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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for DVD Decrypter Released: 21st March 2005
* Added: Support for setting the read speed on AOpen 1648 DVDROM drives.
* Changed: Creation of an MDS file is now only 'forced' when ripping to a FAT32 drive (like how it was in, rather than when also ripping a DL disc. A warning has been added to the 'Create MDS File' option in the settings instead.
* Fixed: 'Layer Information' being shown in ISO Read mode when there was an empty DL disc in the drive - it shouldn't have been!
* Fixed: Hang on some usb/firewire drives (enclosures).
* Fixed: Error on some 'dummy' images mounted in DAEMON Tools - caused by non standard UDF file system.
* Fixed: Start button still being enabled in File mode even when no files were found.
* Fixed: Problem of the burn aborting if 'Lock Volume For Exclusive Access' failed silently with a 'known' error. People who experienced this problem should really just upgrade their IDE drivers. 18th March 2005
* Added: Support for detection of newer / other forms of (possible) structure protection.
* Added: Support for removal of structure protection from IFO/BUP files. So ripped files will import into any processing software (and by that, I mean CloneDVD etc!)
* Added: 'Layer Information' to the info panels in ISO Read/Write modes. Displays number of sectors on each layer + percentage of overall disc size.
* Added: Destination -> 'Capacity' + 'Free Space' labels now have tooltips that show the value in bytes (rather than KB as shown on the actual form).
* Added: 'Application Identifier' to tooltip when you hover over the volume label in the 'Source' box. This also gets put in the log when you perform a read/write operation.
* Added: 'Implementation Identifier' to tooltip when you hover over the volume label in the 'Source' box. This also gets put in the log when you perform a read/write operation.
* Added: Workaround for drives connected via firewire that donít support the real time streaming commands ('get performance' and 'set streaming' - these get / set the read / write speed). The 'set streaming' one can hang the entire bus if connected via firewire. Power (of entire machine) must then be cycled.
* Added: All burners are now issued a 'SET STREAMING' command when make them read at full speed - even when not specifically told to do so via the option in the settings. Too many cases of PlexTools PI/PIF scanning putting the drive at 2x!
* Added: A 'Quick OK' button to the 'Create MDS' file dialog. It wont prompt for a file name, just take that of the first image part and change the extension to .MDS.
* Added: Option of selecting SAO or Packet/Incremental for 'Write Type'. Useful for drives that prefer one over the other. Currently the Pioneer 109 doesnít make good discs using SAO on DVD-R media. XBOX and old standalones cant play them.
* Added: Option to enabled / disable the OS wide 'Autorun' property for CDROM drives
* Added: For people that like to install the app, copy the exe somewhere and then uninstall, I've made the program check the 'InstallDirectory' registry key and create it if needed each time the app is opened / closed. This key is used by other tools like DVD Shrink to check DVD Decrypter exists etc.
* Added: Support for PSL v2.0 (Import + Export)
* Added: Aborting the decryption process whilst the drive is doing read retries now displays the error the drive finally comes back with.
* Added: Workaround for AOpen drives that wont authenticate sometimes.
* Added: Select IFO, BUP, VOB to 'Edit' menu in File mode
* Added: 'Recording Management Area Information' to ISO Read / Write info screens. Displays (where supported), which drive burn the DVD-R / DVD-RW media in the drive.
* Added: Support for split (i.e. FAT32) NRG files.
* Added: '.CDI' type images to the list of supported image types. The '.CDI' format is used by discjuggler.
* Added: Option to enabled / disable 'Plextor SpeedRead DVD' via the Tools -> Drive menu (+ right click context menu on drive drop down box).
* Added: Support for a 3rd variation of bit setting on LiteOn drives.
* Added: 'Ignore Unreferenced VTS Sets' to File mode settings.
* Added: 'Uncheck Suspect Cells' to IFO mode settings (on by default).
* Added: Ability to hide pack header warnings in 'structure protected' areas.
* Added: Option of specifying chapters for IFO mode via '/CHAPTERS' in CLI mode. (forgot it was in!)
* Added: Option to cycle the tray once dummy sectors have been inserted due to a protected disc. This should make the drive spin-up to max speed again.
* Added: Option within the Installer to create shortcuts for all users, not just the current one.
* Added: All the items from the 'Device' context menu to a new 'Drive' submenu in the 'Tools' menu.
* Changed: Structure protection detection code works with AnyDVD now and won't report protection that AnyDVD (or other programs) has removed.
* Changed: Updated Patin-Couffin code to use latest IOCTLs - faster and cleaner now. Requires Internal Revision 27 (or above) now for NT based OS's.
* Changed: Tweaking of Authentication -> GetTitleKey routines.
* Changed: Program update code to work better for people who use a proxy to connect to the internet.
* Changed: Patin-Couffin interface now displays SrbStatus too in I/O Error dialog.
* Changed: The program no longer cares if the GetASF function fails.
* Changed: All I/O is now sent in a properly alligned (by the VirtualAlloc API) buffer.
* Changed: The Drive Ready -> Not Ready code to force a dismount of the volume when using SPTI as the I/O Interface.
* Changed: Tweaked Plextor bitsetting code.
* Changed: Program update code now looks for an internet connection before attempting to open a connection to the update servers. This will stop the 'Dial Up' connection boxes from popping up during automatic program update checking.
* Changed: Program update code now looks for and attempts to use the IE proxy settings before then attempting a direct connection to the update servers.
* Changed: Volume Label changing code has been updated to use additional UDF descriptor values to know how much to scan for File Set Descriptors.
* Changed: 'Enable/Disable Regional Code' code for LiteOn drives - now supports more drives.
* Changed: Cell 'layer' property (used in 'By Layer' file splitting) is now calculated via the real media layer break instead of the 'seamless playback linked in PCI' flag of the cell in the IFO file. The old method was very inaccurate.
* Changed: Max buffer size from 128MB to 256MB
* Changed: Now issuing 3 different 'Set write speed' commands, using slightly different values for each. God knows which one (if not all?!) is the right one - hence the reason for 3 ;)
* Changed: Loading ISO images when an MDS file exists no longer causes the program to tell the user to load the MDS file if the image is < 4,700,000,000 bytes in size.
* Changed: Code to work out the best 'Transfer Length' value.
* Changed: When 'Software Write Error Retries' is anything other than 0, the initial error is now saved and then displayed in the I/O Error dialog box after retries have been exhausted.
* Changed: Full erase (format) on DVD+RW discs now waits for the entire (foreground + background) process to finish before saying it's complete.
* Changed: The 'Open File' type dialog boxes are now created with an additional flag to make them check the file exists before letting you click 'Ok' and then them closing.
* Changed: Entries in the list box in File mode are now sorted by VTS set, with IFO first within a set, then VOB then BUP. This is instead of them being shown in the order they're in within the file system.
* Changed: Installer now checks to see if DVDDecrypter.exe is running before attempting the installation. It'll prompt you if it finds that it is, and ask you to shut it down.
* Changed: Default sectors to search for CSS in Brute Force mode is now 500.
* Changed: ISO Write mode no longer sends a modified Write Parameters page to the drive when using plus format media. Going by the MMC specs, an application isnít supposed to (I think!), the drive configures itself automatically.
* Changed: All 'Read' modes now put 'Extracting Sectors...' in the log having completed 'Inserting Dummy Sectors (x - y)...'. Too many people thought the program was getting stuck actually inserting the sectors rather than the REAL reason that it couldnít read the next sector after them.
* Changed: The drive locking code will no longer error out if the error code is 'Invalid Function'.
* Changed: 'Structure Protection' detection code to hopefully pick up less 'false positives'.
* Changed: Handling of bad sector areas as part of the structure protection code.
* Changed: Some of the AutoPlay integration code for XP / 2003 etc.
* Changed: MDS file association is now on by default.
* Changed/Fixed: 'Rename' is now the default button (rather than 'Yes') in the 'This file already exists, do you want to overwrite it?' dialog box.
* Fixed: A file could have its 'Handle' left open if doing a DL disc that made use of 'calculate optimal' for the layer break. If the program is also then told to delete the image after burn, it would fail because the file would be in use.
* Fixed: ElbyCDIO interface could report incorrect SenseArea info.
* Fixed: ElbyCDIO interface errors (non CDB command ones) could have been misreported.
* Fixed: Access violation when a chapter in the IFO said it used cells that didn't exist.
* Fixed: (workaround for a) problem with authentication on some Asus DVDROM drive with v1.07 firmware when a certain file wasn't encrypted.
* Fixed: Access violation if you close the program while the program is searching for devices.
* Fixed: Potential access violation due to 'PlaySound' API being limited to 256 characters in the file name.
* Fixed: Got 'Minimize to system tray' working on system menus in Windows 95. It wasn't being added to the menus before. :-(
* Fixed: Windows 'please reinsert the disc' message once the disc has been ejected and before the 'Operation Successfully Completed!' sound/message. (Hopefully fixed anyway!)
* Fixed: Problems with LiteOn DVDROM drives that misbehaved and gave random pack header errors and failed to patch ifo/bup errors (maybe only a USB issue).
* Fixed: Problem with using 'cut' on log entries
* Fixed: Switching to the LiteOn tab in the booktype setting dialog issued commands that weren't used / needed.
* Fixed: Potential problem where some drives would show 'Unknown' for 'Current Profile' due to some error catching code that caught errors that weren't really there.
* Fixed: Workaround for Change volume label 'hang' on Nero UDF and UDF/ISO data images that don't have a 'Terminating Descriptor' after the 'File Set Descriptor'.
* Fixed: Made sure you can't switch program modes while another switch is taking place - this was possible before (if you had mega quick fingers) and crashed the program!
* Fixed: NEC temporary bitsetting wasn't allowed unless another program had already set it for that media type.
* Fixed: Devices drop down list staying disabled if user experiences 'Device Wouldn't Open!' error message.
* Fixed: Infinite retry loop in the 'GetFileSize' function - only happened when the API command failed.
* Fixed: Some of the 'Save' dialog boxes didn't force a file extension to be added to the file name if one wasn't specified.
* Fixed: A minor issue where under certain circumstances, selecting 'Rename' in the 'file already exists' dialog box wouldn't create the 'destination file has been renamed to xxxx' entry in the log.
* Fixed: A bug (but not really a bug as the code didn't exist before!) with some drives that show blank media as having a status of 'Incomplete' instead of 'Empty' but then had a session status of 'blank' - this IS allowed, but very rare - hence why I'd not seen it / implemented it earlier.
* Fixed: Strange 'jumping' when the log window is resized using the top bar.
* Fixed: Windows NT 4 ALWAYS saying I should have selected the MDS file rather than the ISO, even when one didn't exist.
* Fixed: A problem with 0 byte files and Start LBA addresses of 0 messing things up in ISO Read mode.
* Fixed: Bug in the program update code that would mean it still tried (and retried) every link (3 of them), even if you were trying to exit the program - would lead to a 'Waiting for Program Update Thread' message in the status bar for days on end!
* Fixed: A bug in the function called by specifying '/chapters' as a CLI option. DVD Decrypter would crash on exit on Windows 95, 98, Me, NT and 2000.
* Fixed: Bug in volume label changing code (UDF filesystem) that would mean a longer name would get truncated by windows when displayed in 'My Computer' etc.
* Fixed: (I think) a problem where the program could get stuck reading as a result of the 'structure protection' code combined with a real read error in a certain place. 5th January 2005
* Added: Support for different/newer types of 'structure protection'
* Added: Support for NEC (new style), Plextor and AOpen (use RICOH tab) Bitsetting
* Added: Option to not display the dialog box about loading the MDS and not the ISO
* Added: Support for running on multimonitor displays
* Changed: Burn engine to relieve stress (caused by a fast executing 'While' loop) on the I/O subsystem when doing the 'Lead-In' stage of the burn
* Changed: Window snapping so that it snaps on the middle of the screen and not just at the edges
* Changed: 'SetWriteParameters' function to attempt to use the drive specified 'link size'. Also changed to hopefully fix some total failures in setting the parameters on certain drives
* Changed: Write retries have been reintroduce (old default = 0, new = 20)
* Changed: Drag + Drop code enabled / disabled at different times to help prevent some subclassing problems due to ThemeManager - could cause access violations on some PCs when the app is closed
* Changed: Added another URL to the 'check for program update' code
* Changed: Behaviour of 'Browse' dialog for ISO Write source files. It will now select the nearest folder to the one last selected
* Changed: volume label change code to support split image where the backup volume descriptor is at the end of the disc
* Fixed: A bug in the 'check for program update' code that could mean 1 failure causes all the retries to fail too
* Fixed: UDF volume label changing code to recalculate descriptor CRC + checksum
* Fixed: Major slow down on some 'structure protected' discs
* Fixed: A problem with some DVDRAM discs, reading them to images and trying to change the volume label Released: 2nd September 2004
Added: Ability to Import / Export PSL (Protected Sectors List) files (Option is located in the 'File' menu). Users can work out the best methods to backup certain 'problem' discs
Added: Dialog box to remind users to load the MDS file instead of the ISO file - it's good practice and is vital for nice DL burns
Changed: Structure Protection code to find more instances of 'suspect' areas on the disc
Changed: Some of the Automatic 'Transfer Length' code. It now checks for additional possible errors in the output from the API call
Changed: Previous workaround for Plextor PX-712A authentication problem caused problems for old drives that hang on a 'Rezero' command (Status bar always displayed 'Almost Ready'). The command now only runs on Plextor DVDR drives
Fixed: Access violation errors caused by nasty IFO files on some of the newer discs
Fixed: 'Browse' was always visible in the 'File' menu
Fixed: Potential issue with getting the disc size from the ISO9660 file system (only used in ISO Read mode on DVD+RW discs)
Fixed: 'Cracking CSS' dialog box showed very inaccurate progress information
Fixed: CSS cracking was repeating itself on files it shouldn't have been Released: 28th August 2004
Added: Proper support for DL media
Added: Support for 'Calculate Optimal' and 'User Specified' Layer break positions for DL media
Added: 'Structure' Protection checking for protected discs (Normal and Aggressive modes)
Added: Automatic 'Transfer Length' setting - Manual setting is used when it fails
Added: Book Type / Bit setting for BenQ, LG, LITE-ON, Nu Tech/QSI and Ricoh drives
Added: Detection of OS upgrades (i.e. 95 -> XP) so as to reinitialise the default I/O Interface
Added: Bus type is now displayed where the drive string is. i.e. '_NEC DVDRW 3500AG 2.15 (G:) (ATA)'
Added: Option to automatically delete the image after you've burnt it
Added: A 'Hint' when you hover over the source 'Sectors' text in ISO Write mode. Shows number of sectors on each layer
Added: ISO Write modes info window now displays the Layer 0 Data Zone capacity on DL discs
Added: File splitting options to the IFO mode context menus
Added: 'Safe Mode' - Press F7 while the splashscreen is up
Added: Ability to 'Pause' the ripping process. Hit the 'stop' button as usual and then hit 'Pause'
Added: Ability to Drag and Drop into the 'Create DVD MDS File' window file list box
Added: Ability to Drag and Drop into the ISO Write mode 'Source' box
Added: Support for reading DVD Decrypter's original .DVD files - now used by CloneCD when making DVD images
Added: Support for Pioneer 120S drives that 'forget' where the laser is and display lots of 'Pack Header Not Found' errors
Added: Support for converting Mode 1 NON 2048 bytes per sector images on-the-fly to DVD standard whilst burning
Added: Support for burning images containing CSS information - 2054 bytes per sector - CSS information is discarded
Changed: 'Pack Header Not Found' logging is now disabled/re-enabled automatically
Changed: MDS creation code to make proper 2 layer MDS files for discs that have 2 layers!
Changed: MDS loading code to make use of info (see above) for DL recording (Perfect 1:1 backups!)
Changed: Some of the special code that's run as part of the DoItFast4U CLI switch
Changed: The program now only checks for updates once per day - saves pointless hammering of the server
Changed: 'Create DVD MDS File' window listbox now scrolls if entries are too long
Changed: File mode 'Detect Mastering Errors' now works like IFO and ISO modes and still checks each VOB/CELL ID change even when the file isn't supposed to be protected
Changed: Handling of ripping process in IFO mode. It now wont care if the 'VTS Cell Address Table' doesn't match the PGC
Changed: Browsing for a destination folder will now default to the closest folder to the currently selected one instead of going to the desktop
Changed: Clicking on the hdd icon to the left of destination will now open the closest folder to the currently selected one instead of doing nothing if that exact folder didn't exist
Changed: Added a little work around for Plextor PX-712A drives that can come up with a 'failed to get varient' error during authentication
Changed: Code for 'Opening' of device in SPTI mode
Fixed: Protected DVDs (ones with corrupt IFO tables) could/would have had one of the corrupt PGCs being selected as the 'Main Movie' one
Fixed: Unused cells from the start of a PGC would have been copied in IFO mode when they shouldn't have been
Fixed: Data buffer overflow when setting the hardware read error retries count
Fixed: Burning 2352 sector images in 2048 mode (and some other weird combinations!)
Fixed: Firmware lookup on for DVDRAM drives would fail to find any results
Fixed: Problem of CTRL+A not working in ISO Read/Write information panels
Fixed: Alignment of file sizes in File mode if the file name length is longer than the normal 12 characters
Fixed: The URL to was wrong in some places, this has been corrected

DVD Decrypter (06/07/2004)
Added: Option to save the log on exit
Added: Additional debug code to IFO mode that shows 'skipping' of unwanted cells
Added: A log entry for the 'L0 Data zone Capacity' when burning DVD+R DL discs
Added: A new option to the 'ISO Write' page in the settings - 'Cycle Tray Before Verify'
Added: Crash recovery for 'Checking for RCE Protection' code - so corrupt IFO files shouldn't mean the disc can't be copied - as all other IFO parsing can be avoided if required
Added: ISO Read / Write modes now display the % done of a background format on drives that support it. It will say 'Formatted: No (In Progress) (X% Complete)'. You have to perform a 'refresh' to make it update
Added: 'F8' now enables/disables I/O Debug Mode
Added: 'F9' to minimise the program to the system tray
Added: 'F12' to load up another instance of the program
Added: 'Browse' to the file menu for people who demand keyboard shortcuts!
Added: 'Exit' to the context menu on the system tray icon
Added: 'Firmware Updates...' to the drive context menu - links to's web search engine
Added: 'Source Media Type' (i.e. DVD-R, DVD+R) to the log in IFO/File/ISO Read modes. It also displays Disc ID (i.e. RITEKG04) where possible
Added: Support for enabling 'SpeedRead DVD' on the Plextor PX-712A. This disables 2x locked reading on CSS media (not permanent)
Added: Support for another I/O Interface (Patin-Couffin)
Added: Support for just dragging a 'supported' image file onto the application icon and it automatically going into ISO Write mode
Added: Support for CLI error codes when in ISO Write mode - (1 = No media (Write couldn't start), 2 = Write failed, 3 = Verify failed)
Added: Support for '/SPEED ' CLI command
Added: Support for disabling 'Media Change Notification' under all I/O Interfaces. (Still need to be running Windows 2000, XP or 2003 though)
Added: Support for creation of 'Chapter Information - LBA' files in IFO mode
Added: Support for creation of 'Chapter Information - DVDLab' files in IFO mode
Added: Support for exclusive drive locking under ElbyCDIO in ISO Write mode
Added: Support for handling of corrupt IFO files. PGCs that don't really exist are now displayed as 'corrupt' in IFO mode
Changed: Changed CLI command /VERIFY to /VERIFY
Changed: Detection of 'end of disc' in ISO Read mode during the actual read phase. Implemented support for an additional error message
Changed: Detection of drive capabilities to work with drive that don't error out on a certain command but instead return blank information. This would previously have meant the drive would come up as 'Unknown' during initial drive scan
Changed: The order of a couple of commands in ISO Write mode. Aborting a failed 'exclusive lock failed' command would have left the disc in the 'Incomplete' state (i.e. non burnable) until you ejected / reinserted it
Changed: The volume is now dismounted and locked when it's locked in exclusive mode
Changed: The duration of exclusive locking. It now locks during verify too
Changed: Unsupported files in ISO Write mode now display more information as to why they're not supported
Changed: The method of finding out the current type of disc - so it may change the information in ISO Read / Write modes for burnt discs. (Bits may have been missed out in previous versions)
Changed: 'RCE Protection Found' dialog box to include ALL region. The program now also greys out options that aren't applicable - i.e. if the media isn't region 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Changed: File mode logging when 'Detect Mastering Errors' is enabled. It now shows the correct LBA for the disc instead of for the file. (Keep things standard throughout the program)
Fixed: A problem using Device ID strings for the source / destination via CLI
Fixed: A problem with the DoItFast4U CLI switch whereby the CC (closed caption) data was copied over before it was decrypted
Fixed: A problem with possible oversized WAV files
Fixed: A problem with renaming of files and not checking the free disk space properly
Fixed: A problem with blank discs not coming up as 'Disc Is Empty' in the 'Read' modes
Fixed: A problem with 'Shutdown after write' on Windows 9x machines
Fixed: 'Failed To Set Write Parameters' error on Panasonic DVDRAM burners
Fixed: A problem with NSIS installer on Windows NT 4
Fixed: A problem where aborting a read in ISO mode could give you a 'pack header not found' warning in the log
Fixed: A problem with some corrupt IFO files causing access violation errors
Fixed: A problem where files with names < 12 characters in length wouldn't line up in the File mode file listing box
Fixed: A problem where ISO Read mode would hang if files other than IFO/BUP/VOB's were in the VIDEO_TS folder
Fixed: A problem where all files in the VIDEO_TS folder (other than VOBs) would get processed by IFO/BUP patching code in File mode

DVD Decrypter (25/04/2004)
Added: 'RCE Protection Found' dialog box
Added: Apply button to the 'Change ISO volume name' dialog box
Added: Eject / Reinsert of disc before the verify stage
Added: Support of brute force disc key cracking
Added: The ability to have the program not ask you if you want to erase / overwrite a disc in ISO Write mode
Added: CLI support for '[DISC_LABEL]' in destination path names
Added: CLI support for '/SPLIT 1GB' - Only for IFO mode
Added: Additional error checking to IFO patching code so that 'invalid' IFO files are easily spotted and pointed out to the user
Changed: 'Pack Header Not Found' warnings are now also shown in ISO Read mode so as to warn the user of potential problems
Changed: What's displayed in the info panels in ISO Read/Write mode is now not so dependent on what the 'Current Profile' is. It now also works by the discs 'Book Type'
Changed: Some of the code behind setting the drives 'Write Parameters'. This may work out better for people who said they were having bad burns from
Changed: Some of the disc initialisation code to use single commands to get and display the 'state' of a disc (i.e. Empty, Complete), so that what's displayed in the info panel in ISO modes is what the program uses.
Fixed: Problem with drives (i.e. AOpen ones) that make use of multiple AGID values as part of Authentication
Fixed: Write speed control wasn't correctly being set to its last saved value
Fixed: Older Pioneer writers (i.e. Pre 107) weren't burning some CD images properly
Fixed: Ejecting the disc after erase, before burn - it shouldn't have been happening
Fixed: Problem with invalid characters in filenames (generated from the disc's volume label)

DVD Decrypter (14/03/2004)
Added: Verify option for ISO Write mode (DVDs only)
Added: ISO Write mode now displays the media's supported write speed in the log
Added: Additional debug information during initial program startup - when debug mode is enabled
Added: Dialog box with 'Yes to all' and 'No to all' when decryption is detected in a file on a supposedly non protected disc
Changed: Techniques used to determine the correct write parameters to use in ISO Write mode
Changed: 'Failed to decrypt disc key' no longer stops the program in its tracks
Changed: General improvements to CSS cracking techniques
Changed: 'semaphore timed out' errors now display the actual timeout value
Changed: Brute Force cracking failures no longer display an error dialog box if they're a result of the 'Detect Mastering Errors' option being enabled
Fixed: Setting the write speed to 2.4x (or 2,4x !) on systems that don't use a '.' for their decimal point
Fixed: 'Failed to Set Write Parameters' on Matshita drives
Fixed: Hang up on 'Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices' when people have a certain Samsung CDROM drive in their machine
Fixed: Incorrect naming of AC3 files demuxed in File mode
Fixed: Big bug in ISO Read mode where files following 0 bytes files weren't decrypted
Fixed: Brute Force cracking on unauthenticated discs could fail silently
Fixed: Authentication on some discs would just repeat over and over again during reading without any error
Fixed: Polling for completion of certain I/O at the end of a burn in ISO Write mode would fail on certain drives
Fixed: I/O Errors using SPTI where the actual API call failed would often mean sense area information wasn't displayed in the dialog box
Removed: The option to 'Force CSS Present' - This has been made obsolete by recent improvements
DVD Decrypter (29/02/2004)
Added: Lock volume during ISO Write or Erase
Added: Disable Media Change Notification for currently selected drive
Added: 'Untested' support for Double Layer +R media burning
Added: Stream information in filenames for File mode Demuxing
Added: CSS code now checks all VOBs in VTS set if the key for a single file cannot be found
Added: CSS code now detects the presence of CSS in supposedly unencrypted VOBs
Added: Quick drive letter change on destination path - in context menu
Added: Command Line switch '/SHUTDOWN' for ISO Write mode
Added: Region mismatch dialog box now displays the drive region and the disc region to make the problem easier to see
Added: A lot more 'status' message to show the user what the program is doing at all times
Added: A workaround for NEC drives that don't have their regional code set - they don't follow the specs
Added: Code to put the system tray icon back in the system tray if 'explorer.exe' crashes
Added: '% complete' for more of the 'lengthy' operations (Synchronising Cache, Finalising Disc etc)
Added: 'Question' event sound to the 'File Replace' dialog box
Added: ISO Read mode now uses the Filesystem specified capacity for the disc capacity when reading from DVD+RW media
Added: ISO Read mode now silently (almost) terminates when it reaches the end of the disc before it originally thought it would
Added: Setting 1x for 'Set Read Speed' will put Pioneer DVDROM drives into 'Quiet' mode. 'Max' will put them into 'Performance' mode
Added: 'Vendor Specific' inquiry information is now shown in the device 'capabilities' page accessed via the device context menu
Added: Support for XBOX images that have had their ISO filesystems removed
Changed: CSS code has been rewritten to cope with strange happenings and should error out a lot less now
Changed: Stream Processing in File mode - Shows information for more streams (i.e. DTS)
Changed: CSS code I/O Debug mode logging to make it more useful in identifying problem
Changed: I/O Debug mode logging to make it more useful in identifying problem
Changed: VOB CSS 'Encrypted' flag is no longer removed if the program hasn't actually decrypted the file
Changed: NSIS installer has been updated to be more 'user friendly' for reinstalls etc
Changed: SPTI Device detection code has been cleaned up - code for NT4 no longer effects 2000 (and newer) OS's
Changed: ISO Write mode code to hopefully make it more stable
Changed: Sectors are no longer skipped in basic IFO/File modes due to 'Pack Header Not Found' errors
Changed: Logic behind getting the free disc space. It no longer uses the root folder but instead the one you've actually selected
Changed: Source device drop down list now shows 8 devices before scrolling
Fixed: A problem in the Image File 'Format' detection code where it could error out trying to load small images
Fixed: Set Read Speed - previous version always set it to 'Max' regardless of the actual setting
Fixed: ISO Write mode displayed 'Decrypt' as the button tooltip instead of 'Write'
Fixed: File mode stream processing via CLI no longer includes unwanted streams in the VOB
Fixed: 'Set Hardware Read Error Reties' should no longer cause certain machines/drives to hang
Fixed: A problem comparing drive/disc regions that could lead to a 'mismatch' when one didn't really exist
Fixed: Misalignment of a few controls within the Settings
Fixed: Tab order of a few controls within the Settings
Fixed: Issues with PCM demux in IFO/File modes
Fixed: Issues with PCM information in File mode stream processing dialog
Fixed: A small problem with the IFO parsing code that could lead to the wrong video resolution being displayed
Fixed: A bug where the Device Buffer thread could cause a 'Divide By Zero' error
Fixed: NEC (and alike) drives no longer display 2.3x and 3.9x for supported write speeds in ISO Write mode
Fixed: 'Pack Header Not Found' entries in the log caused by a previous 'Read Error'
Fixed: A nasty bug in ISO Write mode when converting 2352 sectors to 2336 ones
Fixed: A nasty bug in ISO Write mode when converting 2336 sectors to 2352 ones
Fixed: A logic error when setting the write speed for 'Erasing' a disc
Fixed: Copy + Paste issue in ISO label change dialog
Fixed: A problem ('Failed to set Write Parameters') when burning on 'older' CD drives
Fixed: A problem with file splitting code in File mode
DVD Decrypter (28/12/2003)
Added additional 'user error' checking to ISO Write mode
Fixed a problem with the /START CLI switch
Fixed a problem with the install script regarding checking for program updates
DVD Decrypter (26/12/2003)
Added the ability to set the read speed
Added support for showing supported write speeds in ISO Write mode
Added support for 24bit PCM streams
Added the ability to write PCM or WAV
Added PCM stream details in File mode Stream Processing
Added a special feature used by DoItFast4U!
Added support for creating BSPlayer chapter files in IFO mode
Added support for CLI switch '/ERASE' when in ISO Write mode
Improved ISO Label changing code
Improved IFO modes SubPicture detection
Improved ISO Write modes 'Write Mode' detection
Improved ISO Write mode to work with more image formats on more drives
Fixed ISO Write 'Write Speed' code
Fixed a few memory access violations
Fixed a bug in the UDF parsing code
Fixed a bug when burning via CLI
Fixed a bug in the destination folder selection code
Some other tweaks and fixes that probably aren't worth detailing
DVD Decrypter (14/10/2003)
Implemented proper XP / 2003 Autoplay functionality
Implemented a second/third level of I/O Debug mode
Implemented code for reading info from ADIP (DVD+R / +RW)
Increased maximum buffer size to 128 MB
Improved network reading efficiency
Improved 'Erase Disc' routines to allow manual selection of media type if auto detect should fail
Improved automatic filesystem checking
Improved brute force CSS cracking method
Improved 'Device Not Ready' code to display the reason for not being ready!
Improved drive handling in SPTI mode - no longer locks all drives!
Improved UDF parsing code - for files with multiple Allocation Descriptors
Improved PUO removal from IFO files
Added 'RCE Protection' status to all modes
Added warning for RCE discs
Added warning if image wont fit on disc in ISO Write mode
Added the option of always minimizing to the system tray - via the settings
Added the option of minimizing to the system tray - via the system menu
Added support for latest MDS file specification
Added new LST file format - plain text list of image files/parts to burn in ISO Write mode
Added a context menu to destination folder / file labels
Added the ability to always make the program load in a particular 'Mode' (i.e. File, IFO etc.)
Added the ability to remove PUOs from VOB files
Added 'Remove PUOs' to the Tools -> IFO menu
Fixed ISO Label changing code
Fixed 'write speed not supported' problem with some drives
Fixed '&' underscore bug in volume labels / folder names
Fixed file association bug
Fixed 'ReZero Unit' I/O Error bug
Fixed file rename issue on Windows 9x machines
Fixed memory error in IFO parsing code
Fixed an issue with the RCE removal code
Fixed a bug in the ISO9660 filesystem parsing code
Fixed a bug in file mode that caused all the remaining files to be skipped after an error occurred
Made some naming change in the OGG info file
DVD Decrypter (29/04/2003)
Fixed DVDRAM support in ISO Write mode
Fixed hangup when searching for devices on some machines
Fixed destination folder / filename bug
Fixed DVD+R disc finalisation problem
Fixed PCM demux 'end of file' bug
Fixed a bug in the first GOP patching code
Fixed CSS cracking code
Increased maximum software read error retry count to 50
Added support for alternative chapter info file for DVDMaestro - using a ';' rather than ':'
Added the option of forcing the program to use a given decryption key
Added the option of using the 'Most Recently Used' folder as the default destination
DVD Decrypter (09/04/2003)
Improved detection of currently inserted media
Improved IFO/BUP file region patching code
Improved RCE Protection detection in IFO mode
Improved support for DVD+R/+RW drives
Improved error reporting
Improved drive region changing interface
Improved I/O Interface 'Debug Mode'
Improved device / disc information given in ISO modes
Improved SPTI drive detection code in NT 4.0
Improved Vob ID file splitting in IFO mode
Improved CSS cracking code
Added the ability to split by Vob ID in File mode
Added the ability to create MDS files for most image types. These can then be loaded into DAEMON Tools
Added the ability write several other types of images
Added the ability to change the volume label of supported image files
Added 'Maximum Write Speed' to the information window in ISO modes - For DVD media only
Added the ability to create Information files by right clicking on a PGC in IFO mode
Added the ability to patch the first GOP in an M2V stream so that the time is 00:00:00 instead of 00:59:59 or whatever - this allows chapter files to import directly within DVDMaestro and alike
Added support for 'Success' and 'Error' sounds
Added lots more user configurable options in the settings screen
Added 'Shutdown computer when finished' to the ISO write screen
Added the abilty to parse the ISO filesystem
Added automatic detection of which filesystem to parse (UDF or ISO)
Added automatic erasing / formatting of discs before burning
More command line options - see Readme.txt
Loads of other changes / fixes / requested features - too many to remember / mention!
DVD Decrypter (18/11/2002)
Improved support for DVD+RW/+R drives
Improved support for DVDRAM drives
Improved error reporting
Improved device / disc information given in ISO modes
Improved detection of currently inserted media
Improved IFO/BUP file region patching code
Improved the Erase Disc code to show the % done in the taskbar
Added 'RCE Protection' (Yes / No) to the main screen in IFO mode
Added the ability to force the program to think the disc is CSS protected
Added the ability to force the program to think the disc is dvd media
Added the ability to automatically Remove Region Protection, RCE Protection and PUOs from IFO/BUP files copied in IFO and File modes
Added the ability to change the transfer length used for device I/O - Setting it to 32KB should solve the 'The Parameter is Incorrect' problem
Added more options as to when the disc should be ejected from the drive
Added more options as to when the disc should be locked in the tray
Added 'Format' to the drive context menu - Used for DVD+RW discs
Added 'Close -> Track' to the drive context menu
Added 'Close -> Session' to the drive context menu
Added 'Close -> Disc' to the drive context menu
Added 'Manufacturer ID' to the (also new) 'Pre-recording Information' in ISO modes
Changed the format of the CCE chapter information file
Changed the naming of the DVDMaestro chapter information file
Changed the layout of the Settings to make navigation easier
Updated the ElbyCDIO Interface code so that it works with the new version of CloneCD - Note: Old version wont work anymore
Fixed a bug in the manual Region Patching code that caused a dialog box error on some machines
Fixed a bug with setting the destination folder to a network share
Minor GUI changes
DVD Decrypter (28/09/2002)
Improved SPTI Support (Available in NT/2000/XP/.NET)
Improved support for DVD+RW drives
Rewrote most of the key searching code
Implemented 'snapping' windows (As seen in Winamp)
Added extra sizes to 'Maximum File Size' in ISO mode
Added the ability to turn off key searching / decryption
Added 'Load' and 'Eject' buttons to the main form
Added 'Finalise Disc' to the drive context menu
Changed the naming of files output from IFO mode back to how it was before!
Added the ability to append 'PGC' and 'Angle' information to the names of files output by IFO mode
Added the ability to choose which Information text files are created by IFO mode
Added the ability to choose the write speed for dvds
Rewrote all the program update checking code - should work on NT 4 again now!
Rewrote some of the circular buffer code - might fix the '99% done' hanging problem some people were having!
Fixed a bug in the UDF parsing code that would cause strange things to happen on discs with files 0 KB in size
Fixed a bug in the manual Region Patching code that caused a dialog box error on some machines
Fixed a bug in the IFO parsing code that would cause the program to terminate on IFO files with an empty (no chapters / cells) PGC
DVD Decrypter (06/08/2002)
Rewrote all the underlying I/O code

Implemented support for SPTI (Available in NT/2000/XP/.NET)
Implemented support for Elaborate Byte's ElbyCDIO (Comes with CloneCD -
Fixed the 'file not found' bug when patching multiple IFO/BUP files at the same time
Rewrote all the 'Program Update' code - Hopefully this will solve the WSA problem some people were having
Only writer devices will show up in ISO Write mode
Preliminary support for DVD+RW / DVDRAM drives in ISO Write mode - I need YOUR help to finish this!
Improved logging
Added support for splitting by VOB ID in IFO mode
Added 4.37GB to 'Maximum File Size' in ISO mode
Added 'Write Error Retry Count' (software retries) to the Advanced settings tab
Added 'RCE Region' to the Advanced settings tab
Added the ability to choose Brute Force CSS cracking over the usual I/O Key Exchange
Fixed numerous problems with the 'Default Destination' code.
Added the option of performing 'RAW' stream processing - Required for Subtitle streams
Rewrote most of the stream processing code and so fixed any bugs that existed to do with delay times etc.
A Chapter Information Text file is now created in IFO mode for use by Maestro
A Chapter Information Text file is now created in IFO mode for use by Scenarist
Implemented limited CLI support. Type 'DVDDecrypter.exe /?' from the command prompt to see what's available
The program now loads up much faster - It shouldnt appear 'frozen' anymore!
The I/O 'Interface' can now be changed without having to restart the program
Added some nice new bugs for you to find / report when you get bored :)
Some other stuff I cannot remember :)
DVD Decrypter (22/06/2002)
IFO parsing improved to only show streams present in PGC
You can now patch multiple IFO/BUP files at the same time
Added 'Remove Prohibited User Operations' to the ISO settings tab
Added 'Interface Debug Mode' to the Advanced settings tab
Added 'Ignore Read Errors' to the Advanced settings tab
Added 'Read Error Retry Count' (software retries) to the Advanced settings tab
Added support for ASAPI - an alternative to ASPI
Added 'Semi Automatic' to 'Default Destination' on the General settings tab
Added 'Set All - Direct Stream Copy' and 'Set All - Demux' to the stream processing context menu
The Delay value is now added to the filenames of demuxed files in IFO mode
A Chapter Information Text file is now created in IFO mode for use by OggMux
Software Read Error Retries will now also be displayed whilst ripping
Fixed a bug whereby the Read Error count wouldnt change when ripping in IFO mode
Fixed a cosmetic glitch in the PGC / Chapter / Cell display where some checkboxes weren't ticked when they should have been
Some other stuff I cannot remember :)
DVD Decrypter (26/05/2002)
IFO parsing - finally!
RCE removal
Fixed a couple of minor bugs in the file splitting code
Updated the MDS file structure
Installer - NSIS (NullSoft)
DVD Decrypter (31/03/2002)
Drive letters have been added to the source / destination drive selection.
DVD Decrypter (31/03/2002)
Completely rewrote the ISO file splitting code - If you want to, you can now choose (in the settings) how big each file should be.
Implemented Automatic Program Update Checking (performed when the program loads) - Can be disabled in the settings.
Reorganised the 'Settings' form.
Fixed a bug whereby if you chose not to overwrite an existing file in ISO mode it generated an exception.
DVD Decrypter (23/03/2002)
Added 'Decrypt From' to the file list box context menu - Look at the guide to see what it does/how to use it!
Added 'Program Chain Information' to the file list box context menu - Only applies to IFO files.
ISO Mode now creates a MDS file - for loading into Daemon Tools/Fantom CD etc. (Works with the '4GB split ISOs' too).
Improved the 4GB file splitting code - should now work on more OS's (Damn those windows error messages!).
Fixed a bug whereby the 'Log' menu option would be ticked, but the Log itself hidden.
DVD Decrypter (19/03/2002)
Improved 'Multi Angle Processing' - you can now select the angle you want to rip (in the settings screen).
Implemented 'Brute Force' CSS Cracking - For people that dont have a region free dvdrom drive and want to rip a dvd from a different region.
Added 'Check for DVD Decrypter Update' to the 'Help' menu. Now you will always be able to tell if you have the latest version :)
ISO Mode improved to split files at 4GB when written to FAT/FAT32 drives.
A '.DVD' File will then be created so that the program knows which files to use when buring back to DVD-R/RW
Minor GUI Changes.
Bug fixes (not that anyone actually finds/reports them!).
DVD Decrypter (10/03/2002)
ISO Write Mode Improved! - You can now burn DVD single session/track ISO/BIN/IMG files.
ISO Read Mode Improved! You can now read (hopefully) any DVD discs, not just movies.
Read commands are now set to timeout after a configurable period of time (30 seconds by default) - this should stop the program from 'hanging' when the drive cannot read a sector.
Rewrote some of the drive detection code.
Added the ability to change the regional code of a device - its in the device context menu
Added additional 'Log' error reporting.
Less %CPU Usage whilst decrypting.
Improved Windows XP Theme support.
Bug fixes.
DVD Decrypter (10/01/2002)
ISO Write Mode - DVD Decrypter can now burn CD single session/track ISO/BIN/IMG files.
Fixed a couple of cosmetic glitches.
Bug fixes.
DVD Decrypter (26/01/2002)
'Stream Processing' has been improved - You can now remap streams.
Fixed the buffering system so it now works on machines with multiple CPU's.
Added 'Video Information' to the file list box context menu - Only applies to IFO files.
Added 'Audio Information' to the file list box context menu - Only applies to IFO files.
Added 'SubPicture Information' to the file list box context menu - Only applies to IFO files.
Added 'Region Information' to the file list box context menu - Only applies to VIDEO_TS.IFO.
The number of sectors 'Stream Processing' scans is now configurable.
'Stream Processing' can now be configured to show all the streams (without scanning).
You can now choose (via the settings) whether or not some of the warning messages are displayed.
Finally got the status bar to look like the XP one!
Various other 'small' changes to the GUI.
Bug fixes.
DVD Decrypter (21/01/2002)
'Stream Information' has been replaced by 'Stream Processing' - Yes, you can now demux and remove streams from VOB files!
Added 'Rename' to file replace dialog.
Fine tuned lots of the code.
Various 'small' changes to the GUI.
Loads of bug fixes.
DVD Decrypter (06/01/2002)
ISO Mode (TRUE DVD Backup - Mount the images with DAEMON Tools or burn them straight to DVD-R).
Added 'Stream Information' to context menu.
Replaced 'Find Key' on context menu with improved version - 'Properties'.
Now makes use of Windows XP Themes (Buttons etc).
Numerous little improvements (logging etc).
Bug Fixes.
DVD Decrypter
'Merge VOB Files' added to Settings.
'Maximum File Size' added to Settings.
You can now 'open' the currently selected destination directory (if it exists!) by clicking on the HDD icon to the left of the path name.
Program Settings will no longer be lost/reset to defaults when I add to/update what gets saved in the Registry.
Removed items that have not been implemented from the file list context menu
Added 'Duration' to the Log when the operation (decrypting of files) has finished.
Timekeeping within the program (when decrypting) is now more accurate.
DVD Decrypter
'Detect Mastering Errors' added to Settings.
Note: DVDs subject to 'Mastering Errors' have 1 or more files on them that cannot be ripped properly (and in full) via the conventional 'check for a key once per file' method. The program needs to check for a key whenever the VOB / CELL ID changes.

DVD Decrypter
Having found several ways to crash the program (by closing it when it is busy doing something), I decided to re-think/write most of the GUI backend code.

Closing down DVD Decrypter 'should' now be 100% safe - whenever you do it!
'Source Device' selection is now saved.
Minor GUI changes
Bug Fixes
DVD Decrypter
Fixed a nasty bug that stopped the program from loading.
Updated / Improved the ASPI error reporting code.
The Log window now smartens itself up when resized.
DVD Decrypter
Implemented Multi-Angle Processing.
Implemented a Log.
Window positions / sizes are now saved.
Bug fixes.
DVD Decrypter
'Shell Integration' added to settings.
'Buffer Size' added to settings.
IFO Region Information.
IFO Region Patching.
Bug fixes.
DVD Decrypter
Added % Done to TaskBar.
Fast Error Skip.
'Drive Control' added to settings.
Bug fixes.
DVD Decrypter
Buffered IO.
Bug fixes.
DVD Decrypter
Started from scratch again!
Instant Key Finding!
Totally ASPI Based.
UDF Parsing.

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