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LG DP132

36 user region code comments

May 26, 2023 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by fatcat, July 03 2016:

1- Power on the dvd player without any disc on it.
2- Press the PAUSE button and then the following numbers

3 1 4 1 5 9

3- Then you will be asked which region you want to set up.

0 = All regions.
1 = Region 1.
2 = Region 2 etc.

4- Then press pause again.

Then power off the dvd, and then turn it on.

That its all.

PostRegion code hack posted by majormulatto, August 03 2016:

kinda hard to use this hack since there are no number buttons on the remote.

PostRegion code hack posted by bakuhack, February 24 2017:

1.Switch on the DVD player without any Disc inside
2.The screen should display 'no disc'
3.Eject to open the DVD tray
4.While the tray is open, press the 'STOP' button then hold the 'ENTER' button for 5 seconds
5. A new screen will appear (Regional Management Test Code) which will allow you to change the region code using
the up and down arrow keys on the remote control.
6. Change the code to '0' and press the PAUSE key to exit

thanks Larry Lurex from fixya.

tried this and it worked.

PostRegion code posted by Trapper, April 14 2017:

The hack listed (stop/ enter 5 seconds) does not work on a region1 player purchased in Canada manufactured in Sept 2016

PostRegion code posted by LG DP123, June 19 2017:

the hack does not work! do u have any new hacks on the LG DP132 ??

PostRegion code posted by majormulatto, June 25 2017:

my personal experience in the past 3 years suggests that this machine may have had a working hack at one time, but no longer does. i've had several store bought players from different manufacturers which had remote hacks. these machines have either been removed from the local stores or replaced by ones which can no longer be hacked with the remote. i tend to believe that this is more of a problem in region 1 than it is anywhere else. i've also noticed that the price of pre-hacked machines has risen sharply in the past 2 years, which suggests smaller inventory and/or higher import duty. whatever the reason, easily hacked players from the local store seem to be vanishing, at least in amurca.

PostRegion code hack posted by Tony , January 04 2018:

I used the February bakuhack post and it worked because the remote doesn’t have any numbers

PostRegion code hack posted by peaches, January 12 2018:

Tried both

1) PAUSE and STOP, ENTER hack - no luck
2) With the numbers on the remote - no luck

Does anyone have any new hacks for LG DP132?

PostRegion code hack posted by regionFree4all, January 17 2018:

LG DP132H model, region 2, manufactured October 2017.
Remote is LG COV3366 2803, boxed with player.

Open tray.
Press 000, see region management test mode window
Set to 0
Press pause/step button to save setting and exit
Now plays region 1 discs.

PostRegion code hack posted by Fortex 01, March 10 2018:

Doesn’t work the remote control is different to the description, my model is COV33662707, I press
the “000” and nothing.
Does anyone have any new hacks for LG DP132?

PostRegion code hack posted by Bibi, May 25 2018:

The codes using the remote worked for me.

Model: LG 132H
manufactured February 2018, locked to region 2
remote LG COV33662801

BUT the old CD-R hack did !!!
It's the same as LG DP542H (


Create a directory and subdirectory \RMTM0000\SCARLET\
Create an empty file named KPJC19_1.DVD
Edit the file with a hex editor and set the bytes to: 17 17 8C 00

The file size must be 4 bytes.


If you don't know how to use a hex editor, google for "KPJC19_1.DVD" or "LG montblanc.dvd".
(download link:
and copy it in \RMTM0000\SCARLET\ and (re)name it "KPJC19_1.DVD"


Burn the directory on a CD-R (format ISO-9660, no specific LABEL). I used ImgBurn for Windows.
Make sure the burned CD contains all the directories and the file: \RMTM0000\SCARLET\KPJC19_1.DVD


Now power on your LG 132H drive.
Put your CD in it and a blue menu with pop up asking to choose a new region code.
Enter 0 and press PAUSE to save the new region.

PostRegion code hack posted by majormulatto, June 06 2018:

the 314159 hack works on the region 5 model i just bought. it didn't work on either of the 2 region 1 models i've had. i suspect that many hacks which work on region 2-6 machines won't work on a region 1 machine. it is important, when posting hacks, to include the manufacture date & the machine's region code, since newer region 1 players are mostly not hackable anymore.

PostRegion code hack posted by Mame, June 09 2018:

How to change player to a region 2 from region 1

PostRegion code hack posted by Sheran, June 11 2018:

Thanks for the lg DP123 hack worked great, do you have one for a lg BP240 blue ray DVD if not thanks anyway sheran

PostRegion code hack posted by Stephen, July 22 2018:

The Hack recommended by bakuhack in Feb 2017 for the LG DP 132 worked beautifully. It was simple
and quick and very effective

PostRegion code posted by Tommy, October 17 2018:

Did try all on LG DP132H region 1-nothing works.

PostRegion code hack posted by Rob, Sydney Aus, October 26 2018:

The hack hitting stop then holding
down the enter button for 5 seconds
worked perfectly. Thanks!

PostRegion code hack posted by Mike, October 27 2018:

Thanks so much, bakuhack, for posting this info re the LG DP132 region code hack WITHOUT a remote with numbers!

So I used the hack posted about opening the drawer with EJECT then hitting STOP then pressing ENTER For 5 seconds, and it worked for my model!
Note this was purchased in Costa Rica and it would not play my large collection of DVD's I brought here!

So you saved me from having to drive an hour back to the store to return it and still have no way to play my dvd's!

A million blessings to you sir!

PostRegion code hack posted by Miller, January 19 2019:

I tried the Open tray/Stop/Enter hack and
after about 10 tries it worked. The player
I bought (new) was advertised Region Free
but wouldn't play my DVD and came with no
instructions. Sad I had to "hack" it but
so grateful for the info.

PostRegion code hack posted by grenzi, January 20 2019:

The hack postet February 2017 worked perfect, easy and fast

PostRegion code hack posted by Jaymee, February 27 2019:

The bakuhack worked great on my 132
region 1 model. Thanks! Buying a
132H though soon and hope one of
these suggestions work.

PostRegion code hack posted by medviper, March 07 2019:

does not work on 2016 player, region 1...

PostRegion code hack posted by V, December 25 2019:

I had previously changed the region code on my LG dp132 DVD player from region 4 to region 2 but when I tried to change it
back to region 4 the hack didn't work. So I tried the hack 10 times in a row by following open the disc, press stop & enter
together for 5 seconds & eventually it worked. I changed the region code to 0 & now all dvds work fine.

PostRegion code hack posted by AP, December 29 2019:

Mine was manufactured september 2019, locked to region 2
remote LG COV33662801, but the codes or "open the disc, press stop & enter
together for 5 seconds" don't works... should I try the hack to the death? ;)

PostRegion code hack posted by Greg, February 19 2020:

2019 model, bought & hacked Feb 2020
(Remote has no numbers)
Using remote:
Power on
PRESS “Stop” let it go
And HOLD “Menu”
If done right, the region menu should pop
If not, repeat the last 2 steps only
(Took me 3x at it)

PostRegion code hack posted by Simon, April 16 2020:

I’d just like to clarify that the hack works, but either I misread the hack or it wasn,t clear, so I wanted to add that clarity here.
After opening the tray, you press STOP once, and then press and hold ENTER for a few seconds until the menu comes up for
you to change the region. It works great, I was just previously reading it as press STOP AND ENTER together for 5 seconds,
which doesn't work!

PostRegion code hack posted by danniebwoy, April 17 2020:

LG DP132 hack works 💯 and now watching Fawlty Towers

PostRegion code posted by pat, May 03 2020:

Tried all options with my numberless remote, nothing works. just bought a region 2 now in 2020. dvd was built in
2019. Desperately need to unlock it. thanks in advance...

PostRegion code hack posted by PS, June 08 2020:

Bought mine in 2020, too (with non numeric keypad) and none of the above seems to work. I've tried several combinations on my own
and the only thing i've found so far is -no matter if the tray is open or closed- if you keep pressing the pause button for a 3-4 seconds
the screen flickers and changes to NTSC. If you repeat that step, changes back to PAL. It's pretty useless though, because no region 1
discs would play if it is changed to NTSC.
The other thing that crossed my mind is to use a remote control app on a phone so i can have numbers and try the original hack. i do
have an iPhone so it doesn't come with an IR Blaster but most of androids originally come with. Has anyone tried that?

PostRegion code posted by Depor86, June 15 2020:

I have a LG BH4120S home theather and I can t make it region free. Can somebody help me?

PostRegion code hack posted by Kyo, September 10 2020:

LG DP123 hack worked but with slight
Power on player without disk
Then on remote press eject, stop then
enter for 5 seconds.
It did not work if the disk tray was all
the way out. So press stop before the
tray opens fully. Then hold enter.

PostRegion code hack posted by Jorge, October 04 2020:

Hack dvd lg

PostRegion code hack posted by Jim, September 15 2022:

LG132H dated July 2020. Neither of these hacks work, but I am sure they did in the past. Possble
limited number of times region can be reset?

PostRegion code hack posted by dov, March 04 2023:

Succeeded at last!
Model DP132H manufactured 5/2021 locked to region 2
remote LG COV33662801
Tried using the remote methods and they didn't work.
Then, made a CD-R using the procedure suggested by Bibi (March 2018) and it worked like a charm.
I used Ashampoo Burning Studio Free to make a Data CD.

PostRegion code hack posted by J Schmoe, March 09 2023:

Region 2 model DP132H, manufacture date 18/12/2022

remote LG COV33662801 (has number pad)

None of the hacks using the remote worked for me.

The CD-R method from Bibi did work perfectly.

To make the disk I tried the windows default burn method at first and this failed because it is not ISO9660 format. The player
reported “Rom Err” when reading this disk.

I used ImgBurn to burn the CD correctly to ISO9660 format and this was successful. When this disk was used in the player, the blue
“Region Management Test Mode” panel appeared immediately and I was able to change from region 2 to region 0. Press pause to
save (as shown on the panel)

The player now works with all my region 2 and region 1 disks.

Thanks !

PostRegion code hack posted by Verti, May 26 2023:

For LG DP132H Region 2 Manufactured 01/2023, Remote with NumPad COV33662801

None of Remote hack worked

Burning CD didn't succeed:
I'm under linux Ubuntu 20.04, burning the Directory RMTM000 and sub and File with brasero didn't work

I succeed under CommandLine like this:
Create iso file
genisoimage -r -J -o lg.region.iso --root RMTM0000 Téléchargements/RMTM0000

without --root RMTM0000 only burned SCARLET and file. So don't forget --root

Burning CD (work on Blanked CD-RW Verbatim)
wodim dev=/dev/sg1 -v -data lg.region.iso

to find right device, do:
wodim --devices

To blank the CD-RW do :
wodim -vv dev=/dev/sg1 blank=all

Now my Region 1 DVD work successfully

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