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LAV Filters is a multi-format media splitter/decoder that uses libavformat to play all sorts of media files. MKV/WebM, AVI, MP4/MOV, MPEG-TS, FLV, OGG are tested and will be registered for. Other formats can be tested using GraphStudio. H264/AVC, H265/HEVC, VC-1, MPEG4-ASP (Divx/Xvid), VP8, VP9 have been tested and are working well. DTS, AC3, TrueHD, MP3, Vorbis have been tested. Subtitle Support. Stream Switching.

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Latest version

0.74.1 / 0.74.1-34 Nightly (March 14, 2020)


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Download LAV Filters 0.74.1 Portable 64-bit  9MB  Win64  Portable

Download LAV Filters 0.74.1 Portable  8MB  Win  Portable

Download LAV Filters 0.74.1-34 Nightly  13MB  Win

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Software License

Free software / FOSS (Free download and also Free and Open Source Software)

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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

0.74.1 - 2019/03/19

LAV Video

Fixed: VP9 video could produce wrong timestamps, resulting in a black screen or other playback disruptions
Fixed: Decoding VP9 from a non-keyframe (ie. after a seek, or badly cut file) would not always recover properly once a keyframe was encountered

0.74.0 - 2019/03/16

LAV Splitter

Changed: Using GnuTLS for HTTPS and other TLS protocols, improving performance and compatibility with a lot of web streaming services (ie. YouTube Live Streams through youtube-dl, and more)
Fixed: Keyframes in MP4 files were being reported with a slightly offset timestamp, resulting in slow keyframe seeking
Fixed: Subtitles that stretch over chapter boundaries could be lost in Ordered Chapter MKV files
Fixed: Fonts embedded in MKVs without a proper mimetype were not being imported (now it checks the file extensions for .ttf/.otf as well)

LAV Video

NEW: Initial support for parsing HDR10+ (SMPTE ST 2094-40) metadata, and passing it to the video renderer
NEW: Using the dav1d AV1 decoder for significantly improved AV1 decoding performance
Changed: Re-enabled experimental hardware acceleration for H.264 MVC 3D decoding on Intel GPUs, disabled by default
Changed: Updated Intel MediaSDK dispatchers to the latest Media SDK, fixing compatibility with newer runtimes in the Intel DCH drivers
Changed: Improved support for additional UtVideo subtypes
LAV Audio

Changed: Added an option to disable the PCM fallback when bitstreaming is requested
Fixed: Further improvements to TrueHD Bitstreaming, resolving glitching on more new titles (particularly seamless branching titles)
Fixed: Automatic fallback from bitstreaming to PCM could crash in some situations

0.73.1 - 2018/10/11

LAV Video

Fixed: Container-provided color information will only overwrite video bitstream color information if its set and valid
LAV Audio

Fixed: Certain multi-channel AAC streams did not decode in 0.73

0.73.0 - 2018/10/05

LAV Splitter

Changed: Export the description of cover art and attachments for use by players
Fixed: Properly marked the packet allocator as providing read-only packets, to avoid crashes with in-place transform filters

LAV Video

NEW: Support for AV1 decoding using libaom
Changed: Enabled VP9 hardware acceleration by default
Fixed: The aspect ratio of certain WMV/VC-1 files was not being properly respected in the WMV9 MFT decoder

0.72.0 - 2018/06/19

LAV Video

Changed: Enabled CineformHD decoding by default, since the decoder has much improved
Fixed: Decoding Matroska files with Linked Segments which used old x264 4:4:4 encodes could result in corruption

LAV Audio

NEW: Blu-ray Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 decoding and bitstreaming support
NEW: LAV Audio will fallback to audio decoding if bitstreaming is not supported by the audio renderer/hardware
Fixed: DTS-HD HRA bitstreaming did not work properly with many A/V receivers
Fixed: TrueHD bitstreaming could result in drop-outs on high bitrate TrueHD+Atmos streams

0.71.0 - 2018/02/15

- LAV Filters now requires Windows Vista or newer, Windows XP is no longer supported
LAV Splitter
- NEW: Preliminary support for UHD Blu-ray parsing
LAV Video
- NEW: D3D11 hardware accelerated decoding (native mode with madVR, Copy-Back otherwise)
- Fixed: HDR metadata was not properly communicated to madVR in DXVA2-Native mode
- Fixed: Anamorphic WMV9/VC-1 videos were not being played back with the correct aspect ratio in all cases
- Fixed: Changing certain settings while playback was paused could result in a deadlock
- Fixed: Playing severly corrupted HEVC streams with hardware decoding could result in playback failing entirely, instead of skipping over the corruption
LAV Audio
- NEW: Basic support for AAC 960 streams (common in DVB radio streams)

0.70.2 - 2017/07/06
LAV Video

Fixed: DXVA2 decoding could fail in 0.70 after a dynamic media type change

0.70.1 - 2017/07/01
LAV Video

NEW: DXVA2-CopyBack uses D3D9Ex to allow headless operation
Changed: Increased the maximum number of decode threads to 32
Changed: Rebalanced the "Auto" thread strategy to use the exact number of available CPU cores, instead of 1.5x the cores
Fixed: Certain H264 streams could crash in 0.70 due to lack of buffer padding

0.70.0 - 2017/06/15

Official LAV Filters builds require a SSE2 capable CPU
LAV Splitter

Fixed: Certain MP4/MOV files didn't play or seek correctly in recent versions of LAV Splitter
Fixed: HEVC in MP4 without PTS timestamp is being signaled appropriately
Fixed: Closing RTSP streams did not properly call the TEARDOWN function
LAV Video

NEW: CUVID support for VP9 8/10-bit and HEVC 10/12-bit decoding
NEW: DXVA2 support for VP9 10-bit decoding
Changed: Simplified the internal dataflow to reduce overhead and improve performance
Changed: Enabled P010 output to EVR on Windows 10 Creators Update
Fixed: Y416 output was incorrect (required by madVR 0.91.8 and newer)
Fixed: Parsing H.264 MVC SEI NALs could fail in some cases
Fixed: CUVID decoding could deinterlace progressive streams under certain circumstances, degrading the quality
LAV Audio

Fixed: LATM AAC streams with Program Config Elements (PCE) (common in DVB-T2 broadcast) played with audible distortions
Fixed: Very short PCM audio streams didn't play properly

0.69.0 - 2016/12/11
LAV Splitter

NEW: Support for extracting HDR metadata from YouTube HDR VP9 streams
Fixed: Reading MKV files could crash when encountering tags for unknown or disabled streams
LAV Video

NEW: Support for 10-bit UtVideo
NEW: MagicYUV decoding support
NEW: Experimental support for CineformHD decoding
Fixed: Converting 12-bit 4:4:4 YCbCr to RGB32 would result in a garbled image
Fixed: Decoding certain H.264 streams could drop a few frames at the start of playback
LAV Audio

NEW: DTS Express (LBR) decoding support

0.68.1 - 2016/05/05

LAV Splitter

NEW: Support for reading metadata tags from MKV files (including the "3d-plane" MVC 3D tag from MakeMKV 1.9.10 and newer)
Fixed: Improved handling of QuickTime codecs in MKV files
Fixed: S302M audio streams with non-pcm content did not work anymore (requires an external decoder)
LAV Video

Changed: Flags for BT.2020 are exported in DXVA2_ExtendedFormat (previously only reported to madVR, since the Windows SDK did not specify them)
Changed: Prevent connections to the "AVI Decompressor" filter which could result in a broken image or crashes otherwise
Fixed: Some progressive files could report the wrong FPS when software deinterlacing was turned on
Fixed: MPEG-2 streams using "intra refresh" did not decode properly
LAV Audio

Fixed: Decoding MPEG Audio streams from the Microsoft MPEG-1 Splitter could result in playback starting with an audible glitch

0.68.0 - 2016/03/08 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- NEW: H.264 MVC 3D demuxing from MKV 3D, Blu-ray discs and Blu-ray SSIF files
- Fixed: The bitdepth of DTS-HD MA streams is reported properly in the stream information

LAV Video
- NEW: H.264 MVC 3D decoding (requires madVR 0.90 or newer)
- NEW: HEVC HDR streams export the HDR metadata to the video renderer (requires madVR 0.89.18 or newer)
- NEW: VP9 DXVA2 Hardware Acceleration
- NEW: Weston Three Field Deinterlacing filter (w3fdif)
- NEW: Ability to choose which GPU is used for DXVA2-CopyBack decoding
- Changed: Removed the CUVID HQ processing option, it is now automatically used when appropriate
- Fixed: CUVID would crash when playing certain HEVC files
- Fixed: Some pixel format conversions were much slower than expected
- Fixed: Pixel Format changes mid-stream were not re-negotiated with the renderer in all cases
- Fixed: Changes in the framerate due to software deinterlacing are properly reflected in the media type

LAV Audio
- Fixed: Increased PCM buffering to avoid stuttering with TrueHD on some audio devices

0.67.0 - 2015/11/15 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- NEW: Support for HTTPS URLs
- NEW: Automatic selection of the highest quality variant in HLS streams
- Changed: Reverted back to the old ASF demuxer
- Changed: Backported ASF seeking improvements to the old ASF demuxer
- Fixed: ASS in AVI did not work in recent versions
- Fixed: RTP/RTSP did not work properly in 0.66

LAV Video
- NEW: Improved DVD subtitle and menu drawing with madVR (support for madVRs subtitle repositioning and lower latency)
- Changed: HEVC and 4K HWAccel is enabled by default
- Changed: Enabled DXVA2-CB Direct Mode with YV12 output on 8-bit sources
- Fixed: DVD menus could show a black screen instead of the menu in some situations

LAV Audio
- Fixed: Improved clipping behavior in badly mastered DTS-HD tracks

0.66.0 - 2015/09/22 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- NEW: Added options to increase the queue size for increased buffering
- Changed: Switched ASF/WMV demuxing to a new demuxer from Libav
- Fixed: Improved seeking with MPEG-TS files which contain teletext streams

LAV Video
- NEW: Support for DXVA2-Native decoding of HEVC 10-bit with EVR on supported GPUs
- Changed: 4K Video Decoding on AMD graphics card is now enabled (needs recent drivers to work properly)
- Changed: DXVA2-CB decoding uses less memory on NVIDIA graphics cards
- Fixed: H264 DXVA2 decoding failed when no SPS/PPS was available in the media type
- Fixed: Conversion of RGB48 to RGB32/24 did not properly use dithering
- Fixed: Improved handling of a few DVD menu quirks
- Fixed: Decoding 10-bit video with EVR could result in a black screen

LAV Audio
- Changed: 5.1 audio favors the "Side" 5.1 layout, which conforms to modern surround standards

0.65.0 - 2015/04/21 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- NEW: Support for MKV subtitle Cues to show subtitles immediately after a seek
- NEW: Attachments and embedded cover art images are exported through the IDSMResourceBag interface
- Fixed: Improved demuxing of HEVC in MPEG-TS and increased the reliability of the SPS/PPS/VPS extraction
- Fixed: Demuxing Blu-rays/MPEG-TS where the first stream was not a video stream could result in broken timestamps
- Fixed: Seeking in MKVs which are currently being written is more reliable

LAV Video
- Fixed: Improved HEVC DXVA2 decoding on a few samples
- Fixed: Playback of VFR MPEG-4 in AVI had wrong timestamps in 0.64
- Fixed: Improved handling of DVD subtitles without timestamps

LAV Audio:
- NEW: Native DTS-HD decoding using libdcadec
- Changed: 5.1 audio prefers the speaker mask with side channels, to match recent specifications

0.64.0 - 2015/02/13 - Release Notes

- NEW: Individual LAV Filters can now be blacklisted through the registry by creating a key with the executable name in HKCUSoftwareLAV<Filter>Blacklist

LAV Splitter
- NEW: Support for RTMP using rtmpdump-style parameter syntax
- NEW: Support for Opus-in-TS
- Fixed: The language reported for audio/subtitle streams on some Blu-rays could be wrong

LAV Video
- NEW: HEVC Main10 decoding in DXVA2 Copy-Back mode
- Faster: DXVA2 Copy-Back in direct output mode uses up to 50% less CPU and performance is improved accordingly
- Fixed: H.264 streams with only DTS timestamps would play out of sync with DXVA2
- Fixed: DXVA2 could crash on some MPEG-2 streams
- Fixed: Improved compatibility with a few HEVC streams when using DXVA2

0.63.0 - 2014/10/03 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- NEW: Support for playing AES encrypted HLS streams
- NEW: Advanced Subtitle selection allows selecting subtitles by a string match on the stream title
- NEW: Support for rtspu, rtspm, rtspt and rtsph URLs to force the RTSP transport protocol
- NEW: Animated GIF image support
- Fixed: Improved timestamp handling of badly muxed/corrupted H.264 streams
- Fixed: 4K ProRes streams in MKV didn't play reliably
- Fixed: Some HEVC streams in MKV/MP4 didn't play properly
- Fixed: VobSubs in MP4 didn't properly export their color palette
- Fixed: Streaming MP3s through the Microsoft URL filter could result in the last audio frame to be partially repeated
- Fixed: The duration of MP3 files would be wrong if it contained long IDv3 tags
- Fixed: TrueHD streams with an Dolby Atmos sub-stream were not demuxed properly

LAV Video
- NEW: Experimental support for CUVID and DXVA2 HEVC acceleration
- Faster: HEVC decoding is up to 100% faster
- Fixed: DVD subtitle rendering could crash in 64-bit builds

LAV Audio
- Fixed: TrueHD streams with an Dolby Atmos sub-stream did not decode

0.62.0 - 2014/06/12 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Fixed: The filtered Forced Subtitles stream did not properly send all related subtitle data in some cases

LAV Video
- NEW: Implemented a WMV9 MFT decoder to replace the old DMO decoder for VC-1/WMV3 on Windows 7 and above
- NEW: Support for VP7 video
- Fixed: Multi-threaded video decoding could result in a handle leak on some systems
- Fixed: Video processing was slow on Windows XP due to inefficient memcpy use
- Fixed: DVD subtitles could overlap on some discs

LAV Audio
- Fixed: Dynamic format switching to an audio stream with a different sample rate did not work in some cases

0.61.2 - 2014/04/08 - Release Notes

- Installer: The installer does now backup DirectShow registry settings before overwriting them, allowing uninstall to restore them

LAV Splitter
- NEW: Support for ProRes in MKV
- Fixed: Opening AviSynth scripts with LAV Splitter which used DirectShowSource to load LAV Splitter again caused a deadlock
- Fixed: Audio-only AviSynth scripts did not show a duration.
- Fixed: Cue Sheets with directives with empty parameters could cause a crash

LAV Video
- Fixed: AVC1 video streams without SPS/PPS in the configuration record did not decode properly
- Fixed: Decoding H.264 streams with a resolution change using the DXVA2 Copy-Back decoder could crash
- Fixed: YUV->RGB conversion produced the wrong output for the last line of odd-height 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 files

LAV Audio
- Changed: LAV Audio offers more alternate output configurations to the audio renderer if the audio renderer refuses our preferred format.
- Fixed: Decoding AC3 audio with corrupted audio frames could cause unnecessary format changes to occur and disrupt playback
- Fixed: Decoding DTS audio on a CPU without SSE2 support could crash on some streams

0.61.1 - 2014/03/07 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- NEW: Support for opening "icyx://" stream URLs
- Fixed: Opening of some Blu-ray discs would take several minutes and could hang the player.

LAV Video
- Fixed: Aggressive Deinterlacing is no longer applied to soft-telecined content, which caused severe playback issues.

0.61.0 - 2014/03/04 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- NEW: Support for "demuxing" AviSynth scripts (requires AviSynth, 2.6 recommended)
- NEW: Support for reading ICY stream metadata from ShoutCast streams
- Fixed: The duration of DVB MPEG-TS files is being detected more reliably
- Fixed: The ITrackInfo interface was not available in the last few versions
- Fixed: The duration of certain Ogg Vorbis streams was wrong
- Changed: DTS-HD audio tracks are now exposed using the official DTS-HD media type, in addition to the old DTS type
- Workaround: Block WMP/WMC from always overwriting the initial track selection

LAV Video
- NEW: Support for Duck TrueMotion 1/2
- NEW: Support for BT.2020 in YCbCr -> RGB conversions
- Fixed: Format conversion could cause out of memory errors when converting high-resolution videos
- Fixed: The decoder could crash if DXVA2 decoding failed and the software decoder is unavailable
- Fixed: Reduced binary bloat caused by the YCbCr -> RGB converter, reducing binary size to nearly half
- Fixed: Playback of RV30/RV40 was not smooth in 0.60
- Fixed: Video corruption when using DXVA2 on Intel GPUs when decoding certain VC-1 or MPEG-2 clips
- Fixed: Decoding WMV3 Complex profile automatically falls back to software, since hardware decoding is unsupported.
- Faster: DXVA2 Copy-Back decoding on Intel GPUs is significantly faster
- Changed: If the wmv9dmo decoder is unavailable, the FFmpeg decoder is automatically used instead
- Changed: Updated QuickSync decoder to the latest version, fixes a few timestamp issues.
- Changed: Relaxed the resolution checks for H.264 decoding on AMD GPUs, allowing files with 2K resolutions to be decoded (ie. 2048x1280, etc.)

LAV Audio
- NEW: Support for ATRAC3+
- Fixed: Decoding AC3 audio could produce glitches in playback due to too aggressive error checking.

0.60.1 - 2014/01/14 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Fixed a crash when opening MPEG-2 files with Stereo3D Metadata
- Improved the format of the chapter names created from embedded cue sheets
- Fixed an incompatibility in the IPropertyBag metadata interface with a few players

0.60 - 2014/01/12 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Improved playback of a few Blu-ray discs, avoids a hiccup at clip change
- Support for reading embedded Cue Sheets from audio files as chapters
- Added support for reporting the stream bitrate through IBitrateInfo (for MPC-HC et al.)
- Additional metadata from the source file is exported through IPropertyBag (including "ROTATION" for video orientation information)
- Fixed demuxing of MKV files with huge SSA/ASS format blocks (> 1MB)
- Fixed playback of certain MPEG4 ASP streams in MKV to be smooth

LAV Video
- Added support for VC-1/WMV3 DXVA2 decoding on recent Intel GPUs (Ivy Bridge/Haswell, needs recent drivers)
- Fixed a crash when stopping playback or seeking on AMD when using DXVA2 Native
- Fixed playback of WMVA videos in software mode
- Fixed a few issues with output of odd-height videos when converting to various pixel formats
- Fixed a few corner cases when reporting the video range to madVR
- Fixed a crash when playing raw video files with unaligned width (non mod16)

LAV Audio
- The version of the DTS DLL decoder is now checked, and versions before are blocked (since they do not work)
- Fixed an issue with DTS parsing which could result in occasional audio stutter
- Improved support for Opus audio pre-skip

0.59.1 - 2013/11/04 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Fixed a regression when demuxing AAC audio from MP4/MOV files

0.59 - 2013/11/03 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Support for demuxing H.265/HEVC and VP9
- Improvements for H.264 in AVI or as raw video streams
- Improved stream detection in files which start with a few seconds audio before the video
- Improved timestamp handling when demuxing seamless branching Blu-rays, fixes a few hicups/freezes mid-stream

LAV Video
- Support for decoding H.265/HEVC and VP9
- Accept H.264 from the MainConcept demuxer
- Added support for DV Video from Canopus cameras

LAV Audio
- Fixed playback issues on a few DTS and DTS-HD tracks

0.58.2 - 2013/07/26 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Fixed demuxing of WavPack from MKV

LAV Video
- Fixed a crash when YADIF was being used on a single- or dual-core CPU

LAV Audio
- Fixed decoding of DTS streams with a frame size change mid-stream

0.58.1 - 2013/07/09 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Improved UDP network streaming
- Added a new option to configure the stream analysis duration of network streams
- Reduced subtitle delay on certain Blu-ray titles
- Improved detection of DTS-in-WAV
- Improved I/O behaviour for sequential reading from optical media

LAV Video
- Fixed dynamic reconnection on parameter changes (Aspect Ratio, etc) with VMR-9
- Support for Apple Intermediate Codec (ICOD)
- dxva2: added a check for AMD UVD/UVD+ GPUs to ensure the H.264 Level 4.1 DPB restrictions are met

LAV Audio
- Fixed a regression decoding certain Ogg Vorbis streams

0.58 - 2013/06/23 - Release Notes

- LAV Filters now includes a manifest file to control DLL loading
- Fixed the shortcuts to the configuration dialogs created by the installer in the start menu

LAV Splitter
- Handle the "Default" flag in MKV files with multiple video streams
- Fixed a regression in VC-1 demuxing which caused some streams to fail decoding with the WMV9 DMO decoder
- Improved transition between ordered chapters in certain (badly formed) MKV files
- Improved handling of AVC1 in AVI files
- Improved accuracy of IAMStreamSelect::get_CurrentMarker
- Several potential crash fixes and stability improvements

LAV Video
- YADIF deinterlacing is now multi-threaded, significant performance improvement on multi-core CPUs
- Improved detection of progressive streams to ensure deinterlacing is disabled, especially when "Aggressive Deinterlacing" is used
- Restored Fraps constant frame rate output by proper handling of repeated frames
- Support for the new UtVideo sub-types, and fixed a regression in UtVideo decoding
- cuvid: fix double-rate deinterlacing on certain streams without timing information
- Updated the Intel QuickSync Decoder to 0.44

0.57 - 2013/05/20 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Added a Popup Menu to the Tray Icon which allows Stream, Edition and Chapter switching
- Improved stream selection in files with multiple video streams
- Improved performance when opening MKVs with linked segments
- Fixed playback of MKVs with Segment Linking and Vorbis Audio

LAV Video
- Enabled Hardware/GPU Deinterlacing when using the QuickSync decoder
- Support for JPEG2000 DCinema streams
- Support for RGB48 output, and high-quality dithering of RGB48 to RGB32
- Fixed a crash with DXVA2 Native on AMD GPUs in certain situations
- Improved detection of H.264 RGB streams, improves support with EVR
- Adjusted performance tuning for consistent performance in both playback and transcoding (in 0.56, transcoding could be slow)

LAV Audio
- Use the FLAC channel mask from metadata, fixes playback of FLAC files with non-standard channel layouts

0.56.2 - 2013/04/19 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Emit the EC_LENGTH_CHANGED event when the edition is changed, to help players update their playback duration

LAV Video
- dxva2: fixed corruption/dropped frames after seeking in interlaced MPEG-2/VC-1 streams
- dxva2: fixed corruption after seeking in interlaced H.264 on AMD GPUs
- dxva2: fixed decoding of H.264 on AMD UVD/UVD+ GPUs (HD 2xxx/3xxx Series)
- dxva2: disabled wmv3 decoding on AMD UVD/UVD+ GPUs (until it can be fixed)
- Fixed colorspace used for YUV Fraps to always be BT.709
- Added support for MPEG-4 Video with the BLZ0 FourCC (used in older Blizzard games)

0.56.1- 2013/04/13 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Fixed various crashes with ordered chapter MKVs
- Fixed a crash when playing an MKV with a disabled subtitle track
- Fixed switching between video streams with different codecs (ie. H264 -> MPEG2)

LAV Video
- Fixed a crash on close with DXVA2 Native
- Re-tuned YADIF for smooth playback instead of benchmarking

0.56 - 2013/04/10 - Release Notes

- Major ffmpeg update, the DLLs have had their version number increased

LAV Splitter
- Support for Matroska Ordered Chaptes / Segment Linking
- Improved support for parsing language tags from OGM files
- Small performance improvements by avoiding copying the stream data in memory needlessly
- Improved duration calculation for MP3 files

LAV Video
- Performance improvements for single-threaded decoders and YADIF (up to 20% in some situations)

0.55.3 - 2013/02/10 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Improved handling of Annex B H.264 in many containers
- Improved support for external source filters without seeking ability (live sources)
- Fixed duration in some MP4/MOV files
- Fixed stream program assignment for some MPEG-TS files (resulted in some streams not visible)

LAV Video
- Added support for TSCC2
- Fixed a crash when playing certain H.264 files with QuickSync or CUVID

0.55.2 - 2013/01/25 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Improved support for MP4-style H.264 in AVI
- Further improvements for AAC in MPEG-TS
- Small improvements to handling Blu-rays with odd stream configurations
- Improved handling of Ogg Vorbis streams

LAV Video
- Basic support for playing DVDs in different playback rates
- Fixed DXVA2 resource cleanup which may have caused a crash in some situations with DXVA2-Native
- Fixed A/V Sync when using the WMV9 DMO decoder (especially noticable after seeking)

LAV Audio
- Improved AC3 decoding quality (thanks to madshi for the patch in ffmpeg)

0.55.1 - 2013/01/11 - Release Notes

- Clicking the Tray Icon with a Property Page already active brings it back to the front

LAV Splitter
- Added an option to disable quality-based audio stream selection (selects the first stream matching the language preferences)
- Removed Bitrate from audio quality criterias, because its too unreliable at this point.

LAV Video
- Fixed YADIF deinterlacing (broken after a ffmpeg update on 0.55)

LAV Audio
- Switched to Triangular Dithering for 16-bit Integer conversions

0.55 - 2013/01/09 - Release Notes

- All Filters now have an optional tray icon which can open the property sheet when clicked (disabled by default)

LAV Splitter
- Improved FPS detection for interlaced H.264 streams in Matroska
- Fixed H.264 in Ogg and PMP
- Fixed seeking in RMVB files with AAC audio
- Improved support for AAC in MPEG-TS (especially in ISDB-T)
- Fixed Key-Frame seeking for AVI and added support for MP4

LAV Video
- Improved handling of raw RGB video with LAV Splitter (Video was upside-down in some cases)
- Improved support for the Overlay Mixer renderer
- Fixed decoding of non-mod16 video with CUVID
- Fixed DXVA2 decoding of H.264 MBAFF content with >= 16px cropping
- Support for fade in/out animations in DVD subtitles
- Fixed DVD menu overlays showing too early on some discs
- Fixed forced DVD subtitles being stuck on the screen until the next subtitle line
- Improved playback of MPEG-1 in MKV with Haali Splitter

LAV Audio
- Fixed 6.1 to 7.1 upmixing when the standard channel layout option is turned off
- Dithering when converting audio to 16-bit Integer
- Fallback to DTS "Core" bitstreaming if DTS-HD fails

0.54.1 - 2012/11/27 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Improved seeking in MP4 files created by Windows Live Movie Maker

LAV Video
- Improved H.264 DXVA on recent Intel GPUs (Sandy/Ivy Bridge and newer Atoms)
- Fixed corruption with high number of reference frames ( > 11 )
- Fixed corruption in MBAFF interlaced content
- Fixed an issue that caused DVD menus/subtitles to stop working in DXVA2 Native mode in some situations

0.54 - 2012/11/24 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Subtitle selection in "Default" mode now properly takes the "Default Track" flag into account
- Fixed an issue that could cause graph flush events to be send out of sync

LAV Video
- The DXVA2 Native decoder can now properly detect hardware support for video resolutions
- Allows 4K DXVA2 decoding on NVIDIA
- New options to control which resolutions are being handled by the hardware decoder (SD, HD and 4K/UHD)
- Added support for DVD menu overlays and DVD subtitles with DXVA2 Native
- Improved DXVA2 Native support with madVR
- Fixed a freeze when playing corrupted H.264 streams in DXVA2 Native
- Fixed a few rare DVD menu issues when using the QuickSync decoder

0.53.2 - 2012/11/11 - Release Notes

LAV Video
- Fixed DVD menu still frames with DXVA2 Copy Back
- Fixed Live TV playback with QuickSync

0.53.1 - 2012/11/10 - Release Notes

LAV Video
- Fixed initial media type when YADIF is active
- Fixed an image corruption issue with DVD playback
- Improved handling of DVD menus on some discs
- Reduced decode latency with CUVID/DXVA2-CB on DVDs for smoother playback in some situations
- Added an option to toggle HW decoding for DVDs

0.53 - 2012/11/05 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Added support for reading image files (tiff, png, jpeg, tga, bmp)
- Support for MPEG-4 ASP in MPEG-TS
- Support for reading metadata using the IAMMediaContent interface
- Fixed Aspect Ratio on some wmv/asf files

LAV Video
- Fixed a crash in the WMV9 DMO decoder on Windows 8
- DVD improvements
- Subtitles are properly cleared from the screen, and won't be shown forever on some discs
- Improved subtitle/menu positioning on some PAL discs
- Improved handling of still frame DVD menus
- Fixed a deadlock that caused the player to freeze in some DVD menus
- Improved quality of blending subtitles/menus
- QuickSync improvements
- Support using QuickSync in Fullscreen Exclusive mode (ie. in WMC)
- Improved fallback to software decoding if QuickSync is not available
- Support for DVD decoding
- Added support for Avid DV
- Properly indicate progressive video when YADIF deinterlacing is activated

LAV Audio
- Added proper DirectShow types and config options for AMR-NB, Nellymoser and various (AD)PCM variants

0.52 - 2012/10/20 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Improved IO performance on network sources
- Added an option to configure the maximum memory usage of the frame queues
- Support ALAC in MKV
- Support SRT subtitles in AVI
- Improved raw video support in combination with LAV Video

LAV Video
- Support for DVD Video decoding
- Slight GPU memory usage reduction with DXVA2 Native
- Fixed video corruption after seeks with VP3/Theora
- Fixed decoding of "old" H.264 4:4:4 lossless files
- More strict handling of output pixel formats, only enabled formats are allowed for output
- QuickSync: Improved compatibility with new driver series
- Improved support for VC-1 with the SageTV MpegDemux

LAV Audio
- Fixed a few issues with audio mixing
- Some channels would occasionally be mixed twice, causing incorrect audio levels
- Downmixing 8ch to stereo could crash on some systems
- Increased maximum LFE coefficient to 3.0 and fixed scale to be consistent with surround/center coefficients
- Added downmixing to Mono
- Clipping protection is no longer reset on seeks
- Added support for Opus
- Fixed excessive memory allocations when decoding MPEG4-ALS

0.51.3 - 2012/07/19 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Further improved H264 media type creation

LAV Audio
- Fixed an issue with the initial media types causing graph building failures in some situations
- Fixed a bug with DVBViewer which caused a delay on channel changes

0.51.2 - 2012/07/15 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Improved H264 media type creation with some files
- Fixed reading of QuickTime/AppleText chapters in MOV/MP4

LAV Video
- Reduced latency of H264 software decoding (improves Live TV playback)
- Fixed chroma handling of the YCgCo to RGB conversion
- Fixed timestamp handling of MPEG2 (regression introduced in 0.51)

LAV Audio
- Re-Mix audio as a fallback when the audio chain refuses a new channel configuration
- Fixed an error that caused 16-bit FLAC to show as 24-bit on the status panel

0.51.1 - 2012/07/10 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Increased IO responsiveness on high-latency network connections
- Improved timestamp handling for MPEG-PS (.mpg/.vob/.evo)
- Improved support for H264 streams in SSIF MPEG-TS files
- Added an option to control the priority of audio streams for the hearing/visually impaired
- Added new flags to the advanced subtitle selection
- "h" for hearing impaired
- "n" for normal streams (no flags)
- "!" NOT operator for inverting the meaning of the flags

LAV Video
- Improved DXVA2 Native to software fallback in some situations
- Support for YCgCo to RGB conversion
- Added a new smart Stream Aspect Ratio mode
- Will only use Stream AR when the container does not provide a realiable AR

LAV Audio
- Improved decoding performance of MP4 ALS and a few other formats
- Fixed playback of COOK with the MPC-HC RM Splitter
- Auto A/V Sync is now automatically disabled on pure-audio files to avoid potential conflicts
- Audio Down-Mixing support

0.50.5 - 2012/05/12 - Release Notes

LAV Video
- Fixed a crash in DXVA2-Native decoding (introduced in 0.50.4)


LAV Video
- Fixed seeking with QuickSync running in madVR Exclusive Mode

0.50.3 - 2012/05/11 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Fixed playback of raw PCM in AVI streams
- Fixed a rare misdetection of MPEG-2 as VC-1

LAV Video
- QuickSync: Fixed playback of some H.264 streams that would run out of sync on newer drivers
- Fixed a memory leak when playing H.264 RGB (and some other formats)
- Improved behaviour for H.264 and MPEG-2 on Live TV channel changes

LAV Audio
- Added support for Speex (via libspeex)
- Improved support for AMR-NB/WB (using OpenCore decoder)

0.50.2 - 2012/04/26 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Improved support for Playback Rates other then 1.0x
- Improved demuxing performance by implementing a custom Sample Allocator to avoid one extra memory copy

LAV Video
- Fixed a rare crash when using YV12 output on non-mod16 video
- Fixed excessive memory consumption with Haali Splitter and DXVA2-CB
- Fixed a deadlock on dynamic format changes with DXVA2 Native
- Added support for YV24 output

LAV Audio
- Improved support for Playback Rates other then 1.0x
- Support for ALAC and ALS with the MPC-HC MP4 splitter
- Improved A/V Sync on dynamic format changes
- Improved Auto A/V Sync Correction algorithm (lower threshold, faster reaction)
- Fixed audio pitch when bitstreaming 44.1KHz AC3/DTS

0.50.1 - 2012/03/29 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Fixed Stream Detection on some Blu-rays with short Logo clips before the main movie
- Fixed a crash when processing invalid/broken PGS subtitles

LAV Video
- Fixed a crash on dynamic format changes (stream change, Blu-ray clip change)

0.50 - 2012/03/27 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Improved support for H264 Elementary Streams
- Fixed a regression with seeking in MPEG-TS files recorded by some HD-PVR devices

LAV Video
- New Worker Thread design for Decoding/Deinterlacing
- WMV9+YADIF is up to 40% faster
- Improved DXVA2 for MPEG-2 interlaced
- Improved H264 DXVA2 on AMD with certain streams
- Improved CUVID support for 4K streams on supported hardware (GT520, GTX680, other VP5 hardware)

LAV Audio
- Added support for RealAudio Lossless (RALF)

0.49 - 2012/03/10 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Improved MKV demuxing performance from slow sources (network streaming, etc)
- Improved stream detection on Blu-rays
- Improved support for RealAudio (COOK, SIPR, etc) in MKV
- Support for streaming from HTTP URLs

LAV Audio
- Improved support for DTS files with Little-Endian or 14B encodings

LAV Video
- New VC1/WMV3 decoder based on the Microsoft DMO Decoder (new default)
- Updated Intel QuickSync decoder (0.29, r44)
- Fixed decoding of some MBAFF H264 streams with DXVA2
- Improved Stream Aspect Ratio logic in the CUVID decoder for H264 streams
- Fixed Deinterlacing when DXVA2 Native is active in certain situations

0.48 - 2012/02/24 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Improved Video/Audio stream detection in some MPEG-TS files

LAV Video
- Fixed a potential crash with native DXVA2 when the software fallback was used

0.47 - 2012/02/20 - Release Notes

LAV Audio
- Fixed seeking in COOK audio with the MPC-HC RealMedia splitter

LAV Video
- New DXVA2 "native" decoder (see release notes)
- Updated Intel QuickSync decoder and tweaked configuration (0.28, r41)
- Overall performance improvements
- Multi-threaded decoding for Fraps
- Fixed a regression that resulted in only single-threaded playback on certain H264 files
- Fixed a crash in the CUVID decoder introduced in 0.46 under certain circumstances

0.46 - 2012/02/12 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Experimental support for streaming protocols (RTSP, RTP, MMS)
- Support for IBufferInfo (Buffer Status in MPC-HC "Statistics" pane)
- Added a memory limit to avoid too high memory use from the frame queues
- Fixed playback of files with Subtitles in WMP/WMC in some cases

LAV Audio
- Improved playback of files with bad audio frame interleaving
- Improved support of COOK, ATRAC and SIPR (RealAudio codecs)

LAV Video
- Updated and improved Intel QuickSync decoder (0.26, r38)
- Fixed DXVA2 software fallback on some lossless H264 clips
- Improved Fraps decoding with EVR
- Improved playback of MPEG4 in MP4
- Multi-threaded decoding for Lagarith
- Fixed playback of Theora with the MPC-HC Ogg Splitter
- Dithering Enhancements:
- New "Random Dithering" option (new default)
- Improved "Ordered Dithering" in the RGB converter
- Support for decoding v210/v410 raw formats
- Support for Snow and FFV1

0.45 - 2012/01/28 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Improved playback of concatenated H.264 MOV/MP4 files
- Adjusted FLAC MediaType to avoid ReClock stealing the connection
- Improved playback of MPEG-TS with timestamp discontinuities

LAV Audio
- Fixed playback of very short PCM samples
- Improved COOK decoding without LAV Splitter

LAV Video
- New DXVA2 "copy back" decoder (see release notes)
- Updated Intel QuickSync decoder (r29)
- Multi-threaded decoding for RV30/40, UtVideo and DNxHD
- Support for the "FCC" color matrix
- Improved Dirac support
- CUVID support for MPEG-4 ASP (experimental)
- Support for Intel Indeo 4, MS Video 1, 8BPS, LOCO, ZMBV, VCR1, AASC

0.44 - 2012/01/07 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Fixed a seeking regression in the mkv demuxer introduced in 0.43
- Fixed a bug that caused stream descriptions to vanish after the file finished playing
- Improved playback of WMVA video with commercial decoders
- Added support for the new OpenType MIME type produced by mkvtoolnix > 5.2.0

LAV Audio
- Fixed LATM AAC playback with some source filters

LAV Video
- Added Intel QuickSync hardware decoder
- Added support for YADIF with hardware decoding
- Added support for Dirac decoding
- Added support for DNxHD decoding
- Added support for v210/v410 output
- Improved dynamic reconnection with post-processing filters
- Fixed a seeking related corruption issue with MPEG4-ASP

0.43 - 2011/12/21 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Improved MKV seeking and demuxing performance
- Improved buffering for smoother playback (especially at start/after seeks)
- Fixed a few audio media type issues
- Fixed a minor resource handle leak

LAV Audio
- Updated to new ffmpeg audio decoding API
- Disabled Float Audio output on Windows XP by default

LAV Video
- Fixed handling of soft-telecined MPEG2/H264 broadcasts in CUVID mode
- Improved support for 4:2:2 10-bit streams
- Fixed a crash related to unaligned memory buffers on Windows XP
- Added support for decoding AMV streams

0.42 - 2011/11/30 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Fixed a timestamping bug in the new MKV demuxer
- Futher enhancements to explorer thumbnail generation

0.41 - 2011/11/29 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- New MKV Demuxer (see release notes for details)
- Fixed a bug with the Vorbis Media Type
- Disabled Subtitles when generating Thumbnails in Explorer

LAV Video
- Fixed a overflow in 10 -> 8 bit dithering and NV12 output

0.40 - 2011/11/21 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Improved demuxing of raw PCM streams
- Fixed VC-1 in MP4 with the MS WMVideo Decoder
- Improved playback of files with TrueHD audio streams
- Added support for a requested stop time from the player
- Improved playback of Blu-ray rips created by EasyBD
- Added support for RGB24 raw video in AVI

LAV Audio
- Improved decoding of formats with extremely large audio frames

LAV Video
- Added YADIF software deinterlacing
- Rewritten Interlaced options
- Added new "Aggressive" deinterlacing mode
- Moved many interlaced related options to global level
- Fixed an issue with stream compatibility detection in the CUVID decoder, causing a software fallback when not required

0.39 - 2011/11/07 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Fixed a bug that caused MPEG-2 and VC-1 parsers to produce wrong timestamps after a seek
- Fixed playback of raw .h264 files

LAV Video
- NV12 is now the preferred YUV 4:2:0 output format
- Fixed handling of the "As Input" RGB output setting
- Improved VP6 cropping
- Don't report completely progressive movies as interlaced to the renderer
- Fixed playback of some broken MPEG-2 MKV muxes
- RGB will now by default be offered as Bottom-Up instead of Top-Down for improved compatibility

0.38 - 2011/11/01 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- New subtitle selection options (see release notes or readme)
- Improved handling of languages with more then one ISO 639-2 code (f.ex. German, French, etc)
- Improved seeking to the start of the file
- Added support for VobSubs in MP4
- Added support for MKV nested chapters
- Improved playback of RV40 in MKV
- Improved support of H264 in WTV

LAV Audio
- Fixed a crash with raw audio and SPDIF processing
- Improved support for COOK
- Improved DTS-in-WAV detection

LAV Video
- Fixed a issue that caused MPC-HCs EVR-CP to produce wrong colors when using CUVID decoding
- Support Multi-Threading and CUVID decoding for MPEG-1
- Improve decoder flushing
- Fixed a potential freeze on load and dynamic type changes
- Fixed a freeze on seeking with certain VP8 files
- Added support for UtVideo
- Added support for H264 4:2:2

0.37 - 2011/10/06 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Improved handling of failures on the output pins
- Improved VC-1 in EVO timestamps

LAV Audio
- Added support for dynamic channel count changes in AAC
- Implemented support for sample format conversions
- Implemented Audio Delay options
- Disabled the WMA codecs by default
- Improved Bitstreaming data flow

LAV Video
- Fixed cropping of VP6 video
- New SSE2 YUV420 -> YUV422 converter
- Performance enhancements in the CUVID decoder on some systems
- Fixed playback with the XP Overlay Mixer
- Fixed a crash when decoding RGB video (Fraps, etc)

0.36 - 2011/09/29 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Improved support for ADTS AAC
- Fixed MPEG-2 timestamps in VOB
- Fixed MPEG-2 frame rate reporting for telecined/interlaced

LAV Video
- Integrated NVIDIA CUVID Hardware decoder
- Performance enhancements in 10bit decoding
- Support for Flash Screen Video (FSV1)
- Support for Apple ProRes
- Improved MPEG-2 playback
- Improved A/V sync with VC-1 and MPEG4-ASP

0.35 - 2011/09/07 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Fixed a crash in IAMStreamSelect::Info handling with certain applications
- Improve duration calculation for MPEG files

LAV Audio
- Fix playback of DTS streams which change the channel mid-playback

LAV Video
- Fixed a crash with 10-bit decoding and benchmarking tools
- Fixed a H264 NALU parsing issue with certain streams

0.34 - 2011/09/04 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Improve playback of VC-1 in EVO
- Support for SSA subtitles in AVI
- Support for H264 in VFW mode in MKV

LAV Video
- New optimized pixel format converters (faster and more accurate)
- New YUV->RGB converter
- Support for PNG video

0.33 - 2011/08/22 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Improved compatibility with the MS WMVideo decoder
- Fixed the mediatype for raw PCM streams

LAV Audio
- Added support for Vorbis streams demuxed by Haali and MPC-HC Splitters

LAV Video
- VC-1 decoding is now disabled by default
- Fixed behaviour of the Stream AR option
- The maximum number of decoding threads is now 16
- Free decoding buffers when the input pin disconnects to avoid big memory leaks

0.32 - 2011/08/19 - Release Notes

- The installer will now add shortcuts to the start menu to open the filter configurations
- The ffmpeg DLLs have been renamed to carry a "lav" suffix to avoid collisions with other components

LAV Splitter
- Improved detection of AAC LATM tracks (previously mis-detected as mp1/mp2)
- Fixed playback of badly interleaved AVI files
- Smarter default stream selection for RealMedia files
- Improved stream language handling for Blu-rays
- Fixed a crash issue with the Forced Subtitle pin on Blu-rays

LAV Audio
- DTS decoding failures are now handled more gracefully
- Fixed Media Types for Stereo 44.1kHz Audio

LAV Video
- First official version - refer to release notes for details

0.31 - 2011/07/15 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Improved audio codec selection priorities
- Improved VC-1 playback when using the madVR internal decoder
- Improved playback of MPEG-TS files with a timestamp wrap right at the beginning of a file
- Reduced amount of data required for file probing, resulting in faster startup time
- Fixed demuxing/timestamping of RealMedia files

LAV Audio
- Fixed a bug in the DTS parser which caused occasional hiccups on DTS-HD content
- Added the ability to detect DTS-in-WAV

0.30 - 2011/07/15 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Improved VC-1 playback with ffdshow DXVA
- Added support for outputting MPEG-4 Timed Text subtitles (only pure text supported)
- Better support for MLP audio
- I/O performance enhancements
- Added an option to toggle how LAV Splitter handles audio stream switching
- Added a hard-limit on queue sizes to avoid excessive memory usage when transcoding
- Added an experimental interface for the Player to control graph rebuilding

LAV Audio
- Further improvements to the DTS-HD parsing
- Better support for MLP audio
- Added more E-AC3 subtypes

0.29 - 2011/06/09 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- The language code is now always shown in the stream changer (as a hint to easily know what to put into the preferred languages fields)
- Enabled ITrackInfo
- Improved H264 in MPEG-TS playback (including an option to try to fix broken HD-PVR recordings)
- Added a programmatic configuration interface for players to configure LAV Splitter

LAV Audio
- Added support for decoding encrypted DVD audio
- Fix decoding of some DTS-HD streams with the ArcSoft decoder
- Added a programmatic configuration interface for players to configure LAV Audio

0.28 - 2011/05/27 - Release Notes

LAV Splitter
- Improved PGS filtering, forced subtitles should be cleared off the screen properly more often.
- Improved playback of H264 in MPEG-TS with certain files (mostly from camcorders, but some Blu-rays as well)
- Fixed 16-bit LPCM on DVDs
- Fixed the Media Types for uncompressed video

LAV Audio
- Added the ability to decode DTS Express when using the ArcSoft DTS Decoder
- Fixed missing audio after seeks with Ogg Vorbis

0.27 - 2011/05/24 - Release Notes

- Added debug versions which generate log files on your desktop

LAV Splitter
- Fixed a memory leak when switching streams
- Increased probe buffer size (which results in files to be properly detected in more cases)
- Fixed playback of MPEG-TS files with a odd program configuration

LAV Audio
- Improvements to the DTS decoder interface
- Support for
- Try to reverse any channel upmixing done by the decoder, outputting the audio as close to the original source as possible.
- New Channel Mapping functionality
- Output only "standard" channel layouts (Mono, Stereo, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1), filling non-existant channels with silence. Required by some HDMI receivers with "odd" source layouts. (default)
- Convert Mono to Stereo (simply double the audio channel)
- Convert 6.1 to 7.1 (Back Center gets doubled into both back channels)

0.26 - 2011/05/15 - Release Notes

- The VC2010 runtime is no longer required to be installed

LAV Splitter
- Further VC-1 in MKV improvements
- Added a separate "mpegvideo" (m2v files) option to the Format section
- Added a flag for secondary audio streams
- Changed the default DTS media type (better compatibility)

LAV Audio
- Added the ability to use the ArcSoft DTS decoder directly through LAV Audio
- Added an automatic algorithm to keep A/V sync stable
- Improved Bitstreaming with splitters other then LAV Splitter
- Improved timestamp generation when bitstreaming
- Fixed LPCM 24-bit Media Types

0.25 - 2011/05/06

LAV Splitter
- Added the ability to filter Blu-ray PGS subtitles, so only frames flagged as "forced" are delivered
- Either through a new "Forced Subtitles" stream (default)
- Or, filtering for every PGS stream (configurable)
- Improved support for H264 in AVI
- Improved timings for TrueHD in MKV
- m2ts files directly openend inside a Blu-ray structure should now properly display stream languages
- Alot of fixes and enhancements for format compatibility (especially MPEG-TS)
- Support using the ArcSoft HD Audio Decoder for E-AC3

LAV Audio
- Audio bitstreaming (pass-through) for HDMI and S/PDIF
- Support for AC3, E-AC3, TrueHD, DTS and DTS-HD
- Use the float decoders for mp1/mp2
- Added official support for WMAv1, WMAv2 and WMA Pro
- Fixed an issue that caused sync issues with FLAC audio, and FLAC is once again enabled by default

0.24 - 2011/04/24

- Big ffmpeg update! Libraries have been renamed (version increase)

LAV Splitter
- Obviously wrong frame rates will no longer be reported to the decoder
- Improved mpeg2 playback
- Improved dynamic media type changes
- Fix the first few frames of ASS/SSA subtitles in Matroska
- Fix an issue with the display of some codec names
- Add proper subtypes for little-endian PCM
- Fix subtypes for QT PCM

LAV Audio
- Support processing of 64-bit double output from the decoders
- PCM data will be buffered before its send to the renderer/post processor

0.23 - 2011/04/21

- There is now an installer available in addition to the trusted old .zip files!

LAV Splitter
- Added support for using the "File Source (Async)" (and others) together with LAV Splitter
- This is the new default mode for improved compatibility!
- Check release notes for additional informations.
- Added configuration which input formats will be demuxed
- Improved VC-1 in MKV playback

LAV Audio
- Fixed playback of lossless formats with huge sample sizes
- Improved A/V sync with TrueHD (and possibly others)
- FLAC decoding is now disabled by default, because the decoder is not 100% working

0.22 - 2011/04/11

LAV Splitter
- Added support for MKV embedded fonts
- Improved VC-1 and H264 parsing
- Fixed choppy XVID playback in MKV
- Fixed a seeking issues that caused incompatibilitys with certain decoders (eg. a crash in ffdshow libmpeg2)
- No longer report incomplete lists of keyframes via IKeyFrameInfo, as it would break seeking in certain players.
- Allow opening all .mpls files if the user directly specifys to open one, even if it contains loops or duplicate titles.
- Improved playback of MPEG-TS with multiple programs
- Added new debugging option (Generate missing timestamps)

0.21 - 2011/04/07

LAV Splitter
- Improve MPEG-TS program handling in some special circumstances
- Filter out misdetected audio streams (unsupported DTS Express on BluRays)
- Increase the priority of DTS-HD over normal DTS
- Use the official AVI MEDIASUBTYPE instead of a custom one
- Added options to completly disable stream parsing
- Added a new VC-1 parser which will take over when VC-1 timestamp adjustments are turned off

0.20 - 2011/04/05

LAV Splitter
- Added first BluRay support (see Release Notes or README for more details)

LAV Audio
- Removed static jitter check which caused corruptions in some audio streams
- Improved error resilience - broken streams should now play in many more cases

0.19 - 2011/03/19
- Version Information has been added to the filter .ax files, as well as shown on the property pages.

LAV Splitter
- Redesigned stream name generations
- Codec profiles are now shown (if known - supported are H264, VC1, MPEG2 and DTS)
- Audio bit-depth is no longer shown for lossy codecs, as it doesn't apply there
- Improved logic that parses the stream flags
- Names for the subtitle codecs have been added
- If the language is "Undetermined", it'll no longer be shown
- Size of the packet queue has been increased (solves subtitle issues, as well as improves playback stability)
- Redesigned the way the splitter registers for formats in the registry for better compatibility
- Changed the stream change handling for better compatibility with certain players (Media Portal, and others)
- Improved handling of unknown streams (no codec information present)
- Added a new option that controls if substreams should be exposed in the stream selector (Only AC3 in TrueHD supported)

LAV Audio
- Added a new configuration panel which allows to configure which formats the decoder should handle

0.18 - 2011/03/09
LAV Splitter
- Improved compatibility when decoding VC-1 with the ArcSoft and Cyberlink Decoders
- Increased the splitters merit
- Fixed an issue that caused the splitter to deadlock when changing streams with madVR

LAV Audio Decoder
- Fixed a bug that caused sample durations to be calculated wrong, causing playback glitches

0.17 - 2011/02/27
LAV Splitter
- Fixed seeking before starting playback

0.16 - 2011/02/27
LAV Audio Decoder
- Fixed missing audio after seeks

0.15 - 2011/02/27
LAV Splitter
- Fixed automatic selection of forced subtitle stream if the "Only Forced Subs" mode is active.
- Fixed a bug in file handling that caused file sizes above 4GB to overflow, causing invalid durations to be reported in some files.
- Improved performance on file opening

LAV Audio Decoder
- Enabled the ffmpeg codec parsers, which should improve compatibility with other DirectShow splitters.
- Added a audio channel activity display to the status property page (for debugging channel assignments)

0.14 - 2011/02/10
- The project and filters have been renamed slightly for consistency

LAV Splitter
- The settings have been moved to a different place in the Registry. You will need to re-apply them.
- Improved MPEG-TS duration calculations.
- The settings will now always be properly saved and loaded.
- Disabled the limit of 20 Streams per file.
- Fixed two seperate issues that caused files to not start playing.

LAV Audio Decoder
- Property Page for Configuration and Status has been added
- Dynamic Range Compression is now off by default, but configurable.
- Media Type creation has been improved, fixes filter connection issues.
- Processing of UINT8 Samples has been fixed.
- Fixed a crash with some Audio codecs.
- Fixed Channel Order for 7.1 Streams
- Increased the decoders Merit
- Added support for decoding QT PCM

0.13 - 2011/01/29
- Added support for demuxing BluRay LPCM tracks into the MPC-HC format
- Added a new LAVFSplitter specific media type to all audio streams
- First version of LAVCAudio implemented

0.12 - 2011/01/21
- Fixed a crash issue with certain configurations and files with subtitles
- Revisited file duration logic, now tries to prefer the duration of the video stream. This fixes MPEG-TS duration issues.
- Updated ffmpeg (a lot of issues resolved)

0.11 - 2010/11/06
- Smart stream pre-selection based on language, flags and quality
- Properties page for configuration (languages, stream selection logic)
- Added support for AAC LATM (single stream)
- Changed the "No Subtitles" pin to a more "friendly" Media Type
- Fixed a crash with certain AAC tracks

0.10 - 2010/10/26
- Added more MOV/MP4 byte markers
- Added support for multichannel PCM tracks
- Added support for DVD LPCM tracks
- Added support for usign the ArcSoft HD decoder for DTS and TrueHD tracks
- Send the proper media type for TrueHD instead of trying to connect with AC-3
- Improved H264 frame rate detection
- Improved FLAC support
- Fix loading of files with unicode characters in their names
- Fixed timestamping issues that caused certain videos to play too fast
- Fixed M-JPEG media type
- Fixed corruption with MPEG-4 ASP (DivX/Xvid) when using the Xvid decoder

0.9 - 2010/09/12
- Added support for distinguishing hearing impaired subtitles in mpeg-ts streams
- Added BluRay LPCM support
- MP1/MP2 audio media type fixes
- Honor the original FourCC of the file in media type generation
- Added support for using the Cyberlink VC-1 decoder
- Fixed an issue with some H264/AVC1 files that caused video to not play at all
- Fixed unicode in chapter names
- Fixed getting the current chapter

0.8 - 2010/08/30
- Alot of internal changes to enhance performance and maintainability
- Fixed a potential deadlock on seeking
- Fixed playing files without a video stream
- Fixed an issue that caused some players to hang on playback start
- Improved language detection

0.7 - 2010/08/23
- Further improvements to aspect ratio detection
- Restore old FPS detection
- Adjusted flushing to fix subtitle delays
- Reverted a timing change that broke TrueHD

0.6 - 2010/08/22
- Added support for E-AC3
- Fixed MPEG2 Media Types
- Added support for RealVideo in MKV
- Set proper aspect ratio in media type
- Fixed memory leaks in packet handling code
- Unicode support for stream names
- Threading changes for more fluid playback at startup
- Changed Flushing behaviour that solves a conflict with the MS DTV-DVD Decoder
- Better support for Vorbis audio
- Registers for the OGG Container Format

0.5 - 2010/08/18
- Fixed duration of MPEG-TS files
- Added support for DVB subtitles
- Fixed switching of Audio and Subtitle Streams
- Added a "No Subtitles" Stream

0.4 - 2010/08/16
- Improved SSA Subtitle support
- Fixed freeze-on-stop issue

0.3 - 2010/08/15
- Added Chapter support
- Improved stream descriptions
- 64-bit support

0.2 - 2010/08/14
- Fixed overflow in timestamp calculation causing AVIs to play too fast

0.1 - 2010/08/14
- Initial Release
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AV Splitter


Haali Media Splitter

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LAV Filters, LAVFilters, LAVFSplitter, LAV Splitter, LAV Video, LAV Audio, LAV Video Decoder, Lav Filter

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38 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

November 2019 - LAV Filters are an open-source Direct Show audio-video filter wrapper, written by a very good german developer, of the FFMPEG libraries, focused on high quality direct playback. The trio (Splitter, Video Decoder and Audio Decoder) is reliable, stable, with really few bugs. Respect to the MPC-BE or Pot Player integrated filters, the LAV combo sometimes exhibit some issue when dealing with streaming video. But the developer explained that its filters are not really focused on the compatibility for online videos. Infact, for playing high quality video and audio files from disk, LAV Filters remain the most reliable combo, correct, a de facto standard for HTPC users on Windows enviroment. As usual, MPC-HC + LAV Filters + madVR (or EVR on Intel - Intel context adaptive scaling) remain the best tool to watch videos with Win 8 or Win 10.

Review by Ziggy1978 on Nov 9, 2019 Version: 0.74.28 Nightly OS: Windows 8 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

This review is for new users. October 2019. LAV Filters is the only combo for splitter, audio and video decoding that I can advice. It's stable, reliable, focused on quality, on active development (by a great developer). The trio MPC-HC + LAV + madVR (video renderer) is the Gold Standard for the HTPC users on Windows platform.

Review by Ziggy1978 on Oct 5, 2019 Version: 0.74.1 OS: Windows 8 64-bit Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

No comments. Rating it only.

Review by Pirockar on Jul 13, 2019 Version: OS: WinXP Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

No comments. Rating it only.

Review by Ziggy1978 on Jul 1, 2019 Version: OS: Windows 8 64-bit Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

as far as i know d3d11 only works with lavvideo AND madvr

Review by yonta on Oct 13, 2018 Version: latest OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

38 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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