006:

Just picked the unit up at bestbuy on sale for $220 with free Memorex 10 pack DVD-R and free DVD up to $25 (chose king kong special edition).
Pressing 0 7x works!

PostRegion code hack posted by Q, June 25 2006:

Confirmed working 6/25/2006:

1) Download
2) Burn contents to CDR
3) Insert CDR into LG DR1F9H
4) Press 0 in the new region box (region free)
5) Enter to exit

You now have a region free LG DR1F9H DVD recorder!

Enjoy, Q.

PostRegion code hack posted by Q, June 25 2006:

Go here to get the file (click on thumbnail) as Tripod does not allow direct download links!


PostRegion code hack posted by Eran, August 15 2006:

i just wanted to share my experience with you folks:
1. the remote control suggestion with the 7 zeros didn't work for me.

2. the option with the download worked like charm :).
just make sure to unzip the file file before burning it to the cd.

thanks for your help.

PostRegion code hack posted by peter, October 02 2006:

ok.. I did not have the patients to wait for an answer. I put the imaged disk in my LG DR1F9H and it pops up a screen "region code" I entered 0 and the disk ejected..

I put Region 2 disk in, it played. I put a Region 1 disk in, it played.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy... thanks to whomever put this out. I can now get rid of 2 players and replace them with 1.


PostRegion code hack posted by P Wren, October 14 2006:

the entering 7 zeros thing didn't work at all BUT
downloading the file did!!!!
the link is
click on the picture to the left of the 6000 icon - you have to scroll down to get there
download the zip file and unzip it
burn the resulting 6000 folder onto a cd as a data disk
put the disk into your dr1f9h and press play
up will come an invitation on the TV screen to change the
region code - set it to 0 (zero) and wait till it disappears
this is what I did and I can now play region 1 and region 2 dvds (which I bought legally in the US and the UK)- yippee

PostRegion code posted by Bruce, October 22 2006:

please could someone explain to me better how to unzip and what to burn to a cdr from file 6000 zip when i try the player will not accept to disk i might be missing some step that is needed

PostRegion code hack posted by Victoria_USA, November 03 2006:

(I recently reviewed the recorder, and provided hack info in the post. Here is a reprint)


You will need:

Nero Burning ROM, or similar
A blank CD-R
WinZip or WinRAR or IZark to decompress the .zip

Go to the site, scroll down to the photo with '6000' -- this is a downloadable .zip. Download it to your desktop.

The .txt file included says this:

"1) Unzip the folders and files to the hard drive in exactly the same order.
2) Burn the folder "RMT000" (including sub files and/or folders) to a blank CDR
3) Make sure you set; 'close' disc and session
4) Make sure you burn the disc in ISO mode (not joliet)

Insert the disc in the player and follow the screen instructions"

Believe me, it works. I have tried Region 2 and Region 4 DVDs without problem.

The other usual hack for LG/Zenith players (open DVD tray, press zero 7 times) doesn't work on this recorder -- note it was made in August 2006, so perhaps earlier ones do.

I don't know of a macrovision hack for this recorder yet, but if you buy GO-DVD by Sima, which can be found cheaply on eBay (it's sold for $99 in Best Buy), you can copy macrovision protected DVD/VHS movies with it.

This is obviously legal, if you're making backups of your movies, as I do. Do not use any of these hacks for illegal means, please.

PostRegion code hack posted by Nick, November 09 2006:

The 7 0s method didn't work because there appears to be an additional level of security once you breach the lock icon. It asks for Area Code and gives a choice of two letters that seem to have numerous enough combinations to frustrate anyone from trying them all. No obvious choice for "no zone." Strange.

PostRegion code hack posted by Adry, November 10 2006:

I have tried stop-2-3-7-9 on my Nexxtech N600-D to multizone code but it doesn´t work. Any tips?

PostRegion code hack posted by Robert, July 08 2007:

The previously mentioned Tripod link no longer exists but I found the following which allowed me to burn a CD with the file needed to Region Free my LG. Try and scroll down to LG DR1F9H. I had to do this because like a dummy I tried the hidden menu mentioned above about the "16:9 highlight and enter the numbers 1,3,9,7,1,3,9," This reset my unit to its factory settings and then I couldn't play Region 2 discs. Robert

PostRegion code hack posted by Tom Green, August 13 2007:

With no disk
Power On
press HOME button
Use arrows to select SETUP
Arrow and enter for start menu
Go down 4 to the Lock icon
Enter 00000000 (this is eight zeroes not seven as above)
You should see "Congratulations! Player(Loader) Region Free!"
Hit "Enter" on your remote to continue.
This toggles between region protect and region free

PostRegion code posted by Kurt F, September 18 2007:

2 Hacks in one: region free and disable CPRM so you can archive cprm-protected VHS/DVD/Cable/Satellite/etc video onto this DVD player, where the cprm copy count would otherwise prevent it.

How to apply: buttons on VCR and remote control.

The 7 1's hack and others listed for this model on the "lock icon" did not work on my LG-DR1F9H (although the 1397139 hack did give me the firmware version info and reset my settings to factory defaults).

So while discovering the way to disable cprm, I ran across the settings for region code in the same area. I changed them both at once using these steps.

CAUTION: These steps take you into a hexidecimal editor where values are changed with the up/down arrows on the remote. DO NOT hit the up/down arrows on your remote until you have FIRST written down the current values (just 8 2-digit hex numbers) which appear when you first get into the hex editor.

1) While the player is on, press and hold both up- and down- channel buttons on the recorder for about 5 seconds (^ & v).

2) A hex editor screen will appear with 8 "OP" codes. The second word in each of these lines is a 2-digit hex number. WRITE THESE DOWN BEFORE YOU HIT ANY BUTTONS ON YOUR REMOTE CONTROL, in case you need to restore them.

3) To disable CPRM, use ONLY the right arrow on your remote (>) to highlight the rightmost digit of OP code 4. Use the up and down arrows on your remote to change this number to it's present value MINUS 8 (if the digit is an A,B,C,D,E,or F; the number is 10,11,12,13,14,or 15, respectively; ie- change a D to a 5). You are in effect clearing the high-bit in this hex digit.

4) To set region 0, use ONLY the right arrow on your remote (>) to highlight the leftmost digit of Op code 6. If this number is 8 or 0, you are already region 0. If this number is greater than 8 (including A,B,C,D,E,F), then change it to 8. If this number is less than 8, then change it to 0. This simply clears the low 3 bits in this hex digit.

5) If you think you might have changed something you shouldn't have, then you can ABORT by hitting the menu/list button on your remote.

6) If you are satisfied with your changes, then hit Enter on your remote to write the new values to ROM. Then hit menu/list to exit.

When you turn your DVD player back on, it will play DVDs of all nationalities and will not prevent recording of CPRM-limited video onto a DVD.

Enjoy :-)
Kurt F

PostRegion code hack posted by lgregionfree, September 29 2007:


My old website was removed!!? please go here for all the current Region Hacks for LG models (only).

Best Regards


PostRegion code hack posted by regionmastrer, October 03 2007:

The hack posted by KURT F is not correct,
hex A B C D E F does not mean 10,11,12,13,14,15, also the code is incorrect the 8 options are controling all operating functions of the recorder but they are not as described BY KURT F


PostRegion code posted by Kurt F, October 09 2007:

PostRegion code posted by singjai, October 04 2008:

Both hacks posted by Kurt F worked exactly as he said. They were easy to apply thanks to the precision and clarity with which he described them.

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