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PopCorn MKV AudioConverter is a Matroska MKV DTS/AAC to MKV AC3 converter. It can also remove DTS tracks and convert OGG audio to AC3,MP3,AAC,MP3. Requires external tools like eac3to.

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Latest version

1.88.03 (July 31, 2018)


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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog


Stereo downmix AAC -> AC3: Didn't instruct eac3to to downmix multi-channel to stereo.
Stereo downmix Simple Audio Conversion: Misspelled -DownDpl switch of eac3to as -DownEpl which meant that eac3to didn't understand what I was trying to tell it.


FLAC conversion: Conversion of FLAC audio tracks didn't work (wrong track number sent to eac3to utility) - fixed.
MKV Tools: Updated parser to handle changed output from MKV Tools v24 (and possibly earlier versions with changed output as well)


Quick Conversion tool: Conversion of DTS audio tracks didn't work - fixed.
Quick Conversion tool: Several new conversion options (hold mouse over the various options to see popup tool tip with explanation of the option)


Quick Conversion tool: There is now a quick conversion tool available for conversion of some specific audio formats (Dolby Digital Plus/E-AC3, TrueHD and DTS) to FLAC/AC3/AAC format. See this post for details. This function requires (has only been tested with) at least v3.34 of eac3to to work.


H265/HVEC support: Fixed: MKV files containing H265/HEVC video track can now be converted (previus version gave Unsupported Video Codec: V_MPEGH/ISO/HEVC error).


Volume adjustment: Fixed: If one of the channels (the LFE/Sub-Woofer channel, f.ex.) didn't contain any data (was silent) for the entire file, AudioConverter would be unable to apply volume adjustment.


DTS-HD: Fixed: Better handling of DTS-HD audio format with more than 5.1 channels


AAC/SBR: Fixed: A change in the way that the MKV tools report an AAC/SBR audio track lead to AudioConverter not recognizing a track as such.


Temp directory: Performing an extraction across a date boundary would lead to AudioConverter not being able to find extracted file(s), due to adding date specification to specified temporary directory location (this makes it possible for AudioConverter to automatically clean up old temporary files, if any are left over by accident).


Temp directory: Specifying "same as source" or "same as target" when the file specified there doesn't exist would result in an infinite loop, ending in a crash.
TrueHD conversion: Selecting "Convert to Dolby Digital" would not allow you to specify how the conversion should be done. Fixed.
Build events: Explanatory text now given for the two build events.


Explorer Context Menu: New button to create a "Convert Audio Tracks" Explorer Context menu for .MKV files. Side effect if this is also that "Open With"->"AudioConverter" should now work.


AAC/SBR conversion was broken after the great Matroska Track Number mess. Fixed.


exFAT drives no longer considered as FAT32 drives (with regards to max file size being 4 Gb).


Drag'n'Drop adjusted to be more useful.
French (and other languages) now supported for MkvMerge configuration (AudioConverter overrides regional settings and instructs the tools to output in English when run from within AudioConverter.


Drag'n'Drop completely rewritten to be more useful.
"Use setting from DTS tab" now implemented on the VORBIS, AAC and FLAC tabs.


MKV Tools v5.30 now included in tools package.
Header Compression would be ON for preserved DTS tracks. Fixed.


MKV Tools later than v5.21 (ie. v5.30 and on) are now supported.
New option. Options->Cut Sample now extracts a 5 min sample from a file that is at least 12 min long. Use this to extract a simple file when I ask you to do so and verify that the problem you are having is reproducible on this sample. Then you can forward this sample to me so that I can investigate further.


MKV Tools up to (and including the "fixed") v5.21 is now supported. Please note, that the support for v5.21 and on is experimental and I haven't been able to test all combinations of audio tracks and conversions, so if you are using any of the newer versions of MKV Tools, you should beware that it may produce incorrect output. Use at your own risk. If you encouter re-muxing problem (ie. tracks that disappear or wrong tracks processed/converted/copied to output file) and you are using MKV Tools v5.21 or later, please report your problems in the support forum: REMEMBER to have a small sample file ready that reproduces the problem. If you do not, all I'll do is ask for it.
Alternate output file name. Specifying an alternate output file name using the internal file selector didn't work (it always used the original file's file name). Fixed.


MKV Tools up to (and including the buggy) v5.2 is now supported. Please note, that there is a confirmed bug in v5.2.0 that I have tried to work around, but if you are using this version you should beware that it may produce incorrect output. Use at your own risk.
Dolby TrueHD can now be converted to either Dolby Digital or FLAC format. Please note, that this conversion requires at least eac3to version 3.24 and if you attempt to enable it (on the TrueHD conversion tab) and doesn't have the program pointing to a compatible version, you'll be warned about it and given the option to reconsider your ill-advised attempt. You can try to use the menu Options->Download external utilities to download the updated utility pack (containing MKV Merge 5.0 and eac3to 3.24), or you can download the utility manually.
Unattended mode has a new command line option: [/TrueHD-] which disables conversion of Dolby TrueHD tracks.
Directory Prompt now has an addition button that can scan for files containing Dolby TrueHD tracks.
Uninstall now possible using the File->Clear Setup menu option (it deletes the registry information for the program and terminates - it doesn't delete the program itself). Can be used to reset the settings back to "factory defaults".


* E-AC3 (Dolby Digital Plus) tracks can now be down-converted to ordinary AC3 (Dolby Digital 5.1) tracks via the "Re-sample AC3 audio tracks" menu option.


* File Names with "(" or ")" in them should now be processed correctly by the file parser.


* FLAC 6.1 and 7.1 audio tracks can now be converted as well (downmixed to 5.1).


* Unattended mode can now specify /S on the command line to scan sub dirs as well (will also select "Retain dir structure").
* Unattended mode fixed to circumvent various prompts that could be displayed during the conversion process


* S_TEXT/SSA (and other S_TEXT subtitle types) now supported (as in "doesn't prevent conversion").


* Convert frame-rate completely re-written. Now utilizes eac3to's ability to read audio tracks directly from .MKV files and to convert multiple audio tracks in one go. Also support for converting frame rate of PGS (Blu-Ray) subtitles via external program BDSup2Sub, defined on the new Subtitle Tools tab of the main program. You can also choose to have the conversion steps saved in a batch file or executed right away, and you have the option of selecting which tracks will be converted (and thus be present in the final file) via the "Advanced" button.


* PopCorn MKV ReMuxer: Now informs a running PopCorn MKV ReMuxer every time a file has been converted so that ReMuxer can import that file, ready for ReMuxing.


* HideFileExt: Attempts to read this value on environments where it wasn't defined (read: MAC) would produce error. Now tests to see if the value exists before attempting to read it.
* Write Access denied: When attempting to convert a file saved to desktop in non-English Windows Vista/Win7 would result in faulty detection of writability for the directory. Fixed.


* Directory Mode: Scanning sub directories didn't work - now fixed. Also, if scanning doesn't find any valid .MKV files, you are now told so instead of just exiting without any feedback.


* Auto-Update: An error was introduced in the auto-update code which prevented download ("CRC error on download"). This should now be fixed (once you have manually downloaded v1.82.9)


* Re-Sample AC3 Audio: Previous versions would only transfer one subtitle track to output file. Now properly transfers all subtitle tracks to output file.
* Header Compression: Re-Sample AC3 Audio and Convert Frame-Rate options in the "File" menu now obey the "Header Compression" check box as well.


* Header Compression: This check box now also controls if header compression is active on video tracks as well as audio tracks. PopCorn Hour NMTs have no problems with files with Header Compression enabled, but some other devices and most TVs can't cope with this, so make sure to disable this option if your file doesn't play back after conversion.


* Error reporting: In case of "Skipping conversion - none of the audio tracks can be converted or the conversion has been disabled" message, AudioConverter now attempts to explain why it won't convert the various audio tracks in the file (ie. AC3 tracks cannot be converted, only SBR-format Stereo AAC tracks can be converted, etc.)


* Debug logging: If you press Ctrl while clicking the "Run" button you'll get a log of the commands executed at the completion of the conversion. If you press Ctrl+Shift, you'll also get the programs' output in the log. If you press Ctrl+Shift+Alt, you'll get complete debug output of the process. Hopefully this can help people locate some problems, or if not, they can probably help me when finding out what's going on.


* Header Compression: New option to combat MKV Merge's change of default compression for video and audio headers.


* Directory Mode + Prompt + DTS now also select files with DTS tracks if "Remove Track" selected on DTS tab.
* "Remove Track" on DTS tab was broken due to earlier improvements. Should now be working again.


* Defensive coding to try to eliminate the elusive "Access Denied".
* Better error handling when using "Extract support information"


* Conversion of low-sample-rate AAC/SBR audio tracks now possible without getting "Skipping conversion" error


* Extract Support Information in the Help menu allows you to extract important information to be used in any support case directly from within AudioConverter.
* Open Support Case in the same menu allows me to allow you to initiate a priority support case with direct communication via AudioConverter program. To do this, I need:
* Show my License Key shows you your unique license key which I need in order to enable you to file support cases via the "Open Support Case" menu item. This value is simply a GUID (Globally Unique IDentifier) that I generate if it hasn't already been done so. I cannot use this to track who you are or anything - it is a completely anonymous way for me to identify the various users of my program.


* DTS-to-AC3 in Directory+Prompt mode now possible to not convert MKV files with noth DTS and AC3 tracks (presumably because it has already been converted).
* Options->Verbose Logging setting now possible to give extended log information in bottom window on completion of conversion.


* Downmix to Stereo option now available in the File->Resample AC3 audio tracks
* Maximize volume across all channels setting now remembered and restored between sessions
* Language problems with external MKVINFO (resulting in "Video Track not found" errors) should now be solved.
If you get an error from MKVINFO on startup or when trying to convert, try updating to the latest version before reporting it as an error...


* Volume Normalization of a converted DTS-to-AC3 track is now possible for better playback on those TVs that have a bad dowmix from 6ch to 2ch

# v1.80

* Volume Adjustment to individual channels in 6ch DTS-to-AC3 conversion is now possible.

# v1.79.5

* Download external utilities now possible in both .ZIP and .EXE editions, thanks to user AdelphiA putting up server space and bandwidth.
* FLAC conversion could result in "Required file 2.ac3 missing" if a too old version of eac3to was found and used (the old version returned without setting an Error Level, so AudioConverter thought the conversion went fine until it discovered that the expected output file didn't exist). AudioConverter now tests for the version of eac3to in this case and refuses to run with anything less than v3.15 (the version in the tools package) if converting from FLAC to AC3/DTS.

# v1.79.3

* Convert FrameRate fix (now takes decoder library from the DTS decoding tab)
* Convert FrameRate now allows 640kbit to be used for 5.1-channel DTS-to-AC3 conversion

# v1.79.2

* Post Events maintenance release

# v1.79.1

* Post Events (Job/Batch) now available. Can run any file or play any sound file at the end of each job and/or at the end of a batch run.
* Exception Handling improved to catch errors encountered in MediaInfo.
* eac3to couldn't be specified if only AAC 5.1 conversion was enabled.


* Long-time elusive bug that could cause AudioConverter to hang in an infinite loop upon startup has now (hopefully Smile) been squashed, thanks to the investigation by forum user boddy.


* Convert FrameRate should now work with multi-channel OGG audio tracks and with ASS subtitles as well (Untested - don't have a file to test either of these with)


* Convert FrameRate can now convert DTS tracks directly to AC3 (or preserve it as DTS if you have purchased Surcode DTS Encoder) while adjusting framerate.
* Convert FrameRate can now convert OGG tracks as well, either to AC3 or preserve it as OGG (if you have the OGG Encoder in the same directory as you have the OGG Decoder).


* Test version to try and fix the problem described in Post #334,


* OGG/VORBIS MultiChannel can now be converted to AC3 MultiChannel via the VORBIS tab. Only 6-channel (5.1) OGG/VORBIS audio tracks can be converted (as well as Stereo/Mono OGG). If someone has a multi-channel-but-not-5.1-OGG-soundtrack please PM me so that I can try to make conversion for this as well.


* Unattended mode now has the command line: AudioConverter RUN <SourceDir> <TargetDir> [<DoneDir>] [/DTS-] [/OGG-] [/ACC-] [/VERIFY-] [/ANIMATE-]:
<DoneDir> specifies a directory to which the converted files (the originals) are moved after being converted. If on the same drive they are simply moved. If on a different drive, the file is first copied, and if the operating system says "yes, it was copied", then the copy is verified to be identical to the original before the original is deleted. If any detectable errors (such as "Out of disk space", "Drive not ready", "Read error", etc.) occurs during the copying, the whole program halts with an error message.
/VERIFY- disables this additional verification step and the source file is simply deleted after being copied to the <DoneDir>.
/ANIMATE- disables mouse animations during AutoRun


* Unattended mode can now be run from command line: AudioConverter RUN <SourceDir> <TargetDir> [/DTS-] [/OGG-] [/ACC-].


* Conversion of FLAC audio can now selectively be turned on/off for Mono/Stereo and Multi-Channel FLAC sources.
* Conversion of FLAC audio with 3-5 channels are not possible with eac3to, so these tracks are ignored.


* FLAC audio can now be converted to DTS as well as AC3 (provided you have a compatible DTS encoder installed that eac3to can use!)
* Browsing for eac3to was not possible if FLAC conversion was enabled, but DTS conversion was disabled.


* FLAC audio can now be converted (both Multi-Channel and Stereo)
* When selecting a new source file, the target file specification will be updated with the same file name, preserving the output directory.

# v1.76.4

* V_MPEG2 now added to recognized video encodings


* Better visual feedback of problems in Re-sample and Convert FrameRate


* BitRate list in Re-sample AC3 Audio Tracks could become empty - now fixed.


* Double-double-quoting file names - now fixed.


* Now handles non-6ch DTS tracks as well via an intermediary .WAV file and by using Aften encoder


* AVI-Mux GUI produced .MKV files incompatible with AudioConverter - This has now been fixed


* VORBIS tab sheet now visible by default - All tab sheets can be disabled using /DTS-, /OGG- or /AAC-, respectively, on the command line.
* Program now flashes an error message trying to explain why it won't allow you to run the conversion


* Now properly handles 23.976fps-to-25fps conversions - Rounding error fixed.


* Now handles S_HDMV/PGS subtitle tracks (no processing is done - they are simply copied over to the new file).


* Now detects (and rejects) non-6ch DTS tracks (since eac3to can't handle them)
* Now detects even more invalid characters in file names/paths and warns about them
* Started incorporating the "Set DTS track as default track", but haven't finished it yet (it requires a major rewrite of the code that generates the command line to MKVMerge)
* Removed the options to convert OGG/VORBIS tracks (can for a limited time be re-enabled using /OGG command line switch)


* File->Re-sample AC3 audio tracks
Allows re-sampling of AC3 audio tracks to a lower (or higher Smile) bitrate for use on devices that can't handle 640kbit AC3 audio streams as used on BluRay.
* Support for intermediate .WAV files > 4 Gb
(-readtoeof switch in Aften)

Due to the many anti-virus programs not working properly and reporting the compressed .EXE file as various viruses or trojans, I have decided to release an uncompressed version of the program as well. This, however, has a few options disabled (most notably the ones that download from my site), so try the compressed .EXE first and use that one if your anti-virus software is properly coded. If anyone will put up bandwidth to download the preferred utility package (should be directly downloadable, so none of the online sites will work, as I can't download the package directly from within my application from these), please contact me, and I'll make arrangements to have the package delivered to you and update the uncompressed program to download the package from there.
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PopCornMKVAudioConverter, PMAC, PopCorn MKV Converter, PopCorn Audio Converter

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40 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

Getting the external tools now the site is down you can use the waybackwhen machine site:

Review by Steve on Feb 17, 2020 Version: 1.88.03 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

Excellent app, I use it all the time as I have a Sonos Playbar that doesn't like DTS. I've used it since I had a Popcorn Media player years ago, but now I play through Kodi; I could just leave the DTS and have Kodi covert, but the size difference with DD means it's worth converting to save the space. I put all new downloads through it, works really well, the only thing it's struggled with is FLAC audio on some downloads. Glad it's still being supported and thanks to the people maintaining it

Review by Emanef on Sep 20, 2018 Version: 1.88.03 OS: Other Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 8/10

It took 5 minutes. Unfortunately, I can not see the progress indicator. When it will be ready? The output file is silent.

Review by Louise on Jun 6, 2018 Version: AC18801 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 5/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 8/10

EAC3 batch conversion is available using the Simple AudioConversion item in the File Menu.

Review by HeartWare on Apr 16, 2018 Version: 1.88.01 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

Started Using This A Looooong Time Ago. At The Time I Had Gotten PopCorn Hour And Found This The Hands Down Easiest Way To Manage Audio. Stopped Using It For A While Came Back About 3 Years Ago And Found A Ton Of Great Changes...

I Would Only Take 1 Point Away Because It Doesn't Do EAC3 Batch (All These Knew Shows Are Now EAC3)... So I Started Using FFMEG Batch Files Instead. That Still Leaves This Program With A Solid 10 Because Everything It Does It Does Perfectly.

It Is My #1 Recommendation For Those Who Want Ease Of Use That Works.

Thank You, Mr. Hansen For All The Great Work, It Is Appreciated.

Review by GoRichard on Mar 26, 2018 Version: 1.88.01 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

40 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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