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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for XenonMKV

[2011-10-05: REVISION 41 - "war59312"]

[FIXED] Correctly detects number of reference frames in broken files.

[CHANGED] Removed French Translation as it is very much out dated

[UPDATED] MKVToolnix v5.0.0 dated 26 Sep 2011 (

[ADDED] Detects if the video already has AAC 2.0 Audio. No need to convert to AAC 2.0 Audio when not requried.

[ADDED] Italiano Translation, Thank You bovirus (

[2011-06-25: REVISION 40 - "war59312"]

[UPDATED] MKVToolnix v4.8.0 dated 23 May 2011 (

[UPDATED] english.xml for translations

[ADDED] Detects if the video has a Variable Frame Rate. If so stop, and tell the user that videos with a Variable Frame Rate are not supported.

[2011-03-01: REVISION 39 - "war59312"]

[FIXED] mp4box now uses a Oct 18, 2010 development build by default, 0.4.6 rev2125. (

NOTE: MP4Box v0.4.6 rev. 2698 dated 21 Feb 2011 and MP4Box v0.4.6 rev. 2485 dated 14 Dec 2010 have a bug that breaks x264

[CHANGED] CopyRight Updated to 2011

[UPDATED] MKVToolnix v4.5.0 dated 31 Jan 2011 (

[UPDATED] FFmpeg version SVN-r26400 dated Jan 17 2011 (Last Windows 32-bit static build from

[UPDATED] MPlayer/MEncoder with FFmpeg MT svn rev 32848 - "Intel Pentium 4 or better Multi Core (core2/xeon/etc)" Build (

[2010-12-16: REVISION 38 - "war59312"]

[FIXED] mkvinfo.exe was broken in build 37 (,1886.0.html)

[UPDATED] MKVToolnix v4.4.0 dated 02 Nov 2010 (

[UPDATED] English Language File, Also Fixed A Typo In English.xml: "MP4Box_Start_20080403" should be "MP4Box_Start_20080413", That's April 13 instead of April 3rd.

[UPDATED] mp4box now uses a December 14, 2010 development build by default, 0.4.6 rev2485. (, Changed Tools > Options > Last Steps Text To: "Use 0.4.6: December 14, 2010 build (default)"

[2010-10-16: REVISION 37 - "war59312"]

[FIXED] another mp4box framerate issue. Mentioned here:,164.msg3054.html#msg3054

[FIXED] mkvinfo framerate issue. Mentioned here:,164.msg3135.html#msg3135

[CHANGED] "Log all tool output" is now enabled by default to help in debugging.

[CHANGED] Win32 build built using Visual Studio 2010 on Windows 7 x64, Also fixed compile time warning about unused variable and an error with mt.exe.

[CHANGED] No longer need the Manifest file for UAC to work correctly since being buit with VS 2010, it creates its own Manifest file.

[CHANGED] CopyRight Updated to 2010

[CHANGED] Open About and Options windows centered screen instead of top left.

[UPDATED] The first time the user runs XenonMKV it offers to automaticlly download and install the Nero AAC Encoder (
XenonMKV was downloading a very old build of Nero AAC Encoder version dated Sep 17 2008.
XenonMKV now downlaods the latest version of Nero AAC Encoder build dated Feb 18 2010.

[UPDATED] MKVToolnix v4.3.0 dated 05 Sep 2010 (

[UPDATED] #ziplib version 0.86.0, built on 2010/05/25 (

[UPDATED] mp4box now uses a Sep 30 2010 development build by default, 0.4.6-dev. (

[UPDATED] MediaInfo v0.7.6.4 dated 2008-05-05 (note: latest useable build due to a bug that causes "Exception fired: attempted to divide by zero" in XenonMKV)
Downloaded from

[UPDATED] FFmpeg version SVN-r25478 dated Oct 15 2010 (Download latest Windows 32-bit static build at

[UPDATED] AC3Filter tools 0.31b dated 10/01/2009 (

[UPDATED] MPlayer/MEncoder with FFmpeg MT svn rev 32492 - "Intel Pentium 4 or better Multi Core (core2/xeon/etc)" Build (

[ADDED] Use system tray icon for main exe icon

[2009-03-30: REVISION 36 - "Tweaktown"]

[FIXED] mp4box framerate issues. Mentioned in this thread:,164.15.html

[UPDATED] mp4box now uses a February 2009 development build by default, 0.4.6-dev

[2008-11-23: REVISION 35 - "New MKV Experience"]

[FIXED] Scratch folder location now more restrictive and resilient. If any problems come up, XenonMKV now takes the safe route.,189.0.html,173.0.html
and similar threads

[ADDED] Option to output file names in all uppercase for LaCie drives:,50.msg1119.html#msg1119

[ADDED] Options button now more prominent in main window:,50.msg1024.html#msg1024

[ADDED] Remember window size and position when exiting application:,179.0.html
Limitation: Position saving may not work as expected on leftmost or topmost monitors from primary in multi-monitor setups.
When set to a negative top or left position in pixels, the window will snap back to default settings.
No workaround possible at this time. Requires further testing.

[ADDED] Detection of file compatibility/reference frames before video is split.
Limitation: if the file has multiple video tracks of different sizes, this may falsely flag a video.
The initial detection takes the first track that contains a width/height parameter in the original MKV.
Workaround: Disable reference frame/Xbox 360 compatibility check.,181.0.html

[FIXED] Custom split timeline and text box now synchronized.,178.0.html

[ADDED] Better error logging if the tool requested for a launch does not exist.

[ADDED] Command line support for scripting. Parameters are:
XenonMKV.exe -inputfile X:pathtoinput.mkv -outputfolder X:output
XenonMKV.exe -inputfolder X:pathmkvs -outputfolder X:output
Limitation: Support for this hasn't been tested too heavily. Console output isn't quite there yet.
It will probably brick itself if you try anything too fancy or use these commands out of order.

Track ordering: track 2 video, track 1 audio needs further investigation

[2008-09-27: REVISION 34 - "Delicious Pie"]

[FIXED] Changed Nero AAC encoder extraction routine to work properly with new encoder.
Thanks to everyone on the forums who helped with this, especially DWells55 in this post:,167.msg987.html#msg987

[CHANGED] Removed SSE encoder options since the AAC encoder automatically detects this condition.

[CHANGED] Enforced a “temp” directory if a user selects the root of a drive for a scratch folder.
Thanks to RadioHowie from the forums for this report.

[CHANGED] Convert Folder UI now properly enables the Start button once a valid folder is selected.
Thanks to Dangelus and RadioHowie from the forums for investigating.

[2008-08-23: REVISION 33 - "Delicious Cake"]

[FIXED] Conversions from strings to doubles should now be more appropriate. Bug 2071837.

[FIXED] Changed UI control text in XML file to 'log all tool output'.

[ADDED] More information displayed when the video pixel aspect ratio (PAR) is rounded up or down.

[ADDED] Custom display aspect ratio selector for files. Feature req 2072032.

[FIXED] Fixed pixel aspect ratio rounding code to be more effective and less likely to round inappropriately.

[FIXED] Manual track selection is much improved and should now always pick the correct codec string. Bug 2072083.

[ADDED] A_MS/ACM untagged audio is now recognized as MP3, which appears to be the most common format for this type. Feature req 2072095.

[FIXED] Audio and video tracks set to -1 will not display a message if an operation is cancelled.

[ADDED] Video dimensions now logged for troubleshooting purposes.

[FIXED] Clarified display aspect ratio versus frame size/video aspect ratio. (Read this post for details:

[FIXED] Allow Network Path now set as default setting and box appears checked on application reload if set.

[FIXED] Updated Web URL and 404 error support in Help > Check for Update.

[FIXED] Some string updates to english.xml.

[2008-07-22: REVISION 32 - "The Arrow"]

[ADDED] Additional logging for each process that is threaded off.

[FIXED] mp4box version 0.4.5/April build now displays a proper launch message.

[ADDED] A_MPEG/L3 file support added with an “.mp3″ file extension.

[ADDED] Error handling for aspect ratio parsing process (”divide by zero” error.)

[FIXED] Added default FPS insertion in the event the FPS could not be parsed.

[FIXED] Changed handling of track identifiers. Tracks are now globally managed.

[FIXED] Video codec is now detected properly when track selection dialog box appears.

[ADDED] Check for update option in Help > Check for Update.

[2008-07-06: REVISION 31 - "Jump to Conclusions"]

[CHANGED] “Show all tool output” option now logs output, causing the
UI to remain responsive even during chatty tool sessions.

[FIXED] mp4box 0.4.4 fallback now should not cause an infinite loop
during postprocessing.

[ADDED] mp4box output method: can output to scratch folder, then move;
or output directly to destination folder.

[ADDED] mkvmerge now supports safe synchronization option to correct
for potential audio/video desynchronization.

[2008-06-29: REVISION 29 - "Hot Beans"]

[FIXED] 4/3 aspect ratio bug - 4:3 files are now processed with an aspect ratio of 1.333.

[ADDED] Option to round up pixel aspect ratios to 1:1 if within 98% tolerance. This should provide better compatibility for videos with a 2.35 aspect ratio. This setting is on by default.

[FIXED] mp4box now directly outputs files to the final directory. This eliminates the need for the file move process and should provide a workaround for anyone experiencing a FileNotFoundException. As a result, the Move Output File option has been disabled from view since it no longer has any effect.

2008-06-27: REVISION 28 - "Infinite Limit"]

[FIXED] Exception occurring preventing conversion of files with AC3 audio.
This version should actually work for most people. Apologies to all who
slit their wrists, took some pills, drowned themselves in bathtubs…
or gave up all hope and listened to My Chemical Romance because of this.

[ADDED] Even more debugging information. All builds now display global
Exception messages, which should help in tracking down any remaining
miscellaneous bugs.

[ADDED] Option to directly read files or folders on UNC network paths.
Scratch folders must still be local to the current system. Keep in
mind that the entire file will be read off the network, so this will
be a much slower process if you’re not on a Gigabit setup. This is
more of a convenience thing for testing and smaller (<1GB) files.

[2008-06-21: REVISION 27 - "Big Kahuna"]

[ADDED] Azid normalization options now present for AC3 downmixing.

[ADDED] Option to avoid moving output file from the temporary folder. This should temporarily solve people’s issues with FileNotFoundException messages - just uncheck the “Move Output File” box from the Tools menu.
This probably won’t be too useful with split files, but be aware that I’m still looking into this.

[ADDED] MKV compatibility checker. Will determine if your file is
definitely out of specification for the Xbox 360 and alert you that it may not play properly. These types of files require re-encoding.

[ADDED] Additional debugging capabilities for people experiencing
FileNotFoundException messages. This should help me track down this pesky bug. I suspect it has something to do with scratch folders but need more reports in order to take care of it.

[2008-06-15: REVISION 26 - "Fancy Feast"]

[FIXED] mp4box updated build download option now functional.

[FIXED] Various fixes by BillRob458 from the forums. Bill is now an official developer on this project and has fixed a “hanging” issue reported in this thread:,76.0.html

[CHANGED] Some more UI changes around tooltips.

[2008-05-24: REVISION 25 - "Squared Away"]

[FIXED] Major glitch in which file move operations failed. I'm
honestly ashamed that this wasn't tracked down sooner, but it's
fairly critical and has since been resolved.

[FIXED] Nero AAC Encoder download now properly handles the case where
Nero's FTP site is inaccessible.

[CHANGED] Moved mp4box build option to Tools tab.

[REMOVED] Debug tab from Options dialog.

[CHANGED] Moved "Delete Temporary Files" option from Debug menu to
Tools menu.

[REMOVED] Debug menu no longer required.

[ADDED] Added mediainfo component to application.

[ADDED] Support for aspect ratio detection and correction. A new
message in the logfile will appear with this information.

[FIXED] Some log messages now display the proper icon (wait, complete.)

[2008-05-19: REVISION 24 - "This Is Debug"]

[INFO] This build is being released to help some users track down the
source of some of their problems with build 23. It may be more chatty
than previous builds and will halt upon file exception errors.

[CHANGED] Enabled debugging access for all users, including the option
to not have temporary files deleted. Additional logging messages added.

[CHANGED] Added Debug tab to options dialog that allows users to update
to the April 13, 2008 build of mp4box by Kurtnoise (mirrored from

[2008-04-22: REVISION 23 - "This Is Sparta"]

[CHANGED] Reverted mp4box back to September 2007 build, which fixes a
reported issue with "mp4box.exe has stopped working." This solves the
problem reported here:,61.0.html

[CHANGED] mkvmerge now ignores subtitle tracks when modifying files.
This may assist in splitting performance.

[CHANGED] mkvmerge now ignores button tracks when extracting files.
This may assist in splitting performance.

[FIXED] Repaired timecode issue with mkvmerge and cutting off files
based on a time. This has been tested and works pretty well.

[CHANGED] mp4box now tags the MP4 file itself and avoids using mp4tags
for this scenario, which I hope fixes the Xbox 360 display problem.
This solves the "output" filename problem reported here:,61.0.html

[NEW] Debugging information now available for hex edit failures.

[CHANGED] mp4box forced to use selected scratch directory for muxing.
This may fix a number of miscellaneous issues and improve performance.

[FIXED] Time split option now has functional "don't ask again" checkbox.

[FIXED] Time split UI now properly detects "don't ask again" state.

[FIXED] Cancel button now re-enables MKV Information option.

[NEW] Codename added to easily distinguish between builds.

[2008-04-21: REVISION 22]

[NEW] MP4 output files are now tagged with their filename as the title.
This should help display on the Xbox 360 and other players that read
metadata (iTunes, etc...)

[FIXED] Fixed nasty mp4box bug that caused a process stall at the end
of a split conversion process. This should fix an assortment of split
issues, specifically the one reported in this thread:,36.15.html
If you're still having issues with file splits, please report them.

[FIXED] Scratch folder now detected properly when one is not explicitly
set in the Options dialog.

[CHANGED] Added more debugging information when running in the VS2005 IDE.

[2008-04-19: REVISION 21]

[NEW] Option to directly generate mkvinfo output. This should help in
narrowing down a few persistent problems reported by forum users.

[FIXED] Change for video/audio tracks listed as identifier zero in the
file. Related forum thread:,47.0.html

[CHANGED] Updated mp4box version to newest build. May resolve issues
reported in threads:,37.0.html,40.0.html,41.0.html

[NEW] Additional error caught if video does not exist before it is
muxed into the container.

[CHANGED] Video codecs are now detected properly. However, .avi
containers are not hex edited natively. This will be apparent as people
try to convert anime and other oddly packaged items. Hopefully my solution
will work out for people with stuff under 4.2 (up to 4.1) profile.

[NEW] Added preliminary support for truncating files after a certain
length to fill feature request from this post:,50.msg335.html#msg335

[2008-04-15: REVISION 20]

[CHANGED] Allowed users to force the use of the non-SSE Nero AAC encoder
after reports on HydrogenAudio that the "default" version had better
audio precision. This is now available in the options dialog.

[CHANGED] Free file size requirement now changed to 3 times the original
file. This will be a better predictor of "failure" conditions where files
are not properly tagged or moved. Applies to scratch folder if selected.

[FIXED] Some minor progress bar updates and UI text changes.

[2008-04-13: REVISION 19]

[FIXED] Control placement in UI after main window is resized.

[CHANGED] File merge process now reverted back to build 15 behaviour.
This may improve compatibility for certain video files, by forcing the
first track to work as video and the second track as audio.

[FIXED] Added support files for MKV utilities back into the package.

[CHANGED] In debugging mode, when "delete temporary files" is deselected,
the split MKV files are now kept intact and not removed upon processing

[NEW] Added slider for Nero AAC encoder quality.

[NEW] Added placement option for 2-pass Nero AAC encoding, not enabled yet.

[2008-04-11: REVISION 18]

[NEW] Multi-track selection support for MKV files containing more than one
language. There are two options available with this mode:
* Default language: Selecting a default language tells the track
selection dialog to show the that language as the default option.
* "Don't ask me again" intelligent selection: If a default language is
set, the first available track in that language will be chosen for audio.
No dialog will be displayed in this mode - essentially, XenonMKV uses
your preferences, followed by the stream preferences, followed by the
track order to select which tracks to encode.
What does this boil down to?
* If you want full control over multi-language files, simply set a
default language. The dialog will prompt for each file with more than one
* If you'd rather have quicker processing and not have to confirm things,
set a default language and then choose the "don't ask me again" mode.

[FIXED] Multi-part split files inherit the language/video track settings of
the first file in the set. (This never appeared in a release version, but
I spent enough time fixing it that it was worth a mention.)

[FIXED] Bug with FPS desynchronization experienced on some Vorbis streams.

[FIXED] More temporary files deleted along the way, requiring less available
disk space during processing.

[CHANGED] Codec information message in strings.

[REMOVED] Took dtsdec and some unnecessary DLL files out from the package.
I'm trying to trim down the amount of space required and will make a final
call on what stays and what goes in a few revisions. Efficiency ahoy!
(I know not everyone wants a 60MB app to do video conversions. :))

[REMOVED] Removed eac3to from package, since it required Nero 7 or another
external DTS decoder to function properly, and Azid/Valdec seems to be working
well for all my content.

[2008-04-07: REVISION 17]

[CHANGED] The Nero AAC encoder now directly outputs to a MP4 file, and
MP4Box adds the parsed video track again. This improves efficiency slightly.

[FIXED] Scratch folder save issues should now be completely resolved. Temp
files will now go where they're supposed to.

[FIXED] Split files are now deleted during post processing properly. Thanks to
Dangelus from the forum for testing and re-reporting this condition.

[FIXED] Temporary files are now deleted immediately to require less available
disk space during processing.

[CHANGED] Entry points for i18n work in About dialog now added and functional.

[NEW] More descriptive messages if an I/O operation fails on the video stream.

[2008-04-06: REVISION 16]

[CHANGED] DTS encoding is now handled by valdec, one of the AC3Filter tools.
This utility seems to have much better results for audio synchronization,
although it's certainly not perfect - one of my test files still suffers from
desync issues. You will likely need AC3Filter to take advantage of this
component. Additionally, there will likely be need for a gain control, which
will be a user-selectable option in an upcoming version.

[NEW] Added warning for DTS files that demonstrate a high tendency to lose
synchronization. If you see this message in your logfile, please check the
original source for quality. If you'd like, report the file name to me by
email or on the forums so that I can get additional examples of this bug.

[FIXED] Scratch folder issues: temporary files now deleted and scratch folder
detected properly again without using a "temp" subfolder. Text in options
panel now clarifies this condition. Thanks to Dangelus from the forum for
the bug reports.

[CHANGED] Nero AAC encoder quality changed from 0.2 (which sounded like 128k)
to 0.5, which should make for a marked improvement. This may be changed to a
user-definable setting in future, as higher quality files necessitate more
frequent splitting (for example, a 4.5GB file will no longer likely fit
in 4GB once processing is complete.)

[FIXED] changelog.txt now added to all builds.

[NEW] Added preview button to user interface with associated i18n tooltip.

[NEW] Added debug option to keep temporary files after processing. You need
to be running the application in the VS2005 debugger for the Debug menu to

[CHANGED] The log now supports small images in preparation for the UI

[CHANGED] The UI now has more entry points for i18n work. Still remaining are
the options dialog and the about dialogs.

[CHANGED] UI strings now load from memory, rather than disk.

[NEW] Added language selection control in Options panel.

[FIXED] Race condition where certain processes were aborted but Nero AAC
continued to work in the background, ignoring the exit command.

[2008-04-04: REVISION 15]

[FIXED] Odd issue with options dialog where settings were not saving. This
problem may not have appeared in a release version, but it's been fixed

[FIXED] Minor progress bar issue where certain tools could cause an exception.
Progress bar handling is much more lenient now.

[FIXED] Whitelist detection added for A_VORBIS files. (Thanks to noelthemole
for reporting this issue on the forum.)

[REMOVED] Removed dcadec and states, as it wasn't working as expected.

[NEW] FFmpeg state and utility added for DTS support (yay!). Known issue: DTS
audio is *not* normalized, so what you hear in the original MKV file is what
you'll get on the Xbox 360. These files may require a bump in volume
compared to their AC3 counterparts.
I've also had an audio desynchronization issue near the end of a test file.
Please let me know if you experience this problem.

[NEW] Added French translation of some user interface components to i18n
folder. (Huge thanks to s3mp for these translations!) There's no option at
present to change languages, but you can either rename "french.xml" to
"english.xml", or open XenonMKV.exe.config in a text editor and change
english.xml to french.xml.
I'll add the user interface option when it's possible to have all the user
interface components available without random English text.

[2008-04-03: REVISION 14]

[FIXED] Exception when installing MP4 output registry patch for Windows Media
Player. (Thanks to ssboisen:,24.msg155.html#msg155)

[FIXED] More lenient detection for AAC audio files. (Thanks to noelthemole for

[NEW] Added FFmpeg to tools directory, which will likely be used in a future
build for DTS audio support. It's not active yet though.

[2008-03-30: REVISION 13]

[FIXED] Exception when browsing for output folder.

[2008-03-30: REVISION 12]

[NEW] Added option for "scratch folder", to improve organization and
performance on systems with multiple hard disks.

[NEW] Abort/cancel button to terminate process.

[NEW] XenonMKV now remembers the output folder on each launch.

[CHANGED] Temporary file cleanup now runs after program completion as well as

[NEW] Externalized parts of user interface to i18nenglish.xml. Potential
support for alternate localizations is now an achievable target.

[2008-03-26: REVISION 11]

[NEW] Options panel now enabled:
* Customizable split for MKV files (default, no split, threshold)
* Azid normalization option
* Batch rename option

[CHANGED] Upgraded mplayer to recent SVN revision, might improve file

[NEW] Debug mode enabled for testing: you'll need the source version and must
run the application under a debugger

[NEW] Added dcadec module for groundwork for DTS (no full DTS support yet,

[2008-03-22: REVISION 10]

[CHANGED] XenonMKV now uses Azid by default to decode AC3 audio into a WAV
file format.

[NEW] An options dialog is now available to set the Azid decoder settings; at
present, users can choose between +0dB normalization or none (quicker).

[CHANGED] Slight code cleanup and reorganization.

[2008-03-22: REVISION 9]

[NEW] Support for registry patches to enable MP4 and other oddball file types
to work in Windows Media Player 11, from!2518DD508BB713E8!156.entry?wa=wsignin1.0

[FIXED] XenonMKV now properly detects the Nero AAC encoder type and uses the
appropriate executable. (Thanks Dangelus)

[FIXED] Added fallback routine for audio parsing where mplayer wouldn't create
a file at all. If mplayer fails to work properly, eac3to is used instead. (Thanks martyn_hull56)

[2008-03-20: REVISION 8]

[CHANGED] XenonMKV now detects the Nero AAC encoder type on startup,
supporting AMD Athlon 64 chips and other CPU's without SSE functionality. The
without-SSE Nero AAC encoder is also downloaded in the event the program is
moved to a different system.

[NEW] Support for splitting files into <4GB chunks now available.

[NEW] Appropriate credit for Warning icon now in About page.

[NEW] Backend interfaces installed for tray icon and Options dialogs. These
are not active yet but should be soon.

[2008-03-18: REVISION 7]

[REMOVED] Removed Nero AAC Encoder from default package, since it is licensed
software. The application will now automatically download neroAacEnc_SSE.exe
and integrate it.

[CHANGED] Some UI changes and new links to this site.

[NEW] GPL and README files included in source version. Will be included in the
next build's compiled version.

[2008-03-17: REVISION 6]

[NEW] Added eac3to conversion tool, which uses Nero or another AC3 decoder if

present on the system and mplayer fails to process the file properly.

[CHANGED] Now compliant with the GNU General Public License. The source is
also available for your perusal.

[NEW] Manifest included for User Account Control purposes under Vista.

[2008-03-08: REVISION 5]

[NEW] Added release notes file to server, which employs TextMate-style formatting.

[CHANGED] Error messages: now more descriptive for internal tasks.

[NEW] Added direct support for A_DTS and A_MP3 audio codec types. Whether these audio types are properly detected and converted to PCM WAV, though, is undetermined.

[NEW] Added always-visible status message for the detected type of audio codec.

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