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The KMPlayer/KMP+ is a versatile media player which can cover various types of container format such as DVD, AVI, MKV, MP4, FLV, Ogg Theora, OGM, 3GP, MPEG-1/2/4, WMV, RealMedia, and QuickTime among others. It handles a wide range of subtitles and allows you to capture audio, video, and screenshots in many ways. The player provides both internal and external filters with a fully controlled environment in terms of connections to other splitters, decoders, audio/video transform filters and renderers without grappling with the DirectShow merit system. Internal filters are not registered to user's system to keep it from being messed up with system filters. Bundleware alert! The installation is bundled with adware like browser toolbars, software suggestions, etc. Full description.

Win Win

Version: / 4.0 Beta History


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  Latest version: / 4.0 Beta (January 06, 2015)

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Download KMPlayer (direct link) (34.2MB)

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Download KMPlayer 4.0 Beta (direct link)

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User options:
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Version history / Release notes / Changelog:

No changelog

KMP 4.0 Open Beta! (called )

When you want to see a Video? We Play ALL! KMPlayer.
Hello everyone, this is the KMP Team.
If you find any problems please email with a link of the file.

View full changelog

All features / Full description:
Supported Files or Devices

* Incomplete/Damaged AVI file (Skip Damaged Frames)
* Locked Media Files while downloading or sharing (with realtime index rebuilding under certain condition: AVI downloading in consecutive order)
* Incoming Stream delivered via HTTP (ASF/OGG/MP3/AAC/MPEG PS/MPEG TS: Only works with KMP splitters)
* Directshow playback (avi, mkv, mov, mp4, 3gp, ogg theora, ogm, rmvb, mpeg1/2, vob, wmv, dvr-ms, http:// etc including almost every audio formats)
o Async File Source (network) filter for memory caching
o Compressed Audio Album Support (zip, rar)
o Shoutcast (Including NSV), Icecast
o DTS Wave, AC3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, Monkey's Audio, Musepack, FLAC/Ogg FLAC, Modules (MOD, S3M, MTM, UMX, XM and IT), AMR, ALAC, WavPack, TTA etc
o Native (ansi/unicode) Cue Sheet Support
o Google Video (GVI), Flash Video (FLV), Nullsoft Streaming Video (NSV), PMP
* Real Engine + Directshow (needs Real Player or Alternative or its decoders)
o Supports the playback and seeking of multirate real media files (surestream clips) with KMP RealMedia splitter
o Almost all Real Media files are supported (directshow).
* QuickTime Engine + Directshow (needs QuickTime player or Alternative or its decoders)
o The verified MOV samples with KMP mp4/mov splitter (directshow)
+ MOV[H264/AVC1+AAC], MOV[H264+AC3]
o Almost all MP4s are supported(directshow).
* Mplayer Engine Support
* Winamp Input Plugin (decoder) Support
* DVD playback, ratDVD support (needs ratDVD filters)
o Audio CD (2000, XP only / Win9x-Support by winamp plugin)
o Video CD/SVCD/XCD : CDXA Format (2000, XP only)
o VCD Image File (BIN/ISO/IMG/NRG) ; NRG needs mplayer.dll
* WDM device support like TV/HDTV/Camera/Cam etc
* Adobe Flash (SWF)/FLC/FLI
* Various Image files like png, gif etc

Alternative to KMPlayer:
GOM Player
GOM Video Converter
Kantaris Media Player
Media Player Classic
VLC media player
Zoom Player

Guides and How to's:
No guides/tutorials, submit guides here.

Acronyms / Also Known As:
The KMPlayer, The KM Player, KM Player, KMP


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-Drag & Drop DVD's (VIDEO_TS) caused KMPlayer to repeatedly hang
(process needs to be 'killed' using taskmanager)

-KMPlayer started off displaying videos 'vertically stretched' - requiring me to resize the window

-This whilst using KMPlayer's default settings on a Windows 7 x64 system

VLC did not have this issue, so it was clearly a KMPlayer issue
Potplayer had the same issues

That aside, KMPlayer settings are really overwhelming.
I think the developers should do the same thing as VLC:
a. a basic setup section
b. an advanced/expert section (only visible when selected)

Posted January 04, 2015 by . Tool version using OS Windows 7 64-bit
Ease of use 6 of 10 Functionality 6 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 6 of 10

Make a Kmplayer portable with no ads:
- exctract installer with 7zip.
- delete all the folders that start with $
- make a folder named Logo, place inside an empty file named Index.htm
- start Kmplayer and select to save setings to ini file.

Posted September 29, 2014 by . Tool version using OS Windows 8 64-bit
Ease of use 10 of 10 Functionality 10 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 10 of 10

Sticking with version KMPlayer_3.6.0.87.

Posted March 19, 2014 by . Tool version 3.8 using OS Windows 7 64-bit
Ease of use 8 of 10 Functionality 9 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 8 of 10

Superb player! It can plays hi-res movies in low system requirements..

Posted November 30, 2013 by . Tool version using OS WinXP
Ease of use 10 of 10 Functionality 10 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 10 of 10

I used to love this program and had it on all my computers/devices (all eight of them). But, after "updating" to the 3.7 version, especially after "updating" to, it is clear they are no longer updating the media player elements of the program, only the adware and connection-hogging elements.

I've uninstalled it from all my devices because the "updates" were such a disappointment and it was quite difficult to dig out all the slime KMPlayer put on them. I may try PotPlayer again, but that has always been a connection hog as well (try running PotPlayer with a program called "TCP View" running in the background to see how many times PotPlayer tries to connect to various websites). I know a lot of people love PotPlayer, but I will not use programs that keep sending my online activities off to other websites for dubious uses, and that is my experience with this otherwise fine software.

[And for those who may say that it is easy to opt-out of the KMPlayer's adware installers, well, no, it's not. Any system I did not have protected with a software firewall got hammered with toolbars and background processes, even though I distinctly did not choose any of them. Plus, when I'm done watching a video, I want to stop the media player; well, KMPlayer won't let you do that--it stays running, goes to a white screen, and tries to display something--not quite sure what because this was on a tightly-firewalled system, but if you put the mouse cursor over the player window it changes to the "busy" cursor no matter how long you let it run. You can only stop this behavior by completely closing the program and looking for and stopping its other components in the task manager.]

So, now I am using--and am quite happy with--a program I previously shunned because of its kinda-clunky nature: VLC. It is so refreshing because it does what it says it does, only what it says it does, and does it pretty darned well, too.

Unless there's some sort of miracle on the part of The KMPlayer's developer/developers, I'm certain I won't be going back to it, which really ticks me off, frankly. They took a fantastic program and turned it into unadulterated trash all through greed. So long, KMPlayer!
Bonjour, VLC!

Posted October 31, 2013 by . Tool version using OS Windows 7
Ease of use 7 of 10 Functionality 6 of 10 Value for money 5 of 10 Overall score 5 of 10

I have been using The KMPlayer for *years* now on all my PCs and have unreservedly recommended it to everyone I know. It used to work fantastically, and although the settings were a real PITA to understand and configure properly, it offered a great experience OOTB as well.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Ever since the developer left (check out his ever improving new offering called PotPlayer!) the company responsible for The KMPlayer has slowly but surely driven it into the ground in a desperate attempt to monetise it. The latest version ( I tried came as a real shock to me. Multiple scammy toolbars and sundry "offers" that you have to carefully opt out of unless you want your PCs overrun with crapware/malware, plus the headache of remembering to opt out of the company's own Pandora service which IMO is nothing better than spyware.

Even after going to all this effort, you still end up with a player that shows you ads prominently in the main window now, and there's even an entire sidebar for pushing even more crap at you. Yes, with even more effort you can figure out how to block the ads and disable the sidebar and so on, but my point is, *WHY SHOULD YOU NEED TO*? There comes a point where it's just not worth the effort, and that, my friends, is now. No matter how good the core player remains, there's just too much slime coated around it now and it has lost my trust forever. After all, how does one truly know that all the connections it makes have been blocked, or that it's not sending your data for the company to exploit/sell? Yeah, perhaps monitor its outgoing connections with Wireshark or whatever, but tell me, do you *really*, *truly* wish to waste your time and energy doing this repeatedly after *every* update?

I have personally moved on to PotPlayer, and I encourage those looking for an alternative to do so as well. If that doesn't tickle your fancy then there's always the good ol' VLC to fall back on, or MPC-HC or a whole host of alternatives that won't overload your PCs with malware and leave you feeling dirty. It's high time you join me in dumping this POS. Trust me, you'll thank me for it. And as for Pandora, the company responsible for perverting and destroying a fine piece of software, eff you.

Posted October 21, 2013 by . Tool version using OS Windows 7 64-bit
Ease of use 1 of 10 Functionality 1 of 10 Value for money 1 of 10 Overall score 1 of 10

That update patch is providing even more ads I guess....

Posted October 20, 2013 by . Tool version using OS Windows 7
Ease of use 1 of 10 Functionality 1 of 10 Value for money 1 of 10 Overall score 1 of 10

A short note. KMPlayer has finally fixed that sticky subtitles that has been plaguing my movie viewing enjoyment. Sticky means, the subtitles causes the image to stutter. Well it's finally fixed. Now if only they can fix the incredibly slow start up and not so accurate pauses when the pause button is engaged.

Posted October 19, 2013 by . Tool version using OS WinXP
Ease of use 7 of 10 Functionality 5 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 6 of 10

Don't bother with the 3.7 version yet guys, the interface is so full of bugs it's not funny and renders it nearly useless.
You cannot kill the KMP+ function in settings, it indicates it has but on restart KMP+ starts up again.
Has a nuisance advertising banner that shows up now and again.
The side tab opens every time the program is opened.

Stick with 3.6 until they iron out these bugs......... or go to it's cousin PotPlayer

Posted September 12, 2013 by . Tool version 3.7 using OS WinXP
Ease of use 2 of 10 Functionality 2 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 3 of 10

when i active dxva mod in enhance video render top of my picture is green

Posted April 10, 2013 by . Tool version using OS Windows 7 64-bit
Ease of use 6 of 10 Functionality 6 of 10 Value for money 6 of 10 Overall score 6 of 10

It is still the best player. None of other player can play xSub subtitle even PotPlayer except Divx own player(but it has too less functionality). Also it has option to play 3D. I do not the new bloatware staff like social networking, but besides that, I like it.

Posted January 28, 2013 by . Tool version 3.5 using OS Windows 7
Ease of use 8 of 10 Functionality 10 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 8 of 10

Seriously though, people have moved forward a long ago. They no longer want a bloated application. I hope the author who also is an author of potplayer, keeps improving potplayer. KMPlayer is no longer a king. In fact it fell below MPC HC, MPC BE. Potplayer is the new king of all players! Thank you.

Posted January 23, 2013 by . Tool version 3.5 using OS Windows 7
Ease of use 8 of 10 Functionality 6 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 1 of 10

I had to remove the latest version (3.4) because any MKV file would freeze or not start. I hope they fix this soon.

Posted November 18, 2012 by . Tool version using OS WinXP
Ease of use 10 of 10 Functionality 2 of 10 Value for money 9 of 10 Overall score 5 of 10

The original author of KMPlayer, Kang Yong-Huee, sold the program to a commercial company called Pandora TV. Although it was great but with some bugs, after changing hands it got buggier. Stick with an old version (pre Pandora) or move on to PotPlayer by the author of KMPlayer, Kang Yong-Huee, and which is pretty much KMPlayer still being developed by the original author. That's where I've gone. Makes sense to me.
PS the ratings I've given don't mean anything - posting here FORCES you to rate stuff. And the last version of KMP I used was 2.something

Posted October 24, 2012 by . Tool version using OS Other
Ease of use - of 10 Functionality - of 10 Value for money - of 10 Overall score 5 of 10

WTF! I just upgraded to the latest version and the menu system is so futzed that I can't figure out how to do anything. I can't even look up the version number because F1 only opens my browser, not the usual help file. All I want to do is play some music, but it is a challenge to get the player to open what I want. It always wants to open something else. There are several modes and I have not figured out how to get it out of the smallest shade mode. Any other program I can drop a location into the window and the player will play it. KMP does something else depending on what mode it is in.

I am not a stupid person. If I can't figure out how to run a program, the program has a major problem!

Posted October 21, 2012 by . Tool version 0.000 using OS Windows 7
Ease of use 5 of 10 Functionality 5 of 10 Value for money 5 of 10 Overall score 5 of 10

At first I thought this was a great program, but the more that I used it the more problems I had with video synch. It has problems skipping around in the file and has occasional video speed problems. It doesn't skip the amount it's set to and sometimes it just won't skip at all. It also sometimes slows or stops the video (sound still playing) and then all of the sudden speeds it up until they're back in synch. No problems with the file in VLC or MPC or Sage TV or Nero ShowTime.

above is someone else comment i have the same problem after installing the latest version but not in any previous one.

Posted August 07, 2012 by . Tool version using OS Windows 7 64-bit
Ease of use 6 of 10 Functionality 1 of 10 Value for money 1 of 10 Overall score 4 of 10

Plauback speed problem when switching audio streams!

I had this problem in both Windows XP x86 and Windows 7 x64 in 2 different computers, and for 2 different movies.
When playing a MKV (with AAC audio) file with more than 2 audio streams, the problem occur.
The default audio strams plays normally.

When i select another stream, the playback speed is reduced. Video and audio play slowly. Can nopt be adjusted by menu. When i select anotherr stream, it work normally. Again if i change the stream it works normally. Not a problem if it has 3 audio streams. To play 2nd stream, first 3rd stream should be selected and then selecting 2nd stream works. But that 'jilmart' is not applicable for dual audio files :)

Hope this get corrected!

Posted May 26, 2012 by . Tool version using OS Windows 7
Ease of use 9 of 10 Functionality 9 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 9 of 10

The KMPlayer provides arguably the best user interface among the software in its class. The interface is clean, simple and avoids any complex options that might confuse the users instead of helping them. This software can sometimes be a little heavy on the system and might slow your computer down a bit, but this is a very rare occurrence. I enjoy it!

Posted May 11, 2012 by . Tool version using OS WinXP
Ease of use 8 of 10 Functionality 10 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 9 of 10

I just tried out the latest version, and despite the fact I declined for additional software to be installed, other things were installed on my computer. Once I completely uninstalled it, come to find out, one of the processes related to KMPlayer was still running in the background, and it looked rather awkward to me, so fortunately, I stopped it from running, and deleted it. Beware of this software.

Posted March 19, 2012 by . Tool version 3.2.0 using OS Windows 7
Ease of use 7 of 10 Functionality 7 of 10 Value for money 5 of 10 Overall score 6 of 10

Saved me $800 in a minute. I live in a remote part of the world and only recently got access to 1 meg of bandwidth, so when I started getting access to HD media in x264 and H264 (instead of DIVX)and my VLC player couldn't play it. Because it would play XVID, I assumed it was the added compression that was the problem and my 3 year old Toshiba laptop was too slow to process it. So after scraping together the cash and researching the options for about a month, I came here trying to get someone to tell me the i5 machine I was just preparing to order would be fast enough in the play this media, when I came across a reference to KMPlayer..

This thing plays everything just fine..nothing else to be said. I may have to buy a new computer before I want to or intend to, but it won't be because my media won't play. So I guess you could say that this thing does what the Swiss Army kKnife of Media PLayers can't..

It cetainly worked for me.

Posted January 16, 2011 by . Tool version using OS Vista 64-bit
Ease of use 8 of 10 Functionality 10 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 9 of 10

I really like this player. I have now removed VLC for good.

Posted November 11, 2010 by . Tool version 0 using OS Win95
Ease of use 10 of 10 Functionality 10 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 10 of 10

Nice player, but this latest version installed the toolbar even though I deselected it during software installation.

Posted September 15, 2010 by . Tool version using OS WinXP 64-bit
Ease of use 10 of 10 Functionality 10 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 10 of 10

I use KMPlayer for making screencaps (on Windows) and for that function, I've not found another tool that even comes close. My only complaints are that in later versions, they've hidden access to the menu so that you have to go in and enable it and that for some reason, I can't cap from DVD on a x64 install. I have to use an earlier version (.1428)

As for the linux install, it's worthless with regard to capping which is a shame.

Posted July 16, 2010 by . Tool version : using OS Windows 7 64-bit
Ease of use 10 of 10 Functionality 6 of 10 Value for money 9 of 10 Overall score 7 of 10

Donīt expect to much from them, the original developer Kang Yong-Huee left the project long time ago, since then the development has been atrocious, meaning no fixes, no new features, no support in the forum, the subject that is now as developer is only focusing in eyecandy and generating more bugs.

A great alternative is Splayer, itīs free, open source and and works like a charm with most of videos formats, you can download the portable version here:

VLC is another good choice but I didnīt find it so versatile as Splayer.

Posted June 06, 2010 by . Tool version using OS WinXP
Ease of use - of 10 Functionality - of 10 Value for money - of 10 Overall score 5 of 10

I realy like Kmplayer, but some of the moderators/legendary members just simple retards ... 5-6 ppl reported a bug 1.5 - 2 years ago, and developers havent fix this yet (it would take about 10 mins or so, in the EXE file to let use NUM 1-9 as hotkey).
So I posted in 2 NOT similiar threads like ~bug report~, ~tech support~, I posted pictures, worked with the post, to show what IS the problem, and asking for help about it, maybe I can solve it easily by myself. They just deleted it, with a reason: SPAM ... 2 post was similar, and another was fully other BUT the same reason in ~new version come out~ 2 days before ... but they cant read of course :)

Now I got bann because of this post:

Did I use "strong words"? Did I repeat at least 3 times 1 post? No, it was 2 times, and I posted something else 2 days before that, so they cant count, also cant read :) and yes I've ben warned about "do not use strong words" - because I said in the previous post "is this a fucking joke?")

Oh yes and to prove they are trully stupid, read the whole post, especially this one, my favourite:
VictorVG just trully shows how stupid is he, at least MAD tried to help me ... (thanks for that!) ^^

And this is the private message I got from that idiot:

Maybe I cant read, so please show me where is the insult/bad word/spam in the topic:
(If they delete this post too nevermind! I've captured it already)

(And now I will be bad, because I will SPAM this for a few Kmplayer forum, maybe one of the moderators will read it, and kick out that idiot Pantuflo ^^ from moderators)

Posted June 06, 2010 by . Tool version 1437 using OS Windows 7 64-bit
Ease of use - of 10 Functionality - of 10 Value for money - of 10 Overall score 5 of 10
Guides: ... ugs-232684

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