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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for Serviio

Release Notes - 2.2.1

updated Log4j to 2.15.0

Release Notes - 2.2

added a new build for QNAP Arm64; ticket #1157
include fileName field in CDS API browse response; ticket #1160
support 8-digit IMDB ids in file names; ticket #1158
added support for NVidia HW acceleration (via useNVidiaAcceleration system property); ticket 1153
switched from to for TV metadata; ticket #1155
fixed audio albums shown for restricted users; ticket #1141

Release Notes - 2.1

hide genres and series which are not available for the user; ticket #1125
added support for serving some TrueHD formats without transcoding; ticket #1110
added support for .m4b files; ticket #1133
added profile for Samsung N series; ticket #1122
introduced user.vmoptions file to keep user system properties intact during upgrade (Windows); ticket #1137
fixed not being able to update a user on a renderer; ticket #1121
fixed icon sizes on the MediaBrowser landing page; ticket #1126
fixed null/null in some video titles (requires metadata re-scan); ticket #1132
fixed online feed identifiers overflowing for some large libraries; ticket #1128
fixed looking up movies by year on; ticket #1123
updated Java to OpenJDK 1.8_242

Release Notes - 2.0

added support for multiple users (Pro only); ticket #931
added browsing Movies by duration; ticket #946
added Display name to local Shared folders; ticket #1041
added the possibility to ignore folders by name, per Shared folder; ticket #1084
added the possibility to ignore files by extension, per Shared folder; ticket #740
added support for mpjpeg video container; ticket #1003
added support for Cinepak and Sorenson video (1/3) codecs; ticket #1071
log out (in DEBUG) details of matched transcoding rule; ticket #1093
allow H265 and MP3/AC3 codecs in HLS format; ticket #1001
updated Roku profiles with multi-channel support via HLS
fixed empty folders when browsing on VLC Android; ticket #1062
disabled autoplay in MediaBrowser when it's only available in a muted state; ticket #1090
updated jaudiotagger

Release Notes - 1.10.1

updated Roku profiles
fixed a XXE security vulnerability
fixed issues with running on Java 11
updated Java to 1.8.0_191

Release Notes - 1.10

support for multiple genres in audio files; ticket #1066
added forceSquarePixels attribute to transcoding definition; ticket #974
added 4:3, 3:2 and 21:9 Display Aspect Ratio options to the transcoding definition; ticket #974
reload the logging configuration file when Start Server is clicked in the Console
added widthGreaterThan and heightGreaterThan transcoding matchers to enable limiting 4k files when not supported; ticket #1064
added maxWidth parameter to video transcoding definition in order to limit wide videos; ticket #876
faster search for subtitles on; ticket #1058
expose CDS ports via system properties
extract embedded metadata from video (and otherwise unsupported) audio files; ticket #665
changed default log file size to 5MB; ticket #1069
added support for Opus audio codec; ticket #1073
added support for .webm files; ticket #1079
added supported DLNA profiles for MKV files; ticket #1063
package 64-bit FFmpeg in the Windows installer and use on 64-bit systems
use native fullscreen in MediaBrowser on iOS devices; ticket #1085
added a profile for Xbox One S/X; ticket #1032
fixed playback of online resources in MediaBrowser; ticket #1081
fixed NullPointerException when adding some images; ticket #1077
fixed various iOS problems in MediaBrowser #1074
fixed language code matching in OpenSubtitles results; ticket #1086
updated commons-imaging
updated FFmpeg to 3.4.4
updated Java to 1.8.0_181

Release Notes - 1.9.2

reload the profiles when Start Server is clicked in the Console; ticket #1004
profiles in user-profiles.xml are detected with higher priority than those in profiles.xml; ticket #1022
better register playback progress events from MediaBrowser; ticket #966
fixed MediaBrowser playback on Internet Explorer 11; ticket #1048
fixed MediaBrowser failing to close the player window on iOS; ticket #1048
PS4 now plays FLAC audio natively
fixed parsing user rating with decimal comma character; ticket #1055
fixed library stopping being updated after 24 hours; ticket #1054

Release Notes - 1.9.1

ignore .@__thumb QNAP folders; ticket #1021
upgrade to API v2; ticket #945
enabled native 4k H264 playback in MediaBrowser on Desktop
added support for idx/sub bitmap subtitles; ticket #1035
added support for 'forced' external subtitle files; ticket #1034
added support audio HLS files; ticket #857
added Samsung M series profile; ticket #1037
fixed passing clientId and start parameters to CDS when playing HLS content; ticket #1018
fixed parsing video rating for some Locales; ticket #1020
detect subtitle files immediately when they are added; ticket #1024
increase timeout for playing HLS videos in MediaBrowser; ticket #1023
fixed adding online sources with URL ending with a colon; ticket #1011
show relevant cover image when browsing artists and other roles; ticket #1029
fixed removing multiple shared folders at the same time; ticket #1036
fixed duplicates being left in the library after editing shared folder path; ticket #1045
fixed audio playback in MediaBrowser on iOS devices; ticket #1031
updated Java to 1.8.0_162

Release Notes - 1.9

MediaBrowser now used HTML5 video renderer, instead of Flash; ticket #952
enabled giving Renderers user-friendly names; ticket #970
enhance XBMC episode tracking; ticket #983
added User Rating browsing category; ticket #387
use Unknown for video metadata entities only when the Descriptive metadata is used for the Shared folder; ticket #976
All Music (and other virtual categories) are now possible to be turned-off; ticket #980
added Edit context menu to the Console input fields; ticket #924
users can now store their profiles in user-profiles.xml file; ticket #766
added new Roku profiles; ticket #994
fixed retrieving genres on mySQL engine; ticket #997
fixed folder share browsing in the Console to properly deal with ampersands in the folder name; ticket #978
correctly detect character encoding of playlist files; ticket #985
fix multi-track audio transcoding; ticket #986
fixed detection and displaying of Hebrew subtitles
fixed type in serviio.hdThumbnailResolution system property; ticket #1006
fixed subtitles not delivered completely for some renderers; ticket #956
updated FFmpeg to 3.2.4
updated Java to 1.8.0_131

Release Notes - 1.8

detect start and stop of a file playback and include notifications in the Console; ticket #898
track your video collection and playback progress using integration; ticket #594
display the item being played per Renderer in the Console; ticket #965
added support for multiple genres per media file; ticket #268
setting a poller mechanism per shared folder; ticket #902
added /profiles endpoint to the CDS API; ticket #953
added setting to prefer multichannel audio tracks during video delivery; ticket #961
added support for eac3 audio; ticket #969
added support for native playback of H265 in MpegTS where supported; ticket #971
fixed Folders browsing category sorting to be case insensitive; ticket #932
add BOM mark to extracted UTF-8 subtitles to fix displaying them on some devices; ticket #880
fixed folder names with & getting truncated in MediaBrowser; ticket #948

Release Notes - 1.7.1

fixed subtitles being cut short; ticket #956
fixed metadata caching for online content
music tracks are now sorted alphabetically in the virtual All music folder for artists and album artists; ticket #955
fixed subtitles UTF-8 encoding on some devices
better notification when authentication to fails

Release Notes - 1.7

added support for audio track selection / preference in both, DLNA and CDS (Pro only) mode; ticket #235
added the ability to switch audio track of video files to MediaBrowser (Pro only); ticket #942
added support for automatic subtitle download from; ticket #632;
added a setting to fall-back to the 'default' embedded subtitle if there is not language match; ticket #730
added an option to include user rating in videos' titles; ticket #401
libshine integration now supported for audio files as well; ticket #623
added support for HW accelerated H264 encoder (a user-provided FFmpeg with QSV support); ticket #930
added styling options for text-based hard subs; ticket #853
show album artist name when browsing Albums in MediaBrowser (Pro only); ticket #895
image management made more memory efficient; ticket #935
added a system property to specify the max. resolution of HD thumbnails; ticket #861
subtitles character encoding can now be automatically guessed; ticket #872
use HLS FFmpeg muxer for AppleHttp transcoding; ticket #927
added All Music browsing categories for Artists and Album Artists; ticket #697
added Media Center Master metadata extractor; ticket #904
added Favourite Series browsing category; ticket #897
added support for WAV files; ticket #314
added support for WMA Lossless; ticket #314
added support for Apple Lossless (ALAC); ticket #314
fixed transcoded playback on Samsung devices; ticket #939
fixed https for iOS and other HLS-consuming devices; ticket #943
improved h265 transcoding for Sony profiles; ticket #937
updated FFmpeg to 3.0.2
updated JRE to 1.8.0_91

Release Notes - 1.6.1

added support for fixed point mp3 encoding using Shine; ticket #623
fall back to for series search if is not available; ticket #903
added support for DSF audio files; ticket #856
added support for Shine mp3 encoder for low powered NAS devices; ticket #623
Samsung J now plays MP4 / H265 files without transcoding; ticket #893
added support for VP9 video codec; ticket #852
added support for HTTPS for the REST APIs, web console and MediaBrowser; ticket #877
when stopping the server, stop any running FFmpeg processes and clean the temporary transcoding folder; ticket #427
reload the Console page after a successful Online Sources import; ticket #912
prevented caching subtitles by the renderers so that correct subtitles are always delivered; ticket #917
enabled user defined thumbnail for all online source types; ticket #923
added a separate profile for Android devices; ticket #909
fixed OSX installer not upgrading the Console in 1.6; ticket #905
fixed auto-scroll behaviour in MediaBrowser playlist view; ticket #867
fixed transcoding being used in some cases when it was not necessary
fixed adding ServiioLinks in the Console; ticket #915
properly handling error when downloading feed thumbnail; ticket #922
fixed iOS transcoded playback to always start from the beginning; ticket #887
fixed Samsung devices showing invalid fixed duration; ticket #894
MediaBrowser link from the Console executable now opens in a system browser; ticket #907
fixed LaunchDaemon override issue forcing Server launch at startup; ticket #916

Release Notes - 1.6

added support for files stacking (Pro only); ticket #301
redesigned the console; ticket #682
added support for bitmap-based subtitles (via hardsubs rendering); ticket #644
added REST endpoint for retrieving filesystem folders
shared folders can now be ordered in the console; ticket #226
added support for Samsung J series subtitles; ticket #885
make the server discoverable when the bind IP address is changed in the console; ticket #878
focus on textbox when press Search Button in MediaBrowser; ticket #868
fixed video thumbnail missing in the playlist in MediaBrowser after search; ticket #874
fixed MediaBrowser locking up when switching online audio streams; ticket #869
fixed Date of files being shows as 1/1/1970 on Samsung TVs; ticket #836
profiles HardsubsTranscoding element replaced with GenericTranscoding
updated Apache Derby to

Release Notes - 1.5.2

fixed automatic library scanning not kicking in on OSX (and other POLLER based systems)
added support for adding files that are being downloaded to a shared folder via the delta scan; ticket #859
fixed setting socket buffer for CDS resources; ticket #862
updated bundled JRE to 1.8.0_40

Release Notes - 1.5.1

added serviio.libraryPollerFrequency system property for controlling the timeout of POLLER frequency
added serviio.forceLibraryPoller system property for forcing the usage of POLLER library scanner; ticket #849
series can now be named with the IMDB ID as a search hint (as well as movies); ticket #839
optimized embedded burned-in subtitles delivery so that it doesn't time out; ticket #838
added support for series thumbnails with XBMC metadata source; ticket #764
added the possibility to use alternative Java (to the bundled one) on Windows; ticket #842
fixed OSX console not starting after upgrade from previous versions; ticket #840
fixed parsing relative paths in ASX playlists
optimised polling mechanism for shared folders on OSX / BSD, it now runs every 5 minutes by default as a POLLER; ticket #846
fixed some audio files being restarted after the buffering has finished in MediaBrowser
fixed burning in subtitles on Linux for file with apostrophy in the name; ticket #844
fixed MediaBrowser player sliding on small screens
updated bundled JRE to 1.8.0_31

Release Notes - 1.5

reworked the way files are indexed to the library; ticket #410
changed the way removable drives are handled, incl. removing the 'Scan for file additions and updates' setting for shared folders; ticket #820
requires Java 8 to run (Linux)
bundles Java runtime with the Windows and OSX versions; ticket #666
OSX installer starts Serviio on the system start-up as a service; ticket #290
CDS API now returns movie / episode cast information in the ObjectMetadata mode (Pro only)
video player in MediaBrowser now includes additional metadata and links to IMDB and, where available (Pro only)
MediaBrowser now uses the Presentation settings (Display and Disabled only) (Pro only)
CDS API enables passing accessGroupId to browse and search requests (Pro only); ticket #788
added serviio.cdsAnonymousAccess system property that enabled access to mediaBrowser without logging in
live streams are now using less internet bandwidth for concurrent viewing (for the same profile and quality); ticket #673
searching for updates to already shared files now uses the preferred setting in the console; ticket #775
ignores @eadir folder from being indexed; ticket #774
added the possibility to filter out videos based on Rating for Limited access groups; ticket #789
added mjpeg container to transcoding matching
stored shared folders must be exclusive, ie no duplicates are allowed; ticket #796
ignore folders with a .nomedia file from adding to the library; ticket #582
identify movie metadata by IMDB id in file names; ticket #668
added support for .3g2 files; ticket #704
updated audio transcoding matching to copy the audio stream when bitrate is the same; ticket #793
added Recent Unwatched videos category; ticket #593
added Last Added Albums audio category; ticket #716
added transcoding matching for videos with multichannel audio; ticket #580
added transcoding support for videos with speex audio streams; ticket #540
added transcoding support for videos with H265 / HEVC video streams; ticket #772
ability to turn-off chunked HTTP transport for a profile, where it is normally applicable; ticket #529
updated Sony BDP profile not to transcode DTS audio; ticket #371
filters out search categories that belong to disabled browsing categories
added support for thumbnails for Online container resources; ticket #694
updated XBox One profile with MKV support; ticket #827
added profile for Raumfeld devices; ticket #814
use HTML5 player for Android (Chrome) in MediaBrowser, incl. Chromecast support (Pro only); ticket #809
updated Sony TV 2014 profile; ticket #812
fixed displaying folders with ampersands in the title in MediaBrowser; ticket #770
search for external subtitles file now properly ignores case when not using any preferred language; ticket #783
fixed retrieving online content length when larger than 2GB; ticket #771
fix streaming delay for some audio files; ticket #808
fix Flowplayer logo appearing in MediaBrowser for some domains; ticket #835
updated Restlet to 2.2.2
updated Apache Derby to
updated JAudioTagger to 2.2.2
updated FFmpeg to the latest build (19/11/2014) from 2.4 branch (incl. --enable-libspeex)

Release Notes -

fixed MP3 mime-type syntax error, possibly causing MP3 playback errors / invisibility

Release Notes -

added serviio.useNetworkTOS system property (false by default)
fixed Images category in MediaBrowser
added FLAC transcoding to pre 2013 Viera profiles

Release Notes - 1.4.1

MediaBrowser player window now displays the context of the playlist items; ticket #745 (Pro only)
MediaBrowser playlist is scrollable using arrow keys; ticket #752 (Pro only)
added a profile for Toshiba REGZA 2012-
updated iOS profile to transcode less files (requires iPad2 at least); ticket #753
new XBMC-style thumbnail naming is now supported (filename-thumb.jpg, filename-poster.jpg); ticket #758
if album artist is missing, use artist value instead; ticket #747
license checking thread now runs once a day not to wake NASes too often; ticket #739
added support for MySql queries; ticket #750
added MediaFormatProfiles for video files with DTS and DTS-HD audio
added support for transcoding DTS-HD MA audio; ticket #710
added profile for Roku
updated profiles for Viera devices; ticket #765
added profile for Sony BDP 2013 models
fixed the FlowPlayer logo occasionally appearing in MediaBrowser (Pro only)
fixed random MediaBrowser bugs (incl. playback in Firefox); ticket #737 (Pro only)
fixed the Play All button for Images in MediaBrowser (Pro only)
fixed year and rating not being updated in the MediaBrowser player window after a new item has been selected in the queue (Pro only)
fixed passing email-address-like credentials via feed URL
fixed 500 error in MediaBrowser when a different error message is expected; ticket #742
fixed parsing of WPL playlists with unsupported BOM
search index for online feeds is now updated also for cached items; ticket #744
fixed browsing error for see-through categories; ticket #756
added code that deals with invalid XML from Swisscenter; ticket #754
fixed adding tracks to albums when the album name or the artist name is very long; ticket #755
fixed detecting default embedded subtitles track; ticket #763
ignores invalid DISCNUMBER audio metadata values; ticket #767

Release Notes - 1.4

a totally new MediaBrowser (Pro only)
CDS /browse method now includes ETag header indicating if the response can be cached by the clients; ticket #714 (Pro only)
subtitles character encoding setting is now used also when converting softsubs
metadata flag (M) for shared folders now affects all types of descriptive metadata, not just online
added support for transcoding 4-2-2 pixel format videos for playback on older player which only support 4-2-0; ticket #671, #709
loggs stack trace when a plugin fails; ticket #728
added support for some rare files to Sony BDP profiles; ticket #725
extended caching online items for WebResource plugins to items that don't expire immediately
added presentation category for MPAA movie rating; ticket #380
added profile for Telenet Yelo TV
added getOnlineFeedExpiryInterval() shared method for the plugins; ticket #735
CDS search mechanism changed to give more accurate results; ticket #696
added profile for Xbox One
added profile for Sony 2013 TVs; ticket #724
split Samsung C/D/E/F profile to C/D and E/F for more reliable support of online content on E/F series
fixed retrieving thumbnails from ogg files
fixed M3U8 manifest being cut off when the file has been transcoded fully (http1.1)
fixed burned-in subtitles with apostrophy in filename for OSX/Linux
fixed creation of thumbnails for images that need to be rotated
added automatic image rotation to PS3 profile
fixed duplicate renderer registering caused by some routers
fixed FlowPlayer logo appearing in MediaBrowser in certain configurations
added support for video thumbnails on Samsung F series
removed using user-agent in FFmpeg commands if the protocol is not http(s); ticket #708
updated stream URL validation, to allow multiple # characters; ticket #715
fixed caching WebResource items when they are not valid; ticket #726

Release Notes - 1.3.1

added profile for Yamaha BD-A1020; ticket #695
added profile for Roku (via Chaneru)
added log warning if the server and the console are not the same version
adding new files to library uses less CPU and IO resources
uploading license will make immediate effect without the need to restart the console
fixed Pro evaluation period duration
fixed subtitles for WDTV live
fixed HLS transcoding for files with no audio
fixed extraction of some online resources that include quotes in the URL
fixed hardsubs on Linux and OSX
updated Lucene to 4.4.0

Release Notes - 1.3

updated MediaBrowser to work on iOS devices (Pro only)
added Search to CDS API; ticket #607 (Pro only)
added thumbnails for folders to CDS API (Pro only); ticket #588
added default Access Group setting for renderers (Pro only); ticket #590
removed the watermark from MediaBrowser player (Pro only)
added the option to disable access to all new renderers by default
added thumbnails for folders; ticket #271
added support for higher resolution thumbnails; ticket #634
fixed re-invoking transcoding command when previous attempt fails due to a temporary condition; ticket #578
fixed delivering hardsubs for files including '&' on Windows
fixed MP3 year metadata extraction for ID3 v2.3 tags TIME value
removed system tray icon on OSX, all the options are now present on the Serviio-Console dock icon
added the option to transcode to H264
added the option to transcode to HLS (Http Live Streaming); ticket #560
added Audio -> Albums browsing category; ticket #367
keeping metadata (incl. cover art) when trancsoding to mp3; ticket #650
added Release year browsing category for videos; ticket #609
added support for VTT subtitles
added support for MOV text subtitles
added serviio.onlineContentTimeout system property to control timeout for checking online content availability
added 'Last Listened' and 'Random Albums' audio categories; ticket #542
profile ID max. length increased to 20 characters
updated WebResource plugin logic when handling items that expire immediately; ticket #626
album tracks are now sorted by disc number, where available; ticket #486
it is possible to provide character encoding of subtitle files when using hardsubs; ticket #643
updated series sorting; ticket #511
added multi CPU support to thumbnail generation; ticket #464
it's now possible to retrieve online thumbnails with a specific user agent; ticket #659
added ServiioLink support in the console; ticket #541
added detection of the server waking up from sleep; ticket #192
added feed parsing re-try mechanism; ticket #639
changed episode title formatting in Titles view; ticket #676
implemented support for Artists audio category on XBox 360; ticket #605
it is now possible to filter out Series data from some browsing categories; ticket #610
added support for import/export of online resources; ticket #494
image resolutions are now configurable in profile; ticket #640
added support for mp2 audio files; ticket #679
added support for wavpack audio files; ticket #647
added profile for Philips NP Streamium; ticket #629
added support for Musepack and Monkey's audio files; ticket #370
updated series metadata search for file names including release year
updated the way profile is passed in CDS API
updated adaptor to use API v3; ticket #663
fixed DAR enforcement for anamorphic files
fixed finding external subtitles files when no language is preferred; ticket #658
fixed bound IP address reassignment when DHCP server cannot be reached; ticket #661
fixed invoking FFmpeg if Serviio is installed on a path including dodgy characters (Windows)
reverted back AAC transcoding on some Bravia profiles
fixed "Can't assign requested address" on OSX with Java 1.6.0_45 and higher
fixed Windows firewall rules being duplicated when reinstalling (without uninstalling first)
updated Apache Derby to
updated FFmpeg to N-54096-ge41bf19

Release Notes - 1.2.1

Sony BDP 2010 model is not detected by default
improved network discovery for the case of DHCP IP change while the server's running
added the possibility to re-try online metadata retrieval in a case of the online source being unreachable; ticket #646
improved FFmpeg failures logging; ticket #578
added support for binding to NICs with multiple IP addresses
added support for external subs in format filename.language_code.extension; ticket #651
fixed transcoding settings not being saved; ticket #641
fixed adding MKV files with many embedded subtitle tracks
made bound IP address retrieval more robust
fixed double subtitles (softsubs + hardsubs) being delivered in some cases
fixed encoding hardsubs for file names including characters [] and ,
release year of audio files is now included in the CDS responses properly

Release Notes - 1.2

added support for burned-in (hardsubs) subtitles; ticket #316
added support for .ass, .ssa (SSA/ASS) subtitles; ticket #63
added support for .sub (MicroDVD) subtitles; ticket #246
added support for .txt subtitles (must be one of the supported types); ticket #248
added support for .smi (SAMI) subtitles
added support for subtitles embedded in video files (e.g. MKV); ticket #16
server can be bound to a particular network card, rather than an IP address; ticket #510
added support for playing RealVideo files natively
added OGG/FLAC audio support to Viera 2010 profile
fourCC and ftyp transcoding matching in now case insensitive
added transcoding matcher for constrained baseline H264 profile
chroma subsampling is now stored for online images as well
removed support for matching episode file names in format SSEE
added profile for Vizio TV
added databaseUpdateId field to /application REST resources; ticket #621
removed personal data from CDS /application resource; ticket #620
added router port mapping for accessing MediaBrowser and CDS API from the Internet (Pro only); ticket #546
added X-Serviio-ClientId HTTP header and clientId URL parameter for identifying CDS clients (Pro only); ticket #622
added External address field for easier setup in client CDS applications; ticket #630
added external port mapping check button
added support for local video thumbnails in the form of video_name.tbn and video_name.thm; ticket #517 and #474
added system property to control periodical check for new or updated plugins; ticket #619
added getExtractItemsTimeout() method to WebResourceUrlExtractor enabling plugins control the item list extraction timeout; ticket #618
multicast advertising only happens on one NIC now
profile parsing on the application startup is now much faster
fixed storing local audio cover image (folder.jpg)
fixed retrieving Genre ID3v2.4 tag from MP3 files
fixed support for transcoded images on some Samsung devices
removed hard coded 'http://' inside media-browser.js; ticket #624
keeps file size up-to-date in library; ticket #601
fixed storing online plugins in the cache; ticket #636
fixed feed item values storage when expiresImmediately=true in the online plugins; ticket #637
cache is cleaned when transcoding is turned on/off; ticket #583
fixed seeking in MediaBrowser
updated FFmpeg to 1.1.1
updated LAME MP3 encoder to 3.99.5
updated libRTMP to latest source

Release Notes - 1.1

added seeking support to MediaBrowser and CDS API; ticket #563 (Pro only)
added continuous playback to MediaBrowser (Pro only)
added support for creating playlists within MediaBrowser (Pro only)
added support for RAW image formats; ticket #137
improved time based seeking precision
added m2ts target video container for transcoding to BD-like container (m2ts with timestamps), should help when subtitles out of sync during transcoding; ticket #150
skipping 'series' file path element when retrieving episodic metadata from file name; ticket #572
updated XBMC extractor to support files generated by Media Center Master; ticket #531
finds AlbumArt.jpg as a local cover art for audio files
increased technical metadata retrieval durability for online streams; ticket #573
added the possibility to transcode videos based on the FourCC code of the video codec; ticket #567
updated H264 level-based transcoding decisions; ticket #584
enabled using hidden local cover art files (e.g. folder.jpg); ticket #533
added support for transcoding RealVideo files; ticket #250
it is now possible to change ordering of online resources; ticket #423
number of items in dynamic categories (Last Added, Last Viewed) is now configurable; ticket #357
enable turning off image thumbnail generation; ticket #552
updated AAC audio container detection via FFmpeg and added MP4 -> MP3 transcoding for online audio streams; ticket #550
added REST resource for retrieving details of installed plugins; ticket #564
added context menu for the Console text fields (cut/copy/paste)
enhanced online item id management, so that the id is new for each feed refresh; ticket #544
HTTP status code is now part of the REST API response status line; ticket #591
added automatic CPU detection for transcoding
removed the possibility to add renderers manually in the Console
enabled changing renderer name via the API
added profiles for more Sony devices; ticket #595
fixed adding files multiple times on Turkish localizations
fixed online audio problems with 2011 Sony Bravia profile
fixed the priority local cover files are applied
fixed MP3 ID3 tag handling to properly merge v1 and v2
fixed remuxing live streams in mpegts container; ticket #566
fixed DAR handling for files transcoding to FLV
fixed the service crashing with "An internal error occurred (error code 7)" on Windows'; ticket #419
fixed the Windows installer, it now makes sure the target directory ends with /Serviio to avoid the Uninstaller removing unwanted files; ticket #589
added Apache commons-lang to the dependencies

Release Notes - 1.0.1

Viera profiles now transcode DTS to AC3 by default
updated DirecTV profile with online transcoding settings
added Sony Bravia US profiles
fixed playback of some videos on XBox360
fixed playback of camera video formats on Bravia devices
fixed support for very large playlists
fixed problems with adding some MKV files to the library
fixed maxBitrate transcoding constraint
fixed Loading screen on Samsung devices when browsing library with customized presentation categories
upgraded Apache Derby to

Release Notes - 1.0

added Media Browser web application (Pro only)
implemeted content access rules (AccessGroups) (Pro only) ticket #65
implemented playlists; ticket #107
improved performance of library indexing
implemented CDS API for remote playback (Pro only)
added alwaysEnableTranscoding attribute on profile to override user preference from the console
added possibility to match any audio/video container in transcoding definitions with a wildcard (*)
added maxHeight transcoding attribute to enable limiting output video resolution; ticket #313
enabled streaming of rtp/rtsp audio streams
added possibility to enable/disable renderer access to the server; ticket #224
enabled checking the URL of live online streams in the console; ticket #491
increased max. memory usage to 512MB to enable indexing or large image files
added media format profile MPEG_TS_JP_T; ticket #535
added the option to turn off automatic new version notification; ticket #489
updated XBMC extractor to support files generated by Media Center Master; ticket #531
updated XBMC extractor to use aired date instead of creation date for episodes; ticket #509
updated Sharp AQUOS profile to use less CPU when playing MKV files
added support for image transcoding in profiles.xml, currently fixes viewing of images with 444 chroma subsampling on Sony devices
added possibility to force display aspect ratio during transcoding; ticket #179
added support for feed URLs starting with feed://; ticket #539
added transcoding matching for H264 High_10 profile; ticket #537
added support for transcoding MKV files with header compression / header stripping; ticket #496
added more Panasonic Viera profiles; ticket #504
added Bravia 2012 profile and added support for truehd, VC1, 3gp and OGG video playback for Bravia devices; ticket #528
added system property 'serviio.fixedPointEncoders' that enables to use fixed point encoders (currently ac3); ticket #475
added shared methods for plugin development: decrypt, decryptAsHex; ticket #498
added Console system property serviio.consoleOpen that controls startup state of the Console window
updated FFmpeg invocation parameters to the one used in the latest FFmpeg release; ticket #508
it is now possible to use a specific User-Agent header when retrieving online content
updated Playstation 3 profile with support for WTV, DVR-MS and WMV files
added content type matching (live, vod) to online transcoding configuration
added matching based on SAR (squarePixels)
fixed WTV playback for WDTV live
fixed browsing on PS3 showing numbers instead of letters for initials; ticket #365
fixed browsing of items including new line characters in the description field
fixed saving genres with long names; ticket #487
fixed OutOfMemoryError breaking the library indexing process
fixed aspect ratio for some transcoded files on Xbox 360
plugins for image online feeds are now possible; ticket #506
fixed adding folders with too long names; ticket #440
fixed a bug when changing case of file name caused file to be duplicate in the library (Windows); ticket #442
updated XStream to version 2.4.2
updated Groovy to version 1.8.6
updated FFmpeg to past 0.11.1

Release Notes - 0.6.2

added transcoding definitions for VP8 video codec (like YouTube webm videos)
retrieves release date (if present) from XBMC .nfo files
improved detection of H264 level and profile
improved opening ports in Windows firewall for Windows Vista/7

fixed Samsung C/D series profile to enable subtitles / resume / menu integration
fixed detection of fps on some videos
fixed transcoding of wtv files
fixed settings bookmarks (Samsung) to work with local content only
fixed browsing live streams on some renderers
fixed transcoding with constrained bitrate
fixed feeds with encoding different than UTF-8, ticket #488
fixed PS3 profile to play online audio streams

Release Notes - 0.6.1

added support for live (online) streams; ticket #355
added support for WebResource online repositories and plugin system; ticket #415
updated wdtv live with online transcoding; ticket #414
added detection for new DirecTV devices; ticket #417
enhanced online feed data caching to lower CPU load and time needed to access them; ticket #402
online feeds are not listed unless they have been parsed; ticket #422
added configuration for (non h264) flv to online transcoding; ticket #425
added media format profiles for audio: AAC_ADTS, AAC_ADTS_320
max. number of returned feed items now only related to items of the requested file type; ticket #462
in a case of an error while accessing feed item we won't try again until the feed expires; ticket #459
updated error message in a case of invalid online resource URL in the console; ticket #458
passes real file size to renderers for content that is already fully transcoded; ticket #426
added possibility to assign display names to online repositories; ticket #405
enabled editing online resources; ticket #399
added possibility to enable/disable and force refresh single online resource; ticket #423
videos with no audio track are now supported; ticket #251
added transcoding setting to enable/disable producing the best quality possible
added support for AppleHttp online protocol; ticket #478
added Manufacturer device detection field; ticket #406
Windows installer (during upgrade) creates a back up copy of the original profiles.xml; ticket #377
console is now automatically started only for the user who installed it (on Windows); ticket #342
added ftyp major brand (for mp4 video files) to trancoding matchers; ticket 451
added media format profiles MPEG4_H263_3GPP_P0_L10_AMR, MPEG4_H263_MP4_P0_L10_AAC for H264 native playback; ticket #418
optimized memory allocation; ticket #396
added profile for Philips devices; ticket #437
added VP8 video codec transcoding support
split Bravia profiles to 2009/2010/2011
merged Sony SMP profile with Sony BD profile

fixed feeds disappearing after some time (e.g. overnight); ticket #416
fixed updating metadata of currently shared files forced by new metadata files (e.g. folder.jpg)
fixed installation folder on Windows 64 bit OS
fixed max. number of audio channels to be used when transcoding to AC3; ticket #443
trimming URL when saving online content; ticket #455
fixed parsing of feeds beginning with BOM; ticket #411
manually assigned renderer profiles now stay even if the device auto-detects to another one; ticket #343
fixed detection of H264 level to take into account both, value in AVC header as well as number of reference frames; ticket #450
fixed on-the-fly plugin recompilation; ticket #483
updated transcoding API to enable to easily turn off transcoding without providing other information; ticket #484

updated Apache Derby to
updated FFmpeg to 0.9

Version released

This is just a quick fix for those Windows users who are having problems installing and/or running the Serviio service. Users on other operating systems don't have to upgrade.

Release Notes - 0.6

added streaming of online feeds; ticket #83
added plugins for YouTube,, BBC iPlayer; ticket #136, #13
resumes playback (10) seconds before last viewed frame; ticket #318
added support for AAC (LATM syntax) audio track codec; ticket #320
added browsing music by album artist; ticket #309
added browsing music by composer; ticket #278
improved parsing of file names in the form of 'movie, the.avi'; ticket #296
logs online metadata lookup failures; ticket #294
added support for FLAC audio codec in video files; ticket #329
added support for VORBIS audio codec in video files; ticket #281
updated H264 level handling and updated Samsung profiles to transcode unsupported H264 levels; ticket #332
updated PS3 profile; ticket #336
added support for HD AVC/AC3 videos in MP4 container; ticket #317
added profiles for WDTV Live and LaCie LaCinema Media Players
it is no longer needed to use -Dserviio.remoteHost on the server side when setting up remote console
optimized local thumbnail extraction; ticket #349
added 'ping' resource to the REST API; ticket #356
added transcoding config for MKV with VC1 for Samsung profiles; ticket #361
updated Toshiba REGZA profile; ticket #195
updated Sony Bravia profile to support better browsing integration; ticket #334
added support for OGG video container and Theora video codec; ticket #363
added support for VC1/DTS in MPEG2TS container; ticket #376
added profile for Manta WiFi centre; ticket #346
added profile for Pure Flow devices; ticket #378
added support for TrueHD audio codec in video files; ticket #337
added JSON support to the REST API (thanks to kairoh); ticket #351
added support for DV video codec; ticket #244
added support for 3gp files; ticket #319
updated profile detection to work better with dynamically assigned IP addresses; ticket #343
enhanced library status monitoring; ticket #99
added possibility to force audio sample rate for transcoding (aSamplerate); ticket #302
added headless mode setting to the server component startup scripts; ticket #335
added metadata extractor for MyMovies files (mymovies.xml); ticket #78
Windows service installation is now optional in installer; ticket #173
Windows service now runs under a proper user; ticket #391
added support for HD MP4 videos with MP3 audio; ticket #398
added Sharp Aquos profile; ticket #400

fixed the case where there can be more stored renderers with the same IP address; ticket #291
fixed error during retrieving XBox video thumbnails; ticket #326
fixed start-up problems with certain OS locale settings; ticket #341
added optimizations for persons retrieval; ticket #340
fixed browsing for some devices that request unlimited number or results; ticket #350
supports file names with Unicode characters (Chinese, Greek, etc); ticket #266
added support for Java 7; ticket #379
fixed displaying categories on LG devices; ticket #360
weird frame rates default to 23.97; ticket #308
fixed disabled access to the server on some (e.g. Denon) devices; ticket #348
fixed playback for Popcorn Hour devices; ticket #339

updated Restlet to 2.0.9
updated Apache Derby to
updated FFmpeg to rev. 8bc3a4807e2da36f458e7784c3d390dbd19899a5

Release Notes - 0.5.2

added mov/mjpeg/lpcm transcode configuration to Samsung B profile; ticket #304
added support for thumbnails on XBox 360; ticket #311
supports subtitles menu on Samsung C series; ticket #270
integrates with Audio/Video/Image TV folders on Samsung C series
added Norwegian, Romanian and Bulgarian translation
added support for Samsung D series devices
updated Danish translation

fixed MKV with AAC transcoding; ticket #300
fixed resource URL encoding problems for some renderers; ticket #305
fixed retrieving .sub files which has not been fully implemented; ticket #303
fixed Bookmarks on Samsung C series
fixed handling of dodgy images, they will be added to library and not cause the indexing process to halt now

Release Notes - 0.5.1

* implemented audio files transcoding; ticket #228
* added support for FLAC files; ticket #205
* added support for OGG files
* H264 profile/level is now extracted from H264 videos and transcoding matcher has been updated to support transcoding of files with certain profile/level; ticket#225
* folder.jpg now used for local video poster; ticket #258
* added setable socket buffer size; ticket #162
* added setable advertisement duration (-Dserviio.advertisementDuration); ticket #253
* added advertiseService operation to the REST interface; ticket #256
* renamed LPCM audio codec in profiles definition to 'lpcm'
* added FLV transcode settings for Samsung C series; ticket #267
* if search for hidden files is disabled hidden folders are skipped as well; ticket #237
* added option to retrieve original (non translated) movie name from online sources; ticket #263
* added Hungarian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese (Brazil), Catalan and Danish translation
* added support for AVI with mjpeg to Samsung profiles; ticket #273
* merged Sony BDP profiles into one which supports multiple regions; ticket #243
* enabled profile detection by http headers and upnp search simultaneously (Samsung C series BDP); ticket #262
* added support for WTV files; ticket #249
* implemented bookmark functionality for Samsung C series devices; ticket #234
* enabled forcing stereo downmixing per profile; ticket #277
* added wmapro as available transcode matcher audio codec; ticket #178
* increased max. refresh interval to 4 digits (9999); ticket #254
* title of parent for items from 'Display content only' categories is now optional; ticket #240
* in a case the console doesn't have server connection it exits only in certain cases; ticket #285
* DRM video files are skipped from being added to the library; ticket #287
* changed tray icon on OSX (thanks to nanovivid); ticket #288
* added DTS playback support for Panasonic profile; ticket #292

* fixed Random audio category to include tracks outside the first 100
* fixed stream mapping for streams numbered higher than 9; ticket #260
* fixed audio bitrate of transcoding jobs to only use valid values; ticket #257
* fixed searching for series that don't have English data on; ticket #269
* fixed H264 detection for latest FFmpeg builds; ticket #272
* fixed FPS detection when FFmpeg reports 1k; ticket #274
* fixed XBox transcoding breaking other renderers; ticket #286

Release Notes - 0.5

* added per-IP renderer profile management; ticket#127
* added new functionality for configuring browsing categories; ticket #26
* added support for Swisscenter video metadata; ticket #79
* added support for XBMC video metadata; ticket #165
* added support for .mts files; ticket #170
* added support for .vdr files
* added support for M2TS files with AVC video and DTS audio; ticket #180
* added support for M2TS files with VC1 video and AC3 audio; ticket #197
* added support for M2TS files with AVC video and MP2 audio; ticket #211
* added support for M2TS files with MPEG4 part 2 video; ticket #206
* added support for PNG image files
* added support for GIF image files
* added support for FLV files; ticket #129
* added support for M4A (MP4/AAC) audio files; ticket #185
* added support for DVR-MS files; ticket #218
* displays file names instead of metadata title in Folders browsing category; ticket #138
* it's now possible to transcode using mp2 as a target audio codec; ticket #177
* added profile for Panasonic Viera incl. support for subtitles; ticket #176
* added availability to browse files as they are being added (in a case of a large batch); ticket #199
* added Audio Random browsing category; ticket #190
* added possibility to retrieve online metadata in a preferred language; ticket #32
* added possibility to force library refresh from the tray icon; ticket #207
* added possibility to turn off scanning for new/updated files per a shared folder; ticket #157
* added possibility to turn off searching for updates of files that are already shared; ticket #118
* updated PS3 profile to be able to play AVI with H264 video
* added start/stop Serviio service into the Start menu (Windows); ticket #214
* browsing audio by music artists is now sorted by their first letter for easier navigation; ticket #106
* added aBitrate attribute to video transcoding element in profiles.xml used to override default audio bitrate for transcoding; ticket #201
* added Toshiba Rezga profile; ticket #195
* console supports translations; ticket #171
* browsing categories menu supports translations; ticket #172
* added EU/US Sony BDP profiles; ticket #208
* added forceVTranscoding attribute to video transcoding element in profiles.xml used to disable video stream muxing and forcing it to always re-encode; ticket #239
* added more episodic file name parsing; ticket #247

* fixed adding media items into library when an associated person record is incomplete; ticket #169
* fixed automatic IP detection, skips VMWare adapters; ticket #175
* enabled dash characters in a folder name to be used during online metadata retrieval (for series/movies that contain dashes in their name)
* implemented workaround for sending gzip files instead of XML
* fixed displaying of library refresh interval; ticket #189
* enabled adding symbolic links (Linux, OSX) to the library; ticket #194
* fixed starting console on OSes that don't support system tray; ticket #191
* episodic metadata search now supports brackets in the file names; ticket #36
* increased time available for video thumbnail generation to 160 sec.; ticket #200
* fixed storing very long music album titles; ticket #209
* fixed transcoding videos with multi-channel aac audio stream; ticket #203
* fixed Linux detection for FreeBSD; ticket #222
* fixed log file not rolling over properly; ticket #220
* fixed accidental removing of items from library after clicking Save on the Library tab; ticket #233

* updated Apache Derby to version
* updated Restlet to version 2.0.4
* updated FFmpeg to rev. 26303
* updated Log4j to version 2.1.16

Release Notes - 0.4.2

* Corba replaced with Restful services; issue #155
* added subtitles support for Samsung C series (TV, players); issue #126 (thanks to kairoh)
* added media format MPEG4_P2_MP4_SP_L6_AAC; issue #142
* added media format MPEG4_P2_MP4_NDSD
* updated TheMovieDB extractor to utilize new release year search functionality; issue #146
* added icon to Serviio UPnP device
* video files are now advertised for non EU (US, Korea) regions as well; issue #166
* added support for Mpeg2TS profile formats without timestamp or with zero/valid timestamp in their transport packet to support Sony Bravia TVs
* added profile for Sony Bluray players; issue #149
* added profile for Sony Bravia TV; issue #153 (thanks to Illico)

* now works properly with non-english OS locale settings; issue #131
* supports absolute URL for service endpoints; issue #152
* fixed storing very long item titles; issue #144
* fixed NullPointerException during movie metadata extraction; issue #135
* fixed closing DB operations before shutting down; issue #160
* fixed online metadata search for filenames with single word all in capitals (e.g. NCIS)

Release Notes - 0.4.1

* added caching of library information for faster browsing experience; issue #86
* added profile for Samsung C-series devices
* added support for MJPEG video codec; issue #120
* added support for MPEG4 Microsoft variant (or DIV3); issue #117
* added possibility of not limiting image resolution to 4096x4096 if device supports it; issue #121
* added tool tip on shared folder name in console to enable distinguishing long entries; issue #122
* added subtitles support for LG BD players; issue #124
* added possibility to disable generation of thumbnails for local video files; issue #90
* added possiblity to turn off online metadata extraction for some folders; issue #114
* added option to select either Server, Console or both for Windows Installation; issue #47

* fixed remote console startup
* fixed storing music albums with long titles; issue #110
* fixed console in a case when system tray is not supported by the OS; issue #109
* bundled FFmpeg now works on OSX 10.5
* fixed storing corrupted fps value of some files; issue #112
* better management of metadata for files copied from DVD (Video_TS, VTS_, etc)
* thumbnail extraction is now avoided for unrecognized file to save CPU; issue #125
* fixed support for files with names including non-latin characters; issue #123
* fixed video playback stuttering (high CPU usage during playback)

Release Notes - 0.4

* added video 'on-the-fly' transcoding capabilities; issue #46
* added DB optimalization configuration for faster browsing
* updated profile detection mechanism to be able to interrogate any HTTP header and check its value against a regular expression
* enabled entering remote shared folders (when the console runs on a different machine than the server); issue #74
* enabled sharing images with resolution higher that 4096x4096; issue #25
* added support for MP4 with H264 and LPCM (e.g. Canon DSLR cameras' video format); issue #67
* added support for WMV files including WMA PRO 10 audio track; closes #76
* added link to to About tab of the console; issue #84
* displays console window after console start on Linux and OSX; issue #77
* added more episodic file name patterns (see; issue #36
* enabled sharing of root folders (e.g. c:, d:); issue #75
* added automatic image rotation based on EXIF metadata; issue #55
* added .mov extension for video files; issue #97
* added profile for Samsung A-series TVs; issue #88
* added profile for DirecTV DVR
* Windows installer now detects Java on 64-bit machines; issue #81
* possibility to provide FFmpeg location using ffmpeg.location system variable
* added support for MPEG2TS files with .tp extension; issue #89
* added system tray menu item to enable/disable automatic library updates; issue #102

* updated MP3 mime-type to fix playback on some devices; issue #66
* fixed specific AC-3 audio track detection; issue #80
* fixed audio track detection in a case of multiple tracks; issue #80
* fixed Linux console startup script; issue #64
* added more available memory (384MB) to handle transcoding of large images
* images are sorted by file name in folder view; issue #71
* fixed marking of viewed assets to be more generic and support more devices; issue #82
* fixed audio album art not showing on some devices; issue #69
* fixed locking of streamed files; issue #94
* browsing in the Folder category is now faster
* optimized library updating mechanism for speed and less CPU utilization; issue #72, #73

* updated FFmpeg to revision 23012, it also enables MP3 encoding (thanks to LAME MP3 Encoder)
* updated Apache Derby to version

Release Notes - 0.3.1

* added possibility to connect to the Serviio server from a remote console (using -Dserviio.corbaHost property)
* added support for ID3v22 cover art tag in MP3 files
* added support for parsing file names with DBRip in them
* added more file name patterns for series; issue #36
* episode numbers are now 2 digits (padded with 0 if needed) for proper sorting on some devices; issue #52
* added possibility to skip Java install if not found; issue #50
* added 'Last Watched' notifier on series' seasons and episodes; issue #53
* added possibility to add year to series name (useful when series name is not unique enough)
* streaming Music on XBox360 is now possible; issue #56

* fixed issue #39: Wait for Corba Naming service to start-up
* fixed issue #41: Missing response for malformed Subscribe message
* fixed issue #42: Wrong HTTP status codes
* fixed issue #49: Browsing Folders category is slow
* fixed 'Last Added' video category to show files that have been added to the library most recently

* upgraded JAudioTagger library to version 2.0.1

Release Notes - 0.3

* implemented client/server architecture; Serviio server now runs independently from the Console
* removed "-headless" agrument; not needed - just run the server
* Serviio server now starts as a Service (on Windows) automatically after Windows startup; issue #27
* added 'Last Added videos' browse category

* fixed issue #19: Folder browsing doesn't work for images
* fixed issue #21: DATE header in soap responses has invalid format
* fixed issue #22: FFmpeg process is killed when hanging for too long
* fixed issue #23: Running on Vista/Win 7 needs admin rights
* fixed issue #24: Browsing on XBox 360 only shows content in Folders categories
* fixed issue #29: Wrong TIMEOUT header value in UPnP event subscription
* fixed issue #30: Multiple NIC support for multicasting SSDP messages (didn't bind to the proper IP address, causing Serviio not appearing on the device)
* Serviio now should work with other media servers installed (e.g. PS3MS)

Release Notes - 0.2

* added support for automatic renderer profile detection (for devices that support it)
* profiles are now configured in profiles.xml file for better renderer compatibility
* added basic skeleton for Playstation 3 profile
* added support for files with extensions .divx and .m2ts
* added hierarchical folder browsing (file-system like)
* added support for MP4 files including ASF video (DivX, XviD, QuickTime)
* added a new UI field for binding Serviio to a specific IP address (issue #11)

* fixed support for AC-3 audio codec in video files when using FFmpeg compiled with LGPL licence
* fixed responses to discovery requests from devices with MX header of value 1 (e.g. Viera TV)
* fixed issue #14: marking video as 'read' multiple times when there are multiple initial requests for the resource
* fixed issue #12: API update

Release Notes - 0.1.1

* added support for full HD VC-1 files (in ASF container); issue #1
* added notification about Library updating when Serviio starts (which might take some time); issue #4
* added possibility to open the console from system tray context menu
* added button enabling to force the library refresh; issue #8
* library updating now starts immediately after a change to the shared folders is made (without the need to wait for 5 minutes)

* fixed local IP address resolving, which might cause the server to be non-accessible
* fixed multicast socket closing in a case of SSDP error
* fixed issue #3: When switching renderer profiles the ContentDefinition is not re-initialized
* fixed issue #5: FileNameParser should be able to deals with DVD-like structure
* fixed skipping MP3 files that only had ID3v1 tag inside
* fixed issue #7: Allow file names longer that 128 characters (allows 256 now)
* fixed image metadata retrieval for images that don't have complete set of metadata

* OSX version includes FFmpeg compiled to work on OSX 10.4 (thanks to Shompola)

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