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KiSS DP-450

12 user region code comments

January 26, 2006 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by J.Bergh, December 08 2002:

You will need a PC and a screwdriver.....

PostRegion code hack posted by Jon, March 16 2003:

The latest KISS DP450's seem to have the remote hack removed!
open-clear-2-7-6 brings up a hidden menu without thr option to chnage regions.
Anyone else stuck on this one?

PostRegion code hack posted by Piotr Cierniak, April 11 2003:

How to unlock KiSS DP 450 into region free... next click link 'Audio-Video', and Kiss...
Have a fun :-)

PS. >> The site is in Polish but there is a link to english site too...

PostRegion code posted by adslone, May 05 2003:

I discovered that if you install the 2.51 firmware, macrovision is disabled ! So you can copy dvds to vhs without problems !!



PostOther hack posted by Ploegske, May 23 2003:

HOT! H&B released firmware for their version of the Kiss-player. The firmware for the H&B player now enables DivX 3.11 and is standard MacroVision free!

See for details.
Download firmware, burn as ISO image and update accordingly. Your player now reports as a H&B, but who cares anyway in exchange for DivX 3.11??

PostOther hack posted by paul, May 24 2003:

this is an firmwere update whitch will let you play divx 3.11 on your kiss 450 dvd player go to this link . i have tested it it is spot on

PostRegion code hack posted by , July 06 2003:

DP-450/500 with 1712 drives.Region code hack for firmware 2.6.7 and 2.6.8 :

Download it and read README-file.

PostRegion code hack posted by Big, August 31 2003:

Right now it's possible to make this player region-free with all DVD drives models. Just take a look at and do it yourself - it's amazingly easy!

PostOther hack posted by Cmot Dibbler, January 26 2004:

VGA & HDTV video out!!! by Ruiner

If you press "open, clear, 2,7,6" you gain access to a hidden menu that lets you select on SCART: YPbPr 480p, 720p, 1080i and VGA 800x600-600x1200 @50, 60, 75 HZ

PostRegion code hack posted by Pickle, February 25 2004:

Found region change patch for KiSS models 450 470 500 508, here : -

PostRegion code hack posted by RR, March 13 2004:

I found 2.8.0 "patched" firmwares PAL and NTSC for KiSS DP-450, DP-500 and DP-508 at

PostOther hack posted by lordsmurf, January 26 2006:

For KISS DP-450,470,500,508
Firmware files mirrored here:

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