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LG BP250

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March 16, 2024 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Kgbond, July 12 2017:

Take a blank CD-R or CD-RW and burn the file "MontBlanc.dvd" in folder "Violet0000\Rubicon". On
a CD-R or CD-RW will get the following structure "\Violet0000\Rubicon\MontBlanc.dvd", the name of
the CD is irrelevant. File "MontBlanc.dvd" should contain 4 bytes of hexadecimal format, 17, 17,
8C, 00. Good luck.

PostRegion code hack posted by yjk55, September 02 2017:

Unfortunately the steps posted by Kgbond don't work for the North American LG BD250 model .

PostRegion code hack posted by Phil, October 24 2017:

you will need to burn files to disc for this to work

This also works for the

BP 125
BP 175
BP 220
BP 250
BP 255
BP 325
BP 330
BP 350
BP 450
BP 550
BP 556
BP 620
BP 730
BP 736
BP 740

PostRegion code hack posted by talafatuz, December 08 2017:

The method posted by Kgbond really works. Tested on LG BP450. Had to burn it with CD Burner XP in ISO9660+Joliet Level 1 mode.

PostRegion code hack posted by Angel, December 08 2017:

Este software funciona con cualkier equipo
de pc

PostRegion code hack posted by Joshlau, March 10 2018:

I tried that hacking method with my BP250 but it didn't work. The player automatically ejected the DVD without showing the region code page and prompted me to check the DVD.

PostRegion code hack posted by Cantoris, October 20 2018:

I downloaded a copy of MontBlanc.DVD from elsewhere and burnt it in the required folder structure
to a CD-R (finalised) using CDBurnerXP and it correctly patched my August 2018 UK model BP250.

PostRegion code hack posted by beardybrewer, November 30 2018:

Just unlocked dvd region on BP250 from Must use a CD (not DVD) and burn folder
structure and file should be "MontBlanc.dvd". Used built-in CD burner on Win 10: insert CD-R,
select type = dvd player, created folders and file, burned and finalised. Turned player on,
insert disc, turn off, turn on, got the region menu. Press '0' and then pause (those instructions
are on screen).

PostRegion code posted by Trevor, January 13 2019:

This hack worked perfectly for me! Now our trusty LG is region free for DVD. Still locked for
BluRay, but not an issue for us. Thank you so much.

PostRegion code posted by Phil_Coates, February 26 2019:

This works on an LG BP250 purchased in UK Feb 2019. But note following. My first attempt burning a data CD in Linux using Xfburn resulted in a disc which was recognized as a data disc, but with un-useable content. So hack failed.

I burned again on a rewritable DVD (note those insisting only a CD will work!) in XP using Imageburner Portable (vers (yes it's old!)) selecting ISO9660 + Joliet. That last bit seems important.

PostRegion code hack posted by Thomas, May 31 2019:

Canada DVD player to be hacked

PostRegion code hack posted by tchiverton, June 24 2019:

Download the .zip from

Extract the .iso and burn to CDR (k3b on Linux is fine).

Insert disk, turn DVD player off and on.

Select 0, press pause.

Recently purchased from Amazon. Firmware version BD.24088.70911,C. Servo version H16SON0100.

PostRegion code hack posted by Reghana, April 22 2020:

1) Create a folder: Violet0000

2) Inside /Violet0000 create a subfolder: Rubicon

3) Download the MontBlanc.txt file here:

4) Save it in the Rubicon folder as a .dvd file called MontBlanc.dvd (note: DO NOT save it as a text file. Change the file extension. If you cannot see the file extension, select "All File Types" on the extensions tab of the download window)

5) Your folder stucture should be like this: /Violet0000/Rubicon/MontBlanc.dvd

6) Drag and drop the Violet0000 folder (/Violet0000/Rubicon/MontBlanc.dvd) to your prefered CDR burner software.

7) Insert the CDR into your player. A black menu screen will appear with the current region code and a place to select a new region code. Select 0 for universal region.

PS.: If you can't download montblanc-txt file from the link above, try the link below:!CQFz2TAK!1BO7aSN--BFL_sEhneyfVgiQ3ZUzHGinvlycQEvdmpw

PostRegion code hack posted by ALL, April 23 2020:

Como desbloquear reproductor de dvd del equipo LG BP230

PostRegion code hack posted by Cosmoscat, May 23 2020:

I used the MontBlanc region hack by Reghana upto 4) for newly bought LG BP250
I burnt a DATA CD disc using the standard DVD/CD burner on a Windows XP machine (no luck on Win7) and I did NOT close it.
It worked perfectly! I now have a DVD region free(0)player (Blu Ray was already country settable)

Note....I then tried the same Hack CD on a LG BD650 AND IT WORKED ON THAT TOO.

PostRegion code hack posted by Tiberio Cesari, January 21 2021:

The region code hack posted by tchiverton
worked for me, I successfully patched an
LG BP250 blu-ray player purchased in
Italy, january 2021.

Download the .zip from

Extract the .iso and burn to CDR (k3b on
Linux is fine).

Insert disk, turn DVD player off and on.

Select 0, press pause.

Anyway the first attempt to burn the iso
on a CD RW with Nero Express didn't work,
I had to burn it with CD Burner XP in
ISO9660+Joliet Level 1 mode.

PostRegion code hack posted by jqv, May 15 2021:

Download LG-Multi-Region.ZIP posted by promo7uk from
Size: 651 bytes, md5sum 574cd7910ce3bf287c5d70eab959c613

Extract image file "LG-Multi-Region.iso" from the Zip Archive.

Burn the file to CDR with your favourite authoring software, I used Brasero.

Pop the disc into your LG BD250, mine was purchased in Sweden in May 2021, Firmware MAIN VER: BD.24088.90614C SERVO VER: H16S0N0100

A black screen with blue borders appear with text:
Region Management Test Mode
Current EEPROM_Region_Code 2
Press new region number(0-6) -
PRESS PAUSE key to exit.

Press 0 and the pause key on your remote.


I had some trouble finding the zip archive and tried to make my own burning CDR 3 times without luck, but the fourth time using the ISO worked for me, very happy being able to see my old US DVD again :)

Hope this is useful for somebody else.

PostRegion code hack posted by Gonza_ec_86, June 01 2021:

The hack with the CD (rubicon) works with th model bh4120s

PostRegion code hack posted by ktj, November 19 2021:

I can confirm that the MontBlanc DVD hack still works on the LG UBK80 as of today (UK, region 2). I
bought my player yesterday and burned the Mont Blanc CDR today. I tried it in the player and the
screen to change region codes came up instantly. I pressed 0 as suggested and now I can play all my
old region 1s.

I just burned a CDR with the original instructions (download the MontBlanc text file, change the
ending to .DVD, keep the directory structure as mentioned). It absolutely will work if you follow the
instructions exactly (must be a writeable CD, not a DVD). I used the burner built in to Windows 10
without any problems.

PostRegion code hack posted by Gerardo Jesús, August 06 2022:

Break region code.

PostRegion code hack posted by Teddy Rosevelt, August 17 2022:

Just giving the thumbs up saying the hack still works in August of 2022 in the UK.

Hack being to download the Montblanc file and changing the filetype to .dvd instead of .txt putting it
into a folder named Rubicon inside a folder named Violet0000 (so Violet0000/Rubicon/Montblanc.dvd) and
burning it onto a cdr (I used CdBurnerXP) as a Iso DVD of files.

Didn't finalise the disc (but this can probably be done as well).

Popped it into the BluRay player and the menu popped up, changing the region from 2 to 0. And now
Region 1 as well as the usual Region 2 dvds work. (BluRay's I don't know as I only have Region 2
BluRays but it's probably only for the dvd).

PostRegion code hack posted by dipper, February 14 2024:

The download link from Reghana and the black screen advice from jqv worked great on a BP250
today. It did not work on a Mac superdrive, so had to use an old windows 10 laptop with external drive
to burn the disk. Thanks everyone.

PostRegion code hack posted by person523, March 16 2024:

I downloaded Reghana's link as well. Worked well. Windows 11, no special software needed. My
first disc burning after 14 years with Windows only so here are some additional observations too.

1. Insert empty disc in CD/DVD reader/writer. In my case I used a regular Maxell CD-R.
2. You may get a notification similar to this "BD-ROM Drive (X:) Select what happens with blank
CDs.". Ignore this.
3. Open Windows File Manager (File/Windows Explorer). You should see your drive with the disc appear
there after some time under "This PC".
4. Click your newly added drive icon in File Manager. There should be a dialog asking about two
options: "How do you want to use this disc?" Option 1: "Like a USB flash drive". Option 2: "With a
CD/DVD player". Select Option 2. Click Next.
5. You will see you disc with "Files Ready to be Written to to the Disc". You can do any changes
here, they won't be written to the disc until you select the "Burn to disc" from step 7.
6. Unzip the Reghana's files and copy-paste all files. The root folder should be "Violet0000".
Observe there is also Rubicon folder and under this folder there is MontBlanc.dvd file.
7. Now that you are 100% sure all files are there, over the File Explorer window press shift on the
keyboard and secondary mouse button. This should bring up a context menu with many options. One of
the menu options should read "Burn to disc". Select this.
8. The files will be permanently burned to disc now. No changes possible after this step. I selected
the slowest writing speed too, just to be sure.

After burning I wasn't sure about the file system. I checked it and the disc was burned with "UDF"
file system. Then I inserted it in the LG BP250. And it worked! The "Region Management Test Mode"
screen was displayed, selected 0 and selected pause. And that's it. Just to confirm that this works
with UDF (no Joliet required) and regular/default hardware/software there is now.

Note: If you somehow turn off the power with this disc in the LG BP250 and start again then a "No
disc" or similar message may be shown. For this to work the LG BP250 should be in fully booted mode
(with menus shown on screen). Only after the LG BP250 is fully booted up it will detect the the
burned disc, not before.

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