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December 15, 2008 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Werner, July 19 2006:

SETUP drücken
Mit der Taste RECHTS den Code auf 255 ändern.

PostRegion code hack posted by steve, October 06 2006:

This method does work.

PostRegion code hack posted by Daniel, November 19 2006:

turn on the unit
Press SETUP.
Press FF ( >> ), FB ( << ), Next( >>1 ), Previous key (1<< )
Region code shows up
Change the code to 255 using right Arrow.
Press SETUP to finish.

PostRegion code hack posted by Chris A, November 27 2006:

its worth pointing out that you need to use the remote to do this - the other posts don't. But it does work - thanks

PostRegion code hack posted by Carol, December 23 2006:

One tip for people who are new to this stuff, once you go into "setup" there is no need to select anything further. The numbers you need will appear at the top of the screen. It will go through all the single digit regions and then after 6 it goes to 255. My remote was a little sluggish and I had to try a couple of times, but yes, it worked, and there will be one happy little boy here on Christmas morning.

PostRegion code posted by Lyssis, April 19 2007:

You're gonna have to press the buttons pretty quickly a few times to get the region numbers to come up on the top right corner. The method works. I just tried it when I got my DVD player today. :)

PostRegion code hack posted by MJE, August 22 2007:

As the others say, make sure the player is empty (usually a good rule of
thumb for all of these fully functional hacks).

Using the remote:

Press setup,

then the >>

and then, in the upper right hand of the screen, you'll see the number the
player is currently set on, and then you use the arrow keys (around the enter
button), specifically the left one if you want to go to 255, which is the same
as region 0 on many other players.

PostRegion code hack posted by chankj, November 06 2008:

This hack does not seem to work anymore on newer unit. I found it the forum of user indicating this is related to new HW change by Coby. I got my unit from

PostRegion code hack posted by merethe, December 15 2008:

I got this from Coby Tech Help:
Open the DVD tray
On the remote, press Menu
Type 8888 (you will just see asterics in the top left corner)
Press Display
You will see the region code
Press 0 for code free
Press Setup

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