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August 08, 2003 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Gansta Grannie, January 17 2003:

if u have the system on standby and hold << >> both of them on the system and turn it on it displays Region --

then after a while it goes to Region 1

I tryed finding out a way to see if u can change it but no. just wanted to tell it to see if this would help someone trying to figure a hack for this dvd player.

PostRegion code hack posted by Matt, March 08 2003:

Also, when you have the menu that says '33 45 39' (I'm in Canada ... and I have the XV-S502, and at least that is what mine says after the TEST JC item.), press the 'On Screen' button to cycle through a few more screens. Mine shows '5500 0228200' on the next screen and then '2.0---------' on the last screen.

I really think that switching the region code is done somehow by holding down the << and >> buttons on the unit while powering on (giving the Region X screen). Maybe some sequence of numbers on the keypad gives you access? I find this really frustrating!

PostRegion code hack posted by Sho Kusogi, March 31 2003:

Okay. I have the JVC XV-S502SL Version. I really believe that whatever is used to hack the 500 is the same as the 502. I currently do not know how to do this but I have found some information. If you go to they will tell you about how to reset the DVD Player to factory settings. So sorry Mark Hooper. I don't think anyone can contact JVC to tell us how to change the region setting, only reset it. Well, this is how you reset it:

1. Make sure there is not Disc in the tray.
2. Shut off the unit and unplug it from the AC outlet.
3. While presing both PLAY and STOP buttons on the fron panel reconnect the power cord
4. On the front panel "TEST************" will be displayed
5. Press PAUSE button on the front panel.
6. Wait until green indicator will light up (PROGRESSIVE light--after approx. 10 seconds) on the front panel.
7. Turn the power off and unit is ready to use.

Well, I guess this helps out Mark but we still need that hack.(So close yet so far)

PostRegion code hack posted by wolssiloa, May 06 2003:

I found some hacks for other JVC DVD players on this site:

unfornately I am not at home right now to test it because I'm off at college, but some of the steps on the DVD players seem interesting. After getting into the mode repeated several times here, some of the hacks give numbers to change the region. Maybe there is a similarity here and a region hack can be found for XV-S500BK and XV-S502SL.
I am desperate for hack, so if anyone can figure this out, I'm sure many people would be grateful.

PostRegion code hack posted by Cesar, August 08 2003:

Forget it all. There's no way to hack this machine (and her brothers/sisters) other than a hardware modification. I've been waiting months for a remote or "soft" hack and finally gave up on the idea. Took my XV-S500BK to a qualified electronics technician and that's it. Now it is multizone.

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