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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for yt-dlp-gui

yt-dlp-gui 2023.03.28

[Add] Modified Date added Created Date (#92)
[Fixed] Unable to save merge as mkv (#98)

yt-dlp-gui 2023.03.21

Mainly fixing the more noticeable bugs from the previous version.

[Fixed] Clipboard Error (#78, #85)
[Fixed] Default Audio Format not be selected (#88)
[Change] Make the Clipboard monitoring toggle more prominent (#86)

yt-dlp-gui 2023.03.20

This is a version that rewrites a large amount of processes. I have not tested every detail thoroughly and I am unsure if past bugs will reoccur. If you are not confident in this version, I recommend that you place it in a different folder for testing. If you find any bugs, please let me know. Thank you.

[Add] Thumbnail, chapters, and subtitles can all be embedded in the video (#66)
[Add] The Modified time of the video can be set to the Modified time (default) or the upload date (#73)
[Add] Custom Notification Sound (#82)
[Add] The download format can be more flexible (#72, #82)
[Fixed] Package format is incorrect when download video (#81, #82)
[Fixed] The automatic download process encountered an error and the program froze (#78)
[Change] Change the scaling control from a slider bar to a text input box (#74)
[Change] Depending on the video, certain unnecessary controls will be hidden
[Change] The layout of the UI has been modified to improve the overcrowded layout
[Change] The configuration file(.yaml) and language file(.lang) have been organized into categories and sections for improved readability (and editability).
[Change] Certain vocabulary in the language files has been deprecated and more customizable vocabulary has been added

yt-dlp-gui 2023.03.08

[Add] Custom Temporary Path
[Add] Download Video (or Audio) Only, Can splite by Chapters (or Time Range)
[Add] Download Audio Can Convert to OGG, AAC, MP3...
[Add] UI Can Scale Size (80%~200%)
[Fixed] Optimizing UI interface.
[Fixed] Changing the thumbnail download method, proxy settings can be applied.
[Change] Changed Default Temporary Path to Target Folder.

yt-dlp-gui 2023.03.05

[Add] Added the Speed Limit feature.
[Add] Customizable location of yt-dlp, ffmpeg, etc. (Requires manual modification of yaml).
[Add] Added an option for automatic download after analysis.
[Add] Can be saved as an mkv file (click Browse to manually modify after analysis).
[Fixed] Corrected the issue of proxy settings being applied to aria2.
[Fixed] Improved the issue of not being able to start when there are no folder permissions.
[Fixed] Improved the issue of clipboard errors occurring at times.
[Change] Changed the layout position of the UI.

yt-dlp-gui 2022.11.29

[New] Support Proxy Option
[New] Support Chapters Download
[New] About window allows localization authors to add more information (unlimited)
[Modify] Show Dynamic Range in video selection list (ex: HDR10)

About Chapters:

All, None = same original
Split by Chapters = After the download is complete, save the file by chapter
Chapter Lables = Only download single chapter (will override the Time Range setting)
If there is a problem with the new feature, please give me feedback

-dlp-gui 2022.11.14

I use simple methods to support localization.
You can find the language that suits you in the languages folder.
Place yt-dlp-gui.lang in this folder in the same folder as yt-dlp-gui.exe
You can use the English version of the lang file as a template to modify the language you need
If you are willing to share your local language files, you are welcome to provide them to me, and I will be included in the languages

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