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MythTV is a project aiming to create a homebrew set-top box. The end goal is to have a nice interface for watching TV, recording shows, listening to music, etc., all displayed on a TV and controlled by a remote. Also video streaming.

Free software
Released:Jul 31,2017
File size:101MB
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Latest version

29.0 (July 31, 2017)


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Free software

Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

Release Notes - 29

Key New Features
The backend now listens on all addresses [e6f11ce]
Add a new MythTV startup page [37c172]
Major Changes
mythtv-setup now uses MythUI
Support for IPV6 link-local addresses [82d36c7]
Improve handling of Bluray overlays [20926a]
Resync FFmpeg to 3.2 [140276]
Prerequisite Changes
Added support libraries/prerequisites
VBOX: minimum firmware version to 2.50
Removed support libraries/prerequisites
Dependency on libmp3lame [7bc9ec]
Special Notices & Instructions
Version number change, no more 0. prefix.
Data Migration: 29 will only support direct upgrades from 0.22 or higher. If you are running an older version, you will need to upgrade to 0.22, 0.23 or 0.24 then upgrade to 29
As always, backup your database before upgrading, see this.

[45b8725] MythFrontend: Allow playback of streamed https:// files
[119d733] Fixes #12960 - Remote idle frontend wakes backend if WOL is set
[4dc5ef3] Fix database WOL settings being lost if you connect via UPNP.
[e2cb383] Fix occasional segfault when cancelling startup page.
[d13bce6] Add a SEARCH button to the MythTV Startup window
[3db436f] Prevent segfault when OpenGL is set on remote X11 session.
[e9daa4e] Fix frontend failure when using QT painter with OpenGL video
[03b9b4e] Minor fixes for MythTV Startup Page.
[0a46103] Fix UPNP for selecting backend when there is a PIN set
[ef7e594] Fix UPNP detection of backends to ignore link-local IPV6 addresses
[f5bb7fd] Change the new MythTV startup screen to handle UPNP locating of backend.
[37c172e] Add a new MythTV startup page.
[7723e5e] Fix for wrong theme version being downloaded
[4460309] Change default theme to MythCenter and improve MythCenter.
Key Bindings, Jump Points, and Input Devices
[37ef0fa] Python: Fix bookmarkupdate error
[ce1935b] Python: Restore chanId/startTime API for recordings
Guide Data, EIT, Program Info, and Media Metadata
[5933e03] mythfilldatabase: Also try matching ATSC major.minor when update xmltvid.
[d58a00e] mythfilldatabase: Handle duplicate programratings. Fixes #12914
[6865940] EIT: Refs #12548. Add several more multiplexes
Video Playback
[7388b5a] Fix bugs that occur when using a different video mode for playback.
[f5fb29d] Fixes #12586 - Jump Points not working when a MythNotification is displayed.
[ae81146] Fix stream change handling in playback
[4920cb2] Add "Watch This Channel" to guide select menu when appropriate.
[121b636] Fix for 3db436f "Prevent segfault when OpenGL is set on remote X11 session." preventing OS X playback.
Disc Playback (DVD, Blu-Ray, etc) and Media Detection
OSD, EPG, MHEG, CC, and Subtitles
Network Control
Network Communications
[79844ba] Add IPv6 UPNP support
[8b5e507] Disable MythTV IPv6 use for systems that do not have IPv6 support.
[ed3b8d4] Frontend reset socket connections after resuming from suspend
[f96871d] Removed checks for QT_NO_IPV6.
[e6f11ce] Networking improvements
[d8e5e0f] Support ipv6 link-local addresses for soap client.
[82d36c7] Support for IPV6 link-local addresses.
Scanning and Tuner/Recorder Support
Channel Scanner
[24064ac] Channel Scanner GUI: Add percentage text back in.
Ceton InfiniTV
IPTV Recorder
[b565941] IPTV Tuner: fix recording/playing simultaneous RTSP streams
[2a0fda6] ExternalStreamHandler: Don't issue XOFF unless we are not keeping up with the data. It was unnecessarily throttling the throughput.
[2a66730] ExternalStreamHandler: Under stress, the external application may not respond as quick as we would like. Give it a few tries before aborting.
[fc9c6d4] ExternalStreamHandler: Try and be a little more tolerant of slightly misbehaving external recorders. Cleanup better when things go wrong.
[74230a2] VBox: Relax the firmware version check to allow for VJ.x.xx versions
[0bfcd20] VBOX: don't ignore channels using T2/S2 if the tuner can handle them
[46ffbdf] VBOX: fix the channel scanner always saying it found no channels
[bb5daa9] VBOX: bump the minimum firmware version to 2.50
[d4c0f13] VBOX: Add multi-record support to the vbox recorder
[90249b4] VBOX: Prevent "VBox: Found possible VBox at Ceton InfiniTV Ethernet"
Other Hardware "Support"
[27d348f] Webfrontend: update Content Security Policy with latest changes.
Consumer Electronics Control Support - "CEC"
[21a652e] Scheduler: For consistency, put [] around card_id in log messages.
Guide Data
[30d8a96] Fix refresh all in mythfilldatabase
[499e541] Fixes #13015 - mythfilldatabase leap-second problem.
[ee7052f] New feature for mythfilldatabase to optionally not use allatonce.
Setup / mythtv-setup
[071dd75] Settings: Port the playback profile editor to MythUI
[0a52dfd] Settings: Fix incorrect signal/slot connection
[0f9df2a] Settings: Don't display hidden settings
[11008ca] Settings: Add setVisible and clearTargetedSettings methods
[15776b1] Settings: Allow individual video sources to be deleted through the menu
[1728e4f] Settings: Fix some settings being incorrectly marked as changed
[174b8bf] Settings: Add setValue(int) variant
[19c2983] Settings: Add a method to add several targeted settings
[2052b11] Settings: Start converting capture card settings to MythUI
[2323c5f] Settings: Add method to remove a child
[2d452a2] Settings: Port the storage group editor to MythUI
[33ab614] Settings: Port most of the frontend settings to MythUI
[3804276] Settings: Make sure the current value is displayed in combo boxes
[3af397f] Settings: Remove TODO comment
[400f4a2] Settings: Add support for deleting playback groups
[444c40a] Settings: Rename the playback group class to minimize translation impact
[4b2ca8c] Settings: Convert the DiSEqC settings to MythUI
[4c43727] Settings: API updates
[5054902] Settings: Make signal/slot connections work by moving the objects to the main thread
[59e3e7b] Settings: Remove inheritance to TriggeredConfigurationGroup for some classes
[5f6f1c1] Settings: Port the channel editor to MythUI
[6375cd4] Settings: Port the channel scanner to MythUI
[7494225] Settings: Remove a no longer relevant comment
[7501ec4] Settings: Avoid marking the screen refresh rate as changed
[75e6dd0] Settings: Port the recording & transcoder profiles to MythUI
[8a712a6] Settings: Remove settings.h from standardsettings.h
[90222be] Settings: Fix compilation when debug is enabled
[950d116] Settings: Tweak the default theme
[957c154] Settings: Port the Mac settings to MythUI
[9d80fe7] Settings: Remove use of deprecated qVariantValue
[b139c82] Settings: Add methods to MythUIComboBoxSetting
[b8d9595] Settings: Port the backend settings in mythtv-setup to MythUI
[ba64332] Settings: Add new settings classes using MythUI
[bdeed99] Settings: Add method to delete a targeted child
[c809f49] Settings: Rework how settings are loaded and saved
[c86d1fe] Settings: Only emit valueChanged if the value was actually changed
[cf753f5] Settings: Add legacy setName/byName interface
[da28762] Settings: Move the new playback group editor to libmythtv
[e3f957f] Settings: Avoid marking the audio device as changed
[e673108] Settings: Port the creation of input groups to MythUI
[ea41315] Settings: Don't hardcode fallback strings for the help & title text areas
[eaa5316] Settings: Port the transport editor to MythUI
[ec642bb] Settings: Port MythTerminal to MythUI
[efbf982] Settings: Remove MythUIComboBoxSetting inheritance from MythUISpinBoxSetting
[f0c69c7] Settings: Add support for hiding passwords in text entries
[f488b25] Settings: Fix settings incorrectly being marked as changed
[bccb8c9] Add missing terminal window to theme.
[c80482f] Fix missing support for allow_single_step in spin boxes.
[7a1ab50] Fix transport editor segfault and implement adding a transport
[b543220] Fix channel scan overlapping controls.
[f4f98f9] Eliminate extra page in capture card setup.
[7d2be78] Fixes for MythUI settings
[5cd39f1] More Fixes for incorrect save prompt in General Setup
[6869ba6] Fix incorrect save prompt in General Setup
[420a1ea] Fixes for MythUI settings
[eba33b5] Fix backend setup when specific IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are used.
[65f9928] Fix Channel editor missing setting
[1925478] MythUI: Allow functions as slots in MythMenu and ShowOkPopup
[495eb20] MythUI: Add a spinbox dialog
[d9f88c9] MythUIButtonList: Skip disabled buttons when moving around
Translations & Localization/Internationalization
Mac OS X
[254aa41] MythArchive: Convert the settings to use MythUI
[9572352] MythArchive: update the initial seek amount text on the thumb image finder
[abb2250] MythArchive: guard against an empty deleteMap in the thumb image finder
[f2182a7] Gallery: Convert the settings to use MythUI
[336193d] Gallery: Change crumb separator
[4e70774] Gallery: Add keybinding to set covers
[75a698e] Gallery: Add status delay
[94e13f9] Gallery: Preserve aspect of folder thumbnails
[c327f81] Gallery: Don't show folder dates in caption
[c41c6e7] Gallery: Add slideshow jump forward/back
[e7b50cd] Gallery: Add European caption date formats
[ed7473f] Gallery: Reset theme widgets correctly
[2b3ecd7] MythGame: Partially convert the settings to use MythUI
[258ba1f] musicscanner: Compare music_directory.path as binary
[1b6308a] mythmusic: remove defunct lyrdb lyrics grabber
[2008672] mythmusic: fix the genius lyrics grabber
[2cfbfa4] mythmusic: add a LetsSingIt lyrics grabber
[6df9ccd] mythmusic: fix the lyricswiki lyrics grabber
[853c9bd] mythmusic: various tweaks to the lyrics grabbers
[9156dfb] mythmusic: add new Lyrics.Com lyrics grabber
[d22cd8f] mythmusic: add alsong lyrics grabber
[783d36a] MythMusic: double the maximum size of the buffer used with DecodeAudio
[e8d3630] MythMusic: increase the probe buffer size to 128K
[7a40e96] MythNews: UTF-8 encode string literal
[14b636e] MythNews: Fix the menu handling when no sites have been added
MythVideo/Video Gallery
[07441af] Fixes #12878. Use mythtv time, not unixtime to 'activate' a recording
[2433a93] Fixes #12942 - update flow player to 3.2.18
[52ff70e] Fixes #12981 - PHP7.1 Use of this is no longer allowed
[791b172] Fixes #12670 - Ensure fine tune is set and not empty
[7b469b2] Fixes #12868 - inetref cannot be NULL
[7eb9145] Fixes #13007 - Handle .m4v as video/mp4
[9f14a8e] Fixes #13041 - Update mythweb jquery and prototype libraries and use CDN
[ece58eb] Fixes #12822 - Duplicate programs showing in listings.
[11ad81e] MythZoneMinder: fix building the server standalone
[41f4cc7] MythZoneMinder: attempt to fix compilation on Darwin after [11ad81e474]
[d13161c] MythZoneMinder: try harder to find an analysis frame for an event
[d787493] MythZoneMinder: prevent a segfault if we fail to find a monitors shared memory
[2f40d18] MythZoneMinder: avoid string + int when we already converted it to string
[b886116] MythZoneminder: remove the bogus default text from a few screens
[be01357] MythZoneminder: center the no events message in the frame image
[64a1f01] MythZoneMinder: Convert the settings to use MythUI
[8bb7220] MythZoneMinder: Remove a couple of no longer needed function declarations
Support libraries & Frameworks
Services API
[75e68f5] services: fix Channel/GetChannelInfoList always returning and error
[08a03c5] Services API: Dvr/GetTitleInfoList was returning Deleted recordings.
[6061920] Services API: Dv/GetUpcomingList: Don't require ShowAll for in-progress but stopped recordings.
[8f1ab54] Services API: Log more Guide/GetChannelIcon errors
[a296331] Services API: Add/UpdateRecordSchedule, prevent DB Errors when timestamps aren't passed
[00532ed] Services API: Add Channel Groups Add To/Remove From
[194d166] Services API: GetOldRecordedList
[29e2269] Services API: Fix exception messages
[e40bc1c] Services API: Fix encoder name of recording
[ec9afde] Services API: GetProgramList: Implement New listings
[1247e0f] Services API: Add a couple of methods for Music
[15d6031] Services API: Allow for blank or empty parameter values in requests
[359a20a] Services API: Add RecodIdForFilename()
[38d9ba2] Services API: Add ability to Stop/Reactivate a recording.
[681a337] Services API: Make the list of parameters available to methods
[a91bc32] Services API: Add new Video/UpdateVideoMetadata method
[ab1c3e8] Services API: Add the genre list to the output from Video/GetVideoList
[5292483] HTTP Server: Provide additional CORS support

Release Notes - 0.28.1

MythTV Changes

Argus (1):

mythzmserver: fix building the server standalone
Bill Meek (5):

Coverity: Fixes CID 1358509, solution from Roger Siddons
HTTP Server: Provide additional CORS support
HTTP Server: Change HOST_NAME_MAX to 1024 for some buildbots
Serialization Implementation for XML: gcc6/Qt5.{6,7} SEGVs
Serialization Implementation for XML: gcc6/Qt5.{6,7} SEGVs
BlackEagle (1):

Fixes #12939 - add compatibility for libcec4
Bradley Baetz (1):

Fixes #12754 - Fix deadlock in libcec initialization.
Britney Fransen (1):

Fixes #12957 - Add categorytype to and
David Engel (5):

Tweak the finsl sorting in the scheduler to be slightly more stable.
Work around a suspected Qt bug affecting some settings.
Fix scheduler affinity calculation for back to back recordings.
Change AutoExpire::Update() to use a proper queue.
Fix issue with find recording rules.
Gary Buhrmaster (1):

Fixes #12764 - compilation of abs function with latest gcc/libstdc++
Gregorio Gervasio (1):

Add support for A53 captions.
Guenter Kukkukk (1):

Fixes #12945 - Add HEVC to the mpegts parser.
Ian Campbell (1):

musicscanner: Compare music_directory.path as binary
Jean-Yves Avenard (12):

Revert "Player: Improve low bit rate / high latency stream playback"
Prevent out of bound access when table is empty.
Prevent potential out of bound memory access.
Only delete original recording if explictly set.
Properly handle stride size when transcoding.
Properly handle stride size when transcoding in fifo mode.
Fix FIFO transcoding.
Fixes transcoding when decoder doesn't ouput YUV420 frame.
Prevent out of bound access when invalid parameters are provided
Fix RTjpeg transcoding.
Make --delete act as an override and ignore global settings.
Bump ABI version.
John Poet (10):

Do ASI part of [792e89ed5]
Cleanup whitespace in some of the Services API files.
Add a Service API method for returning seektable information.
ServicesAPI: Add RecodIdForFilename()
Scheduler::FillRecordingDir: Fix a race condition trying to start a
TVRec::TuningNewRecorder: On failure, make sure scheduler knows about it.
ServicesAPI: Add ability to Stop/Reactivate a recording.
Stop mythfilldatabase from creating duplicate channels just because they are
ExternalStreamHandler: Try and be a little more tolerant of slighly
Jonatan Lindblad (2):

MythNews: Fix the menu handling when no sites have been added
MythFrontend: Allow playback of streamed https:// files
Karl Dietz (10):

fix typo in german translation
Rewrite of the EIT Fixup for Sky Germany
fix parsing of version numbers in theme updater
fix libcec include path detection issue
use 4 space indenting
fix automatic detection of systemd on Arch
let IPTV recorder recognize HTTPS urls
unbreak JW Player menu item (and three other) in the web frontend
unbreak one-click-installation of JW Player
don't translate recording status CSS classes (use RecStatusToClass)
MIke Bibbings (1):

Fix multiplex restriction determination in Live TV.
Mitch Capper (1):

Added dvr services call for setting and getting bookmark position
Nicolas Riendeau (1):

Merge branch 'fixes/0.28' of into fixes/0.28
Paul Harrison (9):

mythzmserver: prevent a segfault if we fail to find a monitors shared memory
VBOX: bump the minimum firmware version to 2.50
VBOX: don't ignore channels using T2/S2 if the tuner can handle them
mythwikiscripts: fix after the wiki switched to using https
VBox: Relax the firmware version check to allow for VJ.x.xx versions
MythMusic: increase the probe buffer size to 128K
MythZoneMinder: Remove a couple of no longer needed function declarations
MythMusic: double the maximum size of the buffer used with DecodeAudio
mythzmserver: attempt to fix compilation on Darwin after [67d9190279]
Peter Bennett (26):

Fix intermittent pixelation caused by timeout waiting for input buffers
Change OpenMAX Normal profile to allow 4 CPUs for decoding, to allow for fallback to ffmpeg.
Fix CEC bugs and add raspberry pi support for CEC
configure - fix so that build for raspberry pi does not need a bunch of overrides to get openmax enabled
Prevent "VBox: Found possible VBox at Ceton InfiniTV Ethernet" and similar messages by changing them from Info to Debug level.
Fixes "Could not open decoder" error playing a recording
Improve OSD on Raspberry Pi.
Fix bug where "OpenMax High Quality" profile was not added.
Fix "always display subtitles" not activating subtitles in certain cases.
Fix paint problem with QT dynamic button lists. This affected Steppes theme, maybe others.
Delete unused and untested class AudioDecoderOMX from OMX Audio output code.
Fix Raspberry Pi digital audio AC-3 passthrough.
Fix OpenMAX hdmi audio 5.1 channel PCM crackling noise.
Fix mythfilldatabase incorrectly populating airdate for TV series.
Fix: OSD notifications remain on screen forever with OpenMAX and OpenGL.
Fix: OSD notification flash on again after fading due to negative "time left" calculation.
Fix for frontend control socket not working on openmax playback.
Fix time stretch on Raspberry Pi.
Fix scrolling at and of grid style button list.
Fix Seg Fault due to OSD painter being deleted while image loader threads are still using it.
Fix Seg fault in OSD due to notification being displayed using a painter that is no longer valid.
Setup change to allow CETON users to set tuning timeout.
Frontend and backend changes to support music choice.
Fix Artifacts that appear on VDPAU setups in Live TV.
Fix QT 5.6.1 seg fault in ~QNetworkConfiguration during exit from program.
Fix small memory leak caused by commit 89bc8e7
Petr Srsen (1):

Updated Czech MythFrontend translation
Richard Hulme (8):

Allow the backend to shut down if the frontend is in standby mode.
Fix getting stuck in an infinite loop when undeleting a recording.
Try to find a .clpi file in the range 00000-00200 to generate a Bluray bookmark.
Don't allow an inability to create a serial number to prevent playback of a Bluray disc.
Lookup the audio and subtitle languages on Blu-ray discs by the stream ID instead of the index. Sometimes there are fewer 'official' streams (i.e. streams with out-of-band metadata) than physical streams which then causes the wrong information to be shown and the wrong stream to be selected by default.
Hide 'invalid' streams from the user.
Add missing return in the unlikely case that AvFormatDecoderBD has no Blu-ray ringbuffer.
Add more checks before trying to determine language of Blu-ray streams.
Robert Watson (1):

Fix displaying of input connection display name on 'C' or 'Y'. Video
Roger Siddons (9):

Python: Restore chanId/startTime API for recordings
Gallery: Add European caption date formats
Gallery: Change crumb separator
Gallery: Add keybinding to set covers
Gallery: Add status delay
Gallery: Add slideshow jump forward/back
Revert 20b621e5733 MediaMon: UI to select preferred media handler
Gallery: Reset theme widgets correctly
Fix crash when frontend can't find the database
Stuart Auchterlonie (11):

EIT: Refs #12548. Add several more multiplexes
Update some urls for email list signup
Move failure to connect to dbus screensaver services down to debug
Refs #12784. Properly url encode channel icon search requests
Refs #12784. Properly url encode channel icon search requests, part 2
Revert "Refs #12784. Properly url encode channel icon search requests, part 2"
Some http -> https changes
Correctly identify Service Descriptor for UHD
README update
Install mythframe.h, should fix build failures for plugins
Setting VERSION to v0.28.1
Stuart Morgan (1):

Fix backend status page

MythWeb Changes
Charles Bovy (2):

Fixes #12670. Ensure fine tune is set and not empty
[mythweb] Remove/changed some deprecated PHP7 functions:
Ian Campbell (1):

Refs #12752 - [mythweb] Avoid double quoting sql
Jan Schneider (1):

Fix output of stars as float values.
Karl Dietz (7):

use full group by for listing view
unbreak "don't record" and getAspect()
use NULL instead of ZERO datetime when saving to recording rules
remove grouping from SQL when loading programs
rewrite getAspect to use new recordedfile table
don't mix JOIN ON and JOIN USING in one query
avoid returning one copy of each program per person in the cast/crew
Michael T. Dean (1):

Set the SQL mode when connecting to the database.
Stuart Auchterlonie (3):

Fixes #12868. inetref cannot be NULL
Fixes #12878. Use mythtv time, not unixtime to 'activate' a recording
Add mythweb dir to @INC.

Release Notes - 0.28

Key New Features
WebFrontend. The web interface that uses the webserver built-in the backend (no configuration required.) As of 2016-02-12, MythWeb is still available as WebFrontend is not feature complete to replace MythWeb.
Major Changes
Major UPnP overhaul The UPnP code has seen major changes, improved browsing modes, more metadata, artwork for all media, strict UPnP (2014) and DLNA compliance and support for additional UPnP features. (Note: Client support for additional metadata varies. Client behaviour depends on UPnP compliance.)
The cardinput table is no longer used, data has moved to capturecard [3e8bd6b]
MythMusic now uses storage groups you just have to tell the master or a slave backend where your music is located and all frontends will have access to it (no need to mount it using NFS or Cifs).
MythMusic Lyrics View MythMusic can now search for the lyrics for the currently playing track.
Updated MythMusic Radio Stream List MythMusic now downloads from our server an updated list of over 31000 radio streams from all around the world.
MythZoneMinder popup notifications on alarms Shows a live view of the alarmed camera in a popup window.
Replacement Gallery using MythUI & storage groups Backend manages images in Storage Group and supports multiple frontends/service clients
Add VBox TV Gateway support [a3eb10d0] See VBox.
Add H.265 (HEVC) and VP9 support.
Using FFmpeg 3.0
Prerequisite Changes
Added support libraries/prerequisites
Qt version 5.2 (or later.) [f5724c6] Announcement. See: #12558!
Exiv2 image tag reader package/library
taglib version to 1.7 (version 1.8 or higher is recommended, but MythTV will compile with 1.7)
libcec version is raised from 1.5 to 1.7
libsystemd-daemon-dev for sd_notify(), see [229bca1] (only needed if sd_notify is to be used.)
Removed support libraries/prerequisites
Special Notices & Instructions
Data Migration: 0.28 will only support direct upgrades from 0.22 or higher. If you are running an older version, you will need to upgrade to 0.22, 0.23 or 0.24 then upgrade to 0.28.
As always, backup your database before upgrading, see this.
Those that have IPTV recorders and updated to master before the fixes applied in #12605 may need to delete and recreate their IPTV recorders.
Services API developers/users should review: API Parameters 0.28. Significant changes have been made to the API since 0.27.
Users running backend(s) on a system using a http proxy, and using a Ceton tuner, may need to modify their proxy configuration to bypass the proxy for the Ceton tuner (i.e. no_proxy="") #12067
Use correct mimetypes and extensions for MPEG2 PS/TS (could affect scripts/tools that expect filenames ending in .mpg) [7bf6bb1]
In order by sanely backup .mythtv directories, cache and temporary entries have been moved per the following table. Details: [85b2d6d]
Cache and temporary directory name changes
Add new Storage Groups named Music and MusicArt with proper directories.
mythAnyProgram's --nologserver option has been renamed --disable-mythlogserver. In almost all cases, it isn't required. See Mythlogserver.

Release Notes - 0.27.6
Changes from 0.27.5 to 0.27.6

Bill Meek (1):

Services API: Let Dvr/GetTitleInfoList return empty inetrefs
Charles Bovy (2):

Merged the iptv_extension_01.patch plus commit e740947.
Forgot to add new files from iptv_extension_01.patch
David Engel (3):

Only use visible channels to mark first/last showings.
Clear reactivate when updating the history in oldrecorded.
Merge branch 'fixes/0.27' of into fixes/0.27
Frank Phillips (1):

Housekeeper: let mythfilldatabase use suggested run times
Hika van den Hoven (1):

Internet Content: Only use the YouTube region preference if it is nonempty
Jean-Yves Avenard (3):

Merge branch 'fixes/0.27' into devel/027candidates
Revert "Have info and playback screen show proper number of channels"
Revert "Fix channel detection."
John Poet (2):

MythUIScrollBar: Initialize maximum to zero until it is actually known,
MythMainWindow::Norm: With very small values of x, scaling down can cause
Jonatan Lindblad (5):

Video output: Add default fragment shader for OpenGL 2
Video output: Fix OpenGL 1 output after b9971146
Internet Content: Adapt the YouTube grabber to the v3 API
Internet Content: Tidy up some formatting in the YouTube grabber
MythFrontend: Make Xlib calls thread-safe on Linux
Karl Dietz (17):

Make the comparison of magic card type strings case insensitive
handle RTP packets with header extensions and/or less then 7 TS packets
Fiddle with the theme template regular expression for #12003
Merge branch 'devel/027candidates' into fixes/0.27
Merge remote-tracking branch 'cbovy/fixes/0.27' into devel/027candidates
Add support for 16bit Unicode (UCS-2) strings in EIT data
Handle endianess. MPEG stuff is big endian, Intel PCs are little endian
handle movies without any release event
hack to return an empty result set for unknown inetrefs
Fix symbol visibility for mythtranscode and mythtv-setup
Fix symbol visibility
unbreak after 349d3a4c9e
handle API request limiting responses from themoviedb
Merge branch 'fixes/0.27' into devel/027candidates
extend IPTV recorder to handle MPTS input
Merge branch 'devel/027candidates' into fixes/0.27
fix mytharchive's database access
Mario Limonciello (1):

Internet Content: Replace precompiled vimeo_data.pyc with the source
Michael Niedermayer (1):

avcodec/aacdec: Fix storing state before PCE decode
Nick Morrott (3):

Updated British English translations
Updated British English translations
Updated British English MythFrontend translation
Nicolas Riendeau (1):

Merge remote-tracking branch 'knowledgejunkie/en-gb-fixes' into fixes/0.27
Paul Harrison (1):

MainServer: use the hostname not IP address in HandleQueryRecording
Roger Siddons (5):

Copy hostname from scheduler too when creating a new ProgramInfo.
Properly cleanup when stopping a failing recording.
Fixes #12491. Fix python mysqldb upstream changes
Fixes 12534 Save volume when deleting recording
Revert "Fixes 12534 Save volume when deleting recording"
Stuart Auchterlonie (19):

Add missing QObject include. Should resolve Qt5 build error
Enable pic by default on linux systems.
Merge branch 'fixes/0.27' into devel/027candidates
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fixes/0.27' into devel/027candidates
Initial version of dbus based screensaver
Attempt to use 4 different known screensaver dbus services
lost a void along the way
Refs #12414. Removes some old commented out code
Fix lirc being ignored after dbus screen saver changes.
Separate the ScreenSaver base class from the ScreenSaverController.
Move failure to connect to the different dbus services to LOG_WARNING level
Move failure to connect to the different dbus services to LOG_WARNING level #2
Re-Enable screensaver-x11 after the dbus screensaver support was added.
Fixes #12562 Gather memory information on kernel 4.x
Refs #12524. New firewire ids for DCX-3200M P3
Refs #12524. A second variant of the same box
Fixes #12524. A second variant of the same box. typo fix
If the system python is python v3, try to use python2 instead, since we don't support python3 yet
Setting VERSION to v0.27.6
Walter Cheuk (2):

Update Chinese (HK) locale file from Walter Cheuk
Updated Chinese HK translation from Walter Cheuk
William L. DeRieux IV (1):

update script to latest version
faginbagin (5):

Mythcommflag assumed that the number of bytes per scan line for the luma
Many years before the lowres option was added to improve performance, a
The CommDetectBorder? setting did dual duty, as it was also used to limit
Logo detection required a minimum number of pixels in a mask found by
Mythcommflag assumed that video can be either normal, letter-boxed...

Release Notes - 0.27.5
Changes between 0.27.4 and 0.27.5

[aad702d] DataDirectProcessor: Add logging when file opens fail
[6b39841] DataDirectProcessor: Use random temporary filenames for downloads
[e830993] Bump the ABI version after [6b3984106b]
[b305eb5] Security: Disallow SSDP device discovery from non-local addresses.
[c4de5c5] New virtual Greek keyboard from Yianni Vidalis
[f01bd1d] Add a setting to control MHEG interaction channel, patch by Lawrence Rust
[0f0e678] Make PID filtering work properly by removing the streams and not just the entries from the PAT. (cherry picked from commit [61f9ac9])
[a1096aa] DTVRecorder: Fix 32 to 64 bit integer arithmetic in FindPSKeyFrames()
[ee02552] mythfilldatabase: remove Schedules Direct userid from temporary file names
[4cea476] mythfilldatabase: remove the redundant assign to userid
[6eb4afb] Fix using ##x## for season and episode in templated text
[be0005e] Python bindings: fix typo in MythXML getPreviewImage()
[76da983] Properly identify channel-specific rules in Recording Rules.
[99688ed] Add support for explicitly recognising QAM-256 with DVB-T2. This _may_ help with scanning on devices that don't support 'auto' modulation detection.
[4572a55] Fix missed cases in earlier channel-specific rules change.
[65d92fd] SSDP: Check that the peer address is available before doing the local network check.
[bd762ef] Properly translate star ratings in XMLTV parser.
[6fdb2d1] SSDP: Disable reflection attack mitigation for now, it's triggering false positives.
[70653f1] Fix braino in c12af87 (cherry picked from commit [0f7d7ff])
[141b4f3] MythDownloadManager: unlock m_infoLock before continuing after an error condition
[c32f254] Don't use the CRIDs from the authority
[86ff53a] Draft patch to add support for private data specifiers and upc private data
[ea73ed3] MythUIImage: extend the random image feature to reload if a delay is used
[40506c2] SSDP: Missed changes when reverting [[52cb0b5]]
[edc162b] Null pointer check in MainServer::customEvent.
[03eaf3b] Icon Downloader: Fix improper escaping of search string that broke proper matching and sorting with some searches
[3b43903] Add missing QObject include. Should resolve Qt5 build error
[aa256d1] Added missing support for JUMPTODVDCHAPTERMENU and JUMPTODVDTITLEMENU actions. (cherry picked from commit [19e8d7f])
[ca4a2d6] Fix mythtranscode segfault
[5aeccac] When setting a dvb_tuning_delay, save the value the user enters. Fixes #12221.
[6b83571] Add 23Msys/s to the preset list of possible symbol rates. This one is used for several DVB-S2 multiplexes in the UK.
[4e4a785] Add 29.5Msys/s to the preset list of possible symbol rates. Found on several dvb-s2 multiplexes across Europe
[a2563e1] Revert "Fix metadata fanart selection."
[56acf7c] Don't try to listen on addresses which are no longer available.
[6b550fc] Fix a segfault in the EIT cache
[f1115fc] Try to use qmake-qt4 in preference to qmake-qt5
[628183a] Fix SSDP thread using 100% CPU on zero byte datagrams. Fixes #12395.
[483f8dd] Subtitles: Avoid changing subtitle state in the decoder thread.
[bcf888f] Subtitles: Fix automatic display of captions/subtitles.
[e4c6d16] Don't show the miniplayer in MythMusic when starting the next track if we're not playing any more.
[65ada0c] Spawn MythFrontend from a separate thread in MythWelcome to avoid multiple key events being queued and restarting MythFrontend as soon as it exits.
[7860e91] Network control: Handle "space" key properly.
[554046a] Subtitles: Don't reset subtitle state after seeking.
[5d5eb04] Make MythWelcome spawn MythFrontend in the UI thread again due to problems with LIRC but allow events to be processed.
[8f14d3d] Send REC_STARTED_WRITING event for NuppelVideoRecorder.
[bcdaa88] Subtitles: Allow transitions between ATSC and SCTE captions.
[74dba35] Subtitles: Fix state calculation in EnableCaptions/DisableCaptions.
[7962008] Subtitles: Yet another state calculation fix.
[d7e08d2] UI: Optimize updates to MythUIButtonList when an item's state changes
[974d1ae] Reduce "Watch Recordings" sluggishness by caching jobqueue state.
[a848edd] Video output: Add default fragment shader for OpenGL 2
[8b6d4da] Video output: Fix OpenGL 1 output after b9971146
[45d2d51] Subtitles: Fix cc608 preamble indents. Fixes #12051.
[6b73976] MythDownloadManager: add some logging to try to track down the 100% cpu bug
[a14b34b] Fix PCR packets being stripped from transport stream following [0f0e6787]
[1983b6b] Apply UK EIT fix-up on additional transports.
[8332919] Make sure the PCR PID is not discarded if it is not listed in the PMT (i.e. the PCR PID contains only PCR packets).
[e7af3a0] MythDownloadManager: put the lock around m_downloadInfos when removing a url
[8fd277b] MythDownloadManager: fix a bug when downloading URL's with percent encoding. Fixes a 100% cpu bug #12356.
[d25ef31] Merge remote-tracking branch 'alewando/mythlink-metadata' into HEAD
[aad5349] Fix typo intetref -> inetref
[b7afc9b] Add defragmentation of the recordedseek table to maintenance

Release Notes - 0.27.4
Changes between 0.27.3 and 0.27.4

avcodec/dirac_arith: Fix build with PIC and stack-check options
avcodec/utvideodec: Increase vlc len
Revert two backports to release/1.2 that broke fate.
Show duration for large asf files as written in the file header.
Ignore IPv6 settings value if it’s invalid
Don’t attempt to play the video streams for mp3, flac, off and m4a container.
Properly allocate VDPAU PiP video buffers and fix memory leak
Fix memory leak
Audio: Abort Drain if audio device is in pause
bump FFmpeg to 1.2.7
Fix PiP when using OpenGL output
Ignore DMG mounted image
Mythmedatalookup: set PYTHONPATH so mythmedatalookup can be started on its own
Make sure to pass season and episode to tv grabber.
Use myth coding style
Mythmetadatalookup: Make sure we follow the exact same logic as we had prior e82754a7041d3988a8361535460d12a47742c65b
Mythmetadata: Simplify code with a GetGrabber utility member
Do not wait too quickly when reaching EOF
Revert "Player: Increase OpenFile timeout to allow playing encrypted isos on a remote FE"
Player: Increase OpenFile timeout to allow playing isos/DVD on a remote FE
Revert "Fix 0b9470c Fix fileringbuffer locking..."
metadata: fix crash should grabber not be defined
metadata: get around grabber incorrectly set to an empty string
metadata: do not use grabber cache if not initialised
metadata: Properly clean inetref when searching for collection
metadata: Properly separate TV title/subtitle search from inetref/subtitle search
metadata: if video type not known, try both movie and television grabber
CoreContext: Fix IsThisHost
metadata: do not use script name for artwork file name
CoreContext: Fix IsThisHost
metadata: uses _ as separator in inetref in place of :
metadata: Fix broken retrieval for screenshots
metadata: fix stray declaration
metadata: Fix GetGrabber
metadata: also set collectionref to new format
metadata: no need to re-run the search when a match has already been found
metadata: properly handle media search type if we already have an extended inetref.
corecontext: QHostAddress::isNull() appears buggy
metadata: clear error state once an error has been propagated
metadata: add getStorageGroupName
metadata: fix storage group access when downloading artworks.
metadata: properly update artwork images paths
metadata: create objects on stack
metadata: do not attempt to download remaining artworks should error occurred.
mythbackend: fixes QUERY_FILE_HASH hanging
metadata: fix wrong test leading to incorrect hash calculation
protoserver: fixes QUERY_FILE_HASH hanging
mythtranscode: fix incorrect memory allocation
mythtranscode: always check if audio stream still exists
Flush buffers prior to closing the codec.
Limit bitrate to 100Mbit/s and fill_min to half the size of the ringbuffer
metadata: do not unnecessarily query the database if there’s no chance that it will yield a result
metadata: fix incorrect tests
Revert "metadata: properly handle media search type if we already have an extended inetref."
metadata: create Set/GetIsCollection
metadata: use extended inetref if available to determine the type of metadata
metadata: never overrides current video season/episode with with retrieved metadata ones
frontend: simplify metadata search creation
frontend: fix automatic mode introduced in previous commit
metadata: complete refactor of search
metadatalookup: fix logic error introduced in 5d3d319936513cac22557f9a3969f7210b8ac049
metadata: return both movie and TV results when in non-automatic mode
metadata: also look for artwork when scanning a single recording
frontend: add search abilities to “change recording metadata” screen.
metadata: fix C++11 compilation
Revert "mythtranscode: fix incorrect memory allocation"
Merge branch 'fixes/0.27' into devel/027candidates
Revert "Player: Amalgamate and simplify SwitchTo and JumpToProgram"
Merge branch 'devel/027candidates' into fixes/0.27
Revert "Player: Finer a/v sync adjustments"
Revert "Player: Enable AVSync to recover quicker after a seek or program change"
Revert "TV UnpauseLiveTV calls tvchain->SwitchTo opposed to JumpTo to minimise visible disruption"
RingBuffer: Properly wait for readahead thread to start
RingBuffer: always read directly from file if read ahead thread isn’t running
Fix channel detection.
Have info and playback screen show proper number of channels
Merge branch 'fixes/0.27' into devel/027candidates
CoreContext: Simplify use of IsThisHost, make it work with hostnames
Fix doxygen comment
corecontext: Add IsThisBackend API
remotefile: use IsThisBackend API
Fix compilation after 27791ae and 55e03d
Merge branch 'devel/027candidates' into fixes/0.27
AirPlay: Fix iOS 8 not seeing video device.
Revert "Player: Improve low bit rate / high latency stream playback"
Subtitles: Fix cc608 indents.
Subtitles: Avoid trying to draw empty text or background objects.
Captions: Delete *all* cc708 windows in CC708Reader::Reset().
Make seeks faster for slow decoders / large keyframe distances.
MythUIScrollBar: Initialize maximum to zero until it is actually known,
MythMainWindow::Norm: With very small values of x, scaling down can cause
themechooser: Load all the valid themes for the current version of myth,
housekeeping: When checking for new theme versions consider all the tags.
ThemeChooser: Alert user when unable to modify files.
Obey useonairguide and enable it for ERT
add GuessLookupType for VideoMetadata to match other content
Guess its an episode if it has an episode title
Attempt to fix segfault in EITCache assumed to be due to QMap race
simplify handling of missing endtime at end of file in mythfilldatabase
Handle [HD] in UK EIT fixups
Player: Don't call DoneDisplayingFrame for PiP until next frame is ready
Fix 0b9470c Fix fileringbuffer locking...
Player: Increase OpenFile timeout to allow playing encrypted isos on a remote FE
BE: Fix 'MythSocket: Programmer error, QEventLoop isn't running...' during BE exit
MythUIWebBrowser: silence a warning when we can't find the parent window
TV: Quit the TV playback loop when the primary player reports a fatal error
TV UnpauseLiveTV calls tvchain->SwitchTo opposed to JumpTo to minimise visible disruption
mythtranscode: skip audio description streams
Player: Clear EOF when resuming play
Player: Enable AVSync to recover quicker after a seek or program change
Player: Finer a/v sync adjustments
Player: Improve low bit rate / high latency stream playback
Player: Amalgamate and simplify SwitchTo and JumpToProgram
libmythtv: Add a mutex to the ChannelScanSM class
TV: Avoid a SEGV when switching from PiP to PbP
Player: Allow seeking upto last frame when paused
Transcode: Fix a race condition in VideoDecodeBuffer when EOF encountered
lavu/opt: validate range before dereference
adpcm: Fix trellis encoding of IMA QT
adpcm: Write the proper predictor in trellis mode in IMA QT
avformat/avidec: allow rounding errors between scale/rate and timebase
swscale/swscale: fix integer overflow
avcodec/x86/mpegvideoenc_template: fix integer overflow
avcodec/h264_mp4toannexb_bsf: prepend global headers before any in stream parameter sets
avcodec/libx264: move where x264opts is applied down so it isnt overridden by avctx & defaults
avcodec/wma: use av_freep(), do not leave stale pointers in memory
avcodec/msrle: check return code for success before use
swresample/resample: Limit filter length
swresample/dither: use av_malloc_array()
swresample/resample: use av_malloc_array() where appropriate
swscale/x86/swscale_template: loose hardcoded dstw_offset
avcodec/x86/idct_sse2_xvid: fix non C99 inline function
swscale/swscale: fix srcStride/srcSlice typo
avcodec/mjpegen: Fix declared argument size
avformat/mpegts: Remove redundant check
avcodec/diracdec: fix undefined behavior with shifts
avcodec/g723_1: add assert to help static code analyzers
avfilter/vf_deshake: fix loss of precission with odd resolutions
iavcodec/vc1dec: Fix missing {}
avfilter/filtfmts: Support dynamically allocated in/outputs
avutil/lzo: Fix integer overflow
avutil/lzo: add asserts to be double sure against overflows
avformat/mux: Check for and remove invalid packet durations
avformat/h263dec: Fix h263 probe
swresample: fix AV_CH_LAYOUT_STEREO_DOWNMIX input
ffmpeg_filter: fix pointer to local outside scope
avcodec/mjpegdec: Fix undefined shift
avfilter/graphdump: Fix pointer to local outside scope
avcodec/diracdec: move mc buffer allocation to per frame
avutil/cpu: force mmx on selection of higher x86 SIMD features
avcodec/libvorbisenc: dont add the duration to AV_NOPTS_VALUE
avcodec/aac: fix () in IS_CODEBOOK_UNSIGNED macro
avcodec/golomb-test: fix () in EXTEND() macro
avcodec/mlpdec: fix () in MSB_MASK() macro
avcodec/mss34dsp: fix () in SOP* macros
avcodec/mss4: Fix () in MKVAL() macro
avformat/flvenc: Do not allow creating h263/mpeg4 in flv without unofficial format extensions being enabled.
avcodec/alsdec: Clear MPEG4AudioConfig so that no use of uninitialized memory is possible
avformat/mpc: attempt to allocate a packet that is not smaller than the data inside it
Update for FFmpeg 1.2.7
MusicPlayer: On stop clear any temporary one shot metadata
Idle Timer: don't start the timer if it is 0 (disabled)
Idle Timer: fix the last cherry-pick
ImageLoadThread: don't treat all gifs as being animated
Store grabber used along with inetref to ensure correct reuse.
Fix description text for 'Upcoming Recordings' in classic menu theme.
Sync libdvdread up to R1290:
Sync libdvdnav up to R1294:
Handle [HD] in UK EIT fixups part 2
Sync minilzo from 2.03 to 2.07.
UPnP: Fix the service IDs for CDS and CMGR which were both incorrect.
MythMusic: Fix smart playlists uses lastplay or date_entered.
MythMusic: Fix sql error in SmartPlaylist editor when adding a new playlist.
MythMusic: Fix NULL insert into NOT NULL column in SmartPlaylist editor.
MythMusic: Allow smart playlist to be saved even if it produces no matches. The nature of smart playlists means that it may match tracks in the future.
More accurate error message when an IP is passed to GetBackendServerIP() instead of a hostname
RemoteFile::Exists() - If we've been passed an empty string then don't waste time looking for it.
UPNP: Fix upnp albumart after move to storage groups.
Fix more IP vs hostname confusion in myth:// urls
UPnP: Convert dates and times to local time before serving to the client
UPnP: Fix recording date folder names following UTC conversion.
UPnP: Fix dlna protocol string in 0.27, it wasn't DLNA compliant.
Fix the ability to disable the frontend idle timer
Switch over to the new Schedules Direct URL. That's it folks, painless wasn't it?
Add destructor to RecordingProfile. Speculative fix for arm build failure
Arm build fix part 2. Add a virtual destructor for RecordingProfileEditor()
lzo: fix overflow checking in copy_backptr()

0.27.1 Released
We are proud to announce MythTV 0.27.1.
0.27.1 is more than your traditional point release: 0.27.1 is our best release ever. While it doesn't have major new user features, it has received over 340 improvements.

Lots have been rewritten under the hood to provide the best user experience ever. In particular, and to make the critics quiet, LiveTV has received an extreme levels of attention.

A big thank you to everyone who made this possible: the devs and all our users who have contributed more than ever via bug reports, bug fixes and testing.

Check the Release Notes for more details, and how to upgrade your existing system.

0.27 Released
0.27 is now available, unless you're one of the many who have been running it since the Release Candidate, in which case it continues to be available! We thought about giving this release a wacky codename, an idea that became even more popular after the news of Android KitKat raised the prospect of a corporate tie-in. At this time sadly our emails to the PR departments of several major breweries have gone unanswered, so the release continues to be called 0.27 and we remain (mostly) sober.

This release saw a determined effort to squash bugs, particularly those found through Static Analysis (Coverity, Cppcheck) and alternate compilers (Clang, Visual Studio et al). This is an on-going effort, but 0.27 has seen issues reported by those applications drop by 95%.

Major new features include support for streaming music stations in mythmusic and support for Airplay and Airtunes. For our users in the UK and Ireland there is improved Interactive TV support, with iPlayer for Freesat, ConnectedTV for Freeview and Soarview! A full listing can be found in the Release Notes (still being updated). Other changes include a number of improvements to the recording scheduling interface to make it simpler for the most common usage, these have proved very popular in feeback from beta testers.

I'd like to remind everyone that 0.25.x has now reached End of Life and 0.26.x is End of Support. Please upgrade to 0.27 to benefit from bug fixes and to receive support.

0.27 Release Candidate Available
The 0.27 release candidate is now available. This release features many bug fixes since the Alpha and Beta releases of July and August. We thank to all those who helped to test 0.27 before now and now invite everyone else to get involved by testing the release candidate. As most of you will be aware, MythTV is a community driven project, entirely supported by the work of volunteers and we need everyone's help to ensure that 0.27 is free of as many bugs as possible before it's final release. So please upgrade to the release candidate and help to make 0.27 the most stable release yet!

Some distributions are already working to make 0.27 available in package form but if you cannot wait, or if a package is not yet available for your platform you can download the source code instead. It's availble in tarball form from our Github mirror or it may be cloned directly from the git repo using the following command:

git clone -b fixes/0.27 git://

0.27-alpha released
We are happy to announce that we have now released v0.27-alpha.

The proposed schedule for the v0.27 release cycle is as follows:
July 21st - 0.27-alphaBug fixes only, soft freeze for translatable strings.
August 4th - 0.27-betaOnly critical bug fixes allowed after this date.
August 11th - 0.27-rc1 First Release Candidate, hard freeze for translatable strings. If critical bug fix required, we will cut new rc and wait another week.
TBD - rc2-xAs needed
TBD - ReleaseRC becomes release when no bug fix required for one week.
As always these dates are subject to change if the resolution of some critical/blocker bugs needed it.

Release notes can be found

0.26 is now available for download. This is a more modest release than those of the recent past with many of the changes being internal reorganisations required to support future developments.

Notable changes include:

HTTP Live Streaming playback and recording
Conversion of internal times to UTC allowing smoother transitions around daylight savings changes
Several performance improvements to the UI
A greater number of translations (nine) are 100% complete for this release with a few more very near to completion. This number should grow by the time of the 0.26.1 point release.
The usual bug fixes and incremental improvements

0.25 Finally Released!
Although we may not be known for using a witty naming scheme, and the version number only increments itself by a single "hundredth" every major release, we're extremely proud to announce the immediate release of what we loving refer to as - "0.25"! It's been 516 days (that's 1 year, 4 months, 30 days) since our last major release, so it goes without saying that a significant amount of work has made its way in to this current release with over 5200 commits making up 0.25.

MythTV version 0.25 includes several significant new features. A few key items to point out - new video acceleration capabilities such as VAAPI and DirectX Video Acceleration 2; expanded and improved audio capabilities including E-AC3, TrueHD, and DTS-HD support; Control your TV and other AV components via CEC (Consumer Electronics Control); enhanced and integrated metadata management capabilities for recordings and videos, and a fully functional API for third-party apps to build upon that can interact with both the frontend and backend - including a HTTP Live Streaming capabilities for delivering video content, in real-time, via the API.

Also noteworthy - MythMusic has been completely re-written and MythVideo is now directly integrated rather than being distributed as a separate plugin. Additionally, MythThemes is no longer maintained as a separate repository all themes, including third party themes, can now be downloaded directly from the frontend theme chooser.

To see a full list of the "user-impacting" additions, changes, and bug-fixes that make up this release, please take a look at the release notes on the wiki.

Release Notes - 0.25 beta

Key New Features

MythTV Services API - services available for both MythFrontend and MythBackend
Capable MythNetvision sources can now be controlled via remote(lirc)
HTTP Live Streaming Capabilities - ability to expose recordings and videos via the services API
VAAPI support
CEC Capabilities - 2-way communication/control capabilities between MythTV and capable devices such as TVs, receivers, STBs, etc.
3D support - for Side-by-Side and Top-and-Bottom 3D
IPv6 support - for mythbackend and mythfrontend (see Enable IPv6)
HTTP control and query capabilities for MythFrontend (Currently a Proof of Concept)
AirTunes/AirPlay support for streaming audio and video from iOS devices to MythFrontend
E-AC3, TrueHD, and DTS-HD digital pass-through support
Hardware Profiler - helps developers understand the user's hardware landscape and statistics (opt-in)
Initial animation support for MythUI
MythMessage - a user messaging interface (replacement for mythtvosd)
DirectX Video Acceleration 2 (DXVA2) on Windows (alpha support)
New, robust Microsoft Windows build script

Release Notes - 0.24.2

0.24.2 is a bug fix release, and is the culmination of over 100 commits from [347cd24] to [b151996]. Further development along this branch will continue to be documented on the 0.24-fixes release notes. Changes new to the 0.24 branch can still be found in the 0.24 release notes. Below is a documentation of the additive changes that make up the 0.24.2 release.

MythTV 0.24.1 Available

0.24.1 is a bug fix release, and is the culmination of nearly 300 commits from [v0.24-1-gcf098b7] to [v0.24-289-gb5a3805b]. Further development along this branch will continue to be documented on the 0.24-fixes release notes. Changes new to the 0.24 branch can still be found in the 0.24 release notes. Below is a documentation of changes that make up the 0.24.1 release.

Release Notes - 0.24

New Features

* MythUI OSD
* Blu-ray disc/folder parsing and playback.
* Metadata grabbing in MythGame
* Fully automatic metadata grabbing in MythVideo, allow users to select artwork to be downloaded
* Embedded text subtitle support in MKV and others
* Blu-ray and DVD multi-angle
* Online theme browser and downloader
* Experimental Broadcom Crystal HD hardware decoding support

Major Changes

* Large audio refactor:
o Auto population of soundcard devices in settings
o Multichannel audio, analog or LPCM, output up to 7.1 channels
o Support audio bit depth > 16 bits (24 bits, 32 bits and float)
o SSE enhanced audio sample format conversion
o Audio downmix capability
o Automatic conversion to audio format supported by the hardware (bit depth, samplerate, channels)
* Large OSD, Captioning/subtitle, and Video Playback refactor
* Support for (unencrypted) ISOs, VIDEO_TS, and BDMV over storage groups
* Substantial rework, stabilization, and improvement of DVD playback

MythTV 0.23.1 Available

* A recent bugfix required that we upgrade the version of the communication protocol used between the various MythTV components. In order to allow users to keep track of this change, we are pleased to announce that 0.23.1 has been released, which includes the aforemented bug fix along with many others.

Release Notes - 0.23

These are an overview of the changes in the 0.23 release of MythTV. Some of these changes, most notably the fixes, have been backported to the 0.22-fixes release.

Major changes

* New event system [23012]
* Rewritten and greatly expanded python bindings [23416]
* Addition of MythNetvision Plugin [23123]
* New audio with surround sound upmixer
* Addition of Arclight Theme [23275]
* 15% faster software H.264 decoder [23525]
* Channel Scanner - Analog channel scanning fixed [23657]

New Features

* Rewritten and greatly expanded python bindings [23416]
* Addition of Arclight Theme [23275]
* New event system [23012]
* Rewritten audio (simplified configuration, multi-channels upmixing, automatic resampling).
* Addition of MythNetvision Plugin [23123]


* Add support for DCX-3432 [23647]


* Simplified audio setup (digital audio users will need to edit their settings, typically if using surround setup, change Stereo to 5.1)
* Channel Scanner - Analog channel scanning fixed [23657]


* Ability to upmix stereo material to 5.1 and encode as AC3 (similar in quality to DTS Neo)
* Upmixer toggle
* Automatic detection of hardware supported sample rates
* Automatic high-quality bitrate resampling to play any content on any hardware (using SRC library)
* Preservation of timestretch across stream changes
* Simplify Audio User Settings
* Various digital passthrough fixes
* Fix digital passthrough for windows [22826]
* Software volume for digital audio

Video Playback

* FFmpeg sync to revision 21657 [23525]
* Add AVChapter support (works with Matroska and OGG chapters) [23226] [23231]
* ITU BT709 colorspace (HD-TV) support and studio levels (RGB 16-235) (with VDPAU only) [22431]
* Allow multiple dots in external subtitle filenames [22800]
* Speed up recording playback startup by loading the osd menu more quickly [22784]
* Removes PVR-350 output support [22845]
* Internal dvd player - sorts audio tracks based on logical order [23079]
* Remove the StickyKeys setting for fast forward/rewind [23112] [23362]
* Scale and position DVD/DVB subtitles according to the display size [23189] [23220]
* Add support for 2.35:1 aspect ratio override [23210]
* New improved VDPAU rendering code [23235] [23236]
* Fix VDPAU high quality scaling [23238]
* Improved AVFormatDecoder seeking [23288]
* Fix seeking to the beginning of certain streams that have non-zero start times [23294]
* Add support for the repeat_pict count and improve the handling of certain A/V sync cases [23321]
* Add support for MPEG4 hardware acceleration [23340] [23530]
* Don't try and switch renderer if the video resolution is unchanged [23398]
* Make VideoDisplayProfile options platform dependant [23420]
* Improved handling of aspect ratio changes in the video stream [23456]
* Add to configure k8-sse3, opteron-sse3, athlon64-sse3, and barcelona as valid x86 cpus [23534]
* Use timecode for time based SRT subtitles instead of frameNumber [23744]
* CEA-708 Subtitling improvements [23769]


* Speed up font loading in OSD [23402]

Windows Port

* Fix OpenGL fonts on windows [23207]
* Various build fixes including [23234] [23277] [23278]
* Refresh rate fixes for Windows 7 [23324]

Theme Development

* Fix the Metallurgy 'programguide-video' window definition. [22773]
* Theme the program details screen in Metallurgy [22781]
* Punch up some colors in the base.xml so that they are visible on all screens [22913]
* Add an menu entry in the Info Center menu item for MythTwitter [22916]
* Tweak metallury's system status screen so things fit a little better [22925]
* Various MythCenter and MythCenter-wide theme updates [22941] [23377] [23378] [23390] [23487] [23507] [23548] [23577] plus many more
* Declare the correct charset in the Program Details html [23016]
* Add welcome-ui.xml to Metallurgy theme
* Change the time format on Terra's backgrounds to hh:mm [23259]
* Add the missing state type that indicates whether an image is marked in MythGallery to the Terra theme [23260]
* Add the iconhelp popup to Terra [23261]
* Optionally re-enable some of the "Delete Recordings" screen lost in the switch to MythUI [23284] [23293]
* Allow the themer to show what recording group you are currently in [23326]
* Make background an optional element for MythUITextEdit [23331]
* Theme the game detail popup in Terra [23333]
* Theme part of MythNetvision in Terra [23334]
* Theme the web browser in Terra [23335]
* Theme the System Status screen in Terra [23336]
* Theme the main MythNews window in Terra [23337]
* Display Video coverart when appropriate in the Blackcurves OSD [23339]
* Use QFont::setStretch() to allow us to handle non-square pixels such as those on my 16:9 plasma that is only 1024x768 resolution [23382]
* Remove the old, legacy themes [23442]
* Add some extra information to the description panel in BlackCurves-OSD [23471]
* Add a version of welcome-ui.xml to the Terra theme [23580]


* Update Norwegian translations [23630] [23682] [23683] [23684] [23685] [23686] [23689] [23691]
* Update Italian translations [23690]
* Update Finnish translations [23692]
* Update Danish translations [23694] [23701] [23705] [23775]
* Update Italian translation [23730] [23741] [23742]
* Update French translations [23784]|23783}}


* Automatic font loading for theme-provided fonts, so system installation is no longer required [23594]
* Allow right mouse clicks to close menus [22818]
* Convert the DVD/Video bookmark popup to MythUI [23020]
* Convert the 'View Schedule Changes' screen to mythui [23026]
* Update MythDialogBox to emit a closed signal passing a reason for the closure [23102]
* Add Cut, Copy and Paste support to MythUITextEdit [23144]
* Support DELETE in MythUITextEdit [23153]
* Allow the middle mouse button to paste from the selection buffer into textedits on platforms which support it [23180]
* Optimised image loading from cache [23245]
* Add dynamic buttonlist layouts to MythUIButtonList [23269]
* Reduce CPU usage in MythUI by 70 ms per second by using a replacement timer class [23304]
* Adds <minsize> tag to <textarea>, <shape> and <imagetype> [23324]
* Allow retrieval of text from named textarea in a button list item [23400]
* Allow a user style sheet to be loaded in MythUIWebBrowser [23714]


* Removes Xbox blinkenlights support [22786]
* Removes DBox2 support [22790]
* Fix incorrect status being displayed in the mythfrontend status box for a tuner that has an error [22860]
* Add a RemoteFile::Hash method [22886]
* Adds a GetSettings() method to MythDB to bulk load DB settings (speeds up playback startup) [22919]
* Fixes the out-of-sync previews on different frontends bug [22932]
* Speeds up Watch Recordings updates [22955]
* Reconnect frontend to backend after disconnects [22958]
* Allows all the items in a playlist to be marked as watched/unwatched [23064]
* Contextualise 'Watch Recordings' menu [23103]
* Fix keybinding usage consistency issues and keybinding collision between Global EDIT keybinding and TV Frontend CustomEdit keybinding [23106]
* Change INFO to display the program details on the Program Search and Previously Recorded screens [23109]
* Remove the "Show Group Summary" setting [23128]
* Fix pluginname parsing on the mythfrontend command line [23208] [23225]
* Add some additional guide categories [23257]
* Don't block LIRC & JOYSTICK when mounting a file-system [23314]
* Immediately delete recordings from UI when the user deletes them [23388]
* Restore the minimum truncate rate for slow deletes [23435]
* Don't block with the myth_system() commands in the screensaver handling [23457]
* Fix the screenshot filename used with the ScreenShot jump point [23458]
* When running under a managed session, use that session's tools to shutdown/reboot [23518]
* Add a --python= option to configure [23526]
* Sync --extra-cflags handling with ffmpeg's configure [23815]

Network Control

* Fix playback of filenames with spaces in 'play file' command. [23376]


* Addition of a new event system to allow external system calls to be triggered on any listening system. [23012]
* Speeds up the handling of no-file and zero-byte recordings on the backend [23042]
* Adds an import recorder [23044]
* Don't try to autoexpire things we've already failed to autoexpire [23054]
* Removed the ComplexPriority scheduler setting and added a feature to warn when a less preferred showing of a program might be recorded [23118]
* Don't allow mythbackend to upgrade the schema when called with --printsched, --testsched, --resched, --printexpire, or --generate-preview [23158]
* Add TCP keepalive to MythSocket connections [23397]
* Upgrade hdhomerun to version 20100121 of SiliconDust's lib [23468]
* Add Czech DVB-T frequency table [23600]
* Add Greek DVB-T Frequency table [23601]
* Add WMAPRO codec identification [23610]
* Allow the 'wants' events' field in the ANNounce string to specify whether a client wants to receive (0) no events, (1) all events, (2) non-system events, or (3) only system events [23636]
* Add SECAM-DK option to list of v4l TV formats [23695]

Mac OS X

* Add season/episode/subtitle to the title in mytharchive when archiving videos [23255]


* MythFlix was dropped from MythTV after the 0.22 release [22841]


* Add some menu entries to mark/unmark a single image or all images in the current directory [23258]


* Migrate to QT4 [23115]
* Make MythGame obey the global EDIT action for consistency [23116]


Fixes MythMovies operation due to newly-redirecting server layout [23096]

* Make a few more widgets optional in MythNews [22780]
* Use image/jpeg enclosures as thumbnails in MythNews instead of trying to play them [22990]


* Add MythNetvision as a MythTV Plugin for watching internet content. BETA RELEASE [23123]
* Handle HTTP Redirects in the RSS Feed Manager [23130]
* New Grabber for Leo Laporte's (This Week In Tech) [23183]
* Add options to enable/disable background updating of RSS and site maps [23452]


* Add a hashing method to MythVideo. Allows the user to move or rename files as they wish without losing metadata. [22866] [22870]
* Add a new grabber script for version 2.1 of the TMDB API, [22865]
* Add ReleaseDate and Homepage parsing from the grabber scripts. Integrate MythBrowser popups to view Homepage straight from MythVideo (INFO->Video Info->View Homepage) [22791]
* Fix jump points not always working properly in MythVideo [23085]


* Fix MythWeather's location searches following changes at the BBC's Weather Forecast site [22988]
* Improved location searching in the 'uk_bbc' MythWeather scripts [23732]
* Add "New York City Doppler Radar 600" animated weather map [23733]
* Fix the script loading progress bar not always being visible [23734]
* Fix switching units and locations not working properly [23735]

Support libraries
Python bindings

* Complete overhaul of internal structure. Intended to abstract database access away from user, replaced by directly editable data objects. [23287]

Utility Applications

* Modify mythtranscode such that it doesn't attempt to transcode files when --buildindex is used [23363]


Add a --clearskiplist option to mythcommflag to allow clearing the commercial skip list for a recording [22982]

* Various theme updates [23248]


* Port mythlcdserver to QT4 [23176]


* - User job for exporting recordings to MythVideo [23313]
* - FUSE program for mounting recording directories with user defined formatting [23313]
* - Rework of to remove capacity to rename recordings. [23479]
* 6200ch - Add support for QIP-6200 and DCX-3432 [23647]
* 6200ch - Add support for 4-digit channels [23647]
* Add an upstart script [22801]
* Remove the file-renaming support from [23474]
* Modify to allow creating a symlink for a specific recording file using the --filename or --chanid and --starttime arguments [23479]


Release notes updated through revision [21947] (September 2009)

Major Features

* MythTV UI ported to new MythUI library with all new capabilities
* VDPAU Video renderer and decoder for hardware accelerated playback of H.264, MPEG-1/2, WMV, and VC-1
* DVB-S2 support
* Support for the Hauppauge HD-PVR
* HDHomeRun Multirec support
* New channel scanner
* All new default UI theme and OSD theme
* Mythvideo now has season/episode support, fanart, banners, screenshots and much, much more
* Added Automatic Prioritization to the scheduler which uses watching behavior to automatically increase priority of shows that are watched close to their recording timeslot over shows that are delayed for longer periods of time. See [16477] for details until the wiki page is populated.

Major changes

* Windows port improvements
* Mythbrowser now uses webkit and has no dependencies on KDE libs
* MythMusic has fewer external dependencies
* MythTV switches from Qt 3.4 to Qt 4.4 libraries [16790] (No changes affecting end-user!)
* MythPhone has been dropped

Released 8th March 2008
These are the changes in the 0.21 release of MythTV. Some of these changes, most notably the fixes, have been backported to the 0.20.2 release.

Release notes updated through revision [14225], current revision [16468]

Major changes

Added Watch List feature to Watch Recordings listing programs most useful to watch in order to catch up on series and shows you have fallen behind in watching.
Added support for QAM recording using HDHomeRun device. Requires firmware 21-09-2006 or newer.
New official plugins:
MythMovies: provides show times and cinema listings based on Zip/Post code and a given radius.
MythZoneMinder: ZoneMinder is a system for monitoring CCTV cameras. It uses a web interface which doesn't work very well on a MythTV only system so the plugin provides a remote friendly interface to some of the functions provided by ZM.
Added storage groups. This allows multiple recording directories, where each storage group is a list of directories.
Added auto discovery of MythTV servers/frontends
Reduced mythfrontend memory consumption by upto 75% depending on theme and resolution.
requires MySQL 5.0
Allows multiple recordings with one DVB/ATSC card if the channels are in the same multiplex (Multirec)
Enhancements for multi channel audio (up-converting stereo, re-encoding to AC3)

MythTV 0.20.2 Release
Major Changes

* Support for SchedulesDirect including caching and multiple MythTV video sources per SD lineup
* Reduced mythfrontend memory consumption by up to 75% depending on theme and resolution.


* Faster startup of mythfrontend and mythtv-setup from changes to theme prescaling.
* Improved default theme images with better scaling and anti-aliasing
* Backported XMLTV changes to help former Zap2It users switch to a new grabber
* Improved --version output, including the branch name.
* Entire UPnP stack from trunk backported to address numerous UPnP problems


* Fixes for ATSC (QAM, VSB) channel scanning
* Fix compilation on systems with both QT3 and QT4 installed by using QTDIR to find the right qmake
* Fix some recording rules being deleted a day early which caused missed recordings
* Fix stuttering playback caused by refresh rate detection problem
* Fixes hdtv, stereo and subtitle icons, by ensuring we link correctly against the recordedprogram table.
* Fix segfault when accessing mythtv-setup over ssh from a machine without XRandR.
* Fix some discrepancies in how the preview generator determines the filename.
* Various updates for german EIT encoding fixups
* Fix. A "video" stream with an unknown codec will no longer cause the frontend to exit.
* IVTV recording fixes
* Fix incorrect use of free() instead of delete.
* Fix screen repainting problems when using offsets and opengl.
* Fixes for positioning in the MythCenter-wide program finder screen
* Fix UTF8 Characters being corrupted for recording titles
* Fix for cifsxxxx files being left around after a transcode
* Fix an issue of the wrong filter name appearing in the title section when the user aborted changing filters when trying to change to a Recording Group that had a password.
* Fix, force Latin encoding for EIT for two German DVB-T Channels.
* Don't exit the backend if the user has misconfigured their capture cards.
* Allow --version to be used across ssh even without X11 forwarding.
* Allow mythfrontend to be built against libdca if it is installed instead of libdts
* Fix spacing of audio/subtitle track description in OSD Info Popup
* Fix EIT 'airdate' sanity check
* Fix, prevent duplicate CI ids


* Fix mythvideo bug where both metadata trees could be built at the same time.
* Fix file browse issue where filenames were incorrectly converted to titles.
* Fixes needed due to allocine site changes.
* Fix pruning of empty directories in views.
* Fixes path issues
* Fixes and improvements to the imdb script


* Adds a new option "Let transcode determine frame rate"


* Fix mytharchive/mythburn to work with recent versions of ffmpeg.
* Fix mythvideo bug where both metadata trees could be built at the same time.
* Fixes to multipass encoding (HQ Profile)


* Give the mythmusic plugin an eject button.
* Fix. Don't keep trying to play ejected CD (partial solution for one scenario)
* Fixes for Flac 1.1.4


* Correct a bunch of broken/missing translation strings (#3406)
* Errors messages when unable to connect to MSNBC and are now suppressed
* Fixes for the mobile-template detection
* Add Opera Mobile browser as a recognised mini-browser
* Fix for PHP 5.2.x session bug


* Fix broken 'copy' feature
* Add wmv to known filetypes
* Fix Compilation issue with X11


* Disabled by default in configure since it no longer works

The official announcement for 0.20 is here. It has all the download links and information about the official release.
Major changes
* Added MythArchive plugin for archiving recorded shows
* Menus are now drawn by MythUI using OpenGL. This option can be enabled/disabled in the Appearance settings.
* Improved internal DVD player - now supporting menus and other missing features
* Added MHEG content implementation (Interactive TV in UK)
* Added Hotplug support for removable media in Media Monitor and MythGallery
* Added support for the HDHomeRun encoding device
* Added support for basic FreeBox recorders
* Added support for H.264 (aka MPEG-4 AVC) TS decoding
* Added an MPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4-AVC IP network recorder
* Added internal UPnP server support for TV and Music
* Added experimental second commercial detector
* New socket class for backend communications
* OSD image cache which improves channel changing speed
* Fixed program transition while Watching LiveTV
* Added beginnings of firewire capture support for MacOS
* Support for DVB radio channels and guide data collected via EIT for them
* Added mouse support in menus, including gestures

The official announcement for 0.19 is here. It has all the download links and information about the official release.
The major changes in this release are:
* LiveTV rewritten to support saving buffered content while watching
* Signal Monitoring for DVB and pcHDTV recorders
* Ending times may be changed while recordings are in progress
* Playgroups allow for default playback options on recordings
* Channel changes can be made across tuners without changing tuners manually first
* New popup keyboard simplifies setup using remote
* Preview schedule changes when making adjustments to recording schedules
* Added ability to control MythFrontend through a telnet socket
* Closed captioning support on PVR-250/350 (but not 150/500) cards, DVB subtitles, and other cards supporting VBI information.
* New theme (MythCenter), new plugin (MythFlix), and new contributed programs (mythlcdserver, mythwelcome)
* Signficantly overhauled MythWeb, please read the README for details and installation instructions
* Added a basic internal DVD player, removing the need to use Xine or Mplayer

0.18.1 (May 16, 2005)
* Bug fixes:
o Correction of typos in html status page.
o Configure additions to properly build mythbrowser.
o Fix for time stretch bugs -- OSD now displays correct values.
o Fix to correct non-visible channels being visible in browse mode.
o FireWire mpeg2ts sync bugfix.
o Datadirect failures are handled without deleting guide data.
o Assorted UI element drawing order improvements.
o EPG Jump to Channel fixes.
o Scrolling text and popup menu wrap-around fixes in OSD.
o Fix for live TV audio loss when viewing mpeg2 transport streams.
o Fix for proper mpeg2 transport stream handling when using UniChrome XvMC.
* New features:
o Support for the LxM Suite services. Basically, this is a subscription-based data-services/extras setup, with some of the money coming back towards the project in the form of development bounties. More info on the site, but, seems fairly neat to me. The initial theme that they're working on looks rather nice, too. (It's nowhere near as dark running on a TV as it appears on a monitor). I'm personally not involved with this terribly much, but one of the other major developers (Donavan Stanley) has been working really closely with them setting this up.
o Internal channel-change over firewire support for DCT-6200 series cable boxes - no external program required like before.

0.18 (April 15, 2005)


0.16 (Sep 10)
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All features


We like to think of MythTV as the ultimate Digital Video Recorder and home media center hub. Think of it as a Free and Open Source alternative to Windows Media Center or Tivo. It started out in 2002 as a way for Isaac Richards to produce a better TV-viewing environment than his cable company's digital cable box could provide, and through the help of the open source community quickly grew into a powerful tool for watching and recording television. With its plugin architecture, it has been transformed from a mere TV viewing application into a full home media center suite, capable of managing your personal photo, video, and music collections, as well as keep you up to date with the weather, a ZoneMinder home security system, and much, much more.

MythTV Features

Watch and record analog and/or digital TV, including HDTV.
Pause, skip, and rewind live TV shows.
Completely automatic commercial detection/skipping, with manual correction via an intuitive cutlist editor.
Intelligently schedules recordings to avoid conflicts.
Parental controls to keep your kids out of the good shows.
Watch and archive DVDs.
Listen to your digital music collection.
Schedule and administer many functions remotely via a web browser.
Flexible client/server architecture allows multiple frontend client machines to access content served by one or more backend servers (although the most common installation consists of a single computer running both the client and server together).
Many more...
Though MythTV was initially written to run only on the Linux operating system, BSD and MacOS X are also well supported, and it has recently become possible to build a version that can run on Microsoft Windows. We are constantly working to bring MythTV to as many users as possible, regardless of your preferred operating system.


The backend server application runs the core "behind the scenes" functionality for MythTV. The bulk of this is taken up by scheduling and recording your TV shows, but also includes keeping your TV listings up to date, managing the database, and performing routine maintenance on any files generated in the recording process. Backend servers are also responsible for streaming recording files to any remote frontends that do not have direct access to them.
Having a separate backend application allows ambitious users to split their MythTV setup between different locations best suited to each task. For instance, a powerful (i.e. large and noisy) server to host recording files and hardware, hidden away in a closet, and a minimal (i.e. small and quiet) frontend machine kept next to the TV.


The frontend client is the human interface to MythTV. This is where you watch TV, listen to music, etc. Each frontend communicates with one or more backend servers in order to determine which recorded shows are available to be watched, or which TV tuners are available to watch live TV.
In addition to this, the frontend also provides access to system status, the TV listings guide (so you can schedule new recordings), upcoming shows that will be recorded, and much more. If you install plugins like MythMusic and MythVideo (so you can watch a DVD or listen to music), you will also see these listed in the frontend. As you can see from the table of contents for this guide, there are many plugins to choose from.

Sections/Browse similar tools

Guides and How to's

Acronyms / Also Known As

MythBackend, MythFrontend

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2 reviews, Showing 1 to 2 reviews

It's the best. I have been using it since Sept-Oct 2003 (IIRC it used to be 0.17 then) and I have no problem at all with this piece of software.

Sep 16, 2006 Version: 0.20 OS: Linux Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

I've heard about MythTV for so long and was dying to try it out. My current desktop is not the quickest (800 mhz PIII) so I decided to get a capture card that would do mpeg2 encoding on the fly (doesn't kill the CPU). I wound up getting the Hauppauge WinTV PVR350 card. I tried installing via KnoppMyth but had some problems. I heard good things regarding Jarod Wilsons fedora2 how-to decided to give it a shot. It installed without any major issues. MythTV is great. I can do what tivo does (record a live show, pause a live show, schedule recordings) and much more. You can rip CD's and DVD's, browse internet sites, read RSS newsfeeds, manage your system remotely (schedule shows & delete programs) and play old school video games via xmame. If you have a DVD burner you also burn your recordings. Another great thing is that because it runs on linux it supports all the different codecs. MythTV simply rocks!
I plan on building a dedicated MythTV box very soon for my home entertainment system using a mini-atx box.

Oct 29, 2004 Version: 0.16 OS: Linux Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

2 reviews, Showing 1 to 2 reviews

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