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Koss KD260

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January 14, 2005 Post region code/hack comment
PostOther hack posted by Sergio, November 09 2002:

Enabling playing VCDs:

You have to enable the VCD function by first inserting a regular audio CD, then when it starts playing press stop and wait for the menu to appear. On the numeric keypad of the remote control press the number 1, 5 and 9 buttons in sequence. The VCD enable menu will appear.
Again on the remote control, press the number 1 button to enable the VCD function. Press the Disc Eject button to remove the Audio CD and end the programming. The KD-260 will now accept and play VCD's.

-- FireSoul

PostRegion code hack posted by Sergio (, November 09 2002:

Region code hack.

Follow this simple procedure.
Power up the unit, press the eject button (so that the disk tray is open.
Press 1, 6 and 7 on the remote.
The region menu appears waiting for you to select a region (1 to 6).
Press 0 for all regions.

That's it!

PostOther hack posted by Toby DaBrit, November 16 2002:

Remove the Dealer lock if the Disc is stuck in the Drive

Try holding down the stop button on the front of the unit, while at the same time pressing and holding the power button on the remote. The display will then change to say that it is unlocked.

BTW I have returned my Koss DVD player, as it doesn'y play all DVD's. I tried to play a DVD, which works in 5 DVD players I tested in Radio Shack, contacted Koss and they blamed it on the disc. My Sanyo DVD player I now have, works fine.

PostOther hack posted by Toby DaBrit, November 16 2002:

Firmware Upgrade instructions

Step One:

BURN the upgrade file to CD-R or CD-RW

1. Save the file “upgr XXXX” as “download.bin” from the email to your hard drive.
2. Open your CD burning program
3. Using the ISO9660 format, burn the file to a CD-R or CD-RW.
4. Ensure that you finalize the CD-R or CD-RW
5. No other files may be placed on this CD – R or RW.

Step Two:

Upgrading The DVD Firmware

Only use the Remote Control keys to perform the following!
Do not press any other keys during the procedure.

With the DVD connected and turned on and the main menu showing on the TV:

1. Open the DVD Drawer
2. Insert a CD-R/RW with the file “download.bin” on it. Do not close drawer yet!
3. In the DVD player’s main menu, press “7” then “6” then “0”.
4. The hidden software upgrade menu will appear on the TV screen.
6. Press “1” to select upgrade
7. Press 'Open/Close' key to close the drawer
8. The display and screen will show “Reading” and then the screen will go black.
9. After some 30 seconds a colour bar pattern will appear on the TV screen.
10. Power off the player. Leave it for 10 seconds and then turn it back on and remove the upgrade disc.

The New Firmware is now installed.


Any bookmarks or default settings that you had on the old software will have been erased.
You will now need to re-do your settings again for Language, audio setup, digital setup, parental lock and so on

PostRegion code hack posted by Catalin, November 16 2002:

I have figured out a secret combination of keys on the front panel of the unit:

switch on the DVD player while pressing the PLAY key (on the front panel). You will see that the unit is starting a sort of test with all kinds of messages being shown up on the display.I guess this also works for Ortron DVD 200 and other similar DVD player based on the STI558 chip (or so). You could to the same thing while pressing both play and stop buttons and check what is happening. MAYBE SOMEBODY OUT THERE CAN FIGURE OUT HOW TO DISABLE ONCE ENA FOREVER THAT ANNOYING MACROVISION

PostOther hack posted by Koss Guy, December 03 2002:

Koss 260 (Oritron DVD2117)

With no disk in player
STOP, 1,6,7 is the Region Selection menu, 0=ALL
STOP, 7,6,0 is a firmware Status / Upgrade page

With an Audio CD in the player
STOP,1,5,9 gets the VCD enable menu, 1=Enabled

While Unit is ON
press and Hold STOP on front panel, press power on the remote - Toggles Dealer Lock ON/OFF (This is used to prevent customers removing a sample CD from a display model)

Unplug unit
Press and Hold the Power button while plugging the unit into power outlet.
- Units displays firmware date?
- Press PLAY, all display elements flash 3 times, then cycle through all elements once.
- Press Eject (Open) and unit will display the Oritron Model number
- Press Power and unit remains in a Key Test mode until unplugged

Oritron staff are reported to say that there is a way to turn off Macrovision, but to date, I have not uncovered their secret...

PostRegion code hack posted by sje, February 12 2004:

I have tried the hack code for Koss KD260 with my KD260-2, but it still does not play well some DVD movies, anyone can help this out?


PostOther hack posted by ggforrest, January 14 2005:

This forum lists a firmware upgrade hack without having to shut off the player etc. ... 1;t=004445

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