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November 16, 2019 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by snuggles71, May 14 2016:

1. With the unit powered on, open the disk tray.
2. on your remote, hit Setup, 8, 5, 2, 0
3. Viola! DVD/BD region hack!

PostRegion code hack posted by Surfacin9, June 24 2016:

The following suggestion DOES NOT WORK.
1. With the unit powered on, open the disk tray.
2. on your remote, hit Setup, 8, 5, 2, 0
3. Viola! DVD/BD region hack!

1. There is no "disk tray" on LG BH9540TW, it's just a DVD slot.
2. The remote control for LG BH9540TW doesn't even have a "Setup" button.
3. I tried "8,5,2,0" several different ways with several different buttons, nothing works.

PostRegion code posted by jan0009683, August 01 2016:

The above is true. This region hack does not seem to work for this specific player.

PostRegion code hack posted by rogianc, November 16 2019:

BabyZ CD-R hack

1) Create a folder: Violet0000

2) Inside /Violet0000 create a subfolder: Rubicon

3) Download the MontBlanc.txt file here:

4) Save it in the Rubicon folder as a .dvd file called MontBlanc.dvd (note: DO NOT save it as a
text file. Change the file extension. If you cannot see the file extension, select "All File
Types" on the extensions tab of the download window)

5) Your folder stucture should be like this: /Violet0000/Rubicon/MontBlanc.dvd

6) Drag and drop the Violet0000 folder (/Violet0000/Rubicon/MontBlanc.dvd) to your prefered CDR
burner software.

7) Insert the CDR into your player. A black menu screen will appear with the current region
code and a place to select a new region code. Select 0 for universal region.

PS.: If you can't download montblanc-txt file from the link above, try the link below:!CQFz2TAK!1BO7aSN--BFL_sEhneyfVgiQ3ZUzHGinvlycQEvdmpw

I suggest using BabyZ's!CQFz2TAK!1BO7aSN--BFL_sEhneyfVgiQ3ZUzHGinvlycQEvdmpw

and unzipping the file into a folder then copying the folder /Violet0000/Rubicon/MontBlanc.dvd on to a blank cd-r.

It worked on my BH9350TW! Well done BabyZ!

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