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Alba DVD108

28 user region code comments

March 05, 2004 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by, August 05 2002:

region free hack

to make the alba dvd108 region free:
1- press the 'pal/ntsc'
2- press menu
3- press 0

insert any region dvd and it will play fine in ful colour!

PostOther hack posted by Styxx, September 16 2002:

VCD hack

To play VCDs insert disk
As drawer shuts start pressing GOTO
VCD menu will drop down enter start time (00.00 or 00.01)
press play

This relys on timing any may take some getting used to - but it does work

PostOther hack posted by BoNeZ, September 17 2002:

For VCD / SVCD playback

Insert VCD/SVCD, as soon as tray goes in, repeately press 1

Timing and the many hits of the key determines if it works.
When it does, youll get a track number, just press 1 then enjoy... :)

PostOther hack posted by tom, October 21 2002:

instead of pressing 1 a number of times as the tray closes,,press one of the other number buttons instead a number of times,,still timming related,,you`ll get a stop symbol on screen,,then just press 1 once and the vcd\\svcd will play,,

PostRegion code hack posted by james williams, October 30 2002:

1.turn on player with no disc in it pause type in 314159
4.the word COdE should appear guikly press 0
5.turn player off then on again place in the disc and it should work

PostOther hack posted by Richard Newall, November 04 2002:

To play VCD`s

Cut`N`Pasted from

posted by Buzz_Lightyear on Friday, 1st November 2002, 08:21 Forum: Hack Help
Although this is not a permament hack for VCD, it is something interesting that I discovered last night !
I was bought the Alba DVD 108 in Spetember for my birthday. After looking at the Argus catalogue, I too noticed that the model in the picture said that it was SVCD compliant. Excellent ! I had managed to gather a multitute of VCDS and was playing them on an old VCD player and this was the perfect opportunity to Upgrade the machine without loosing my movies. So I sat back and was prepared to watch a VCD - INCORRECT DISK FORMAT ! Bugger !
I have been following this thread since September. I have tried all the available hacks listed but last night I decided to have a look in the 2812 Secret Menu. Once I opened the menu, I accidently closed the tray (manually- not using the close button or remote) with a VCD on board. The player loaded the disc and the Stop icon appeared. I then pressed the GOTO and entered 0000 and guess what - IT PLAYED ! I couldn't believe my eyes - I checked through about 30 VCDS and they all worked. I know that this is not the Permanent solution we are all looking for, but it's better than trying the annoying GOTO hack !

This does work!!!
and is considerably easier than any of the other VCD hacks...

PostOther hack posted by Buzz_Lightyear, November 05 2002:

VCD Hack

The hack below (which I posted on DVD Reviewer as I did not know that this site existed) works on all VCD's that I have tried. Good luck all this for under 70 !!

PostOther hack posted by Pugs, November 30 2002:

The goto one does work im playing Bad Company right now

PostRegion code hack posted by sam, December 16 2002:

to play vcd/svcd open the tray press then enter.then a secret menu appears.push in the tray with a vcd/svcd on board.wait a second and a stop icon appears in the top left 1 and it wiil play

PostRegion code hack posted by natalie, December 16 2002:

put the vcd in, close tray with remote, press menu repeatedly (but not too fast) when you hear the disk loading press 1 repeatedly, (again not too fast). there you go dosent always work first time but it does work

PostOther hack posted by ian, and george, December 16 2002:

re alba 108xi,
to play vcd. svcd's, insert your cd, press program on the menu then enter, press program again, and then press play.

PostRegion code hack posted by George, December 17 2002:

To Play vcd. svcd`s on ALBA DVD108xi Insert the CD and close tray with remote...Press Program. change to 01 the press enter...Press Program Again Then Play

PostRegion code hack posted by Goodfellows, December 19 2002:

Just got a new dvd player today 70 argos, alba dvd 108, was dissapointed it didnt play vcds, then my friend gave me this, and it works. -
- put the vcd in, close tray with remote, press menu repeatedly (but not too fast) when you hear the disk loading press 1 repeatedly, (again not too fast). there you go dosent always work first time but it does work

PostRegion code hack posted by alan, December 21 2002:

open drawer press set up and goto custom then type 3333. goto code 0 press enter then setup. thats it

PostRegion code hack posted by RAB-D, December 28 2002:


PostOther hack posted by Mad Bob, January 02 2003:

The simplest way to play VCD/SVCD on this player is as follows.

-Put the disk in
-Wait for stop to appear and dissapear from the screen
-Press 1 on the control and wait.

The film will play.

PostRegion code hack posted by Rob, February 06 2003:

Region Code Hack for Alba 108xi

1. Power On.
2. Open Tray.
3. Press SETUP.
4. Display the CUSTOM SETUP menu.
5. Press 3333.
6. Select Region 0 from the menu.

PostOther hack posted by Matt Mcallister, February 08 2003:

I have figured out a better VCD hack than having to time the pressing of buttons as the tray goes in. Put the disc in and wait for it to say stop on-screen, press the program button twice and the LCD display should shoe the length of the disc then press 1 and wait about 5 seconds and the disc will play.

PS This is on the ALBA DVD108xi version.

PostOther hack posted by Andy P, February 23 2003:

To Play any VCD - The DVD player is actually VCD compatible but is accessed slightly different to it predecessor which auto detected them

Insert a VCD disk
Wait until the stop is displayed
type in the time index numberically
or just simply press 1 on the keypad to start from the begining.

Viola - easy VCD on Your Alba DVD108Xi


PostOther hack posted by skinio, March 12 2003:

vcd hack. put disk in tray close with open button on remote. continuously press goto when stop appears press goto again type in any number 1 or 5 etc then hit play. voila

PostOther hack posted by Matt McAllister, March 27 2003:

I have figured out exactley what the deal is with the VCD playback, I found this out while learning how to create my own VCDs, anyway when you put the VCD in and wait for it to display stop and then press the program button twice this will show you an lcd display telling you the number of chapters and the total length of the disc, after that you press the number of the chapter you want to view, so pressing 1 will access chapter 1 and 2 will access 2 etc. If the disc only has one chapter then obviously you can only get the first chapter which is the start of the disc.

PostRegion code hack posted by Ian bentley, August 05 2003:

The only hack that works with my player is the region code 2812 etc. I dont get a stop sign on the screen it just's spits the disk out saying "incorect disk format" It seems that this product is region free out off the box any body got any ideas got 15 days left to take it back to argos :-(

PostRegion code hack posted by Nick, August 20 2003:

@ Dave Roberts

The DVD108Xi is a similar looking, but cimpletely different machine. It should IMO have a separate listing. However I found this whilst looking for a DVD108 hack. It's worth a look!

PostOther hack posted by Madam Ant, August 20 2003:

I don't have a hack, but I just bought the Alba 108/B and cannot get it to play vcds, does any one know if there is a hack available for this dvd player, as it is driving me mad, I have tried everything, it looks exactly like the 108, but the secret menu is different and the play features and txt and stuff, are different, you can still get the secret menu up with 2812, but nothing happens at all when you push the tray shut, it just stays there on the menu.

PostOther hack posted by DjStevie, September 08 2003:

Surely some1 must know a vcd hack for this new alba 108/d? Seems strange that every other revision has a hack but not this 1 , or maybe no1 has found it yet :-( tried EVERY other 1 i,ve seen but still nothin works im sure it will have something to do with entering a code when the tray is out so if any1 has any ideas i,d greatly appreciate it cheers.

PostOther hack posted by WALSHY, October 28 2003:

A BIG Thanks to Matt Mcallister for the vcd hack for the ALBA 108xi,it works well

all you do is.....

1),put vcd in,and when you see the stop on top right press PROGRAM x2 you will see on the lcd screen on the dvd player say how lomg the vcd is

2),press 1 and it will play after 5 secs

once again THANKS Matt McAllister (you rock)

PostRegion code hack posted by DEAN HARMAN, January 08 2004:


PostRegion code hack posted by g williamson, March 05 2004:

alba 108 xi
switch on dvd player with tray out and dvd loaded
let the dvd load, press prog, press 01 then enter,
press prog again then play then 01 again.
dvd will start up automatically
works every time!!!

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