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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for FRIM 3D-MVC Encoder / Decoder

FRIM version 1.31 released

All - build with Intel Media SDK 2019 R1 and MS Visual Studio 2017

- h265 (HEVC) codec added
- plugin support added with optional parameters:
-iguid decode-GUID-code
-iplugin full-decode-plugin-path-name
-oguid encode-GUID-code
-oplugin full-encode-plugin-path-name

- HEVC decoding uses 10-bit processing with AviSynth+

- HEVC decoding/encoding uses 10-bit processing with Adobe Premiere


All - build with Intel Media SDK 2018 R2.1 and MS Visual Studio 2017

FRIMDecode, FRIMSource, FRIMImport:
- fix in decoding VC1 (ignored extraction of SEI messages - these are not supported at all in VC1)

FRIMSource, FRIMImport:
- fix for ALT mode (for ordering right-left eye)


All - build with Intel Media SDK 2018 R1 and MS Visual Studio 2017

FRIM all:

- added option -config file.cfg
configuration file can contain list of options/parameters
these are then applied as regular command line options

- experimental HEVC support + all associated rework

- 32-bit versions renamed to FRIMxxx32.exe
- FOURCC: I420 is used for 8-bit,
P210 (10-bit 4:2:0 in 16-bit planar arrays) for 10-bit HEVC decode/encode
- plugin support added with optional parameters:
-guid GUID-code
-path full-plugin-path-name

- plugins are by default referred by registry

- VPP unit added (resize, simple video-processing)

- not incorporated in experimental version 1.29, will be updated later

Please note that NOT all features (related to AVC/HEVC, VPP) are supported by every Intel processor and all platforms!
Some platforms (specifically sw) and CPU's may have certain limitations.


All - build with Intel Media SDK 2017 R1

- added parameter -dar for forcing Display Aspect Ratio
- otherwise display aspect ratio is taken from source (note: MPEG2 supports only 4:3, 16:9 and 2.21:1 display aspect ratios)

- add parameters -size width height
-dstsize width height
just to simplify their counterparts -w, -h -dstw, -dsth

- cropping added(!)

Practical examples:

# Crop Full HD to "21:9"
-area 0 136 1920 808 -dstsize 1920 808 -dar 1920:808

# Crop Full HD to 4:3 and resize to 960x720
-area 240 0 1440 1080 -dstsize 960 720 -dar 4:3

# General crop and resize, e.g.
-size 1920 1080 -dstsize 1280 720 -area 60 136 1800 808 -dstarea 40 91 1200 538 -dar 1280:720

This says: "resize whole FullHD frame to SmallHD frame,
and copy mid area (1800x808) with source left-upper corner (60,136)
to new mid area (1200x538) with destination left-upper corner (40,91)"


64-bit: renamed to FRIMDecode64.exe, FRIMEncode64.exe, FRIMTranscode64.exe
This allows to keep all on the same place and avoid confusion when calling them

- new option for frame-alternation input added: -alt numViews (similar to -sbs and -tab)

- new option for frame-alternation output added: -alt (similar to -sbs and -tab)

- new layout for frame-alternation output added: layout="alt" (similar to "sbs" and "tab")



- 64-bit version for AviSynth+ (64-bit) released


- fixed reading from stdin

FRIMEncode + FRIMTranscode:
- new options added
-f 24000/1001 - frame rate as rational number
-f 23.976 - frame rate as real number
-Trellis IPB|off
-Bpyramid on|off
-RDO on|off

-VPPbrightness factor - in range [-100.0,100.0], increment 0.1, default 0.0
-VPPcontrast factor - in range [0.00,10.00], increment 0.01, default 1.00
-VPPhue factor - in range [-180.0,180.0], increment 0.1, default 0.0
-VPPsaturation factor - in range [0.00,10.00], increment 0.01, default 1.00
-VPPdenoise factor - denoising, in range [0,100]
-VPPdetail factor - detail/edge enhancement, in range [0,100]
-VPPstabilize U|B - image stabilization, U=upscale, B=boxing
-VPPdeinterlace - activate deinterlacing

- setting parameters of output bitstream
-videoformat code - undef, ntsc, component, pal, secam, mac
-videofullrange - define stream as fullrange (0-255) YUV
-colormatrix code - undef, auto, bt709, smpte170m, bt470bg, smpte240m, YCgCo, fcc, GBR
-colorprim code - undef, auto, bt709, smpte170m, bt470m, bt470bg, smpte240m, film
-colortransfer code - undef, auto, bt709, smpte170m, bt470m, bt470bg, smpte240m, linear, log100, log316

No changes in documentation


FRIM all
- compiled with Intel Media SDK 2015 Update 1
- new parameters added
-async depth - depth of asynchronous pipeline (between 1 and 20), default is 4

FRIM Encode, FRIM Transcode, FRIM Export (for Adobe Premiere)
- new parameters added:

-lahrd bitRate depth ... new encoding mode LA HRD-compliant

-dar w:h ... set output display aspect ratio, e.g. 4:3, 16:9 (FRIM Encode only)

-gopfile filename ... GOP-structure file (=requested I-frames), e.g.: (FRIM Encode only)
9 I
40 I
55 I
(due to bug in libmfxhw32.dll (Product version 6.0.1536.317) this feature has requested effect only in -sw mode)

- additonal encoding options (optional):
-BitrateLimit on|off - enable/disable bitrate limitations imposed by encoder
default value on (for H.264 only)
-MBBRC on|off - enable/disable macroblock level bitrate control
-ExtBRC on|off - enable/disable extended bitrate control algorithms
default value off (for H.264 only)
-RepeatPPS on|off - controls picture parameter set repetition
default value on (for H.264 only)
-AdaptiveI on|off - adaptive change B&P to I frames (for H.264 only)
-AdaptiveB on|off - adaptive change B to P frames (for H.264 only)


FRIM all - code refactoring (removal of dependency on legacy stdout/stderr)

FRIM Encode, FRIM Transcode
- new encoding modes
-lavbr bitRate depth .... renamed from -labrc
-avbr bitRate accuracy convergence
-icq quality
-laicqla quality depth

- fixed identification of interlaced sources
- parameter container=<empty>|TS (default empty) ... identical to TS=true, for potentical future types of container,
RECOMMENDED to use over TS=true (which will be obsolete and removed in the future)!
- parameter reload=false|true (default true) ... when true, then system will load input file again when jumped "before" cached content
Warning: can be slower
- parameter num_frames=0 ... zero as num_frames will imply automatic length calculation
Warning: can be slower - before actual decoding starts
Limitation: works only for TS-container !

- Manual setting of MVC-3D TAB vs. SBS layout added
- viewoutput creates only two files .avc and .mvc
(combined files is not necessary, since tsMuxer accept both, and anyway, combined can be created by external MVCCombiners)

- new module, read FRIMPremiere_readme.pdf for description

FRIM package 1.22
Support reading transport stream .ts/mts/m2ts directly !

FRIM Decoder / FRIM Transcoder
- optional parameter -ts added

example: FRIMDecode -ts -i::h264 input.m2ts -o output.yuv

FRIM Source for Avisynth
- optional parameter ts=false/true (default is false) added

example: FRIMSource(codec="h264", filename="input.m2ts", ts=true, cache=24, num_frames=300)

example for Panasonic 3D-Z10000 (with audio):

V=FRIMSource(codec="mvc", filename=FILE3D, filename_dep=FILE3D, ts=true,
layout="sbs", cache=24, num_frames=300)

FRIM package 1.21 moved to platform Intel Media SDK 2014, build x86 and x64!
(distribution contains both libmfxsw32.dll and libmfxsw64.dll)

FRIM Decoder 1.21
FRIM Encoder 1.21
- parameter -swaplr added ... swap L- and R-eye in -tab or -sbs mode

FRIM Transcoder 1.21
- no functional changes

FRIM Source for Avisynth (only 32-bits for Avisynth 2.58)
- see FRIMSource_readme.pdf for description
- uses the same kernel as FRIM Decoder

FRIM Exporter for Adobe Premiere CS6 (only 64-bits)
- plugin FRIMExport.prm to be placed with other CS6 plugins in
"c:Program FilesAdobeCommonPlug-insCS6MediaCoreFRIMExport.prm"

- uses the same kernel and the same parameters as FRIM Encoder
- tested on CS6, possibly will work also with other 64-bit versions of Adobe Premiere (like CS5, CC)
- example/pattern how to use it in 3D in Adobe Premiere is in project file Pattern_3D-TAB.prproj

FRIM Decoder 1.20
- output to standard output (stdout) added - see examples in documentation

FRIM Encoder 1.20
- input from standard input (stdin) added - see examples in documentation

FRIM Transcoder 1.20
- no functional changes

FRIM Encoder 1.19
- fixed bug in counting -start, -length in SMPTE format
... now it uses "non-drop" frames, i.e. HH:MM:SS:FF is based on 24 or 25 or 30 fps, (i.e. not on 23.976 and 29.97!)
- -rf numRefFrame parameter number of ref. frames added
- -ResetRefList on|off parameter for reset ref. frames
- added report for actually created GOP structure
-goplog filename

in format: frame_number I/i/P/B/b
frame_number is counting from 0
I ... IDR-frame
i ... I-frame
P ... P-frame
B ... reference B-frame
b ... non-reference B-farme

FRIM "all" 1.19
- minor code changes

Utilities bincopy.exe and pipecopy.exe added to distribution pack

FRIM "all" 1.18
- compiled on Win 8 --> D3D11 allowed
- processing info message now reports correct number of processed frames (for "mvc" NOT(!) multiplied by 2 anymore)
- added parameter "-start firstFrame" (for processing), together with "-length" allows decode/encode portions of the videostream
optionally, SMPTE format is allowed: -start 00:01:25:14 -length 00:00:05:07
- unified option naming: "-sw" or "-hw", "-d3d", "-d3d11"
- running platform is now detected automatically, i.e. "software mode" (using libmfxsw32.dll) is not default anymore!
To force "software" you MUST specify "-sw" option
- fixed information message about running platform (SOFTWARE, HARDWARE - D3D9 or D3D11 now displayed correctly)
- default GOP structure was set to "24-4-0-Open" for h264 and mvc (and 24-3-0-Open for MPEG2) for better compatibility with -hw option

FRIM Encoder 1.18
FRIM Decoder 1.18
- option "-b" removed, use "-cbr" instead
- change of syntax of "-i" and "-o" to be unified with FRIM Transcoder
(see related FRIM*coder_readme.pdf !)

FRIM Transcoder 1.18
- KNOWN BUG: when parameter "-length" is used then it adds from unknown reasons few frames (~3) more then requested

- FEATURE: Joined and linked sessions with "-hw" MUST use the same type of d3d memory (either -d3d or -d3d11)!
System memory cannot be used in such case!
Reason: HARDWARE library (libmfxhw32.dll) is loaded and shared among sessions.

- parameter "-f" overwrites encoding part of the session only
(remark: options -start, -length are related to decoding part of the session)

FRIM Encoder 1.15
- avi/avs encoding - reports now a bit more detailed error information.
- new feature: CQP bitrate control mode added: [ -cqp QPI QPP QPB ]

FRIM Decoder 1.15
- fixed bug with wrong YUV-file length of decoded MVC

- new feature: MVC - both output filenames can be defined

FRIMDecode mvc -i input_base_avc.h264 -i input_dependent_mvc.h264 -o output_L.yuv ľo output_R.yuv

- this allows to send one of the to null device: .nul
- if only one filename output.yuv is defined then naming convention output_L.yuv and output_R.yuv is applied.

FRIM Transcoder 1.15
- added detailed parameters/options like in FRIM Encode
- added base+dependent input for mvc

FRIMTranscode -i::mvc input_base.avc input_dependent.mvc -o::mvc output_combined.h264

FRIM all modules 1.15
- shared code refactoring for identical (or at least similar) compression with FRIM Encoder and FRIM Transcoder

FRIM Encoder 1.11
- fixed bug in handling named pipes (.yuv)

FRIM Decoder 1.11
- separate main and dependent views on input are supported
FRIMDecode mvc -i input_L.h264 -i input_R.h264 -o output.yuv

FRIM Transcoder 1.01
- no changes

FRIM Encoder 1.10
- added options for GOP control (length, IP-distance, IDR-interval, opened/closed/strict)
- added options for bitrate control -cbr, -vbr (for Blu-ray/DVD compatibility setting)
- added option -cpbsize for cpb/vbv buffer size (for Blu-ray/DVD compatibility setting)
- added option -l numSlices (for Blu-ray compatibility setting)
- added option -maxdpb for size of Decoded Picture Buffer
- added options -profile, -level for proper marking of elementary stream
- added options for CAVLC and CABAC encoding
- added options for H.264 elementary stream structure contol
-VuiNalHrd, -VuiVclHrd, -PicTimingSEI, -EndOfSequence, -EndOfStream
Proper combination of these options can influence compatibility of output
elementary H.264 streams with Bluray/DVB/IP/etc.

- removed rotation options - useless, anyway not working in previous version
- few cosmetic changes

FRIM Encoder 1.01
- only cosmetic changes

FRIM Trancoder 1.01
- only cosmetic changes

Initial release 1.00

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