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October 16, 2005 Post region code/hack comment
PostOther hack posted by ThyPentacle, June 23 2005:

Conversion to CyberHome 1600 with ability to burn both + and - media. This may only be possible with the ZU units and not the MU ones... not sure... anyways here it is...

Just a note on the Ilo DVDR05. I have one of these and it records tapes
with macrovision just fine as long as you use the coax input on the
recorder to recieve the signal. Also, this player is convertable to a
CyberHome 1600 firmware with the ability to burn both + and - media. If
you want to upgrade the firmware on the ilo you must get the matching
firmware from cyberhome (zu or mu), install the loader without trouble,
then change the text in the file 'UPGRADE.VER' on the system firmware
(back end) to this or the ilo will not upgrade!

-----below this line----don't include this text----

-----above this line----don't include this text----

Also note, not sure if this is needed, but I think you have to name the
modified 'back end' CD you create 'DVDR05_ZU' as the label (if you have
a ZU... MU if you have that). It's trial and error, just play around
with all this and you'll figure it out. All in all keep in mind this is
a three step process... 1: Create Front End CD with iso image from
cyberhome and install... 2: Create Back End CD with iso image from
cyberhome and copy over files to modify from it 'UPGRADE.VER' remake CD
with changed file and install... 3: Install original Back End CD over
the changed one and use the settings menu to load all system
defaults.... all done. :)

This works fine with the current version of cyberhome's firmware (70)
NOT TESTED WITH ANY OTHER VERSION. However once you get this to stick,
you can now with no trouble at all update the firmware as normal with
cyberhome updates.

Firmware is here BTW:­oads.asp?Product=1600

Use at your own risk, but it worked fine for me... and if it fails just
take the ilo back and get another one.


PostRegion code hack posted by EGO, July 10 2005:

I've got a iLO DVDR05 model ZU at Walmart two days ago.
To hack region just insert the DVD and it will show "Wrong Region".
When in stop mode you can type the "Title" number and it will play that title.
When in play mode you can type the "Chapter" number and it will jump to that chapter.
You can see the titles and chapter available by pressing DISPLAY at the remote.
DVD MENU key at remote does not work and shows "Wrong region" however you can try another trick.
DVD menu is normally title 0 but it will refuse to jump to title 0. If you jump to any other title (3 for example) at the end it will return automaticaly to title 0 that is the DVD menu.
This is useful to change audio and subtitle languages that sometimes also do not work using the remote.
I've tested several region 4 DVDs. Some of them just play normally. Some other require the steps above to get to main menu.
The only thing I miss is that the TV receiver only works in NTSC. PAL signal comes in black and white. Dish channels work fine if you change the output to NTSC.

PostOther hack posted by Ray, August 15 2005:

ILO is a brand sold exclusively by WalMart.
ILO-DVDR04 units were re-branded Lite-On machines.
ILO-DVDR05 units are re-branded Cyberhome 1600 ZU machines, exactly the same as those sold at Target, K-Mart and BestBuy.

There are no known macrovision hacks for Cyberhome machines.
No hackers are bothering to hack cyberhome firmware, since so much work has already been done on the Lite-On series.

PostOther hack posted by freebird1963, September 05 2005:

I just wanted to confirm ThyPentacles steps.
I did it and my unit now says Cyberhome on boot up.
the old version info was
main Z18.
loader 097NDX

main zch_18.
loader 105NDX

However he says in step 3 to put in the original back end disk and restore, when I did the machine never did anything.
That might be cuz I hit restore before putting in disks tho.

I tried cyberhome 1600 hacks but nothing worked so not sure if this really did anything .

PostRegion code hack posted by johnvan, October 16 2005:

I found this on another web site and it worked for me.

Have just got a hold of one of the DVDR05/MU July 2005 bios 413/105n these are just starting to show up in the Walmarts now and can be made region free with the following hack.

To change setting from region 1 to the region of your choice:
1. Power on the player
2. With the remote control press set up.
3. With the remote control press the following sequence of
numbers: 1, 6, 9, 5, 1, 8.
4. A hidden menu will appear.
5. Choose your required region from 0-9
6. Region 0 sets the player to multiregional.
7. Exit the menu and power off and then power on. The player
will now be set to the region of your choice.

If the above don,t work try

1. Press Setup
2. Press Rec
3. Press 8,1,0,5
4. Press Rec
5. Select the region code with the number keys or the navigation keys. 0 for Multiregion.
6. Press Setup to return from the setup menu

The first one worked on mine, also this same hack works on the CyberHome DVR1600/MU I verified this on both units.
Note this hack will not work on any of the DVDR05/ZU units as they use a different chip set.

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