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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for Video Comparer

Version 1.07.003 (7th July 2021)

Improved analysis speed of 10%.
Added video format M2T.
Improved the software stability during the video scanning.

Version 1.07.002 (16th September 2020)

Added autoselect duplicates modes.
Added video format MXF.
Fixed minor bugs.

Version 1.07.001 (19th April 2020)

Added select/unselect/invert videos by group with contextual menu (right click).
Added play video on double click file name.
Added open explorer on double click path name.
Managed image rotation parameter from codec tag.
Fixed unrecognized cache data between two versions.
Fixed notification of new software version (for future versions).
Fixed Windows XP support.

Version 1.07.000 (22nd February 2020)

Analysis speed improved by 1.9 times on a standard database (2000 videos).
Improved duplicate detection by 5%.
Added rename file feature in the contextual menu.
Added export feature of the duplicates list to CSV format.
Added auto-selection of the lowest/highest image resolution.
Fixed VP9 & AV1 codecs.
Updated the video copy detection Benchmark.

Version 1.06.012 (22nd September 2019)

Update with last codec library (HEVC).
New cache file serialization up to 10x faster on large video database.

Version 1.06.009 (16th June 2016)

Fixed random crash with VOB format.
Added video format RMVB.
Fixed Internet Explorer signature installation problem.

Version 1.06.006 (27th February 2016)

Fixed crash with 10bpp image format and .NET FrameWork 4.0 .
Added video format MTS.

Version 1.06.005 (12th October 2015)

Windows 10 Ready.

Version 1.06.004 (22nd June 2015)

Improved analysis speed of 15% for large video database.
Improved algorithms accuracy.

Version 1.06.002 (25th March 2015)

Fixed installation problem.

Version 1.06.001 (26th January 2015)

Minor bug fixed with the new 'Activation Key'.

Version 1.06.000 (6th January 2015)

New strong Activation Key. Generate an updated Activation Key is required for version 1.6 or higher.
New accurate algorithms : 20% more detected duplicates.
Added new german language.

Version 1.05.000 (18th September 2014)

Decreased the minimum video duration from 2 minutes to 10 seconds !
The short videos use a new optimized algorithm.
Fixed an application crash when too many duplicates are displayed (>300).

Version 1.04.012 (20th June 2014)

Improved the performance for a large video database.
Fixed incorrect video duration of some codecs.
Fixed minor bugs.

Version 1.04.007 (17th April 2014)

Added new optional information in duplicates list (right click) : duration, width, height, codec, ...
Added sortable list and optional colored groups.
Allow the permanent deletion of a 'false positive' in the duplicates list (right click).
Improved the software stability during the video scanning.
Fixed error status of some codecs.

Version 1.04.004 (11th February 2014)

Improved analysis speed of 75% for large video database !
Improved cache management : a rescan is faster.
Fixed minor bugs.

Version 1.04.003 (21st September 2013)

Improved the cache manager, by saving data during the analysis (prevent data loss after a crash).
Fixed the freezing problem of 'Scanned Files' list during the analysis of a large video base.
Added video format MMV.
Improved the software stability during the video scanning.

Version 1.04.000 (15th May 2013)

Improved the duplicates detection, and false positive detection.
Added 'Delete File' to contextual menu.
Added M2TS video format.
Fixed cache manager.

Version 1.03.000 (19th March 2013)

New 'Expert Edition' with a limit of 5000 video files.
Increased 'Home Edition' limit to 1500 video files.
Added video formats WTV, OGM.
Fixed the autoselect duplicates.
Improved software stability with corrupted video files.

Version 1.02.004 (16th January 2013)

Improving software stability.
Windows 8 compatibility.

Version 1.02.002 (3rd December 2012)

Add 'webm' format (YouTube).
Improve the accuracy of duplicate detection.
Publication of a benchmark between softwares.

Version 1.02.001 (11th November 2012)

Increase the processing speed of the 64 bits version.
Fixed problems with the uncompressed video format.
Fixed minor bugs.

Version 1.02.000 (21st October 2012)

Improve detection algorithm accuracy.
70% of files requiring the thorough scan mode, are now processed with standard scan mode (15 times faster).

Version 1.01.003 (22nd August 2012)

Bug fixed : application doesn't run with Windows XP.
Fixed the problem with unstable Explorer.

Version 1.01.000

French language is now available.
Added automatic check for updates.
Dynamic updates of explorer.
Fixed problem with videos generated by 'TMPGEnc', which have duration 3 times larger.
Fixed network scanning issues.

Version 1.00.004 (first public release)

Detect video with image modifications (scaled, cropped, rotated, noised, 3D side by side).
Detect video with timeline modifications (time shifted, splitted into multiple video clips).
Select folders from all connected devices and from the network.
Scan files in different video formats (without installing codecs): avi, mpg, mpeg, mkv, wmv, 3g2, 3gp, asf, asx, bsf, divx, f4v, flv, m2p, m2v, m4v, mov, mp4, ogv, rm, ts, vob, xvid.
4 scans mode are available from quick to full.
Display thumbnails sequence from video source & duplicate video, side by side and synchronized.
Automatic selection of the best quality videos.
Delete, copy, move, files with a single click.

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