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June 11, 2024 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Metallus, July 11 2015:

Create a directory called RMTM0000 which has a subdirectory SCARLET.
Inside of SCARLET (camelcase on purpose) directory create an empty file called KPJC19_1.DVD
Use a hex editor and set the bytes to: 17 17 8C 00
Burn the RMTM0000 directory on a CD-R (use the ISO-9660 format)
Insert the CD-R to DVD player
Press 0 and Enter to enable region-free

PostRegion code hack posted by Mar70, January 22 2016:

The procedure described by Metallus to turn Multi-region this LG DVD player (manufactured in 2015) works perfectly. Thank you!

PostRegion code hack posted by Edinembra, September 04 2016:

Sadly, Metallus' hack did not work for me.
When the CD-R is inserted into the player, up comes the word 'List' on an otherwise empty screen.
Following Metallus' instructions, I pressed 0 on the remote; then I pressed 'Enter' on the remote. There was no change to the screen.
Then I ejected the CD-R.
Nothing has changed. The player is still locked to PAL (I am in Europe) and won't play NTSC DVDs. As before, when trying to play NTSC DVDs, the screen says 'Check regional code'.
I hope I'm missing something very simple! Any advice gratefully received.

PostRegion code hack posted by Spartan, February 06 2017:

Just applied this hack (06 Feb 17) OK to the LG DP542H
if you have correctly burned the CD it will come up with a menu allowing you to change the code
Also to add that for those who can't get it to work, you are ADDING the bytes to the empty file not changing them

PostRegion code hack posted by Minddagap, April 08 2017:

Hello, I read the info provided on the forum to region free my LG DP542H dvd player. I am new to
this and i cannot find any file to download. could you please help me get through this


PostRegion code hack posted by Kolamathy, December 27 2017:

This tip on Youtube (not mine - credit to the publisher Dominic Gichane) worked easily, using the remote.
Basic procedure:
With no disc in the player and while connected to a TV monitor,
1) Press PAUSE
2) Type 3141590
3) The region code change menu should come up on the screen. Change the region to 0 (universal) or whatever you wish.
4) Press PAUSE to exit.
That's it. You should now be able to play DVDs from any region

PostRegion code posted by Rogerbee, January 05 2018:

Just thought I'd mention that the hack posted by Metallus worked fine on my player. When you add bytes with the hex editor you have to change the byte count from 0 to 1, that makes the file 1kb in size when you save it.

When burning the CD-R it is important to use the right burning software. I used Power2Go by Cyberlink which allowed me to use the ISO-9660 format. If you just do it through Windows it won't work, you get 'ROM error' when you play the CD-R.

Having done it the right way the disc and hack worked a treat and I can't wait to start watching Region 1 DVD's.


PostRegion code posted by DJ89, July 29 2018:

The basic hack mentioned where you press the pause button on remote and put the code in didnít work. Nothing even
appears on the screen.

PostRegion code hack posted by Am, March 14 2019:

Hi all, I have a DP542H manufactured February 2016 with RC 2 and I am trying to get it set to 0 (all regions). None of the hacks proposed on this thread or other LG related ones seem to work. I have not tried it with the CDR hack, hoping one of the ones with remote control will work. Any thoughts appreciated!

PostRegion code hack posted by SadEyes, May 23 2019:

The solution posted by Metallus works perfect. Just follow the instructions.

PostRegion code hack posted by Robiom, July 25 2020:

Hi all,

I've just applied the hack and it worked straight away.I used a freeware HEX editor (HxD) and
created a new file. Make sure the entry mode is Hex or the bytes will be the wrong value.

Once I had saved it as described, I burned it using Ashampoo Burning Studio as a Data Disc.

The menu appeared and I just entered 0 and then pause to exit, really simple.

Thanks for the hack

PostRegion code hack posted by Yochai, February 20 2022:

LG DP132H model bought Feb 2022.

All Remote hacks didn't work at all, menu wasn't presented.
I Finally (as a last resort) created the Binary file hack (\RMTM0000\SCARLET\KPJC19_1.DVD) and brned
it as a data disk on a standard DvD-R.

Worked like a charm on first try - Be sure to use ISO-9660.
As they are becoming rather rare, I had to by a box of DVDs but it was money well spent :-)

PostRegion code hack posted by Airhead, September 28 2023:

The procedure from Metallus for a Multi-region hack for my LG DP542H DVD player worked perfectly. Thank you! The DVD player was manufactured in 2020.

I used the freeware HEX editor HxD and burned it using Ashampoo Burning Studio as a Data Disc onto a CD-RW. Thanks to Robiom for the steer. With the CD-RW in the drive, the menu appeared as soon as the player turned on, then select 0 and hit pause to close the menu.

Tested by playing several Region 1 and Region 2 DVDs and it's working perfectly.

PostRegion code hack posted by SDY, June 08 2024:

Multi region to allow dvd from many areas to play.

PostRegion code hack posted by steeds, June 11 2024:


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