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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for streamWriter

streamWriter released 09.06.24
Lazarus/Free Pascal are now used for development
64 bit release
Pause playback when using a bluetooth playback device that gets disconnected
Installable without administrative permissions
Signed binaries
Replaced OpenSSL by Mbed TLS library
Icons have a more uniform look (Silk icons by famfamfam)
Updated addon libraries
Improved widget layout in some windows
Many minor improvements to settings window
Improvements to tree view widgets in main window
Fixed some sources of application crashes
Many other minor bugfixes and improvements

streamWriter released 08.08.20
Added new category "Appearance" to settings
Genre can now be written to tags of saved files
Search parameters of the stream browser are saved now
Fixed some bugs
Updated libraries

streamWriter 5.5 released 14.08.19
streamWriter is now compatible with Delphi 10
Added window for setting regular expressions for streams
Fixed minor bugs
Updated libraries

streamwriter, rev. 77109.08.
Added new window to set stream regexps
common, rev. 32709.08.
Minor optimizations
streamwriter, rev. 77025.07.
Added build script
common, rev. 32625.07.
Improved SSL certificate validation
streamwriter, rev. 769 21.07
Improved ping command
streamwriter, rev. 767 20.07
Compatible with Delphi 10.2.3
streamwriter, rev. 766 02.08

streamWriter released 29.07.18
Updated libraries
Fixed a bug leading to an application crash

streamWriter released 25.08.17
Added dutch translations (thanks Jan de Ruiter!)
streamWriter should no longer lose data on Windows shutdown/reboot

streamWriter released 29.12.16
streamWriter was just released. The list of changes is very short this time:
Added Finnish translations (thanks Tommi Raulahti!)
Minor bugfixes

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